Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi, have a happy new year (well at least tomorrow)

I am back from my holidays and getting up tp speed on the many posts made here and in the forums. I'll try to reply as I can and also to some of the queries here.

Please excuse anyone who posted, I'll try to respond over the next few days

Game Status
I have done some work, but mainly I have been on holidays
  • You can now purchase x items from the shop easily, so 10 energy potions in one click
  • all potions except the uninhibitory drug are purchased and can then be used later via a take potion screen
  • Naru and Riesz almost updated, some more BE images remain
  • House upgrading being worked on
  • some new events also being added, a new quest to to with an evil (well more amoral) new temple trying to spread it's worship in Mioya. It is amazing at times the ideas you can get from one image,
Yoroichi had a beta release in the futanaripalace

New Game
I am working on a new game as well now. I had a good idea that I think would make an interesting game. In the theme of a girl being manipulated by machines, trained and modified for some nefarious desire. Think of all the images of girls bound with machines tormenting them. The game 'Milk Plant Battle Girl' for Tifa is a good example. Well it is not really a game, but an interactive video.

Slave Maker will be still my primary development work (well hobby/fun) but I will be working on this too.

So far I am developing a framework and locating/editing images. It is in the very early stages, and I may abandon it if it proves to complex.

Bonus/Fun Change
Quite a while ago I partially translated the game 'D.Q. Fight' by Crimson Comics (the original one), an old favourite of mine. All game play was translated and I did a couple of small tweaks for full/wide screen and other minor issues.

I looked at it over the holidays and found a few small issues and have fixed them. Here is an update

It addresses

  • a name did not change properly in the equipment selection screen
  • some text truncations
  • updated to Flash Player 9, and fixed the bugs that caused
  • added white flash at end of H scene
  • simple decensors for the H scenes. Better will follow sometime, but only 2 are really noticable and in one of those the poor bit scrolls off screen quickly
Can anyone recommend a good, cheap Japanese translator. Remaining is about a maybe 250 sentences of the H scenes (6 girls, 4 types of scenes, about 10 sentences per scene). No editing needed, just purely translate Japanese text to English. Before anyone suggests things like Babelfish are no where good enough, nor are my limited skills with Japanese.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10c

This is and update for the previous 3.1.10c, just fixing bugs
  • more typos
  • image placement fixes for Ayane, Belldandy, Kasumi, Shampoo, Tifa, Urd
  • missing next button issues for Tifa
  • Aeris getting 200 bottles of milk after Giga BE event
  • could not swap to unarmed, or unarmoured
  • Aeris now supports catgirl and fairy transformation
Note the Shop is slightly different, in the next release it will have categories of goods.
The assistant Shenandoah has been renamed to Shena by request, it is her actual name.


More Decensor Requests
Also I have some more requests for decensoring of images for the girls. These are the additional ones
These are for Aeris, Orihime and Menace.

A reminder the previous ones
The Ayane and Urd fuck images are now fine, but any others would be appreciated

My Availability
I am going on holidays on saturday and will have limited internet access until I return. I will not be active here or on the forums until the new year. I may connect occasionally but not often.

I hope everyone has a good holiday

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10b

Here is a new release for my game. It has mainly a lot of bug fixes and some new events and graphics



  • Devil Wings, with a simple quest to obtain them. Note Hild helps with this and getting the tail
  • Additional events for Tentacle Hybrid (only a couple)
  • Azana (from training Rei) will follow you for following slave girls (in campaign mode only)
  • Hild has more events, she can influence demonic items and potions
  • Peorth has more events, she will improve angelic items
  • furry assistant Shenandoah
  • Asuka the assistant
  • all slave girls will have permanent BE
  • most girls will have fairy and catgirl graphics
  • most girls have dress improvements (transparent backgrounds) and BE variants and dickgirl variants. Some have had replaced dresses
  • new graphics for most girls (some a few some a lot more)
  • a couple of small events 
  • updated translations for Russian, French, Polish, German
  • House introduction screen shown for your first slave. No actual story elements yet, in development. Existing stat and mechanics still apply.

For developers
  • Some new override functions, for instance to show custom graphics in the Advanced Housework contest, methods for intervening in shop purchasing
  • An assistant can refuse to assist in trainings, eg Hild (a demon) can refuse to help your slave work as a Acolyte
Slave Girls
  • Thanks to all, I have included the improved decensors 
  • This release includes the beta slaves Princess Peach and Aeris. Both have the Permanent Breast expansion, but no catgirl graphics/fairy transformation. A number of bug fixes for Aeris (notably when used as an assistant) and some improved and additional graphics
  • Orihime has some small bug fixes and a few graphic tweaks
  • Menace has a minor bug fix
  • Minako is now compatible with the recent catgirl training. She also gets some new story elements, a job and chore. 
  • Ayane has many graphic tweaks and some additions, notably for dresses and milking
  • Belldandy has multiple tweaks and quite a few new images, notably more demon images, and breast expansion versions of dresses and new naked image
  • Tifa has many new or improved images, including new naked image, and catgirl images. She has a new sleazy bar story (when she is a dickgirl go for a walk in the slums)
  • Urd has a new dress and catgirl images and better uncensored images
  • Yurika has only a few graphic changes
the girls
Naru, Reisz, Orihime, Menace, Peach and Aeris
do not get the Fairy/Demon wings and catgirl ears/tail (well Orihime does for her custom quest, just not in general). An update will follow updating them.

Tifa's sleazy bar event will also be upgraded more. Also the Wing Quest will get more details.

More dress improvements will be added to add larger breast variants, aiming for a 0%, 10%, 25% variants at least for all dress and naked images. Maybe a 50% but a more difficult edit. Also adding dickgirl variants where reasonable.

Full install of the game. Due to changes there is no upgrade from 3.1.10a (all girls changed and most other parts of the game too)



All links are interchangable.

a bug was reported where Tifa is not visible in campaign mode. Copy this file into your Slaves folder
or just edit SlaveGirl6.txt and remove

A quick fix for some image issues for Urd, copy into your Slaves folder

Some image and next button issues for Tifa
and Kasumi

and image issues for Ayane

Monday, December 6, 2010

Slight Delay + Request

I am unwell today, so the 3.1.10b release will be delayed until tomorrow (assuming I feel better)

I was planning to ask this later, but as I am posting the status update,

This is a file of images for many of the current girls. They need some improving
- they have simple decensoring (smearing for instance)
- a few are just simple colourisations

I put a lesser version of this in the forums over a week ago but no replies. So I am asking in general for anyone's editing assistance to improve an image or two, whatever you prefer. If you do please try to keep artifacts a minimum, I suggest keeping as a lossless format like png as most of these are or 100% jpg. Post any edits either in the image request thread in the forums or just here, uploading the image to a file hosting service like RapidShare/MediaFire etc

Thanks in advance for any edits.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Otherworld & Status Update

A plug for Daisy_Strike's game Otherworld game. Daisy_strike wrote Orihime, Menace and Mugi for my game.

Otherworld is a great game in a similar vein to SlaveMaker where you train multiple slaves.

Her blog
Latest version

A thread for the game at the FutanariPlace

Please try this game.

Just a note, I have hit some awkward bugs but expect a new release next weekend. This will include
  • Devil Wings
  • Additional events for Tentacle Hybrid (only a couple)
  • Azana (from training Rei) will follow you for following slave girls (in campaign mode only)
  • Hild has more events
  • Peorth has more events
  • furry assistant Shenandoah
  • Asuka the assistant
  • bug fixes
  • all slave girls will have permanent BE
  • all girls will have fairy and catgirl graphics
  • all girls have dress improvements (transparent backgrounds) and BE variants and dickgirl variants
  • some new story elements for some girls
  • new graphics for all (some a few some a lot more)
  • a couple of small events
  • some SDK improvements
If anyone is working on translations of the latest files I would appreciate versions before the end of the week. If not possible I will post the translations later.

I will do a short beta test on Thursday/Friday, anyone interested please PM me via one of the forums

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another step for demon girls

We have demon tails, now for the wings, 3 varieties for coordination.

Brightness/Contract a bit out for these wings, have since adjusted and tweaked. It was difficult to find good sets of wings that could be extracted and used for these images.

Also some engine level tweaks
- removed people from the core swf/exe to a separate swf. cuts about 20Mb from the game download and speeds startup  a little, but costs a little extra memory. Some slaves need small changes for this, but trivial changes
- add option for no testicles for dickgirls (limited coverage so far, but all common images done)

Huge, huge font issues. Finally I have removed the Oak Wood font, it just did not work well with non Latin-1 languages. Unfortunately this means a simplification to Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana as they have a wide support for unicode.

Upgrades of the remaining girls
- Minako proved a bit awkward due to her catgirl training and limited dress support previously.. Finished now
- I am not looking forward to doing Naru, she has about 21 dresses, 6 normal, 5 cosplay, 10 different naked images. All need adjusting for background removal (dresses done), breast enlarged versions and some quality tweaks.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Features partially implemented

acac requested a post to detail those backgrounds and events that are referred to in-game but are not yet implemented.

Slave specific events (for the core ones I develop)


These effects are not implemented

Cheaper house upgrades (as there are no house upgrades yet)
Weird Mansion stories

Poor relationships with nobles as implied in the background story

Inhuman Ancestry
The lure of the Ruined Temple
Your mother and the holy item
More details an effects for Demon Slave Maker ending

Retribution of the Gods for poor slave making
Intolerance of the Old Gods by those in power

Pony Master
Only interested in the physical aspects of your slaves
relationship with Ponygirl 1

Violent and blunt
Bonuses for martial trainings for slaves Done

Tentacle Hybrid
Most everything, one initial event implemented

Retribution of the Gods for poor slave making

Brothel Madam
Noble relationships, focused on sex

Lady in Waiting
Unrefined endings, currently only a minor score/reputation penalty

Slut Maker
Specific Slut ending
Most specific effects and training techniques

Unusual Cum
More of an effect if you do not cum
Obsessed lover

Search for permanent dickgirl process

Converted by Tentacles
Tentacle Whore Slave and Slave Maker ending
What happens if you do not cum

What happens if you do not cum often
Training parents (incest on required)

Mistress Cock
Cock Whore slave ending

Court Manipulator


These events are partially implemented

Dark Lady of the Rocks
Linked to mermaids and the slutty nature of the beach

Lotion At the Beach

For reference see the catgirl in the private area

Spider Woman at the Docks
Linked to dark elf at the beach


These trainings are not implemented


Orgasm Denial

More details needed

Slave Specific Events

These events are partially or not implemented

Tifa is the large breasted slave at the docks
Almost ready

Akane and Miss.N

incest needs to be enabled

Ranma and Nodoka
incest needs to be enabled

Minako and being captured

Reisz and Lady Farun

Rei for Old Faith

Naru the non-slut

Tifa and the monsters

Shampoo and the art of brainwashing

Rei and Azana

Saturday, November 6, 2010

SDK version 7

this is an updated SDK, version 7. It documents the new catgirl training and fairy transformation and other general changes. See the sourcecode for Akane for the changes needed for supporting these.

Also note the classes SlaveModule and Slave have been changed.

See the document
for a summary of the changes

For catgirls see
Slave Girl - Training - Catgirls.rtf

Note: I will probably change to html for the documents in the next release of the SDK



PDF version created by J

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10a

Hi, this is a bug fix release for the previously released 3.1.10. It corrects all reported bugs and adds a few new bits. Please note this has more fixes and features than the beta I released a few days ago.

- catgirl and other events did not reset between slaves
- Natsu's hunt did not reset
- Harness/Superior harness description and purchasing was broken
- cat burglar options were reversed
- uninhibitory potion could do unlimited expansion
- item placement for Akane/Ranma/Shampoo
- various typos
- more fixes, should have all reported bugs fixed

- Miss.N's party is easier to attend. Shampoo can attend even as your first slave
- Carburglar hunt will happen for all slaves
- More encounters in the catburglar hunt, one appropriate for today. Only 4 per slave so it can take a few slaves to see all
- Catgirl image for Lady Farun
- start of events for Tentacle Hybrid. Just a start, not complete by far

This is  an upgrade, but contains all the update for version 3.1.10 also, so can upgrade 3.1.09 installations as well


Monday, October 25, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10

a new release for the game. Primarily this
a) fixes bugs
b) adds catgirl training and fairy transformations

Release Notes 3.1.10

Translation Changes
A lot more of the game is now translatable, over 10 times the previous version. There is a guide in the Language folder for translating. Currently
American English
are complete for this release.
Note some text has been rephrased to simplify translations.

Other Fixes
- Item placement on screen fixed for certain cases
- Full/New moon did not match between the diary and the shown icon
- breast/clit/cock size would not change correctly
- Trader skill did not give a bonus to end payment for your slave
- Lady in Waiting and Court Manipulator did not give access to nobles
- some events did not reset properly after end of game
- Small other fixes

- Catgirl training
Initially this is available for all slaves, but only Akane, Ranma, Shampoo get cat ear graphics on the dress images
This training is similar to Minako.
Note: a catgirl cannot be a ponygirl
Note DO NOT train Minako yet, she is not compatible with the new system. an update will follow for her.
- Fairy Transformation events
Initially this event will only happen for Akane, Ranma, Shampoo. The rest of the girls will be updated in a later release.
- Devil girl partial transformation
- New bad ending
- Permanent breast and cock/clit expansion events
Initially these will only be permanent for Akane, Ranma, Shampoo. The rest of the girls will be updated in a later release.
- Slave Trainer 5 skill is removed, maximum stat is 200. Some special events can allow stats to reach 300. If you had Slave Trainer 5 skill you will be refunded the skill points.
- Higher levels of Slave Trainer skill will reduce decreases of good stats
- some text and graphics changes to clarify and explain some events
- a basic harness and bit gag can be bought from the stables. The harness from the item salesman is better and more effective.
- I am sure I added more, but I forget for now

- A new SDK will follow
- Please move the call to SetGirlsVitals from Initialise() to StartGame() to enable permanent breast/clit/cock size changes
- New macros are added for translation support and additional functions
- To support the Fairy transformation you need to position the fairy wings on the dress image and add a line to StartGame()
- multiple events and functions for catgirl support. Everything defaults, so you do not need to do anything, but
a) position catears on the dress images and naked images
b) a start/end traning image and an end game image 


These are upgrades for an existing 3.1.09 installation. A full version will follow (a weekish)


Posts in the forums give hints for the new events and trainings 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another preview

 This is the final preview of the new version, Akane the dickgirl catgirl fairy.

In the new version all girls can be catgirls but only Akane initially will get the cat ears on the screen seen above. Other slaves need about 30 mins work to update, so a fully adapted version will follow soon after. The fairy part needs to be explicitly enabled so only Akane can do it for now.

Some graphic changes for Akane, see her new dress above, also some new dickgirl images and some others. A little new story too.

One new bad ending for all girls. Several breast/cock/clit expansion events. Some text changes, partially for translation simplification and some rephrasings and expansions.

 This is now tested and working but first I'll send it out to a few people for a quick beta test.

 For those interest in translating here is the latest version of the base English.xml, also a guide for translating.

Updated again for more typos.
Most events and sex acts have not been translated but almost everything else has.

I have has discussions in the Masterbloddfer forum on the translation system and I  can now see how to handle the rest properly. I have to develop a more complex parser but nothing excessively so.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New version soon - preview

I have a new version on the way very soon, days at most. Mainly bug fixes and catgirl training, but a new special event.

90%+ of the release how to raise catgirls, a variation on the training for Minako, but more events and the training process to learn the skill, as the other special trainings.The end/start of training is fairly different from Minako.

There are breast and cock expansion events now in the game (moderate, not gigantic)

A lot more translated stuff (10x the previous version) but still a lot, lot more to do. Some text has been rephrased to simplify translation and some expanded.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Just an update for people

1) Assorted bugs have been fixed in the game, notably one with the Ruins access

2) a new Fairy transformation event is working but needs significant changes for each slave to display fairy wings.

3) I am working a fair bit on the slave girl 'Rei Ayanami'. I have a vanllia version mostly working. She has Asuka as the mandatory assistant (Sora the Barmaid in the game), and actually Asuka can be easily extended to become a slave too eventually. Note the fairy transformation event works for Rei

4) There is a fairly advanced slave in development by MailMailX3, Peach (ie Princess Peach). There are threads in the forums. Here is a direct link to the latest revision
Note she is not finished but quite advanced

5) I am extending the translation system, I should have all non-event text done in a week or two

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09d

this is a small release to address issues with the translation system I introduced in the last release. A few other small issues fixed.

There are no new features for players of the game, but a couple of small bits for developers.

Translation Changes
Please also note there are some font changes in this release. On most buttons and a lot of text I was previously using the font "Orange LET" but this has issues, especially when translating and using non-latin characters like cyrillic. There were also issues for accented characters in French and Spanish.
I am phasing out the use of 'Orange LET', until I find a good font I am using either 'Verdana' or 'Arial' font and in some screens 'Times New Roman'. I would prefer a less plain font but these are the simplest for now and are easy to read.
At the moment 'Orange LET' is still used in may places but you may see some odd spacing issues when playing in windowed mode. I will be fixing this, at the least by changing to 'Arial'.
You will also see some layout changes on some screens to support longer words for some languages.

There are translations for the limited user-interface parts now for
These include the slave descriptions on the slave selection screen

Other Fixes
- A dickgirl image appears for Urd during touch action when she is not a dickgirl
- How To Play screen not hidden when loading with F1
- deleting a save game hangs the entire game - for now the confirmation has been removed (that is what hung the game, not clear why)

- Nothing (sorry)
(well some changes to assistants available based on releases by Someone1001 and Darsel)

- Servant1Speak and Servant2Speak functions added for twin assistants
- For twin slaves or assistants a random twin is chosen by the game for each act. Varaibles are
The A is the primary, and the B is sometimes referred to. All acts and events are updated to use these

Upgrade from 3.1.09 (any version)

Full install


aroh01 had supplied me a German translation that I missed. Sorry!
Here is an update to add it. It is a tentative as there are some queries about some translations and I did some bits with Babelfish

Just extract this archive into your game folder and it adds German and fixes a small issue for the Russian translation

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09c

This is a bug fix for the game to address some reported bugs, some significant some very minor. Note the numbering. In future minor bug fix versions will just have a letter suffix

a) Demonic Cock - no next when Dominance > 74
b) a rare issue where the slave makers images appear and cannot be removed if you are very quick skipping the initial screens
c) issues for Urd as an assistant getting NaN for Joy, score and gold at end game
d) small optimisations
e) some shortcut fixes
f) fix Alsha's memory issues, she no longer forgets you between slaves
g) Naru had some image errors (cat tail and when loading and she was naked)
h) Fixes for male slaves, a significant load/save issue and some text issues where the game still had she/her
i) some important fixes for FlashDevelop based slaves discovered by people using Slave Builder
j) other small fixes (typos and similar)
k) tab key order improved in many screens

a) A new translation system, very basic and limited to start with. There is a file
 for english terms. This can be copied to say French.xml and the text changed. There is a setting in options to select the file
Note using this you can also change the text for the english version.
Again Note the system is incomplete, a lot more needs doing.
b) Two/Single Money pool option - From Slave Maker 3 there are two money pools, Gold and Personal Gold. There is now an option to revert to the previous Slave Maker 2 system of one pool of gold. This is a preliminary change to introducing Freelance Slave Makers, not members of the Guild.
c) shortcut additions/changes
Use Plannings Tomorrow check boxes map to Ctrl+U
Planning Set 1-3 map to Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+3
All More buttons map to Enter
d) Clit/Cock size for slaves on Stat 2 page. Currently these are constants, but will change in future

Changed system for virginity


Fulll version to follow tomorrow

Friday, August 6, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09b

there were a few bugs introduced in the 3.1.09 release. I have made an updated version that fixes the bugs. Treat this as the real 3.1.09

For note it fixes
- Ranma Lesbian Lovers ending (full install only)
- Sword martial arts training capped at 5
- Rei refusing all sex trainings
- Rei trained by Old Faith worshipper hits infinite loop in introduction screens
- Shampoo interefered in some party events when training Ranma
- undefined in a starting message
- K missing from Kasumi in slave selection screen (also Hsien-Ko)


Upgrade (for 3.1.08 or 3.1.09)


Full Install


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09

New version 3.1.09
This has quite a few bug fixes and some new features. There is also additional support for developers and fixes for moose's Slave Builder. Support for external events as well.

Advanced Housework
Tab issues during end game
Optimisations to improve performance
Fixes for FlashDevelop projects
various typo's 

Work as Dominatrix blank image
Urd not giving a discount as an assistant (unfortunately not fixed for existing saves, you will have to retrain Urd to get the effect)
+ more

Slave Makers equipment screen
New images for cowgirl, tentacle hybrid, demonic cock
New Slave Maker skill "Tentacle Expert", currently only for selected backgrounds
New story and ending for 'Demonic Cock' background, leading to 2 slave maker endings and background changes
Demon Slave Maker ending is a bit different
New Event - Naginata challenge (more an example of a new system for developers)
New Complex Event - Furry Bondage
- a one off event, will only happen for second or later girls, Slave Trainer 2 skill
- 4 possible endings, one bad, but not a Bad Ending
Hints & Notes

A custom location on the Take a Walk Map
Can handle walk to house if desired (no stardard effects yet)
Questions can be positioned in the main window (see new furry event)
LoadGame()/SaveGame() to allow saving/loading any arbitrary variable
Change slave maker talent/background functions
Assistants can now have Slave Maker skills and if they are greater than your Slave Maker then they will apply instead. Does not apply to Trainer type skills, but does for Slave Trainer and most others, including Nobility
Custom Events
- a new interface to write a custom event. Works like a simplified assistant, and installs into a new folder Events. See SDK for details


see above post

WindsongBard's mirror for most if not all downloads  

The SDK has also been updated, see the Download links to the right.

Slave Builder 1.3

Moose has released a new version of Slave Builder


Version 1.3

- Can create a complete FlashDevelop project file including the library.

- Added 1 new tab (greetings tab)

- Changes to tab
    * Basic Information - Tab 2
      removed Lesbian Trainable checkbox added LesbianInterest, PonygirlInterest, CatgirInterest, SuccubusInterest radio-buttons
    * Basic Information - Tab 3
      Complete remodeling
    * Assistant tab - Tab 1
      Changed what the Assistant difficulty expression. Not it only takes a number (between 1-2) (added slider) Added a way to give stat bonus to the slave at startup

- Code optimization.
    The night action tab loads MUCH faster now Quicker response when using Quick Open. Now the program does not re-read all the text files when using this menuitem. It displays the information that was read the last time and was stored in variables. Optimised Open algorithm to reduce the read/write from HD.

- Fixed some minor logic errors

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slave Builder

moose has been developing a Java application to develop a program to build Slaves for the game

Reposting from the Masterbloodfer forum

After 4-month of work, here is the new version.

Version 1.2

List of changes for V1.2 (this list is not comprehensive)
* Full support for FlashDevelop.
- Now you can create slaves in flashdevelop and they will load in the game.
* Addition of new Tabs
- Night Action tab for both Adobe and FlashDevelop
- Images tab for FlashDevelop
* Minor changes to Tailor tab to the naked panel
- Now you can change the order of the images
- No more duplication of images.
* The FileChooser menu remembers your last navigated folder
* Separated the Adobe and FlashDevelop in the beginning instead of seperating while export.
* Added loading window (not for save/load)

Please post any comments, thoughts, ideas for improvement

- Post in the MasterBloodfer forum
- The developed slaves will only load using 3.1.09. An early version of it is available in the MasterBloodfer forum


I have been unwell recently so the latest update has been somewhat delayed. Depending on my health a day or two. I just have to finish a furry event and test it.

The update contains
- bug fixes
- Slave Maker equipment screen, currently only for weapons and armour but easily extendable
- additional functions and support for 3rd party developers developers
- ability for 3rd party developers to add events into the core game, independent of a slave girl or assistant. Examples are included in the new SDK

The artist sesh at Furaffinity
has given permission to use his art in the game, and the furry event I am writing uses one of his image, more will follow. Also sesh is making some custom images too.

The artist whitedevil also at Furaffinity
has also given permission to use his images. This release will not use any yet, but I will use them in the next release.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.08

Hi, this is a quick update for Slave Maker 3, mainly to fix some bugs introduced in 3.1.07

Upgrade from 3.1.06 or 3.1.07

The full installation 3.1.08


Advanced Housework issues
Dress staying stuck when visiting the beach
End of courtesan training got stuck and repeated every visit
scrollbar could overlap the new tabs
some icon issues
some full/new moons were not shown in the diary
some slave/act selection issues
Leave button appearing when deleting actions

More alternate images for Slave Maker jobs, mainly dominatrix and brothel
Pagan gets a custom job
An update check, the latest and current version shown on the title screen. It only checks weekly, downloading a 12 byte file. If you do not like this then block the exe from accessing the web with your firewall.
more small optimisations
Morning/Evening screen slightly rearranged to make room for more content

New debugging tab when SlaveDebugging enabled
New dress attributes
New items, including cat ears, faerie wings
Methods for the slaves introduction screen
New SDK on the way

Note: the full version has some fixes not in the upgrade
a) some girls would not show their name as Cumslut xxxx on the assistant selection screen
b) if your slave refuses to be naked for the Advanced Housework contest then no Next button was shown
c) Also this version includes the latest version of Daisy_strikes assistant Mugi

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.07

Hi, a new version of the game. Mainly bugs fixes but with some new features, notably some UI changes and a new contest

Fixes almost all reported bugs,

Pony Training and other slave skills would disappear after loading a game
Daily events did not happen for some Slave Maker backgrounds
More speedups
Courtesan training was not listed for end game
Leadership skill was missing a description
Some skills listed incorrectly in the saved planning list
Some stats and contests scores were not rouned and got large number of decimal places
daytime blowjob did not work
sex skill trainings changed even if the training was refused
Master and Ponygirl could be queued multiple times
Prancing did not affect dancing
Discuss act referred to contest wins incorrectly
Visiting the Dealer got the equipment button incorrectly
Some image and act selection issues
debug display (-1/-1) removed

When going to the beach your slave will automaticcally wear any dress that is also swimwear
New tab structure for statistics. Note shortcut keys PgUp, PgDown
Many more alternate images for contests
New contest, Advanved Housework, only available once a housework contest is placed. Has other requirements too, partially explained
Includes the new assistant Paine
Expanded text for Slave Maker tentacle rapes
Leadership skill bonus to obedience decreased to 0.25 per level
Changes to Slave Maker stats
- initial values vary a lot more
- more have limits and are always noted with Limited. There is also an explanation in the stat hint
- Attack/Defence now limited to 75 for all except Warrior who is limited to 100. This is an ABSOLUTE limit
- Dominance limited to 85, except Dominatrix/Mistress Cock who can go to 100
- conversation limited to 85, except for trainers with Refined skill
- lust 80 for non dickgirls, 90 for dickgirls (not a new limit)
- rate of stat increase/decrease varies by background a bit (generally +/-10%)


Upgrade from the full version 3.1.06, does not include the Menace 1.2 update


Full Installation (includes Menace 1.2 previously announced)

or (parts are interchangable between the mirrors)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Menace 1.2

Daisy Strike has released an update for Menace. To quote her post from the futanaripalace

Changes for 1.2


Menace loses to Anarista event was not firing correctly.
BE ADVISED it is now, losing to Ana during the second battle will have MAJOR consequences.


There was a bug in the Arena. The slave's account didn't had enough gold to cover the 'watch' option and was denied access, despite the slave maker's account having plenty.

-- resolved

Raphe: long list of Edits

-- resolved


The "Ponygirl" action results in a yes/no query about the onsen.

-- resolved

Sphinx wasnt showing when you fought her.

-- resolved.

Nothing shown on sphinx bad end.

-- resolved

Mr. Tibbs

sphinx now matter how you lose it just rotates to another fight whether its SM or menace.


I cannot for the life of me get owners vengence bad end. I have had yammamato take her away but never had a bad end with her (bad ends always on). Just curious hope everything is going great with otherworld. Thanx

-- reworked how these fire. Unable to test can never get the sold event to happen

v1.04 in Sandbox mode with Ayane as assistant. Bad end where Menace loses the bossfight with Anistaria. The graphic with thumb, wrist and elbow cuffs appears but only in the lefthand pane, and there is no way to move forward. I am trying to reduplicate now.

-- resolved i think Text for first 2nd lost part 1 will now fire and losing the second battle is very bad.




Monday, June 7, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.06

a new version
, basically just bug fixes, 3.1.06, an upgrade from the full version 1.05.


Release Notes 3.1.06
Fixes almost all reported bugs, a couple of small issues remain. Some small code tweaks to optimise and hopefully speed some bits up.

Compatible with existing save games.

Assistants were shown on the slave selection screen
Slaves gender were all female
Cumslut Kasumi training other girls to be cumsluts fixed both naming and end-game issues
Ponygirl issue for Shampoo
Sex act touch could get no text, also some generic images would show the wrong gendered slave/assistant doing the touching
Sex act Dildo could get no text
Small text fixes for Rei and Kasumi
strip act is removed from the saved action list if your slave is naked
skill update issues where labels and values did not refresh properly
some undefined's fixed
Practise faith did not show the nun's image. Image also improved with an alternative
Meeting the pony mistress at the docks gave you a bitgag even if you already had one
All minor slaves in the slavemarket had some awkward selection areas, some very small. This is improved
Links in the credits screen are now clickable

2 new generic touch images
some images updated with transparent backgrounds
alternate old faith nun image
load/save screen altered a little to show the gender icons again
Slave Maker and assistant tentacle rapes are recorded in the diary
new markers in the diary, start of training, end of training and current day
tab key works in the options pages
Additional credits in the credits page
New option settings
Lesbians love Dickgirl
if this is enabled dickgirl slaves can enter lesbian training. Sex acts slightly changed and slightly renamed but similar to existing dickgirl cases
Statistics change icons
If this is enabled an icon is shown when a stat changes (as has been done for all versions before 3.1.06)
If this is not enabled a value of the change is shown, to 1 decimal place. This is not perfect as there are some acts that change a value twice, in that case you will see the last change only. I will update this, please no bug reports.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.05

Hi, a new version and also new hosting for downloads and a website.

Thanks to Shenandoah and the Futanari Palace I now have hosting for the downloads of the game and for a website for it.

The website is

So far the page is very basic with a basic description of the game, the links and these release notes. I will see if anyone is interested in helping to develop the site with me

As I have this generous hosting I no longer need to upload to Rapidshare or MediaFire as I have a generous offer of bandwidth for the game. I will probably upload later to provide alternatives, and to lessen the load for the Futanari Palace.

Download Links
Full version containing all fixes and new features

Upgrade from the previous version 1.04. Only fixes issues in the core game, not any slave specific problems. Only download if you are very limited with bandwidth

Release Notes 1.05
Fixes almost all reported bugs, a couple of small issues remain. Some small code tweaks to optimise and hopefully speed some bits up. You will see the Slave Market screen where you select your slaves girls is a bit faster to load.

Compatible with existing save games, except some changes to events will mean some events may repeat that were intended to be one-off. This will not happen once you start a new game, just for existing games in progress. For example in the Slave Pens you may meet the large breasted slave again.

New features
Kiss action is now always available for your Slave Maker
Order of sex participants altered for consistency (you, servant, slaves)
New creature in the Secure Slave Pens, more story will follow
New minor slave, Cora the nurse
Wealthy background now gets the Maid referred to in their background, Maid Tara, who can assist with some sex acts
Pony Master gets his ponygirl who can help in all sex acts
confirmation prompt when deleting save games
load/save screen altered a little to fix problems with the exact place it is called from
Credits screen updated with links and more credits (sorry Faustie and thanks)
This website, thanks to Shenandoah and the Futanari Palace
Note version number slightly rearranged now referred to as 3.1.05 where previously it was Slave Maker 3 version 1.04
Options screen rearranged into 3 tabs
Courtesan training has a skill showing the progress of the training
Cumslut Kasumi as an assistant allows the slave girl to become a cumslut too

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Minor problems with version 1.04 and Plans

Minor problems
There is a bug in version 1.04 when changing in options between Sandbox mode and Campaign mode. The new default 'Slave Trainer' skill levels do not change correctly. Well they do but for the next game you start.
To get the right values
a) start the game, enter options, select sandbox/not sandbox
b) exit game
c) run again and it will default properly

I have fixed this and also an issue where the load button appears on the faith screen.

Lastly I forgot to include Ayane who has a fix for end game payment and some text issues

I'll include all these fixes in the full upload I do later, but will not actually do a new version.

So far these are the only reported issues so hopefully this means most of the bugs are done.

I will now be working on

a) Ayanami Rei
b) Krystal the Star Fox
c) Cat Slave training (almost done)
d) more story content for the core game, additional meetings, events and finalise the beach and 'Dark Lady of the Rocks'
e) Slave Maker equipment screen
f) house exploration
g) house upgrades

No particular order or estimated time, but Ayanami Rei will have a vanilla version ready very soon (a few days)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.04 Bug Fix

a new bugfix release for Slave Maker 3. This contains mainly fixes for many bugs and some small new features

Bugs are numerous and include
a) slave selection and listing issues, including undefined references in sex acts, and slaves listed and used you do not own
b) cock milking slave action
c) fixes for Belldandy and lesbian training (some missing _root's)
d) Belldandy handles better the cases of assistants, Hild, Peorth, and others, and transitions between them. Slightly different intro screen if Hild/Peorth training or anyone else
e) Belldandy's Angel/Demon endings have expanded text and you get paid for them
f) graphic fixes for Naru when naked
g) Lady Farun, Mine fixes where she forgot about it

New features (just gameplay changes)
a) many more save game slots, now 7 pages for a total of 85
b) autosaves at the start of each day. Note this may be imperfect as it is complex in some paths where the save can happen
b) ALL girls are shown in campaign mode, just disabled and noting they are unavailable. This will change in a later release with an option to be added
c) Yes/No confirmations are removed from the planning actions
d) Nothing action has been removed and merged with Break. Break has 1 and 2 hour options, also has the sexual requests at night
e) delete game option to remove save games
f) Gemna increases maximum obedience, so for a first slave allows a max obedience 88
g) In Sandbox mode you start with 'Slave Trainer 2' skill
h) in the end game screen you can choose to change to Sandbox mode. This is NOT REVERSIBLE
i) Slave skills have hints with exact levels, also scrollable now
j) Dildo mastery skill is listed and skills in alphabetical order
k) slave makers skills scrollable for advanced and future use
l) You can attend the high-class party multiple times
m) you can save in-between slaves on the end game screen
n) assistants have a gender icon, and should retain there gender proper if a bought back slave

There are some low level lesbian changes (separate stats for lick and cunnilingus, fuck and strapon fuck) and various flags.
These should be transparent and this upgrade is compatible with existing saves

Upgrade for version 1.03 installations



More mirrors will follow

Sometime I will upload a full install. There are some trivial fixes for other girls and events not in this but they are just text issues

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lesbians and Dickgirls

I have had repeated questions about dickgirls and lesbian actions and training for the game.

In the Masterbloodfer forum there was a long discussion on these questions
So can a dickgirl be a lesbian or would a lesbian want a dickgirl as her lover.

There are two sides to this discussion

a) Dickgirl is the perfect lesbian
A woman who can also fuck her lover, it is just like using a strap-on after all.

b) She has a cock so she is not quite a woman
It is the psychological aspect here, the dickgirl has a cock, so it mixes things up and it is no longer a woman loving a woman but becomes something almost heterosexual

After long discussions I was convinced the psychological aspects mattered the most. A dickgirl can love and have sex with a woman of course but this is sex with a cock involved and is not quite lesbian. Yes is is a gray area, but eventually we decided lesbian mean love and sex between two women, purely women, no actual cocks. For the strap-on analogue it was argued that in real lesbian relationships, not porn movies, strap-ons are uncommon.


Lesbian Training
This means in the game a dickgirl cannot enter Lesbian Training and if a girl becomes a dickgirl then Lesbian Training is stopped.

Lessbian Sex Act
The sex training 'Lesbian' is a little gray, but if you consider this act is most likely to entertain and arouse their owner, in this case most likely male owner. So this is not lesbian love and sex it is a play of lesbianism.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.03

another bugfix for Slave Maker 3. This resolves most reported bugs and adds a couple of small features.

Notable fixes
a) Fatigue increases are no longer multiplied by Slave Trainer skill effects
b) Multiple issues for Rei
c) loading and saving could cause stat capping
d) corrupt save games for some players
e) fixed a number of sex acts and their text

Please note the saves games are now split in 3 parts to reduce possible corruptions some players were getting. This change is completely transparent and also completely compatible with existing save games. After saving the game will create files
I leave it as an exercise to the hackers but this makes it easier to create pre-trained slaves.

Some small changes
a) There is now a Singing tutor
b) There are now Constitution and Fitness statistics, closely related. See the hint for constitution and the small orange bar. Fitness is limited to constitution. Fitness reduces fatigue increases by a maximum of 50%
c) Weapons & Armour only need to be bought once. Until a Slave Maker equipment screen is done visit the armourer and buy the items again and you will be told you already own it and have now equipped it
d) there is a count of type of slaves like ponygirls etc

There are two links below, an upgrade that fixes the major issues, only use it if you are limited by bandwidth. It does not include all the fixes just a majority. Many girl specific fixes are not included

The other is a full install with all fixes, including Menace v1, the updated Orihime, updated Rydia assistant and the new assistant Tsunade. It also removes the Lite versions of Bridget and Mariya. You can restore these by editing
Note assistant Mugi is not included, pending Daisy_strike telling me she is ready.

Full Install - No other version required, the complete game


Upgrade for version 1.02

As always this mirror has all the files, full and upgrade (being uploaded)

More mirrors will follow

Monday, April 26, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.02 Bug Fix

a bugfix for the bugfix, version 1.02

This fixes
a) book reading broken when 1 book available
b) Slave Maker Job Militia earned too much money. All tweaked a little, also note they intentionally do not earn much money. Also a button label wrong for Slut Maker's job. A dickgirl dominatrix graphic added for Mistress Cock
c) some changes to shortcuts
- Do the Planning is now Ctrl+D or [ or ] as a German player could not access []
- Dance is Ctrl+N or ,
d) Library no longer decreases cooking
e) first day of the new year is day 1 not day 0


Upgrade of version 1.01 for those who have installed 1.01 already

Upgrade 1.00 to 1.02

Additional Mirrors and an upgrade for the original Slave Maker 3 will follow

Slave Maker 3 version 1.01 Bug Fix

Hi, this is the first bug fix the Slave Maker 3. It is still a work in progress as there are some unresolved bugs

For reference the first release should of been noted as version 1.0, and this one is 1.01.

Rapidshare Mirror

MediaFire Mirror

MegaUpload mirror

4Shared Mirror

This does not include all fixes, as some girls are not in this release to keep it under 200Mb. Notably a small issue for Belldandy. All major fixes are in this release

To install extract the archive over your existing installation.

There are numerous fixes, too many to note but all game breaking conditions like no next buttons or endgames hanging are fixed

Some people have issues where the game acts very oddly or save games get corrupt. I am still researching this but one possible cause can be the local storage limits for Flash. So if you get odd issues

Check your Flash settings. Ensure that you're allowing the game to store data on your hard drive, otherwise everything you save will just be cached for a while before getting flushed.

(When SM is open, right click >Settings > Icon of a folder. Set the slider to at least 1 MB (I've got 3 savegames, and local is storing ~500kb), or 'unlimited' if you're feeling liberal about things.)

This does not fix issues for all users but may help.

Changes in this fix

1. There were issues with deleting actions breaking certain time restrictions. I have had to, for now, limit deleting actions to the last action only. Sorry, I will fix this later

2. There is now a job available for all Slave Makers to earn a little personal money. The job varies from background to background. Please note cock milking earns a lot less money

3. Slaves, Weapons, Armour have increased in price

4. Slave Maker can get a minimum to their lust stat, generally from tentacle events

5. Onsen job and Library tweaked for balance. Sexual washing now has an obedience limit.

Note: factors to stat increases from 'Slave Trainer' skill no longer apply to increases in Fatigue

In the next release
a) Nothing action at night will be removed
b) Yes/No confirmations for planning will be removed

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Menace - Slave Girl Open Beta

Daisy_strike has release her slave girl Menace from Queen's Blade

see here for the full details

To quote
"A day late, but still close enough to be released with v3. Menace took me six months because she is huge 200 pages of script, 13280 lines of code compare that to Orihime's 3261. I know, I haven't found all the bugs, so I need help. That's why she is a beta.

I want to thank everyone who has been helping me with Menace, especially #slavemaker, who alpha tested her, Cmacleod42 who built the current SlaveMaker. Finally I want to thank xhaloblade for the editing.

Know issues – Not with Menace

Cat Slave Progression only works in sandbox mode, until Slave Makers learn how to train Cat Slaves.
If the text is long, the choice text may float over the other text.

A couple hints.

The map.
To seduce nobles perhaps you should be trained by a master at it.
Some events only spawn if Setra is equipped.

Enjoy oh and I tossed in Mugi."

Media Fire


A few things about the game and the such

Donations or Payment
I will not and cannot accept any form of donation or payment for this game. There are a lot of grahics being used without their artists permission. I hope they do not mind, but if asked by an artist I will remove their works.

Bug Reports and Help
I do not want post of bug reports or general requests for help here in the Blog. I actively visit the Masterbloodfer and FutanariPalace forums and would ask you to post any bugs there or general requests for help

Current Bugs and the Such
I have fixed most of the reported issues with the game and will post an update on the weekend sometime

Do's and Do nots for the game
I have certain tastes and dislikes for content I will put into the core game and for any slave girl I develop. I do not restrict any person developing their own slave girls of course but I will not put any of the following into the core game or girls I develop

- sex involving children - Note I do know some of the characters the girls are based on are underage (I think 14 is the youngest) but the characters in the game are all 18+
- bestiality, except tentacle and furry (to come) - I just find it unappealing
- torture, mutiliation, gore etc - I find it repulsive, especially in a sexual context
- watersports - I find it unappealing

Girls in Planning and Development
I have some girls in development and so do others
Mai Shiranui
Astaroth (Shinra Banshou)
Rider (Fate/Stay Night)
Krystal the Star Fox

Rei Ayanami (Evangelion)
Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War)

Menace (Queen's Blade)
Ino (Naruto)
Bulma (Dragonball)
Aeris (Final Fantasy VII)
Asuka (Evangelion)
Reimu (Touhou)

There are others but I am unsure of the exact person. There is talk of Poison and a person was developing Mia Fey but I have not heard from them for a while.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slave Maker 3 Release

Finally here is the new version, Slave Maker 3 Version 0

This version considerably changes gameplay and adds a lot more potential for developers, like twins, males and more. The main changes are

1) Totally revised campaign system where
a) girls are trained once
b) may only be trained when you have a sufficient reputation
c) girls that are bought back/get love ending may be retained and used as assistants. They have some effects in training too, more to come
d) there is a 'Sandbox' mode that ignored all these restrictions. You cannot change modes without starting a new slave maker

2) Actions and planning are time based. All actions take x hours (1 or 2 mainly)
a) actions can be queued in any of 3 lists that are remembered from day to day
b) 2 new jobs and some others altered
c) all actions like shopping, visiting, take a walk must be planned and take time
d) lend action works differently

3) 2 new houses and 11 new backgrounds.
Please note Houses cannot be explored in this version. A lot of aspects of the new backgrounds (eg tentacle hybrid bits, many negative aspects) are not implemented yet.

4) New location to walk in, the Beach,
Where your slave can take swimming lessons with a swimming instructor who seems interested in your slave maker. Mermaids frequent the beach and other odd beings

5) Some revised stories and 2 new Bad-Ends

6) Encounter with Furries
(can be disabled in options)

7) Slaves and Slave Makers have skills
They can help or hinder training. Note singing will not advance, yet. Also beaware your first slave is unlikely to get advanced trainings or endings due to your low skills, but you can learn

8) Assistants can do more than look pretty
Hild has special events that happen when she is your assistant, more will follow

9) Most girls are unchanged except
Some graphics changes, more dickgirl dresses, breast expansion versions, but
a) Akane has a new milking story. Also slightly expanded end and reward if you sell her to the Lord
b) Ranma has her Shampoo love story fleshed out a bit, but only when she is trained with Shampoo as the assistant

To install and play
- extract the files below (a spanned archive) into a folder of your choice. Note there are subfolders now
- to play run SlaveMaker3.exe or SlaveMaker3.swf

Links (note typo in name this is version 1)

part 1
part 2
part 3

Wingsondbard's mirror

Note: anyone may upload these files anywhere, but you may not charge for it in any way

Please, no requests for support or help here - please visit one of the linked forums

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Beta Testing

Sorry, still beta testing.
It has been a bit rough for me due to a bad cold.

Fairly small issues remain. I expect a release tomorrow or the following at the latest.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beta Iteration 6

I just released the 6th version of the beta last night. So far only minor error reports so things look hopeful for a release in the near future.

Basically it depends on feedback from the testers.

Also the SDK has been updated for fixes and additional documentation

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beta Iteration 5

Just uploading the 5th iteration of the beta test. Finally found some of the more awkward errors to do with purchased slave availability and some sex selection issues.

I had one painful bug with showing slave images that took hours to sort out. A normal function (removeMovieClip) just did not work. After a lot of trial and error I eventually found that while a Button is very similar to a MovieClip and you can load it using AttachMovie, it is not quite the same and cannot be removed with removeMovieClip after attaching. I am unsure what would remove it. I had to duplicate a group of buttons and create movieclip versions, but it eventually worked. A huge pain.

Hopefully this version of the beta resolves most of the outstanding issues.

Still aiming for a weekend release, but depends of the testers feedback.

A few other teasers of changes in the game
a) I have upgraded some of Tifa's images, and yes she can be a ponygirl now, for an advanced slave maker. Also more images like lingerie, swimsuit that defaulted before.
b) Akane has a new milking/doctor fetish story

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Beta

Still more bugs are being found so the beta continues.

I am aiming for a release this coming weekend

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updated SDK and Beta Report

I have updated the SDK to fix some errors and add more documentation on time and the diary

Beta testing is continuing, bugs are still being found, lessening a bit but a few awkward ones remain.

I am going away for the weekend for a family function, so I'll review the issues when I return, depending on how many bugs remain I'll either continue the beta for another week or do a release. Not sure at the moment, I suspect I will continue, if so I will release the following weekend

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beta Report

Beta testing is going well.

More bugs than my pride is comfortable with but they are all fixed. Doing the next iteration of the beta test now.

Some changes also made based on testers suggestions, always nice to get them and I am happy to do the changes.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beta Continued

Finally everything has uploaded and I have PM'd various people, mainly those who have volunteered to test and also those developing slave girl's for the game.

I will continue working on the bits not quite complete and they should be done by the end of Easter and then I will update the beta.

But, the uploads were so slow. I think my internet connection is slower than usual recently. Or is it just that the MasterBlooder and FutanariPalace forums are slow. It is not that entirely as my uploads to Rapidshare and MediaFire were like half the speed they did one.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beta Testing

I am now ready to start the beta test, only small issues remain and I will resolve these during the beta test.

I will officially start it when the Futanari Palace comes back online (tomorrow sometime) and spend tonight adding some notes and fixing small issues and uploading the installers.

Some parts of the game may be not turned on for the beta to leave a bit more time to develop, but only new stuff as such

Monday, March 29, 2010

Still finalising

I am still finding some bugs here an there, nothing major but until I do not find anymore the beta test and release will wait.

At the current rate I suspect a few days but it is hard to be sure. I have been unwell the last couple of days, but still did a little work, mainly some improved graphics and slightly expanded some text and fixed a few bugs.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clean Slave Run

Hooraym finally got a slave to play through cleanly. I need to check some of the more complex ones for compatibility and also check the larger events that can cross several girls. but close now.

Also be-backgrounded a few images, I finally have that down pat. Also fixed a simple colourisation to be a bit better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And More Bugs

I am still finding too many bugs to start the beta test. Almost getting a clean run but it is time consuming to try and check most paths

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bug Hunting

Currently debugging. Still have not had a girl play through her entire training without bugs found. But they are getting less and less

Until I get no bugs beta testing will wait, hopefully (late) tomorrow or a day or two more at worst.

For one note I have Hild the assistant fairly customised with a special event and more flavour text

Friday, March 12, 2010

External Image Support

For those developing Slave Girl with the SDK I have just developed routines to support loading external files, images, mp3 files.

This could allow you to develop a slave girl where all the images are in a subfolder with the slave girl's swf file. When the image is used it would be loaded and shown.

This process is a bit slower than loading a movie fully embedded in the swf file but may be easier for some developers.

So instead of showing an image using
_root.ShowMovie(EventMilk, true, 0);

you can as well use
var milkmc:MovieClip = undefined;
milkmc = _root.LoadImageAndShowMovie(milkmc, "Milk.jpg", true, 0);

There is a bit of overhead to maintain the MovieClip references

Monday, March 8, 2010

Slave Girls in Development

To clarify there are people working on new SlaveGirls using the SDK.

Orihime is the first one released by Daisy_strike and is included in the full install for version 15.8. The are others but in early alpha releases and are linked in the forums. They are graphics only girls with no story. Currently Ino from Naruto, Aeris from FF7 and Menace. Ino and Menace are quite advanced in development

Multiple others are mentioned in development, notably
Asuka from Evangelion
Bulma from Dragonball
Menace from Queen's Blade (advanced progress
early talk of Reimu from Touhou

I am working on
Rei from Evangelion
Mai Shiranui
Krystal the Star Fox

in various stages of development, Rei is quite close to a basic release, mainly once I finish the new version I will finish her in a few days.

Otherwise development is going well. Some NPC changes, mainly for graphics used, some variant images and some people now have images, and names.

The remaining tasks is still the same but quite advanced. I am confident of a beta test in about a week

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Progress

- Parties updated for new system with new events for prostitute party.
- More debugging, especially combat, and some dress changes.
- existing girls updated for compatibility, a few onsen images to add for a couple of girls left

- lend still remains
- lesbian epiphany
- still more beach bits

I had a bad migrane today and yesterday so only a little work. At this time I am fairly confident to start beta testing in a week, at the latest next weekend.

Monday, March 1, 2010

More on progress

It is difficult for me to estimate when I will be finished the current version of the game. It is more complex than expected and mainly I have had many health issues to do with the control of diabetes.

So please no enquiries about when I will be finished, I will not answer them. I will be finished soon, maybe a couple of weeks, but it depends.

a) added new NPC (male) weapon trainer, needed for new combat skills

a) lend her - did not have the chance to do it on the weekend
b) update girls (did a couple on the weekend, quite simple but boring to do)
c) tweak parties and maybe add a scene or two
d) finish beach

By the way I keep running out of memory on my system and Flash crashes. It is just the sheer number of images in the fla file. I have split all party graphics out of the main file into a separate Parties.swf to reduce this.

Sometime I will also do people as there are a lot of graphics there, but this is a fairly extensive change, so it will wait.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Close to beta testing, mainly left is

a) revised lend action, probably just a simple version initially
b) more for the beach
c) some lesbian tweaks
d) slave maker action tweaks
e) update existing slavegirls for compatibility

a) is quite complex but should be done this weekend. The other changes are a couple days work

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Planning Preview

This is a preview of the new planning screens. Note assisting options and new jobs.

Also from my last post this is the Horo image, I may use it in the game