Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09d

this is a small release to address issues with the translation system I introduced in the last release. A few other small issues fixed.

There are no new features for players of the game, but a couple of small bits for developers.

Translation Changes
Please also note there are some font changes in this release. On most buttons and a lot of text I was previously using the font "Orange LET" but this has issues, especially when translating and using non-latin characters like cyrillic. There were also issues for accented characters in French and Spanish.
I am phasing out the use of 'Orange LET', until I find a good font I am using either 'Verdana' or 'Arial' font and in some screens 'Times New Roman'. I would prefer a less plain font but these are the simplest for now and are easy to read.
At the moment 'Orange LET' is still used in may places but you may see some odd spacing issues when playing in windowed mode. I will be fixing this, at the least by changing to 'Arial'.
You will also see some layout changes on some screens to support longer words for some languages.

There are translations for the limited user-interface parts now for
These include the slave descriptions on the slave selection screen

Other Fixes
- A dickgirl image appears for Urd during touch action when she is not a dickgirl
- How To Play screen not hidden when loading with F1
- deleting a save game hangs the entire game - for now the confirmation has been removed (that is what hung the game, not clear why)

- Nothing (sorry)
(well some changes to assistants available based on releases by Someone1001 and Darsel)

- Servant1Speak and Servant2Speak functions added for twin assistants
- For twin slaves or assistants a random twin is chosen by the game for each act. Varaibles are
The A is the primary, and the B is sometimes referred to. All acts and events are updated to use these

Upgrade from 3.1.09 (any version)

Full install


aroh01 had supplied me a German translation that I missed. Sorry!
Here is an update to add it. It is a tentative as there are some queries about some translations and I did some bits with Babelfish

Just extract this archive into your game folder and it adds German and fixes a small issue for the Russian translation

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09c

This is a bug fix for the game to address some reported bugs, some significant some very minor. Note the numbering. In future minor bug fix versions will just have a letter suffix

a) Demonic Cock - no next when Dominance > 74
b) a rare issue where the slave makers images appear and cannot be removed if you are very quick skipping the initial screens
c) issues for Urd as an assistant getting NaN for Joy, score and gold at end game
d) small optimisations
e) some shortcut fixes
f) fix Alsha's memory issues, she no longer forgets you between slaves
g) Naru had some image errors (cat tail and when loading and she was naked)
h) Fixes for male slaves, a significant load/save issue and some text issues where the game still had she/her
i) some important fixes for FlashDevelop based slaves discovered by people using Slave Builder
j) other small fixes (typos and similar)
k) tab key order improved in many screens

a) A new translation system, very basic and limited to start with. There is a file
 for english terms. This can be copied to say French.xml and the text changed. There is a setting in options to select the file
Note using this you can also change the text for the english version.
Again Note the system is incomplete, a lot more needs doing.
b) Two/Single Money pool option - From Slave Maker 3 there are two money pools, Gold and Personal Gold. There is now an option to revert to the previous Slave Maker 2 system of one pool of gold. This is a preliminary change to introducing Freelance Slave Makers, not members of the Guild.
c) shortcut additions/changes
Use Plannings Tomorrow check boxes map to Ctrl+U
Planning Set 1-3 map to Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+3
All More buttons map to Enter
d) Clit/Cock size for slaves on Stat 2 page. Currently these are constants, but will change in future

Changed system for virginity


Fulll version to follow tomorrow

Friday, August 6, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09b

there were a few bugs introduced in the 3.1.09 release. I have made an updated version that fixes the bugs. Treat this as the real 3.1.09

For note it fixes
- Ranma Lesbian Lovers ending (full install only)
- Sword martial arts training capped at 5
- Rei refusing all sex trainings
- Rei trained by Old Faith worshipper hits infinite loop in introduction screens
- Shampoo interefered in some party events when training Ranma
- undefined in a starting message
- K missing from Kasumi in slave selection screen (also Hsien-Ko)


Upgrade (for 3.1.08 or 3.1.09)


Full Install


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09

New version 3.1.09
This has quite a few bug fixes and some new features. There is also additional support for developers and fixes for moose's Slave Builder. Support for external events as well.

Advanced Housework
Tab issues during end game
Optimisations to improve performance
Fixes for FlashDevelop projects
various typo's 

Work as Dominatrix blank image
Urd not giving a discount as an assistant (unfortunately not fixed for existing saves, you will have to retrain Urd to get the effect)
+ more

Slave Makers equipment screen
New images for cowgirl, tentacle hybrid, demonic cock
New Slave Maker skill "Tentacle Expert", currently only for selected backgrounds
New story and ending for 'Demonic Cock' background, leading to 2 slave maker endings and background changes
Demon Slave Maker ending is a bit different
New Event - Naginata challenge (more an example of a new system for developers)
New Complex Event - Furry Bondage
- a one off event, will only happen for second or later girls, Slave Trainer 2 skill
- 4 possible endings, one bad, but not a Bad Ending
Hints & Notes

A custom location on the Take a Walk Map
Can handle walk to house if desired (no stardard effects yet)
Questions can be positioned in the main window (see new furry event)
LoadGame()/SaveGame() to allow saving/loading any arbitrary variable
Change slave maker talent/background functions
Assistants can now have Slave Maker skills and if they are greater than your Slave Maker then they will apply instead. Does not apply to Trainer type skills, but does for Slave Trainer and most others, including Nobility
Custom Events
- a new interface to write a custom event. Works like a simplified assistant, and installs into a new folder Events. See SDK for details


see above post

WindsongBard's mirror for most if not all downloads  

The SDK has also been updated, see the Download links to the right.

Slave Builder 1.3

Moose has released a new version of Slave Builder


Version 1.3

- Can create a complete FlashDevelop project file including the library.

- Added 1 new tab (greetings tab)

- Changes to tab
    * Basic Information - Tab 2
      removed Lesbian Trainable checkbox added LesbianInterest, PonygirlInterest, CatgirInterest, SuccubusInterest radio-buttons
    * Basic Information - Tab 3
      Complete remodeling
    * Assistant tab - Tab 1
      Changed what the Assistant difficulty expression. Not it only takes a number (between 1-2) (added slider) Added a way to give stat bonus to the slave at startup

- Code optimization.
    The night action tab loads MUCH faster now Quicker response when using Quick Open. Now the program does not re-read all the text files when using this menuitem. It displays the information that was read the last time and was stored in variables. Optimised Open algorithm to reduce the read/write from HD.

- Fixed some minor logic errors