Sunday, November 30, 2014

Developers SDK

For those who wish to develop slaves or other content for the game there is a SDK that gives information on the process.

If it still quite incomplete but I have not posted an updated version for quite a while so here it is. It is still rather incomplete, especially the xml slave part but it is substantially more so than the last release.


This SDK is of NO USE for a person who just wishes to play the game

Korvas has just released a new slave for the game, Twilight Sparkle from MLP. She is still under going some tweaking for issues but a functional vanilla version should be posted soon

Monday, November 24, 2014

Updated unofficial/beta fix

I have done some additional fixes for the last posted fix

  • Image problems for XML slaves
  • a set of weird issues not sure if I added them in development or in release but completely broke some trainings and events
  • fixed a ass-plug/puupy tail issue
  • your could sell a slave and they stayed for the rest of the current slave's training
  • some typos for Aeka assistant
Some reprtoed bugs are still to be sorted out, like
  • a repeated event issue for axmili
  • stat capping issues
  • assistants staying who should not (I could not reproduce this)
 It also includes a partially functional new city, not enabled by default, see this post if you would like to check it out


EDIT: updated for some fixes

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Unoffical/Beta Fix

This is an unofficial beta for version 3.4.02 a bugfix update for 3.4.01

Please do not post any bug reports for it here, instead post in the bug report thread at the Futanari Palace

This should fix most of the outstanding issues for 3.4.01, including issues for slave maker resting, some contest problems, training issue and multiple other fixes.


To Install
download and copy into your game installation. Extract there and replace any files when asked. Do not extract into a subfolder

Like any beta use as your own risk, I am still sorting out issues so this could cause other problems. Keep a copy of any save games, ie load the save and then save to a new slot and use the new version.
I do not think there are many significant issues here though.

updated due to reported issue for catgirl traiing and missing options when Attending Court
updated for more bug fixes

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Just to let people know a few bits.  I am working on sorting out the bugs in the 3.4.01 release, some fixed some being worked on.

My apologies I have not done a lot of actual bugfixing this last week. a combination of health and some motivation. Bug fixing can at times be both a frustrating and almost depressing thing to do. You think you have things working properly and then all these bugs are reported showing how incompetent you are, so a little depressing. Some bugs are hugely hard to find, and often take a trivial small change to fix, when you manage to find it.

I have been working a bit on updating the game to allow multiple cities, so instead of only playing in the capital Mardukane, you can play in other cities. The game does now mostly support this, I recoded some parts of the game to handle this, but actually creating a city is a big thing, many events would need to be re-written for instance, and new NPC's developed. Still I am starting to add a new city called Dunmyre, a major port city, a base for buccaneers and traders. The character Lady Farun is based on, Ivy, her father is a renowned pirate after all , so I may link this in some way. Others had suggested a city that is the home for Count Gossem, but at the moment I will leave that for others.

Please also note for the last release
  • I included the wrong version of Holo, a development version of 2.0 was in the release. Any issue for Holo are purely due to that. I will re-release the working verson 1.5 for her in the next update
  • zerowings has released an update for their slave Ritsuko Akizuki, version 1.5
Link for updated Ritsuko!Y5xXmLAL!IVgz5yztfWPQiUfyhL8EQTfMQja92_wbRdLMpjdexw8

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Small issues for version 3.4.01

There have been reported a couple of problems for the 3.4.01 release

Using old saves
Using a save game from version 3.4 can cause problems with visiting people and some places. The save game was incorrectly upgraded

Blank labels for some items in the slave Equipment
when loading a save some labelscan be blank

Resetting of people between slaves
Some NPC's do not reset properly between slaves

If these issues matter to you here is a small fix for the game


To install copy this file into your game installation and unzip.

Note: unfortunately if you are seeding the torren you will have to stop as this will mean you will redownload the original versions of the files

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Slave Maker 3.4.01 Update and Full Release

This is an update for the game, to fix a lot of bugs in the game, notably issues for game endings and quite a few problems for events when walking and many general bugs. There are a lot less bugs in this release but some remain as I have seen posted recently. Still this is a much more functional version of the game.

Also included in this release
  • New slave Kannu Unchou from Ikkitousen
  • update for Aya Shameimaru
  • many Minor Slaves and Assistants have had updated images sets to include additional images for the new sex acts for Intimacy in Talk to Slaves. A lot have had pregnant images added. 
  • Many Minor Slaves have had images added so if you use the 'Fully Train option then they will have images during training. When you select to 'Fully Train' you will get an indication of the number of images available for them
  • New Minor Slave 'Pfil' from Bondage Fairies manga by Kondom. She is an alternate reward for helping the fairies at the Farm
  • New Minor Slave 'Merceded' from Odin Sphere. Can be encountered, but only after you obtain the slave Arak
  • New assorted events by ElPresidente
  • Fixes for Twins type slaves like Panty and Stocking so phrasing and references are better. Similarly for cases where you choose to have no assistant.
Note: the game is currently 6.03Gb in size

To upgrade an existing installation you can use either the torrent or download the update file provided

This process is somewhat safer than the filehost method below, as after the torrent finishes you will have all files in the game in their correct locations. You may have some files duplicated in old locations but they are harmless, but will take some excess space on you hardrive.
  • start the torrent, wait for it to allocate all files and start downloading.
  • stop the torrent and exit your client (do not delete the torrent, just pause it)
  • find the folder your torrent client downloads into and the SlaveMaker 3.4 folder it is using
  • copy your current game into that folder, replacing all files when asked.
  • Move the folder Images/Morrigan to Images/Slaves/Morrigan
  • re-run your torrent client and resume the torrent. It will now continue, and a large percentage of the new version will be complete already 

Download the update and copy into your game installation. Extract it overwriting any files when asked. DO NOT extrack into a subfolder.


Full Installation
You may download the game using the torrent or the Packs below.


these are all 5.7Mb is size torrents. When the torrent starts it will create a folder
SlaveMaker 3.4 in you standard torrent folder. When the torrent completes, move this to the location of your choice, you may rename it if you wish.

If you use the Upgrade method via above for the torrent you will be able to download faster

Theses are the game divided into parts, each allowing selected portions of the game to be dowloaded. This allows you to save download time and bandwidth as you need.

All files in the packs are in the torrent version, there is no need to download both

I will not be providing separate torrents for the packs.

The packs are
  • Basic Pack - this is the core game. It is a basic playable version of the game with a few slaves,  assistants and minor slaves
  • Assistants Pack - an add-on that adds many more assistants for the game
  • Minor Slaves Pack - an add-on that adds many more minor slaves to the game
  • Events Pack - an add-on that adds additional content to the game, developed by 3rd party developers
  • Slave Packs 1 to 11 - These are collections of 10 slaves for the game (packs 10 and 11 have less than 10 slaves)
Download the file or files and extract into a folder of your choice. Each downloaded file will create a folder
SlaveMaker 3.4
if asked merge any folders in common, you should not be asked to overwrite any files, but if asked then agree to do so.
DO NOT extract each pack into a separate folder, make sure each are extracted into the same base folder

NOTE: most slave packs for 3.4.01 have not been uploaded yet so the links below are mostly the previous version 3.4 links. The 3.4 versions are noted. The changes for slave packs for 3.4.01 are generally small bug fixes, the new slave Kannu is in Slave Pack 11.  

Basic Pack!RxhxiLAK!FCvoMCgx_xDpXJCAYt4tayMIrMl0ZSmxfaHdbkiv5lw

Assistants Pack!0wpSmY5L!FUnhR0tth6Jurg9sau_etJuw-Kih1TyJtRNYOBfWGec

Minor Slaves Pack!Ng5jHDra!BRk3b15ubDQWUMFA6sOmRwiGw7cYHJ7L0StADXugVZM

Events Pack!t9gklQQA!2m3b-oJCnZiJTlB2GF0Rxaf-J6D8F8ljQZly2jBUl2w

Slave Pack 1!10RnWJYZ!V0N7xIjeioxa3VQVvwn4IHHlZqcH_zSgVe67z7lOpH8

Slave Pack 2!chYQFBTJ!syauDKFosxzkDJs873aBBfcCpLgNviOosaOOwcjgQw0

Slave Pack 3!5tJGxZoL!6gTTCA29dWSYuPg58Q6_X4877oOw5v8HVAA0cpQ1Pkw

Slave Pack 4!l0wSkAJQ!qU8QBKQ2HIipbfSs-67fOz150_DiD-ZW98cvA0qqv9w

Slave Pack 5!N5hF1CCI!Z839oNvZ6braxr4YQK7hQZ7wqXdFNhux8g35IGrd_bs

Slave Pack 6!8lI0mAZK!9vUd7aRtc-gWFmuH3e5UmKHWCfPjiCeSR2CSrCkfnYw

Slave Pack 7!V0RjmAiQ!tWH7kVsqSYVl7GXi9ox4RBMWwkym-9TK0666zD4qosY

Slave Pack 8!5pRBXSgZ!xkqQh4PcxzEZ9GhXX2t5Pjtj_662o7hI7rKSkxvH8W0

Slave Pack 9!hx4yxCST!mXboy6zJB2t3X2bBhxNNVQ16WnWCGryqnaaVARJ48Vo

Slave Pack 10!AxgSCBqb!UAEP7UEnw8CT1PKEg8dS3Ozq-aOiOECIgmDWyzDMWS0

Slave Pack 11!ZpxDzBrZ!ZXgryWWKr6qVxvWfLN42TgPDYgbhDoEi9f3up7-w_pg

Whole Game Mirror

seregil has re-uploaded the game to Filefactory. Thiese are not thes packs but the entire game 

Interchangable links for UploadedTo also by seregil

Directdownload Mirror

Michael Kimochi has kindly hosted a direct download mirror for the game

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Starting Release

I am starting the release for version 3.4.01. I have stopped seeding the torrent for version 3.4 and I am uploading the update files.

Once the updates are uploaded I will recreate and start seeding a new full torrent This can be used to update an existing game installation

The various packs will follow later over the next week.

As an aside
Full Game:  6.03Gb
Update: 618Mb

It would be possible to provide a limited update of the core game only, without updates for Minor Slaves, Assistants, Slaves and a new Slave. This is a little complex and can cause issues for the updated minor slaves/assistants. This update would be about 40Mb. If this version is desirable please comment and I can upload it later