Thursday, March 22, 2012

Status + New Slave

I am hoping to release a beta of SlaveMaker 3.3 in the near future, depening on bug fixes and personal health.

New Slave - Saeko Busujima

pooterdude and Blaze8492 have released a new slave Saeko Busujima from 'Highschool of the Dead'. She is somewhat non-vanilla. From their post

Its functional but as with newbie releases please let me know if there are issues that I missed - thanks! 

Gains Joy from Housework actions (cleaning, cooking) as well as Naked
1 daily chance event

To Do (probably in this order):
Dress 6 apron : Cleaning up the picture for it
A pack of images to add/cleaning up current images
Optimization of file sizes(its getting plump) : Looking at possible programs
Custom Job/Stat : Suggestions welcome
Double apron? : (o.o)
Custom Discussion : it'll let me prune down that intro
1 Custom Ending

Due to a mistake on my part this slave conflicts a little with Videl

To fix this and install properly

a) Extract to a new folder
b) rename SlaveGirl68.txt to SlaveGirl69.txt
c) Copy the folder SaekoBusujima to your game into the folder Images
d) copy the remaining files to the folder Slaves in your game

pooterdude released an update for Saeko. Note the above rename b)is no longer needed.

I've really cleaned up the xml/fix picture values
Added general ending pics for all but ponygirl
Dress 6 is now active
Optimized pics
Minor changes in wording for customized chores daily random morning event
Slave number altered

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New 3rd Party Releases

New Slave - Katara
foxie and NarutoXD (mainly foxie for this release) have released Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is a non-vanilla version, but with limited content
- 2 custom endings. (same storyline, one i harder to get.)
- Custom sex, and custom chore.

New Slave - Videl

Regigigas has released Videl from DragonBall Z, also a non-vanilla release but again limited content. Some known bugs in this release.

New Slave - Ariel
campeonkid has released Ariel, currently a purely vanilla release. Note there are some image problems in this release.

Updated Slave - Nina Windia
Kaiser Ryu released an update for Nina,

Updated Slave - Sow White
Regigigas releaed an update for Snow White

This is a pretty large update with 2 new dresses, replacing 1 old one, more than 30 new pics, 2 custom acts (there should be 3 but one won't appear), as well as a new market image, and starting stat changes, this is a pretty big one. Remember you need to delete the 'Snow' image folder and add the new image folder called 'Snowy' into your image folder to replace it. Anyway, hope you all enjoy, and get ready for our release of Videl from Dragonball Z latter this week., til' then, take care. 

Minor Slaves Packs

THf772 (who released Gardevoir) has released several minor slaves. Cynthia, the Champion of the Pokemon League of Sinnoh (from Pokemon Perl/Diamond/Platinium)
Rosalina, the headmistress of the Comet Observatory (from Super Mario Galaxy)
Evangelyne, the bodyguard of Princess Amalia (from Wakfu)

Here are the download links:
DropBox (7z)
DropBox (Rar)
DropBox (Zip)

After running 'Install.pyw' rename 'confok.xml' to 'configuration.xml' (be sure to backup these files first!)
You will need Python. If you don't have it, go to

A pack of loli minor slaves was also released by tab00 in the Futanari Palace forum

New Event - Take Your Slave for a Date
Lilith Dark-Elven has released a simple new event for the game
This is a proof of concept inspired by a post in the Suggestions thread by Blastech.
It adds a location (Francine's, a restaurant run by a currently-unseen catgirl) to the Take a Walk map, & an event where you take your slave for a date. The stat effects are various but Obedience & Temperament are altered based on a contest of stats. Obedience is Dominance vs Temperament, & Temperament adds in Conversation & Love. If the assistant takes her instead there are only basic stat effects which should apply to the assistant as well (an increase in catgirl training if the assistant is a catgirl does not seem to be working for some reason)

There are 2 files, the image needs to go in Images and Other.XML needs to go in Language/English.

EDIT:there was an issue with the download for this event. A new lick has been posted to address issues.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

More 3rd Party Updates

Slave Skyla

Regigigas has released an update for Skyla

Slave Dark Magician Girl
Regigigas also released an update for Dark Magician Girl

M.I.A's Assistants 1.2
M.I.A released a pair of updates for her assistants

I’ve made an upgrade for my Assistants anyway and I think it’s big enough for a new release.


This Update, version 1.2, includes:
* XML effects changes. The Employ points have decreased a bit (+5 instead for +10 in most case) BUT now every Assistants have a Natural Talent and a Deficiency. Lena and Wedding Peach are specials cases. They have no Deficiency.
* An Image Upgrade for almost everyone. The biggest ones are for Alice, Aya Brea and Colette.
* Four New Assistants! Lethe, for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Dot Matrix, Mouse and Bob from Reboot. (Yes, a male Assistant…) Now, the ReBoot characters have No Nudity and only Dot has the Tentacles enabled.
* Speaking of Tentacles, Lena has the events enabled now. (I’ve found an image.)
* The upgrade also includes the French Translations and Mia-French.xml got a mini change. Her name is ‘Sofia’ in the French version of Golden Sun. In Japanese, it’s Mary, for the curious.


Here is the Assistants XML Upgraded with the Tentacles Events enabled for all. Also Wedding Peach and Angewomon price is decreased, since their effects are lower. (Note this link has ONLY the XML files, the previous Full Pack Version 1.2 must be downloaded first.)

 A mirror for slave Zelda

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some 3rd Party Updates

Musashi Slave Update

abisal has released an update for Musashi
I updated the Intro and added the Name Input event. Had to do it outside the Main Intro, because the Intro itself doesn't seem to allow me to create Text Imput Fields. I couldn't get it to work immediately, but it should trigger as soon as you start Morning Planning.

Just extract this file into your games installtion folder

Ryo Slave Update

 abisal also recently released an update for Ryo
Ok. I found the bugs. The problem with the Owner's review had to do with a typo in a variable (Blowjob instead of BlowJob). I also made some minor tweaks to the dialogue in the event to make it a tad bit more personalized.

The problem with the jumping stats had to do with the Dresses. I had defined the dresses in both, XML and ActionScript. This made the stat boosts double.
There was also a typo, in the Growth Factor multipliers, where I had placed a comma to signal decimals instead of a period. This ould have led to some stats not being able to increase after certain events triggered. Was this the case?
I also added a minor upgrade to the T-Shirt event. After "upgrading" the T-Shirt, it'll increase the Obedience Growth Factor by 150%.

Here is a version fixing the problems and with all the necessary Image Folders:
(There was an error when uploading, though. So it might be wonky. I'd appreciate it if anybody tested it.)

Here is a picture without the Image Folders (for the people who already downloaded the Past Upgrade)

Note: Reggigas promises an update for Skyla soon. I'll edit this post with the update

 Working an an altered system for the screens showing the acts/chores/job. To allow a much larger list of act, and possible cascaded acts (ie Bar opens up to Hostess Bar, Cooking opens up Chef etc)