Sunday, September 22, 2013


Just a small update to let you know the current situation with the game.

I have been having some poor health recently and been working slowly on the game. It has been a bit up and down, I have been rather unwell this weekend, but was ok(ish) last week.

Meanwhile have been doing some small fixes
  • I should have all the reported problems for Slave Maker avatar images fixed. That was a surprisingly complex fix
  • some trivial fixes today where to "Waiting" animation did not appear correctly. Again an oddly complex fix
  • I have a long term plan to convert the game interface to a widescreen main window, and slowly altering the background images used in the game to replace the existing 4x3 images with alternate 16x9 images
Now I am just running through a set of playthroughs to test the game and sort out problems (actually cooking dinner now, but you know what I mean)

New 3rd Party Content
I will repost later but
  1. axmilli has released a new slave Quiistis from Final Fantasy VIII, she is currently a minor slave in the game and will be removed as a minor slave in the next release.
  2. ElPresedente has released an expanded version of the assistant Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War. I must re-wach that sometime, and it's spinoff Rune Soldier Louie. The TV series version and Legend of Crystania OVA, maybe too, but I prefered the OVA and Louie. I also plan to rewatch El Hazard too...
  3. ElPresedente has also released an alternate version of Sailor Mercury (Ami). The version released by Reggigas is the official version for the game and will be the version I bundle. Still, if you like, please check out this alternate version.
  4. French and Russian translations have been updated a bit recently, An updated German one is promised too. I have also been sent an edited version of the game by someone who decompiled it to translate the pars of the game for Russian that were not yet possible
  5. NarutoXD is working on a new version of his XMLSlaveBuilder program and it will support slaves, minor slaves, and assistants. Not ready yet though.
If you want them before I repost they are available at the Futanari Palace

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

News and Updates

The major news is it appears the Cease and Desist order for Renamon is a fake.

My thanks to Love Robin, she did a fair bit of checking and
After examining the email copy of the CDO, and while I still have an inquiry pending with the Bar Association in the "attorney's" state, here are my findings so far:

The CDO is what we call "light".
•It references a law code but does not provide a relevant excerpt.
•"ten 30 days" is invalid terminology.
•The "Law Office" does not have a web presence.
•The signing "attorney" does not have a web presence.
•The "law office address" does not exist.
•The phone number provided *for a fax* is in reality the Main Voice Number for a City Hall. Called and verified with mine own ears.
•The "attorney's" signature is incomplete; it is missing his credentials AND initials of a secretary.
•The cited US Law Code does not apply to a collective work/compilation which Slavemaker and related/supportive plugin and addon modules are… as the US Copyright Law defines it in Title 17 of the United States Code, Circular 92, Chapter 1: Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright, Section 101. Definitions:
••A “compilation” is a work formed by the collection and assembling of preexisting materials or of data that are selected, coordinated, or arranged in such a way that the resulting work as a whole constitutes an original work of authorship. The term “compilation” includes collective works.

Taking into account the above elements, the fake fax number being *especially* damning, it is my opinion the CDO is fake.

It should be a couple days before my bar Assoc. inquiry on the "attorney" comes back, but I don't have much reason to believe he exists.
My inquiry into the "attorney" with the appropriate State Bar Association came back as "unknown". The name signed to the "CDO" is fictitious.
So it seems it was an annoying idiot.


M.I.A who has released a lot of assistants and minor slaves for the game has released an update, Thanks!

I know this seem random (or maybe inappropriate?), after the whole ‘fake CDO’ story but...
I had time to kill so I did a big update for the assistant Colette to remove her vanilla status.


What is new: One Morning event (10% chance to get), involving money and Colette’s clumsy nature. Custom texts for Love Confession, Love Accepted, Love Refused and Unsure. They got small variants depending on your slaver gender. The Discuss and Intimacy actions are also customised. By using Discuss, you can now ask Colette about herself, the Morality of your slave in training or your own Corruption (if you have any). The Intimacy action only got a minor change. The French version had been updated, but partly translated. I also updated the Russian version with the English nodes to match the added features.

EDIT: More from M.I.A (thanks)
An small update for my minor slaves, which add to everyone the Dancing, Singing and Swimming nodes. It also edit Mia Wayu’s intro, to remove the ‘child’ reference. Also, there are 3 new minor slaves: Tharja and Olivia, from Fire Emblem Awakening, and Rina of Mermaid Melody. Unlike the others minor slaves, they give no effects, since a boost of +5/+10/+20 to a bunch of stats is too much, and they have no introductions.

Link to several mirrors:

axmilli has released an update for Kairi, version 1.4
 So what's changed in this new version ?
- in agrabah, when you find the keyblade "Three wishes" she is now on the "other items" place.
- Kairi can become a ponygirl.
- compressed images and changes/ added a few. 50 Mb (58 Mb before)

Thf772 has release an update for Gardevoir

5.35.049 - α (newest stuff may not work)
|DropBox 7z
|DropBox RAR
|DropBox ZIP
|Google Drive Folder
*GDrive folder is the most up-to-date (v. 5.36.050 - α)
 Note the Google Drive is only individual files, not an entuire download

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Please excuse a lack of updated from e, I have been fairly unwell these last couple of weeks. I hope to resume work on the game in the next day or so.

Service for a Friend
a friend Dekoshu has been very passionate about the CISPA legislation in the US. He has asked me to spread the word about some petitions and information. Please excuse, this affect me personally less as I am not in the US and I have not been very aware of these legislative plan so please do not ask me anything on this as I have only limited knowledge. I am sharing this as a favour.

Before it's too late. Here are the links to make sure they know what is they need to see. They need to know this unless they like to see their videos removed because of some copyright claim or something. They might also go to jail. The Internet would be less reliable and more unsafe and the people who rely on the videos will not see them again because they are removed. Hell, you won't be able to see episodes as freely as you used to.


Petition Links:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Renamon Problems

The developer of the slave Renamon, ZeroBoyd, recently got a cease and desist letter ordering him to stop using Renamon

His inital post

Received a Cease and Desist Order for Renamon. No idea how it happened, but it happened. Request that this thread be closed and possibly for Renamon to not be included in future releases. With this I will also leave the forum.
A later clarification
Hello, ZeroBoyd here.

I apologize for leaving my post short. I changed my password to giborish for the forum to keep me from logging in further to prevent temptation to continue on Renamon. By this I won't return to the forum.

The Cease and Desist order was from the copyright holders of Renamon, not the individual artists that the images were found from. The main reseaon was that a beast (Renamon) was being involved in sexual activities.

This order has brought a lot of confusion upon me as well as you and I am sorry that I made it further confusing by leaving a short post. My main confusion is how they recieved my e-mail and physical mail when the download link was as a free, anonymous user, nothing more.

I hope that no one else on the forum would have this issue occur to them.

I have had some people at the FutanariPalace forum feel doubtful as to why they would only ask for Renamon to be removed, believing it to be a hacker/troll or whatever.

I find it difficult to know what to do here so I am erring on the cautious side and
I am removing Renamon as an official slave from the game.

This is the first time anything this significant has happened for the game, it was rather surprising. Especially considering the large amount of Renamon porn you can find on the web with rather trivial searches. For instance a lot of the image sites, both furry and non-furry have a large amount. One furry site has 4000+ images, another larger site over 14,000 images.

In general
If an artists works are used uncredited, please ask anytime and I will add appropriate credits to the game and links as requested.

 I certainly intend no offense to any copyright holders and will comply with any legal request to remove content.