Sunday, January 23, 2011

Revised Slave Maker Design - part 4

New Alpha
I know I said the previous alpha was the last, but one more.

This fixes assorted bugs, with the shop and shortcut keys, some selection issues, Lady Farun rescue, hint text, and some advantage/event mixups

Also adds
  • Inept Warrior disadvantage
  • Guild Membership/Freelancer selection.
  • additional images for vampire, catgirl, furry
  • more introduction text for some of new events/advantages, but more to be done.
  • packages for Vampire, Catgirl, Furry, Ex Milk Slave
Freelancer Slave Makers are only partially implemented in this alpha release. Most end of training issues are not inplemented (like price and changing reviews etc)

Remember this is not an official release and it is an upgrade only, it is not the complete game. First install the full version and install this over top. Also the previous alpha releases are not needed, this completely replaces them

Upgrade Link

Slave Sawachika Eri
otacu has updated the slave Sawachika Eri from the anime School Rumble. She is complete, but there are no custom events, so she is a vanilla slave

Note you may have to rename the file in this archive
to a free number, depending on your installed slaves

Slave Yoroichi
Jaren released an update of his beta slave Yoruichi a week ago

EDIT: another update of Yoruichi

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Revised Slave Maker Design - part 3

Hi this is a last update of the prototype, it
  • fixes bugs, including the Lady Farun rescue, shop issues, advantage screen issues and more
  • adds hints for advantages
  • adds new advantages, Furry. Secret Old Faith Worshipper, Crude, 300GP per slave
  • limits stat decreasing. This may get further altered based on discussions
  • For advantages Catgirl, Vampire, Furry there are new Slave Maker Appearances. Works like the standard ones and you can add your own as you like

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Revised Slave Maker Design - part 2

As a followup to my last post, this is an alpha version, basically functional. I do not recommend this for general gameplay as I have done little testing.
Install overtop of an existing installation, you may wish to backup

Still this as the design system working and I would welcome any feedback or suggestions for the system.

Also has the Shop allowing the purchase of multiple items and a new potion drinking screen.

New Slave
otacu has released a vaniulla slave, Eri Sawachika from School Rumble

updated link with fixes

updated link with more fixes

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revised Slave Maker Design

I am almost finished a revised system to create your Slave Maker. The previous system used a preset group of backgrounds.

The new system uses that still as one option and also an Advanced system

 Here you choose gender, religion, set options and pick measurements. I may just make the measurements picked by the game and not editable.

The is the existing system of backgrounds, now called packages. Note I have freed up some to be gender neutral like Trader, Warrior, Leader. Some now apply to both Male and Dickgirl, while others are limited to particular genders still. No new ones.

If you choose the advanced option instead you will get 100 customisation points to choose from a list of things for your Slave Maker
  • Initial Statistics
  • Starting Skills
  • Items to start the game with, or to start all slaves with
  • advantages, say Brothel Madam, Dominatrix, Pagan Preacher, similar to previous backgrounds, others completely new
  • strange events like Demonic Cock, Inhuman Ancestry, Tentale Hytbrid
  • Where you were born, a country town, Amazon tribe, Old Faith strobhold etc
I am working on the mechanisms and refining and balancing. Once it is working I'll post prototype for comments and suggestions for balancing.

I may add some background images for the tabs to make it a little less plain, but this will wait until it is all working properly.

Probably a few days work remains for this change.

A bug was found where disabling tentacles in options did not work. I did a recent change to centralise some tentacle encounter tests and forgot to disable correctly. If this matters to you, copy the following file into you Engine folder of your installation

Jaren has released a new version of Yoruichi, from his post,

Ok here it is finally. Its a good thing I spent time testing, as I caught a few issues at the last moment.

One issue I have seen (But not solved) is that sometimes the ending resulting from the same conditions changes. I think saving and loading fixes it, but I couldnt figure out what causes it yet. If someone does figure it out that would be huge.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Updated Darsel's Assistants

Darsel has updated his assistants Alena and Manya&Minea

Here is a copy of his posts in the forums

Latest assistant release:

If the bad end has confirmed anything, it's that I'm a huge tease. By all means, feel free to offer feedback and let me know of any bugs or typos you run across. (I'd be surprised if I didn't miss some typos with the sheer number of revisions the events have been through.)

I've got some mixed feelings about the bad end and the.. 'victory scene'. The latter isn't really my fetish forte, but hopefully I've managed to make it.. enjoyable. With the bad end, well, did I mention it's long? As a bad end, I wanted it to.. "conclude" the main character's role as a slave maker. However, I suspect I may have dragged it on a bit longer than I should have. If that proves to be the consensus, I'll probably try to butcher it down in a later version.

Anyways, have fun!