Saturday, January 15, 2011

Revised Slave Maker Design - part 3

Hi this is a last update of the prototype, it
  • fixes bugs, including the Lady Farun rescue, shop issues, advantage screen issues and more
  • adds hints for advantages
  • adds new advantages, Furry. Secret Old Faith Worshipper, Crude, 300GP per slave
  • limits stat decreasing. This may get further altered based on discussions
  • For advantages Catgirl, Vampire, Furry there are new Slave Maker Appearances. Works like the standard ones and you can add your own as you like


  1. well that was kinda silly i just posted a comment right befor this poped 13 secs ago... well any way --->will male slave makers ever be given the option to chose to suck a futa slaves dick? and tnks for your hard work:)

  2. In the download, the appearance folder needs to be moved to images/appearance.

  3. Nice work.
    But the MC's tentacle-hybrid abilities should be expanded more and more events.
    It would be awesome if the MC could have monster-hybrid abilities and events.And just more monster abilities, because I have not seen any.
    Either way nice game.

  4. When creating a character via 'advanced' mode, check the 'Statistics' tab. I mean, the description that are shown in the lower left box for each stat is totaly screwed!
    For example, if you put your cursor on charisma, the box shows decription for conversation... it's not only charisma, but moving the cursor on each stats shows the description of the stat right below them.

  5. Well, um frist great game. Um, second, any patchs over the last too say they have broken links (To me atleast) So I can't get catgirl slave training or anyother goods form the last I don't know how many patchs. It also gives me the same for the full game downlaod, with teh expection of the one from the release

  6. ahh wanted to test the female vampire but i need to inform you that the pic for the Appearances aren't loading oo

  7. Duh, and yesterday I wanted to submit long post about some bugs - good thing I waited.
    But there is still one money bug available though. I.e. dancing: when you have dancer-servant available, dance lesson cost nothing (while description says they should cost 25 gp), but if you cancel lesson, gold is paid paid, making it a some kind of money speculation.
    And, btw, sorry for my bad english.

  8. Oh, and one more thing (sorry for double-posting, but just noticed it) - Alchemy doesn't work (dunno, maybe it's because of new potion system). So, I met Private Tutor at the lake, and italic text said that Nymph's tear may be used whenever I want at the Drink potion in Equipment screen... and that's all. Noting at the potion screan appeared. Oh, and then again, when I met that tutor again, same notice appeared second time (mmm... I guess it shouldn't). That's all for now.

  9. Naruto move folder apper~1 into folder image. Cmac forget it.

  10. I suggest a little harder gameplay addition of ovulation (months) for women and hermaphrodite, he has little to change the availability of certain actions and to allow pregnant not only on the tentacles. Incidentally themselves tentacles also preferably divided into two types - Classical Variation (using fertilized fetus) and male version (using only the sperm).And a classic can lay eggs in the anus.
    This gives women and hermaphroditic are 2 simultaneous pregnancies,And allows men to fly into. By the way just need to allow the pregnancy to assistants.

  11. Agree with Rene on the whole Tent Hybrid thing.

    Fun game! ^_^

    And... More events and choices for the main char would be cool! Thx

  12. Night
    porobably, just not particularly interesting to me. I plan to unlock all actions and penalising you for doing things the slave is not ready for

    Planned and in development

    statistics issues fixed

    why would you want an older version of this prototype? These are not incremental, the patch contains all files

    as noted I messed a little with this update just move the Appearance folder into the Images subfolder

    The money issue has been reported, I'll fix sometime

    The Nymph's Tears is a bug, it should be in the potions menu

    "By the way just need to allow the pregnancy to assistants."
    definitely agree with this

    "choices for the main char would be cool"
    do you mean in game play or are you suggesting more options in the Advanced creation system

  13. I ment as in story events etc. Most I've seen so far make it feel like your playing as the slave, not the trainer. For example, in the dock area when that noble woman is getting raped by that ogre thing. It'd be cool if the main char could do somethin if he was brought along. Fight it maybe? Then get the rewards for doing so. Haha! ^_^
    It'd also be cool if the main char could do some solo exploring. Maybe go after some farie ladys or a noble woman or five?

    I gotta say though. I like the new character creation system. Lookin nice!

    Either way. Good stuff, keep it goin! ^_^

  14. Love the update, only problem I have is being unable to decrease Renown. I honestly liked that ability because it allowed the maker to be more customizable, and allowed you to buy more things while still havng to be strategic to get the most out of the system. Either that or just bump the points we start with up to 200, because to be perfectly honest, 100 points is just to restrictive, especially with how much quite a few of the things cost. Honestly though, I'd just revert the statistics caps to the way they were in the first three alpha's, at least in terms of minimum, though I rarely messed with Charisma-Constitution beyond using points to raise them.

    Also,as a sugestion, try having someone write backstories for the different "Races" your character can be, as well as for the various combinations that can be made.

    Also, I love being able to blay as a Crude Noble, there NEEDS to be custom dialogue for that combo.

    quick question, is there currently any way, in game, to obtain Nobilty level 3?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Too many character building points make the existence of choices pointless as you can "experience everything" on single playthrough. And you're supposed to gain/improve a few over the course of your career anyway.

  17. found a bug when you choose Expert Trader Advantage after meeting the trader does not give you a link to visit him when your assistant supervises your slaves day events.

  18. Secret old Faith Worshipper doesn't seem to work. The button Acolyte doesn't add the planning Slave Action if you follow the old gods by Old Faith Witch/Pagan or normal.

  19. heya, a small bug-report for this version:

    when loading a game, the slavemakers measurements always reset to their "average" numbers, the only exception being the male cock, which stays at the value you chose for it.
    I tested every gender with random backgrounds, houses, slaves and assistents.

    Also the "Attractive to Tentacles"-"perk" has the description of "Secret Old Faith Worshipper" ingame

  20. Long time lurker, first time poster: buying toys didn't give any increase to joy, but did give correct text (thanking you for the toys, but she has enough)

  21. Left this over on the other comment thread, but I'd just like to see unusual cum added to the male slavemaker as well. I know you are trying to keep the different genders, but I'd like to see more skills/traits for all slavemakers, with just one being unique to the gender. Thanks for your work.

  22. i'm still playing around with the talents and so on....
    the funny thing is the first thing tried was vampire + catgirl maker xD

    i don't know, i think it would be funny but oo
    you would need a pic for that xD

    and there should be more negativ talents oo

    and there should be a limit how much talents we can have oO
    if you not fool you can pretty much imba if you want it ... on the cost of the stats wich are trainable.......

  23. I really like the new ability to better customize your slave maker. This is an awesome update. I also think 100 points to spend on attributes is appropriate. It forces you to grow as a slave maker character during game play.

    I like how where you are born unlocks or restricts some advantages. However, I was confused by Amazon Tribe background. I couldn't tell when the modifiers to statistics like Dominance are supposed to take effect. It doesn't change anything on the statistics screen during slave maker creation. Are they supposed to?

  24. Also Cmac,you really need to add more ways to raise Seduction(from the wing quest.) As it is you either have to be VERY lucky or spame save states in order to get the stat to 85/100 before/when obtaining the wings. The only other known way tho raise seducton is to go through Courtisan training but that only gets you 15 points, so if you have less then 85 when your slave gets wings it becomes impossible to max seduction out. Also when are you going to include the Succubus Trainer Skill? Or rather activate the skill in game since it is in the code just unobtainable as it has not been implemented yet.

  25. Maybe add demon(allow pass ruin everytime) perk and revision perk cost - to cost level 2 need cost level 1(at creation).

  26. fuck you blogger for not posting my comments!

    I dont feel up to re writing my huge rant about the points to Mayflower again so I'll summerize:

    In response to"Too many character building points make the existence of choices pointless as you can "experience everything" on single playthrough." I NEVER said OR implied that I wanted to experiance everything, which still would not be possible without some form of glitch like in the earlier alpha's where you could repeatedly select/deselect cruel[Master/Dominatrix] to get infinite points, but eaven then you would have to hack the game in order to select more then one event. The ABSOLUTE maximum amount of points you could have without cheating using the glitch in Alpha3 was 320 for Dickgirls and 325 for Male/Female makers. Which is honestly not alot especially when you consider that Cmac is adding new options to the menu quite often at the moment, as well as the fact that special events curently use just under HALF of the 100 points you start with. if you then consider just how much the Initial Items cost (and honestly considering that 100p=300g spending the equivilent of a onetime fee of 150g in order to ALLWAYS have catgirl items whichg cost 800g FOR EACH SLAVE honestly almost alway go for it which leaves me damn near flat broke.)
    The curent max points you can get in this build is 180 for Dickgirls and Males and 185 for Females.
    "And you're supposed to gain/improve a few over the course of your career anyway." This is very true, however there are manythings you can only get through the customizer, or that cannot actualy be learned/obtained in game. there are also things, such as Nobility lv3 which, as far as I can tell, are impossible to get period. Seriously if anyone knows how to get Nobility3 tell me.

  27. Just want to advise of an exploit, if you choose a few items (including sword) from the starting items tab, then go somewhere else, and come back, sword will be checked but everything else unchecked. You can uncheck sword and get five points, click on the tab again, sword will be checked, and repeat for infinite points.

  28. how do i do for make the new images vampire furry etc appear in the game i have moved them to the appearens but thei dont appear wen i pick the respective options?

  29. choose perks vampir, cat and furry

  30. well i have tried the options mencionated but they still doesent make apear the images its strange i have copy the images inside the folder for the general folder images but hhi still not apear i'am tired of try in last case i just profite wen the final realease came^^

  31. i was wrong the images work hi ave just pick a bad opcion withaud coincidenci with the vampire but actualy works thanks for help^^

  32. at character creation you choose a bonus - a vampire or a cat like that. Then you can choose the portraits of the new categories.

  33. The changes to the merchant shop interface are great. Having played Daisy Strike's Otherworld a little, I was inspired to create some extra items for sale at the beauty shop. I created some images for you that can be downloaded here:
    Basically my thinking was that the beauty shop could have a wider selection of jewelry to be used with piercings. Like outfits, different jewelry items bring slaves different bonuses or minuses. If you like my idea or pictures, maybe you can add it to a future release.

    By the way, speaking of items for purchase, I look forward to the day when the slaves purchased by the player can be listed in the slave maker inventory with more than just a name. Honestly, I forget what bonuses they bring. It would be nice to have a quick summary or even a head shot.

  34. I think that should certainly add clothing store for the masters. It must be a distribution by type of clothing:
    -dress (can be wear women and hermaphroditic)
    -jackets (can wear male and hermaphroditic)
    -pants (can wear male and hermaphroditic)
    -hat (a small bonus, can wear all)
    All dress add small bonus in stats or training.

  35. i Would love if when u finish to train a slave u win the skill points + some spent points to buy something else or just increase stats, like 10 for slave

  36. I just want to say, that some of Advantages needs attention. Like "sex addict", that allows you to work in brothel. You can choose this advantage even if you are male. And pictures during this work showing pics for female character.
    And "secred old faith worshipper". You can choose it even if you have not chosen "old faith".

  37. I want to work on decensoring some more images. Can you start a new post and let me know if any of the images for Aeris, Orihime or Menace have already been done since your last request for help on December 15? I'd hate to duplicate somebody else's fine work.

    In case anybody else in the community is also working on decensoring, I've completed work on the following images for Belldandy, Kasumi, Rei, Reisz, Naru, Tifa and Yurika. This is the link to those images...

  38. Sooo, I may have overlooked it somewhere on here, but the link is broken. Help! Also, is the 2nd design version the alpha, or can I just get the 3rd version? Thanks in advance

  39. Once everything is cleaned up and the various endings of the backgrounds are sorted out to fit with the new gender availabilities for them it will be one of the best updates for SM.

  40. Thanks C.M. Tyssen for the item images and the additional decensors, very much appreciated.
    Thie items are something I had planned for a while to improve, the piercing is a bit basic, so I take this as an incentive.

    the link work fine for me

    Sorry I have not been too active, some problems with my family have been eating into my time and motivation. I hope to post a fix is a day or two to address the remaining bugs, then I will work on completing the nre bits.

    Also note there is a development version of Bulma in the FutanariPalace.

    Sawachika Eri that was posted recently have beem updated and is a fairly complete, but basic slave.

    Ino development continues at speed with Darsel posting regularly.

  41. Slave Sawachika Eri is now at version 1
    She is complete for graphics and gameplay, she just has no custom events yet.

    I'll repost this when I do full post myself

  42. few things love the game but with all the constant updates it hard to stay on top of it would it be possablle( and its proabbly not) to add a button at the main first screen to check for updates and possably install them or direct you to a page similar to this one with just new nelease dl links. also i like the new design for the SM its nice to get to pick what you start with skills and all. and would it be again possable to place all the recient updates in a single zip we can put the pieces where they need to go but it would help on dl time

  43. i chose male and the old gods and secret old faith worshipper but when i click acolyte job nothing shows up is this a glitch???

  44. I'm glad the item images and decensors are appreciated and can prove useful. I can hardly wait to see what you do with store items in future! If you ever want an item created but can't find an image, let me know what you need. I can customize something from scratch to your specifications.

  45. I have a comment on what Arken said earlier in this thread. It would be nice if a player could be rewarded better for superior game play. Perhaps an extra skill point could be awarded if your slave gets a final score of at least 125? Or maybe a 10 point reputation bonus. Nothing too easy - but an incentive to be more strategic as a player.

    Of course if we want to get complex, I'm not sure if sub par scores for slaves have any penalties. Maybe there should be. Maybe a slave maker's reputation should actually be reduced by 10 points any time a final score is less than 80.

  46. @Weston
    there already is an automatic check for updates in the game on startup screen checking once a week, if you have the latest version. it is not checking for beta/alpha releases or early versions of new slaves though

  47. C.M.Tyssen
    I had been thinking of giving things like if you train a Ponygirl you get like .1 to .5 of an increase in you Ponygirl Trainer skill. Similarly for other such skills.
    I have also wanted to review all endings and the thresholds for them. For instance after a while Marriage become the norm.

    hessi_james & Weston
    As hessi_james explained, but note it never checks for slave changes, just the game version changes

  48. a couple of things i would like to see is that the slaver can milk her own boobs, slaves can have stats too, and lol i dont to sound like a freak but i think the dickgirl should be able to fuck male assistants too,also i think a quest or something that would alow you to have astrid and lady farun to become slaves would be cool,adn to be able to have sex with asstants too, aslo theres alot that goes into to bondage like make it have a catagory of its own so we can do some crazy stuff,and the succubus slave trainer thing is open i like the sound of it and you could pretty much do anything with so give it some thuoght and hook it up,ya we need furry slaves and vampire slave,but really the game is awesome keep up the good work.

  49. As always great work Cmacleod42! Please don't consider this as pressure, but do you have an estimate on when the alpha will be done or when there will be another beta release?

  50. First of all thank you. The hentai in me, admires you for all the hard work.
    I'm having great fun with all the new options.
    Thank you again.

  51. Does anyone know exactly what corruption stat does? I noticed having tentacle hybrid background gives my main char frequent dreams at night and every time I select the middle option of "kill it and take her" or whatever, it adds a whopping +20'ish corrupt. This event happens a lot, so I easily maxed my corrupt to 100 over the course of a few in-game days.

  52. couple of stat and other questions
    what sort of advantges does having high charisma,domanice,refinery have like at the start screen making a char
    also what path is it that allows you to give in to your lust and rape the preist when you attend church with your slave trainer

  53. In my need to add capacity for slut initial sex (select when you create: a regular & anal sex or sucking dick & Fucking breast). You also need to add the possibility of flexible(fitness over 40, and a constitution more than 80) slave girls in masturbation, choose method (hand or mouth). It would also be good for personal assistance at a high enough obedience (> = 30) and do not high temperament (<= 30) to force a slave to ask all of my agreement (unless the contrary is displayed in the preferences).

  54. Just fucking question...
    How do i obtain fucking Noble lvl 3?
    I am so tired with many tries...

  55. @Shikage
    I don't know how it works either, but I'd wager a guess that if you got nobility 2 then sold Akane to the Lord it might do the trick. Just a thought.

  56. shikage
    You cannot, there is no events. Such a level is a major/makor thing. I have something planned with the future training of the Lord's daughter.

    if enables SlaveMaker endings like Demon, Succubus and adds a bit of flavour text

    Nothing yes, I have not written the events for them. Similarly for nun and tentacle hybrid.

    Remmember this is not a true release, most of the new bits are not implemented, I was mianly after comments and suggestions

  57. 2"cmacleod42"
    I have a question.
    Is it a bug?
    When i buy toys, i do not have +10 Joy stat...

  58. Hello cmacleod42

    first of all: thank you for your great game, your constant work and so on.

    I have a little request. Would you mind creating a similar cheat-button for the skill points like you did with the gold?
    In my opinion, every player shoud decide for himself if he needs 100 skillpoint or more.

    Moreover I would like to add the idea to buy the special places of the slaves you personal own. For example the martial-arts-dojo with Kasumi, the sports-shop with Ranma, the alchemy-shop with urd and so on. These places could maybe give some extra income or other features.


    Please continue your great work.

  59. Nah... Just forget...
    Thx "cmacleod42" for complete answer.

  60. A little bug I found.
    If in the shop screen you write a 0, you can take the lust draft as much as you want without paying. Also y you buy a energy drink with letters in the amount (in my case it was yyyyy0) your money will change to NaN and you will be able to spend as much as you want. But the beach instructor will not work.

  61. 2"cmacleod42"
    Training of the Lord's daughter?
    As a slave? or as an assistent?
    or just as a in-game quest?

  62. Why not add variety to the event with tentacles:
    of every born tentacles in the game to add a chance to meet them
    -added perk "monster hunter" allows you to catch tentacles at the meeting, and the ability to sell or recycle in potions (1-3-5 in depending on the level of ability) or a desire to improve any ability
    -to reconsider ending with the pregnant manager - add the ability to use the baby-tentacle as an assistant

  63. I was just proving and the toys dont raise the joy of ur slaves when u buy it, i hope this help u.

  64. @warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    "to reconsider ending with the pregnant manager - add the ability to use the baby-tentacle as an assistant"

    that would be fucking awsome...
    I second this idea.

  65. just woundering about that incest part on options has it not been applied yet or am i just missing something

  66. not sure if this is suppose to be there but when you click the letter g on gold it gives a small bounus to obedience and to gold

  67. Just found some nice nun pictures from a CG set. Perhaps you could use them cmac? Link below:

  68. Shikage
    She is planned as final girl to end the campaign game.

    Thanks, found and fixed the Joy issue

    It has small effect, selecting some different events in the docks. It is mainly for slave use, planned stories for Ranma and Akane

    The G click is a cheat key and is intended

    thanks, I already have that CG set

  69. idea for the cock size thing in char builder

    huge cock (12+ inch) -10 char points. increase tiredness more on slaves when doing some night actions. they can't take the whole thing till they reach a certain level of fucking

    monster cock (14+ inch) -15 char points. increase tiredness even more. reqs higher lvl of fuck to take whole thing. only dickgirls and furries can take this.

    cum factory -5char points. you can do cum bath on your own, but your lust is always max.

  70. also, as long as you dont do a bad job, you should get to upgrade your char even if you hand in a slave early.

  71. Sex addict perk seems to block love declaration for female character.

  72. Hey, so..
    Great Game! i've been grabbing every upgrade i can find for it... but i cannot use Peach or Aeris... Am i doing something wrong? What do i need to have that i dont have?

  73. how (or where) to get potions used at night Aeris?

  74. Is there a way to get the game via bit torrent?

  75. lyesmith that is possible but not the last upgrades the verion 3 is available in btjunkye^^

  76. @a
    as long as you train her at least 2/3 of the planned time and deliver her early then you get to upgrade your slavemaker

    use the slavemaker-wiki. that helps ;)
    start by visiting the farm after you increased her nymph magic (i think 35 was enough) until you get to milk a slave you meet there.

  77. a
    as hessi james explaned for the early completion. The idea is that you have to learn more about slave training and that takes time

    Your large cock suggestion seem to give too many points, but I'll consider

    I do not see Sex Addict would block anything. In the it is not checked in the love confession code

    They are included in the last full release 3.1.10b, so download and install it (and then optionally 3.1.10c)

  78. Unhappy :( I cant get it to work! I download it fine, run the application in winRAR or extract it, but either way when I get to the character creation screen, the picture is blank, and when I go to the slave choosing page, all the boxes are empty there too :( fix please?

  79. russel.james
    The link in this post is an upgrade, it is not a complete game. You must first download and install the full game 3.1.10b. Then you can install this alpha version over top

  80. russle_james
    Then most likely you have extracted the archives wrong. Most likely you extracted the update into a new subfolder, not overwriting the original game files. Or your archiver does not handle spanned archives properly

    a) extract only part 1 of the full 3 part archive for 3.1.10b into a folder of yourc hoice
    This will create the game then SlaveMaker3.swf and .ex in the folder and several subfolders like Slaves, Engine etc
    b) extract the upgrade into the same folder, do NOT extract into a subfolder and overwrite any existing files
    c) play the swf/exe

    I have had people using some programs where it fails, and then they tried WinRar and it worked perfectly

  81. :D thanks, works fine now, i was extracting all 3 parts

  82. For some reason I can't equip the cat tail and cat ears at the same time despite having catgirl training 2, same goes for Ranma's and Shampoo's last dress.

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. For the tail: That is because the cat tail, like the pony tail, has the same obediance requirement as the Anal Plug.
    Likewise both shampoo and ranma need a certain level of obedience in order to wear their final outfits.

  85. @Xenotype
    Obidience 100, but nothing happens when I click the final outfit.

  86. @Xenotype: I can do one better than Per, I had 150 in obedience still nothing.

    Also worth noting: At first, it says she won't wear the cat tail. Then, at a certain obedience, it doesn't say anything (the text field is completely blank)
    And the text field that describes items are blank for cat tail AND cat ears.
    If I try to put on the Cat Suit, nothing happens (the description stays, and the outfit she's wearing stays marked without the cat suit being marked)

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. alright, i must be doing something wrong. i extract the new files into my slave maker folder (and overwrite). but i get no changes to in game play.

  89. one thing im not sure sounds right is an ex milk-slave/ex cowgirl w/o a penalty to dominance. dunno if anybody else feels the same just thought i would point it out.


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