Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3 Beta 8 (updated from 7)

This is an update of Beta 6, it addresses the major issues for Beta 6, but there are still outstandaing problems, but mostly lesser issues. Note this requires beta 6 and the base game 3.2.06.

links removed

Remaining issues

  • Aeris issues
  • a couple of combat issues
  • Arak sex scene(s)
  • Lady Grey, more events 

Ami Update
regigigas asked my to share his recent update for Ami. Note this will be in the 3.3 release

Update ready. Adds new pics, a Dark Mercury event, Dark mercury ending, and a Custom Stat.

This Dark Mercury path will later be expanded on, and 4 other ones will be added later. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3 Beta 6

This is the latest beta of Slave Maker 3.3, it ihas under gone a number of iterations. It is less buggy, but some issues remian for minor slaves.

Please note I am aiming for a release of 3.3 next weekend, so you can completely ignore this beta if you like and wait for the new release.

Also note: this version lists beta5 as the version due to an oversight on my part.

note this is an upgrade from version 3.2.06, previous betas are not required.

The addresses most of the reported bugs, a few smaller issues remain
  • lesbian act not renaming right
  • some blank acts
  • some significant issues remain for minor slaves, some blank and some fail to purchase correctly
  • NOTE: forgot to change the version it will still show as beta 5 (sorry)
  • expanded event for spider woman in the secure slave pens (read the current event, see the recommendation). Note just noticed a sex scene is a little broken (missing text) and some birthing events and related are not implemented yet.
  • additional xml variables for slavemaker pregnancy checks

Unless there are major issues here I will aim for a full version 3.3 release next weekend

I have had a person reporting a number of save/load issues with slaves duplicating and stats resetting. I have been unable to reproduce this, and believed it to be more a flash player issue. Their last post discredits this, but so far no clear idea. If anyone sees odd issues please let me know.

M.I.A's assistant
M.I.A posted an update

I was kind-of bored lately so I’ve gathered some new images for several of my Assistants and Minor Slaves.

Assistants List: Carrie, Cure Muse, Cure Sunshine, Iliana Elaice, Kaitou Jeanne, Serra, Yukari and Yukiko Amagi.
Minor Slaves List (All Fire Emblem Girls): Elincia, Jill, Louise, Marcia, Mia-Wayu, Tana and Vika.

Download link (6MB):

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beta Status

Hi there were a lot of bugs in the last beta that is why it was removed.

I have since released briefly beta 2 but it had a lot of bugs so no public release too. I just posted a beta 3 to address the worst of these. There are still a few serious issues pending so until they are resolved the next public beta will be held off.

new beta posted in the futanari palace forum, if there are not too many issues I'll post here and elsewhere. but, based on the previous betas I am not confident.

Download for version 3.2.06, Fully Updated
M.I.A has been kind enought to upload the full game again as people had issues with the last version she uploaded.
Alright, here is the full game 3.2.06, with more up-to-dates that the one uploaded at Depositfiles. It’s uploaded in two parts. Each part is in a compressed .zip folder, so you only have to extract/dezip (for part 1) and put/merge the Images folder (for part 2) and play.

Link for Part 1 (1.73 GB):
Link for Part 2 (1.35 GB):

The Part 1 got all you need to play a nice part of the game. The Part 2 contains only the remaining Images for most of the XML slaves (like Ariel, Ami, Gardevoir…) and others. I’ve test it and it work great! I don’t know how long the files will stays online, so grab then while you can. And, yes, the download WILL BE slow. Those are huge files, after all. The game also contains a new Assistant from me (Cure Beauty) + some Image updates for the Assistants Alice, Aya Brea and Cure Berry I’ve not released yet, but I’ll put a separate link for them as well.

Also M.I.A released some updates for her assistants

And here the link for the new Assistant Cure Beauty (Smile Precure!) + the Image updates

Images Update List:
8 new Images for Alice
10 new Images for Aya Brea
2 new Images for Cure Berry

For those who cannot download here
Please check the previous posts, there have been links for depositfile, easyshare, and torrents posted. They may not be fully updated, but they are the game.

Otherwise please wait for the release of version 3.3, it will include a full version with all updates.

Also please stop asking for alternate downloads or torrents. I will not be uploading another full version of the game. At this time there are working downloads available. I do not have the time to seed a torrent so I will not be providing one.

I have an offer to host the download for version 3.3 + a torrent, and these will be provided when I release the version.

Other working links

M.I.A also released a download of the full game 3.2.06
Part1-4: 700MB and part 5: 576MB.

Mirror from WindsongBard for 3.2.06

note these are not interchangable, use only the 4shared links or deposit files or filefactory links.

GjustG has posted an updated torrent as of February

3.2.06 Slave Maker torrent:
note this has 80 seeds

Slave Maker February 12 2012 update torrent: 

OR a torrent of M.I.A's version has also now been shared

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3 Beta

This is the first beta for Slave Maker 3.3.


note: uploadmirrors now only takes 200Mb files. It's a pain these unstable issues with file hosts.....

This is an UPGRADE only, it is intended to be installed over an existing game installation. Also it is currently built with all minor slaves released installed (except the few loli ones). If you do not have them all installed then you will see some empty cells when purchasing minor slaves. You can fix this if needed by editing configuration.xml

This upgrade will update save games from version 3.2.06, but any save games from before that should probably work but some events may not quite function correctly. All events and similar should be fine for 3.2.06 saves.

You may wish to backup your old save games before upgrading (say just load and resave to another slot). You may wish to backup the game file too, in which case backup the file/folders
SlaveMaker3.exe, SlaveMaker3.swf, configuration.xml
Engine folder
Language folder
Events folder
Slaves folder

I fully expect many bugs from this beta release, I was still finding ones yesterday and there were extensive low level game changes that heavily changed many parts of the game

Otherwise, this version has a lot of low level changes to the game engine and a lot of changes for developers

  • unlimited custom acts (well actually a few hundred due to tab sizes, but seems adequate)
  • xml custom event support
  • many xml tweaks
  • some new actionscript functions and small tweaks. Notably a new function to alter button lables. more logical than using UpdateSlave()
  • houses are customisable
  • weapons and armour are customisable
  • many class changes, see the SDK Examples/Common Scripts/Classes for the publically released ones.
For players
  • you may sell any owned slave at the slave market. Do not explect high values. It would be very hard to make a profit buying a minor slave and reselling, unless quite a bit of time and training passes
  • Much expanded Lady Grey events
  • revised screens for planning
  • more weapons in the armoury, and revise armoury screen
  • yes/no/unsure responses for love confession. Unsure means they can reconfess later.
  • love confessions that are stopped due to leadership limits will re-confess when leadership increases
  • initial marriage support (many be fully in for release, not sure yet)
  • new slave maker creation options (I am open to more)
  • new sex acts Handjob and Footjob, written by Zincat
  • Slave Makers can buy clothing and costumes and wear them. They can also choose to be naked. Currently in beta1 these choices do not matter but will (for instance Attend Court will require clothing and come options a certain standard of dress, as will visiting some NPC's etc). Some sex acts will get a bonus (ie BDSM dress will enhance BDSM activities)
  • Thanks to Chaos-X most of the standard minor slaves have had an image upgrade

Known issues still in the beta
  • I have not added the last version of the Handjob/Footjob acts from Zincat, I'll release an updated Acts.xml later for them. The current version just reads as SlaveMakers only
  • The Lady Grey events need more testing and a fair few places just have place holder text, the final version released with 3.3 (non beta) will resolve this
  • Some slaves may have odd dress releated issues. I have changed my slaves + Orihime + Peach to handle this, but slaves that do not have the full range of dresses or gain a dress during gameplay maybe affected. If you notice any such issues please let me know. I'll check with the developers or add some additional code to support for backwards compatibility.
  • the Slave Makers dresses/avatar system is still a bit unstable + the new images are not used much. Will be resolved in the full release. As noted above the choice of dress has no effect yet

Some notes on the new release
  • a lot of standard images have been moved to be in the Images folder, including all standard minor slaves, weapons, armour, the map of the city
  • save games are restructured a bit, it is a little more complex to exit a slaves statistics for instance. All slaves, including the current one are in the file smxslaves.sol. It is awkward to find the slave, but note the array is sorted, and the debugging menu, Slave Details, will tell you the index
  • some areas of the game use less memory and some more, I think overall it uses a bit less memory
  • the game uses a bit less cpu use
  • purchasing minor slaves is not optimised and can be a little slow to move through the cells, especially backwards. Should be ok forwards, but not lightning fast.
  • starting a new game is a bit slower than version 3.2.06, due to changes to allow all slaves, assistants and minor slaves to change types (ie an assistant become a slave, a minor slave and assistant etc). This slow process (a few seconds before slaves and assistants) should only happen on new slave makers. Just starting a new slave for an existing slave maker should not have the slow bit

I would much prefer any bug reports be posted in the Futanari Palace or MasterBloodfers forum than here.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Testing for version 3.3 is going well, I hope to start a beta test next weekend

3rd Party Updates

abisal released a bug fix version of Bulma

New Minor Slave
M.I.A released Louise (Fire Emblem) and Nadia Fortune aka Ms.Fortune (Skullgirls). Parasoul (Skullgirls) is included into the link as well.

Uploadmirrors Link:

Depositfiles Mirror Link:

New Assistants from M.I.A
Here is some new Assistants, both magical girls and horror video games heroines. And that’s make 51 Assistants in total. (Wow, I made 51?!)

Depositfiles Download Link:
UploadMirrors Download Link:

The remaining Cures of Suite Precure.
Cure Beat (No Tentacles images)
Cure Melody/Cure Rhythm

The heroine of Haunting Ground.
Fiona Belli (No Tentacles here too)

In Fatal Frame III, The Tormented, there was Miku Hinasaki but also...
Rei Kurosawa

One of the main characters of Fatal Frame IV, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse.
Ruka Minazuki

Plus the final 'fix' for Carrie/Cure Muse. It gives them, to my taste, better-suited descriptions and I've changed Carrie's Assistant default image to a better-looking one. Enjoy and I can’t wait to see the Renown-Lock/Unlock of Slave Maker v3.3^^

M.I.A also released a download of the full game 3.2.06
Part1-4: 700MB and part 5: 576MB.

This is a full and up to date version of the game.
Please also note this is a split archive, to install you must
a) download all parts, take care all parts download successfully
b) put all into the same folder
c) extract ONLY the first part, the .rar file, this will automatically extract all parts of the archive

If you get an CRC errors extracting then the part it is reported for (say part 3) is broken, and this is because your download failed, not because the source file is faulty.