Saturday, October 19, 2013

Futanari Palace outage

People may of seen that the Futanari Palaces has been having problems. Their SSL server certificate has expired and it seems to be taking a while for them to sort this out, either finiancial or just some technical issue (probably technical)

So until resolved it seems the forum is offline, hopefully back soon.

UPDATE: the forum is back up

On some personal things, I did some work on the game this week,, mainly just bug fixing. Added some trivial thoings requested by developers.
A bit unwell still, missed a couple of days of work from it, not great today, but at least the weather is nice today.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Sorry for a lack of activity, I have still have very variable health recently. Hay fever has been really bad this week too/

I have been working on the game a bit, debugging and some trivial features, but I have been slacking off a bit too I suppose.

Recently I have
  • fixed a blank event at the secure slave pens
  • added some more options for "intimacy" in the "Talk to Slaves" screen
  • some additional speedups for starting a game

currently loading/saving a game is fairly slow. This is due to the idea that I wanted slaves/assistants created and available to be updated at all time.
This can mean events can enable/disable them and similar. But this can cause about 300 slaves being loaded and saved at a time.
I am going to undo part of this so assistants are only created once used. This will slow a screen down in the game but speed up load/saves for new games, I will try to retrofit this to old saves too.

Otherwise I am trying to get closer to a new release and will post when I am nearer