Sunday, May 11, 2014

Still Slow

Sorry, I had a horrible week last week with recurrent severe migranes. It was difficult to do much at all.

Fortunately better today, and I just then implemented Mesmerism abilities for Vampires and optionally (via an advantage) for other types of Slave Makers. Works mostly like the "Cock of Demonic Origin" morning power (with different text) . There is an additional event where you can influence a Nun if she refuses to allow your slave to work as an Acolyte. More such will be added when I think of places to use it. Also added to same 'event' options to bribe and to use your nobility (if you have it) to insist. All of these are dependent on Slave Maker stats to succeed.
EDIT: updated Mesmerism so if your assistant is a vampire then they can do it too

Fixed a couple of bugs and restructured a little code for the above.

I will try to release a new beta in the next few days

Finally posted a new Beta!