Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3 Beta 12

Beta 12

This fixes a range of bug including
  • evil mine quest
  • walk to beach at night
  • xml issues with owners
  • multiple minor slave purchasing issues. Note purchasing is a little simpler now, but hopefully faster too
  • kiss images not showing for xml slaves
and quite a lot more.

Some slave specific issues, for instance for Rei and Sheena were also fixed but are not included in this update to save donwloads. If needed I could upload a full beta.

  • a simple contraceptive system, via both Take Potions and Talk To Slaves screen.
  • custom buttons on the talk to slaves screen, both xml and actionscript methods provided

Some issues with the slave maker avatar resetting to default for non-humans is not resolved yet.

NOTE: this is just an upgrade for people who are already testing the previous betas. Do not bother for general gameplay, wait for the full version 3.3 release.

M.I.A update
 M.I.A posted an update
While browsing on the net, I found 16 new images for the assistant Cure Beauty, including two for the tentacles event.

Download link is there, only the new images/updated XML is included (1,21 MB):

M.I.A also posted full sets of her assistants and minor slaves
FlashMirrors (It work!) download link. 22.78 MB:

FlashMirrors download link. 156,11 MB! :

Monday, June 18, 2012

3rd Party Updates

New Slave: Moka

campeonkid has completed a slave started by striker1252, Moka Akashiya, from Rosario + Vampire. Note quite vanilla, some custom content, also he uses a mixture of images between inner and outer Moka.

To install
a) unzip to a folder
b) rename the SlaveGirl65.txt file to SlaveGirl73.txt
c) copy folders into the game installation

New Slave: Kyon
 abisal and Kleah19 have released Kyon from the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Please note he can transform into Kyonko. This slave is not vanilla, but more content is coming. Also manu images are still censored and with some text/speech bubbles. These are being edited. Also images/dresses will be revised.

So consider this a pre-release release.

To install
a) unzip to a folder
b) rename the SlaveGirlNN.txt file to SlaveGirl72.txt
c) copy folders into the game installation

Updated Slave:  Lightning

campeonkid also continued work on Lightning also started by striker1252

Updated Slave: Melisandra
SamK has updated Melisandra to fix some bugs and also add some support for the new version (additional sex acts). Also a fair bit of image tweaking.

M.I.A's Releases
to quote her posts
After some testing, here is some fix for my Minor slaves in French. The SlaveMIA.xml in English is also provided.

*Some typos fix in Jill and Nina Wang intro.
*Nina Wang intro is decreased a bit. The original take too much space.
*Some text is moved in Hanon intro.

Some issues still remain. The intro for Tana and Vika are broken and I don’t know why. Basically one dialog does not appear, the next dialogs are switched between the slaver and the slave, one of them is translated and the other remains in English. (I did not touch any node, just translated the text.)

This also includes 2 new Minor Slaves:
*Princess Allura (Alicia in JP), from Trapt/Kagero II: Dark Illusion. (She’s a hermaphrodite, since there most sex image I’ve found shows her with... you know.)
*Millenia (also spelled Millennia), from Kagero: Deception II.

Download link (2MB): 

And here is 50+ new images for several of my Assistants. Most of it is for the Discuss action, but there is some H.

The list:
9 new images for Aya Brea
6 new images for Jade
8 new images for Kitana
4 new images for Colette
4 new images for Cure Berry
2 new images for Cure Peach
4 new images for Cure Muse
6 new images for Cure Blossom and Cure Marine
5 new images for Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm
5 new images for Cure Pine
6 new images for Lyndis

The save space only the new images, or the images that I’ve modified, are included. Enjoy.

Download link (4,27 MB):

M.I.A also created some lists of all the assistants and minor slaves in the game. I edited these for
some creadits

zaldar also edited my list of slaves in the game
note does not include the new releases yet. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3 Beta 11

I have been a bit ill with a cold, so still working on fixes for the game. Not sure how much longer it will take to resolve the remaining issues for a full 3.3 release.

This fixes several important issues

  • custom events for xml based slaves (including Aeris) were not happening ever
  • translations had problems with duplicating minor slaves. French had some issues with old minor slaves names, Similar problems would of happened for weapons and houses for translations.
  • fixes for the node for xml slaves, also for
  • Fitness chore was missing
  • fixed an issue where the slave's measurements did not save/load properly
  • Astrid was never encountered walking in the Forest
  • fixes some reported xml corruptions for some slaves
Small changes
  • adds handjob and footjob images for Mai, Chun-li, Unonhana, Daisy (some do not have both)
  • M.I.A supplied some french translations for the minor slaves

This is an update, and requires to be installed over an existing installation of the game, version 3.2.06. You must then install Beta 6, and then this beta.

The beta includes all changes for Beta 7, 8, 9, 10 + Lady Grey fix.

the slaves with updated images (Mai, Chun-li, Unonhana, Daisy) need to be moved from
Images folder
ie move the folder
for instance (similarly for the others as well). Otherwise ignore the slaves and they will be correct in the full 3.3 release

Monday, June 4, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3 Beta 10

This fixes some important issues, but is just released due to an external event problem causing some development issues for others

Menace fix for dresses (for the beta only)

Note: this is and update, you require Beta 6 previously posted, but you do not need beta 7 or 8. As always, ONLY download this if you want to test the version. It is not really ready yet for general playing the game.

  • load/save issues including some stat reset issues
  • duplicate and non-functioning custom trainings. Also images failing to appear for xml slaves custom acts
  • dominatrix blowjob missing
  • read a book not showing any text
  • Mugi problems
  • some other small bugs
Adds the minor slave Mao, developed by Chaos-X

Multiple issues remain, I have been a little limited in free time recently, my apologies. As you will see 3.3 was not released this last weekend. I'll try for this next weekend, but given the sheer number of bugs so far it is more likely the next weekend.

Some issues with Lady Grey and other events were reported. To fix for this beta
a) edit Events/Events.txt and reorder it to be

(ie move SMEncounter first)

b) copy this file into the Events folder

M.I.A Assistant updates
One more release. 3 new Assistants + Image Update for Rebecca, Elincia and Nadia Fortune.
The new Assistants:
Mint Adnade (Tales of Phantasia)
Cure Dream (Yes! Precure 5!)
Cure Mint (Yes! Precure 5!)
(Cure Dream needs 60 Renown to unlock. The others are available from the start.)
The image update for Rebecca and Elincia remove theirs generic images for better ones. Rebecca also gets 2 new Discuss images. Nadia got 5 new images as well.

Download link:

I'm also working on another image update for the Fatal Frame heroines (Miku Hinasaki, Mio and Mayu, Rei Kurosawa, Ruka Minazuki), plus Alice Elliot. Alice will have HQ screenshots from the video game she's sourced (Shadow Hearts).

a rough time personally recently, my motorcycle has had repeated issues starting and to date the mechanics have not found the cause. I now have a mild cold, and some general financial problems.
So rough, but thats life I suppose.