Monday, October 31, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.04

A sort of new release, version 3.2.04. This is just a bug fix release for version 3.2.03. It does a few low level changes and alters some options but otherwise no real content changes. Otherwise a rollup of the previously posted fixes (posted in the forums as a beta)

Ideally this should of just been 3.2.03a release, but I release some betas in the forums as 3.2.04beta so I am staying with that version numbering.

  • Zoom and Colours options are removed from Options.
  • There is now a configuration.xml file that allows this and some other settings to be changed. The idea is these settings will almost never be altered by anyone, so they are removed from Options but you can alter them. You can also customise the background colour if you really want.
  • Low level class changes, but should be mostly transparent
  • New slave Samus Aran from Metriod games by Mad_Jackal 

  • Love confessions from minor slaves for slave makers with Lesbian Trainer skill
  • male servant using a strap-on for anal sex
  • change participants button appearing incorrectly
  • issues with Urd and the uninhibitory potion
  • answering no to take the uninhibitory potion variant was the same as answering yes
  • some small text issues with sex act descriptions and Cora's introduction
  • Miku had a large image appear when used as an assistant
  • Issues with Peach as an assistant and her Bought Back image cycling/flickering
  • corrects a few text problems with tentacle pregnancies
  • fixes a bug in xml with conversation incorrectly using charisma
  • incorrectly showing assistantpronoun/slavepronoun for some text

just extract the archive into your existing game folder

To fully install a new installation
a) download 3.2.03 and extract to a folder
b) extract this update into the same folder

No immediate plan for a full installtion for this release. I may make and update one later.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 Release

New Release
Slave Maker 3.2.03
Here is the full release for Slave Maker 3.2.03

It has some additional fixes above the last version of the beta that was released, notably for Minako, and also an upgraded version of Unohana Retsu.



Download all parts and extract into a folder of your choice. To preserve save sames from a previous release, extract into the exact same folder. Only extract the first part, your archiving program will automatically extract the other parts.

Upgrade (for Beta version only)

This is only for people who used the beta version of the game, it is not an upgrade for version 3.2.02. To install just extract into your game installation folder.
I will not support any bug reports from this upgrade. I will require a reinstall from the full version first.

For those who did not try the beta release this version includes quite a number of feature changes. Nothing major, mostly incremental improvements. There are quite a few new slaves, developed using the xml system

  • minor slaves have some more personality, having special events and extra graphics
  • Lady Farun meetings and encouters have been expanded
  • additional new events in the game
  • upgrades for multiple slaves (including bug fixes for Menace, Urd, Minako)
  • latest upgrade of the SM Enounter event (ie Red Lily Bar events)
  • new house, the Galleon
  • illness events work a bit differently
  • minor slaves and assistants can confess love to your slave maker
  • some minor slaves and assistants can become pregant. Actually almost all have graphics and the capability, but it is disabled by default
  • Naru's Naked dress is now learnable by your Slave Maker for use by your slaves
  • Cumslut training can be learned by Slave Makers with 'Slut Trainer' skill, but Kasumi is still needed as the initial cumslut
Otherwisea lot of other changes, explore the changes!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 Uploading

Hi All,
uploading the full version 3.2.03 now (ie the non beta version). It has some fixes over the last patch and some slave updates and the new slave Hinata from Naruto

The update should take 4 more hours, so it maybe tomorrow before I can post the release.

On the question of a slaves only release, please note the non-slaves part of the game is about 200Mb, the slave part is 1.4Gb so it seems a bit pointless to split on those lines.

Please note there are some known issues in the release, bugs I have not found yet and other sall issues. One notable is there are some issues training Minako and an update for her will follow.

I will not be posting an update for those who used the beta, sorry. It causes too much confusion on my part, are you running the full version, a partial upgrade, the beta etc.

For those who want, here is the latest release of Hinata, who is a new slave released after the beta started. She is developed by raiga, she will be in the new release

For note raiga prefers the older Hinata from Naruto Shippuden. This version has some custom events and such and raiga is working on more.

 Release 3.2.03
Also note in the new release (over the beta, with the posted fixes applied)
  • updated version of Gardevoir
  • updated version of Bulma
  • additional bug fixes, notably for Urd and her potion making
  • Galley house renamed to Galleon house
  • Updated Unohana Retsu

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 Beta

Hi, here is the final beta for the 3.2.03 release of the game. I will run this beta test for the next week and then do a full release once any issues raised are fixed.

New features
  • Lady Farun rescue and meeting have been re-written, with more text and options. The 'rescue' event has additional options if your slave maker is present at the time. The rescue will only happen once
  • There is the start of an event during the Lady Farun meetings, but it is only the first part. It is no complete yet
  • Sareth/Evil Mine event has been fixed and updated along with the Lady Farun meetings. A 'new' reward can be received from the quest now. Importantly the event will only happen once
  • the minor slave Deala is removed from general  sale but is available in another way
  • All minor slaves and assistants can now declare their love for you, and count toward you limit of lovers given by the Leadership skill
  • All minor slaves and assistants can become cumsluts, but it will take quite a long time
  • All minor slaves and assistants can become impregnated, but by default only one will actually become pregnant, but this is a trivial xml edit to enable for other slaves
  • All minor slaves and assistants can be affected by the 'Unnatural Cum' advantage. Again will take quite a long time to occur
  • Several minor slaves now have custom events, notably the nurse Cora (try talking to her), the fox-girl Narry, and Maran the mother
  • All minor slaves can have custom events, including any custom ones added by players.
  • Kasumi's Cumslut training can now be learned by Slave Makers who have the skill 'Slut Trainer'. Initially you will need to train Kasumi and then use her for a few slaves, but after a few you will learn the skill 'Slut Trainer 2' and can do it yourself
  • Once Naru decides to become a nudist and gains the 'Naked' dress you will be able to convince other slaves to do it as well. It is easier for slave makers with the skill 'Slut Trainer' and otherwise relies on your slaves level in the Naked act
  • New event in the Forest
  • Tiredness and illness affect all slaves and your slavemaker. On a day a slave becomes ill they cannot be used for training. This means for your main slave they cannot do any trainings at all. Your slaves maker will be unable to do any personal trainings. Minor slaves or assistants will be unable to participate in acts.
  • Simple method added to change from one house to another. Currently a flat fee of 10000GP to change. This will change in future
Developer support Changes
  • a lot of changes to the xml parsing system, adding new statements, variables, new nodes. See Acts.xml for the new act support
  • actually there is quite a lot and I will document more in an updated SDK
This release includes all current slavereleases. This includes the following
Ayanami Rei
Chun Li
Princess Daisy
Sawachika Eri
Kallen Stadfeld
Kirino Kousaka
Aoyama Motoko
Nina Windia
Princess Peach
Unohana Retsu

Most of the newer slaves are vanilla with little or no specia events, but notably Misako and Unohana Retsu have events.

Here are two installers for the game

Partial installation
This is an upgrade for an existing game installation. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE game and does not include any of the slaves list

Just extract this into your existing game installation.

Note: this version will have problems if you try testing the changes for Naru and Kasumi and their cumslut path. You will need the following update to test this

If you do not plan to tes them then this in not needed

Full Installation
This is a complete installation of the game with all slaves included. Extract to a new folder, or delete all files from your existing game folder and extract into that folder.

Preserve save games
To ensure you can use save games from the previous versions, just make sure you install the game into the exact same folder. Do not rename the folder, or install into a sub-folder.

Backup save games
As this is a beta version I recommend backing up any important save games before installing this beta
a) run the game
b) load the save game
c) save to a new slot, say like slot 80

Bug Reports
This blog is an awkward place for bug reports. I would prefer any bug reports to be post in either the futanaripalace forum or the masterbloodfer forum. For the duration of the this beta test I will create a dedicated thread for bug reports in each forum

Known Issues
 There are a couple if issues I have not been able to fix yet
  • the first time you go to the Talk to your Slaves screen it can be blank, with not slaves listed. This only seems to happen if you are not playing the game full screen. I have not got a fix for this, but if you exit and re-enter the screen it works fine
  • The game does not upgrade Kasumi quite correctly to teach Cumslut training. Will work fine in a new game just not with existing save games. Will be fixed in the full release.
  • Some odd text issues with some Lady Farun meetings, with text layout and structure. Only in an unusual case and is reasonably clear, just awkward.
Reported Bugs
Please excuse, there have been a group of reported bugs so far
  • slaves are not always available (maybe never) for use as assistants
  • a couple of xml issues, a buf with some custom events
  • visiting the barmaid has a broken questions
  • a few typos in a new event
Some of these have trivial fixes, will post a fix once I sort out the issues, primarily the first assistant issue

Fixes to date
Working on some other fixes, but here is a fix for the worst of the issues reported
To install just extract to your game folder

  • slaves not appearing as assistants
  • Lady Farun not selling cat items
  • Shampoo not getting her custom items. This will only affect new games not existing ones
  • Sora broken options
  • Lady Farun pregnant event always happening
  • Discuss stat gains
  • big xml parsing error 
  • assistant naming and genders
  • theology stat gains
  • xml error for sora's introduction
  • salon issues
  • Competitive not appearing on stat2 screen
  • house effects for Galley
  • Unnatural cum queuing 2 acts sometimes
  • missing shortcuts from slavemarket
  • event selection issues for the Slums  
  • BE event issues
  • rape event again
  • lady farun availability
  • assistant listed twice in assistant selection screen
  • dickgirl conversion not working
  • default talk/discuss images for assistants not always working
  • lady farun birth event not stopping correctly
  • minor/bought back slaves stat maximums could be locked at a low level (below that given by Slave Trainer Skill)
  • Cora's reports, note she now only gives the report the first discuss each day
  • changed some shortcuts in the Shop
  • prevented corrupt purchase quantities in the shop
  • prevent repurchasing ladies guild+historical book using shortcuts
  • shortcuts not working correctly in the salon and take potions screen when selecting drinker/customer
  • Advanced Housework for xml slaves image, Retrieved Slave image for xml slaves
  • dress statistics shown wrong for xml slaves
  • Irina showed some text from Sumi
  • owner testing happened for Shampoo as a freelancer
  • fixed a couple of save errors and added some code to correct these and some other corruption
  • Fix issues with Melisandra with nested image selections (ie naked dickgirl etc)
  • Fixes Talk/Sex act image selection issues for assistants
  • Remove anal requirement from Naked Training, added Expose acts needed, may add strip tease too in the future
  • Any day Naked Dress is worn counts as a Naked act, and can thus level up the Naked skill. Counted at the start of a new day
  • Mistress Cock/Dickgirl Dominatrix blowjobs could be reassigned to another. This is now blocked, it is personal!
  • Fixed hopefully issues with varx variables resetting as reported by QMag
  • Maran impregnation problems (note normal human gestation, can be edited in Acts.xml)
  • Another fix for the beta, hopefully the last. Includes all previous fixes.
  • some issues in the salon, notably when changing back to your current slave
  • fixes for using an assistant as 'love assistant' images now appear correctly, and the assistant now appears correctly for use in acts/talk
  • stat decreases where not scaled correctly for high levels of slave trainer
  • slave maker rest action did not scale by time, also increased a little in effect. Personally supervising a Break action is still more effective
  • sold (and not owned slaves) were confessing love and giving birth
  • gender problems for male assistants
  • incons and text for some dickgirl slaves/assistants were shown wrong when talking/reviewing
  • the time that passes between slaves did not affect any slaves stats or pregnancy etc
  • incorrect text for several latex encounters
  • Ranma's Tea Ceremony 
  • major issue where each time you loaded a game a new copy of Kirino Kousaka was added to the internal slaves array. This bloated save games hugely. This fix will correct any corrupted saves.
  • fixed an issue for some assistants not showing images when used as a 'love assistant'. Bridget had this issue due to a bug in his coding (a trivial bug)
  • fixed a load issue with an xml slave used as an assistant, loaded Shampoo instead
  • changesd so slave maker equipment button is shown in the armoury, not the slave equipment button
  • fixed Deala's bondage report
  • Another Salon issue with makeup/skincare/hair
  • using an xml slave as an assistant
  • fixes more save corruptions, this time with Ran/Cumslut Ran, should of had the same cause as the previous Kirino Kousaksa issues
  • use non-default image for Intimacy for more 'love assistants'
  • Nodoka/Faeerie Butterfly purchasing/showing not working
  • Image issues for 'love assistants', and some better defaults in some cases
  • rest action for slave maker is now more effective
  • minor slave events, like Cora's reports, got lost when you start a new slave
  • shortcuts did not work on rules screen
  • custom slave maker action shortcut changed to V
  • seer screen could fail to vanish
  • Narry's event was a bit too frequent
  • Alena's intimacy image becoming the default, actually a generic fix, but it was caused by a very minor bug in Alena (I think)
  • Some assistants becoming permanently listed in the Talk to slaves/Pick participants screen, notably after a slave's training ends
  • Shampoo not being retained as an assistant
  • joy not increasing for catgirl slave makers
  • no initial stat changes for elves and true catgirls
  • competitive advantage only applied to xxx contests
  • slave maker received succubus ending but did not become one
  • Ella's image did not fade in the Auction when purchased
  • Rules did not toggle via shortcut keys
  • Threesomes did not show the right questions, especially for male assistants
  • Custom chores/jobs/schools got blank descriptions/labels
  • Aeris blank buttons for custom acts (slightly different cause)
  • default participants were not saved
  • lesbian buttons did not reset/restore correctly
Some additional images added for some minor slaves, Ella for instance, multiple more pregnant images (Sana, Latala, Maid Tara, Cora)

As Rydia is an assistant I have changed the images for the minor slave Ryah so she has had a total face lift, and now has some additional images as a result.
  • another futanari variant image
  • all assistants that confess love will now become 'love assistant' and become a permanent person for talk/acts. They will hire themselves as an assistant for 2/3 cost
  • removed Asuka/Sora from Court Contest as she is now a slave
  • more images for Peorth, including modeling lingerie, swimsuits, maid uniform. Added futanari version of main assistant image.
  • assistants can get involved in purchasing uniforms (as Peorth above)
  • Quite a few low level class changes, notably SlaveModule, should be backward compatible
  • some more futanari images (ponygirl ploughing and kamasutra imags
  • Peorth now has special love events and later impregnation event. (note normal human gestation)
  • More images for Peorth
  • Assistants can now become permanent. Peorth will become a permanent member of your household once she confesses her love. This can exceed Leadership limits
  • slight changes to debugging menu so that items/dresses are not give to the slave until you choose to modify an item position. To allow usage of the menu for flag viewing a little better
  • added actionscript function IsNakedDressAvailable()
  • revised system where assistants can add xml events for consistency with minor slave xml system and to generaly make things easier for me

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Tomorrow I will release a final beta version of 3.2.03, I will run it for 1 week and then do a full release.

I think I have fixed all issues I am aware of and added a fair bit of new features.