Monday, October 26, 2015

Slave Maker 3.5 Beta 4

I plan this to be the last beta for the 3.5 release. I have fixed a lot of the reported issues but some have been difficult to track down so far, I should have the last ones fixed in the actual release.

This fixes
  • crashes for .exe version of the game
  • Problems for custom talk to slaves and custom slave orders
  • problems with not working
  • Puppy girl training level could reset to 0
  • Brothel Madam and Wealthy packages did not get access to their houses
  • When a slave becomes ill resting was limited. Fixed
  • Problems changing assistants when training Belldandy. Also fixed her intro screens for widescreen and to be translatable
  • Yurika problems with a range of potions
  • Akane issues for some endgame issues
  • issue with wrong slave details for hints etc after talk to slaves at times
  • a couple of missing images for events
  • owned slaves being used as an assistant charging you
  • plus a range of additional fixed issues

  • Some images altered to use widescreen versions (fortune teller, some backgrounds)
  • event locating the Faeries Ring re-coded in xml to expose it for other cities and hopefully resolve some problems
  • event meeting Mistress Epona re-coded to expose for other cities
  • option added to make door opening quiet for house exploration (function parameter or xml quiet='true')
  • exe version has a custom icon


this is a full update, you do not require the previous betas but you do need a full installation of the game to use it.

Note on exe version:

the exe version in this uses the ActiveX version of the Flash Player and you maybe asked to install an updated version of it or the version for Internet Explorer. If you are asked either install the ActiveX version of the Flash Player or do not use the exe version and just use the swf version.

Quick Fix

Here is a quick fix for the beta to address issues for skills and Mistress Epona and some changes to Apron events, and fix a broken image!05QxAD4T!a_XKvfJJEGERuzUt9IPorUbyP0cLjoCzPa5k4pCvbgY

Mirror for version 3.4

Michael Kimochi has kindly posted a mirror of the 3.4 version of Slave Maker

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Quick status

My health has been a bit rough this last week or so, so some slow progress on the game.

I am working on bug fixes now, the exe crash issue is fixed to note.

I will be posting a new beta and hopefully the last this coming weekend.

As an aside the game Overwhored just had a new release

Also some other adult games I have play recently and enjoyed,  a couple by Russian developers with English versions
"The Last Man" (incomplete but lots to do)
"Defiler Wings" (complete game, adult but little actually shown/described)

See the links to the right for others, there are also some very good Mind Control themed ones at the Hypnopics Collective (registration needed but easy and safe)
- The Lilith Device
- Rough Landing 1 & 2
- SuperPowered
- Bodywerks
- The Legacy of the Ancients (a spin-off of the Rough Landing games)
- The Magic Portal
but lots more of various states of completion

TF Games Sites has a wide range of games on the theme of transformation, body, gender, mind etc (registration needed but easy and safe)
The TF Games site has a neat searchable library of games by type, with reviews etc
Be warned in both forums there are a lot of incomplete, or very early releases say with only an introduction scene, or just a concept.

You may also like this game (I did) but be warned it is incomplete, but in active development