Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Otherworld & Status Update

A plug for Daisy_Strike's game Otherworld game. Daisy_strike wrote Orihime, Menace and Mugi for my game.

Otherworld is a great game in a similar vein to SlaveMaker where you train multiple slaves.

Her blog
Latest version

A thread for the game at the FutanariPlace

Please try this game.

Just a note, I have hit some awkward bugs but expect a new release next weekend. This will include
  • Devil Wings
  • Additional events for Tentacle Hybrid (only a couple)
  • Azana (from training Rei) will follow you for following slave girls (in campaign mode only)
  • Hild has more events
  • Peorth has more events
  • furry assistant Shenandoah
  • Asuka the assistant
  • bug fixes
  • all slave girls will have permanent BE
  • all girls will have fairy and catgirl graphics
  • all girls have dress improvements (transparent backgrounds) and BE variants and dickgirl variants
  • some new story elements for some girls
  • new graphics for all (some a few some a lot more)
  • a couple of small events
  • some SDK improvements
If anyone is working on translations of the latest files I would appreciate versions before the end of the week. If not possible I will post the translations later.

I will do a short beta test on Thursday/Friday, anyone interested please PM me via one of the forums

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another step for demon girls

We have demon tails, now for the wings, 3 varieties for coordination.

Brightness/Contract a bit out for these wings, have since adjusted and tweaked. It was difficult to find good sets of wings that could be extracted and used for these images.

Also some engine level tweaks
- removed people from the core swf/exe to a separate swf. cuts about 20Mb from the game download and speeds startup  a little, but costs a little extra memory. Some slaves need small changes for this, but trivial changes
- add option for no testicles for dickgirls (limited coverage so far, but all common images done)

Huge, huge font issues. Finally I have removed the Oak Wood font, it just did not work well with non Latin-1 languages. Unfortunately this means a simplification to Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana as they have a wide support for unicode.

Upgrades of the remaining girls
- Minako proved a bit awkward due to her catgirl training and limited dress support previously.. Finished now
- I am not looking forward to doing Naru, she has about 21 dresses, 6 normal, 5 cosplay, 10 different naked images. All need adjusting for background removal (dresses done), breast enlarged versions and some quality tweaks.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Features partially implemented

acac requested a post to detail those backgrounds and events that are referred to in-game but are not yet implemented.

Slave specific events (for the core ones I develop)


These effects are not implemented

Cheaper house upgrades (as there are no house upgrades yet)
Weird Mansion stories

Poor relationships with nobles as implied in the background story

Inhuman Ancestry
The lure of the Ruined Temple
Your mother and the holy item
More details an effects for Demon Slave Maker ending

Retribution of the Gods for poor slave making
Intolerance of the Old Gods by those in power

Pony Master
Only interested in the physical aspects of your slaves
relationship with Ponygirl 1

Violent and blunt
Bonuses for martial trainings for slaves Done

Tentacle Hybrid
Most everything, one initial event implemented

Retribution of the Gods for poor slave making

Brothel Madam
Noble relationships, focused on sex

Lady in Waiting
Unrefined endings, currently only a minor score/reputation penalty

Slut Maker
Specific Slut ending
Most specific effects and training techniques

Unusual Cum
More of an effect if you do not cum
Obsessed lover

Search for permanent dickgirl process

Converted by Tentacles
Tentacle Whore Slave and Slave Maker ending
What happens if you do not cum

What happens if you do not cum often
Training parents (incest on required)

Mistress Cock
Cock Whore slave ending

Court Manipulator


These events are partially implemented

Dark Lady of the Rocks
Linked to mermaids and the slutty nature of the beach

Lotion At the Beach

For reference see the catgirl in the private area

Spider Woman at the Docks
Linked to dark elf at the beach


These trainings are not implemented


Orgasm Denial

More details needed

Slave Specific Events

These events are partially or not implemented

Tifa is the large breasted slave at the docks
Almost ready

Akane and Miss.N

incest needs to be enabled

Ranma and Nodoka
incest needs to be enabled

Minako and being captured

Reisz and Lady Farun

Rei for Old Faith

Naru the non-slut

Tifa and the monsters

Shampoo and the art of brainwashing

Rei and Azana

Saturday, November 6, 2010

SDK version 7

this is an updated SDK, version 7. It documents the new catgirl training and fairy transformation and other general changes. See the sourcecode for Akane for the changes needed for supporting these.

Also note the classes SlaveModule and Slave have been changed.

See the document
for a summary of the changes

For catgirls see
Slave Girl - Training - Catgirls.rtf

Note: I will probably change to html for the documents in the next release of the SDK



PDF version created by J