Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Slave - Gardevoir

Thf772 has released a new slave, Gardevoir from Pokemon, developed using the XML system introduced in version 3.2

The is an early alpha that has had limited testing so far.

Also note it is a dual language release, with a french version as well as english.

To install just extract this file into your game installation

EDIT: link updated to include decenored and detexted versions of images
EDIT2: I messed up merging the english and french from Thf772, fixed, so a new link

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.01

This is a bug fix release to correct bugs introduced in the version 3.2 release. There are no new features in this, just bug fixes. It addresses almost all known issues, but there were some I could not quite reproduce

  • Rest problems, particularly for 2 hrs
  • Selecting people for sex acts had several issues, especially for threesome
  • some typos and instances of #slave appearing in text
  • purchasing minor slaves could have a price of 0 or huge
  • assistant Rhia included again, also edited to enforce that she does not participate in sex acts as described
  • other minor issues
The full version also has some additional slave specific fixes, all trivial. For instance some hint issues, and start of training messages. It also includes the new slave Nina Windia, see below


Upgrade for existing 3.2.0 installation



Full Install


or for those with limited monthly bandwidth

Just extract over your existing installation. DO NOT extract into a subfolder in your game installation. Some archivers do this by default

same as the 3.2.0 release

Slave Nina Windia
Kaiser Ryu has releasd a new slave as an early alpha release. Quite vanilla, and using the xml system implemented in version 3.2. She is from the Breath of Fire games


Extract to a folder of your choice.
1) copy/move the folder Nina to your game and into the folder Images. After you should have

2) rename the file

3) copy 
to your game and into the folder Slaves

Note the above image in this post is a slightly improved version of Slave-Nina.png, you may like to use it instead.

Also note, a release of Gardevoir from Pokemon is expected soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slave Maker version 3.2

This is the new version for the game, it adds a lot of new features over the previous 3.1.10c version and there are a number of new slaves (mostly work in progress/alpha versions)

The major new feature is the ability to customise your Slave Maker, using a points system to buy race, background, advantages and statistics

One other significant change is the addition of Freelancer Slave Makers. These buy a slave personally, train them and then sell to a buyer. A different training mode but similar.

Before anyone asks, there are still a lot of story and events not yet in the game for a number of the backgrounds and advantages, but all basic game mechanics are in place. More will be added in later releases.

The last major feature for the release is XML based slaves. There are 3 such slaves (all new for this release)
  • Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo
  • Mai Shiranui (adapted from the last release)
  • Princess Daisy (developed by Gadansk)
There is no Flash based coding for these slaves, just editing images and creating an xml file. The are fairly vanilla but Mihoshi has some special events.

There is also a related XML based event system to allow quick and easy addition of new events into the game. There are many new events added with the system (including some new from the alpha releases)

There are some additional slaves, most publicly released previously
  •  Kallen Stadtfeldt from Code Geass - note there is a known issue with her dresses
  • Musashi/Jessie from Pokemon
  • Heather from Silent Hill
  • Felicia from Darkstalkers
  • Princess Daisy
  • Mihoshi
  • Ayanami Rei
  • Sakura from Naruto
  • Reimu from Touhou - note an old release, quite basic
Updated versions of
  • Ino from Naruto
  • Yoruichi from Bleach
  • Bulma from Dragonball
  • Aeris from Final Fantasy - extensive new events and story paths
 Other Changes
  • Ability to pick participants for sex acts, and set default people
  • Talk to Slaves, where you can review your slaves, talk to them and be intimate
  • Additional Minor slaves Nodoka, Fairy Butterfly
  • Ability to add your own Minor Slaves
  • Slaves can have special people to assist with training. See Kiyone for Mihoshi, Miss N for Akane
  • Any owned slave may take potions and buy items from the Salon (more areas to follow)
  • Multiple more events, some time of day and time of month dependent
  • some changes to the Take A Walk map
  • Exhbit and Auction when walking to the Slave Market
  • Note: buying minor slaves is done when your slave maker visits the Slave Market (via walk or Slave Maker actions)
  • More Slave Maker jobs available
  • Multiple low level changes to event system in the game
  • Any shortcut with Ctrl+ is now Shift+, eg Ctrl+U is now Shift+U
  • The S and L shortcuts for loading and saving save slot 1 are now Shift+S and Shift+L

Download Links
Links 3 of 3
 1Gb total



zythen has provided a torrent for this version as well. Only limited seeding initially

This is a FULL install of the game, at this time I will not be providing an upgrade from the previous 3.1.10c or the alpha releases. This way I ensure everyone is running a correctly installed version of the game with everything in the correct place.

If this install is too much I could provide an upgrade, BUT I will not support such installations and would not answer any bug reports for them. I would prefer not to do this, which is why I would prefer to only go with the full install.

This version is compatible with save games from previous versions of the game. Download the links and to install

a) delete the content on your current game installation
b) extract the first part ONLY of the above links into the same folder. DO NOT extract into a sub folder of the game folder. Make sure the folder contains files like
and folders like Slaves, Assistants etc
c) this will preserve your existing save games. To preserve you must keep the folder exactly the same

New Installation
a) extract the first part ONLY of the links into a folder of your choice

Other Notes:
1) there have been problems is development of this version with upgrading save games. If you have a save you have spent a lot of time an effort in creating I suggest
a) before upgrading , load it and save to a new slot. Do not load/save it with the new version
b) use the original save with the new version but if there are problems you still have the original backed up, and can use it once any issues are fixed

2)  An update for the SDK, detailing the new XML system and other features will follow soon.

3) From the alpha version there have also been changes to the events system. In the alpha the game tried to show all events once randomly then all events randomly. This caused some issues for people 'save scumming' and other confusions so I have removed this change

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I will spend today doing final testing and small changes, and I will release version 3.2 tomorrow.

MailMailX3, the developer of Princess Peach slave has released an alpha version of Felicia from Darkstalkers

Just extract the files into your Slaves folder.

Note: she will be in the 3.2 release

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Final tests for release 3.2

Hi, I am trialing a last change for the alpha release of version 3.2. Unless there is a significant issue found this is the last on the alpha releases for version 3.2. I will do a proper 3.2 release if no significant issues

This does some notable changes
a) restores (sort of) Shift+L Shift+S shortcuts to load/save slot 1
b) alters end game for freelancers, to

  • allow you to keep your slave if you have not sold them
  • sell at auction if you have not already sold them, a significant price reduction though
  • text updated to remove any guild references
  • if you had found a buyer then works similar to a guildmember
c) for both the slave market is altered a bit.
  • both types of Slave Maker can walk there or visit as a slave maker action. No difference, unless you personally supervise your slave when walking.
  • when personally supervising a walk you can exhibit your slave to attract buyers. Mainly this is for freelancers but guildmembers can do it too. Beware exhibiting a poorly trained slave can hurt your reputation and your slaves confidence in you.
  • You can attend an auction to buy a slave (replaces the Purchase Slave button)
  • see exhibits is still not implemented
d) Freelancers can now end training any time they want. There is no artificaial thing that they need a buyer. This means you can start a slave, finish immediately and keep the slave, thus getting all slaves quickly. This is odd but seems reasonable. You will make a big loss on slaves this way, but I could not think of a reason to prevent it.
e) End Training button in morning/evening screen, same a Complete in System menu

Otherwise assorted bug fixes, including the issue for Eri, book reading, Lust issues, minor slave purchasing etc.

Note: the criteria for skill points is changed for Freelancers, it is now based on the quality of your slave and time trained.

This link/update is by no means a full install and should only be used by someone who has installed all previous fixes for version 3.2
If you have any doubt then do not install this and wait for the full install

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Slave - Princess Daisy

gdansk has just released a vanilla slave using the xml system used by Mai and Mihoshi. To quote his post

I have finally gotten the hang of this XML format ( I hope ), and have mostly finished my first slave, Princess Daisy. This is a purely vanilla slave at the moment, as I have yet to think of any cool way to customize her. Any suggestions would be welcome.

There are three very important notes:

1. I am missing several images still, listed further below.

2. I suck at Photoshop. I really suck at Photoshop. So the images included in this slave are uncropped, not cleaned up, and contain text. Since I used the xml system, these images are easily accessible for anyone who wishes to help me with this Any such help would be very very appreciated.

3. There are images in here that do not work. Specifically, I have a few files named for (As Catgirl) that I know do not work. They are there for if that is something that changes with a future version. I do know that they do not break the slave.

Current Version: 0.9

Download Link:

To install, unzip the three files into /Slaves and the /Images folder into the root directory. The additional directory are the images I did not choose to use or could find no specific use for. I donno. Maybe they could be used in some kind of customization.

Currently Missing Images:
Chore - Cooking - Naked
Chore - Discuss (As Dickgirl)
Any Chore - Make Up
Contest - Ponygirl
Any Dickgirl Transformation
Ending - Dickgirl
Ending - Maid
Event - Milk - Accident
Event - Milk - End
Event - Milk - Milked (As Dickgirl)
Event - Naked Apron
Any Job - Acolyte
Job - Bar Naked
Any Job - Onsen
Any Job - Restaurant
School - XXX (As Dickgirl)
School - XXX (Naked)
Sex Act - 69 (Lesbian)
Sex Act - Anal (Lesbian)
Sex Act - Blowjob (Lesbian)
Sex Act - Dildo (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Gang-Bang (As Dickgirl)
Any Sex Act - Gang-Bang
Sex Act - Lend (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Lend Her (As Dickgirl) (Actually not sure of the difference between these two events)
Sex Act - Lick (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Masturbate (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Nothing (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Plug (Naked)
Sex Act - Plug
Sex Act - Tits Fuck (Lesbian)

As you can tell, I'm missing a lot of dickgirl images.

Oh, and a final note. Other slaves I am developing, most of them not just vanilla, include:
Princess Ariel
Princess Jasmine
Faye Valentine
Jessica Rabbit
April O'Neil
I was also developing a Jessie/Musashi slave, but someone beat me to the punch.

Note there are some image errors I have reported.