Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Slave - Princess Daisy

gdansk has just released a vanilla slave using the xml system used by Mai and Mihoshi. To quote his post

I have finally gotten the hang of this XML format ( I hope ), and have mostly finished my first slave, Princess Daisy. This is a purely vanilla slave at the moment, as I have yet to think of any cool way to customize her. Any suggestions would be welcome.

There are three very important notes:

1. I am missing several images still, listed further below.

2. I suck at Photoshop. I really suck at Photoshop. So the images included in this slave are uncropped, not cleaned up, and contain text. Since I used the xml system, these images are easily accessible for anyone who wishes to help me with this Any such help would be very very appreciated.

3. There are images in here that do not work. Specifically, I have a few files named for (As Catgirl) that I know do not work. They are there for if that is something that changes with a future version. I do know that they do not break the slave.

Current Version: 0.9

Download Link:

To install, unzip the three files into /Slaves and the /Images folder into the root directory. The additional directory are the images I did not choose to use or could find no specific use for. I donno. Maybe they could be used in some kind of customization.

Currently Missing Images:
Chore - Cooking - Naked
Chore - Discuss (As Dickgirl)
Any Chore - Make Up
Contest - Ponygirl
Any Dickgirl Transformation
Ending - Dickgirl
Ending - Maid
Event - Milk - Accident
Event - Milk - End
Event - Milk - Milked (As Dickgirl)
Event - Naked Apron
Any Job - Acolyte
Job - Bar Naked
Any Job - Onsen
Any Job - Restaurant
School - XXX (As Dickgirl)
School - XXX (Naked)
Sex Act - 69 (Lesbian)
Sex Act - Anal (Lesbian)
Sex Act - Blowjob (Lesbian)
Sex Act - Dildo (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Gang-Bang (As Dickgirl)
Any Sex Act - Gang-Bang
Sex Act - Lend (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Lend Her (As Dickgirl) (Actually not sure of the difference between these two events)
Sex Act - Lick (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Masturbate (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Nothing (As Dickgirl)
Sex Act - Plug (Naked)
Sex Act - Plug
Sex Act - Tits Fuck (Lesbian)

As you can tell, I'm missing a lot of dickgirl images.

Oh, and a final note. Other slaves I am developing, most of them not just vanilla, include:
Princess Ariel
Princess Jasmine
Faye Valentine
Jessica Rabbit
April O'Neil
I was also developing a Jessie/Musashi slave, but someone beat me to the punch.

Note there are some image errors I have reported.


  1. I will test it after the big patch i'm waiting for, thanks anyway.

  2. Was wondering is there a big list of all the various slave and helpers out there? The ones people have developed that you have not put into the main grouping yet.

  3. If you have a futanaripalace account there is a list of the slaves in development here

  4. Is there any other options available?

  5. Watz
    why? It is very easy to register with the futanari plalace and you will get able to see all the other development threads there and post and discuss

  6. I have had poor luck with using boards to stay current on some other items. I can and most likely will register there and see what there is to see.

  7. Thanks for the new Slave, gdansk.

    cmacleod, I was reading earlier about you working on Puppygirl slaves. I've had a few ideas myself ever since I first saw them, and was wondering if I could send them over to you. If so, where's the best place to do so?

  8. 7e00d966-74b3-11e0-8d56-000bcdcb5194
    either of the two forums are best, with post in one of the threads or PM me

  9. I am trialing a fix to see if I have ironed out most of the issues. So far the latest seems to be ok

  10. A couple more small bugs found in the above, a fix

  11. Would it be possible to add a custom image for each slave (instead of the generic breasts) for the piercing actions done in the salon?

  12. can you re-up the Apart if the fix from the archive after cover also the same fix

    Cheers mate you are just amazing

  13. Isaak
    no need, the last fix I posted includes all the same fixes and more

  14. Bug report.
    Started a new game after last fix, took Kasumi as slave with little sister as assistant.
    But when i try to talk with assistant(Rhia), i get Mai's picture instead and all stats are zero.

  15. update on last report:
    just bought Lance, so now i have sister Rhia and Lance to talk to.
    This time i get Lance picture and stats, even when clicking on Rhia.

  16. Vermin
    This issue is probably a bug with Rhia. I'll check

  17. I restarted, with Deedlit as assistant, and i get again Mai's stats(zero) and picture.

  18. Also a question:
    i took Ayanami Rei in my previous game, but i cant complete her training (im not freelance though),i got over the limit but the game just keep going on, and i dont have the usual complete training option.
    Is it intented for Rei, or is a bug?

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Slavemaker stat bug:

    when reloading game, the slavemaker's lust stat reset (all accumulated effects from aphrodisiac is lost at once)

  21. Another new odditie:
    Male slaves get hermaphrodite text during touch her action, and so she get obedience stat malus although she's 95% hetero in acts with Lance or Toth.
    I dont get malus for licking her as female.

  22. Vermin
    I am not getting other reports of similar issues, and I cannot reproduce at this time. I suspect it is an upgrade issue to do the the multiple bug fixes.

    I will be doing a formal release soon, and include a full install, so I would suggest waiting until then, or revert back to version 3.1.10c

  23. So my game install would be corrupt with all the changes?
    I'll wait that release before looking for bugs then.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I am working on Miu Furinji from Kenichi History's Strongest Disciple but I feel like I am missing alot of options. How much work outside the slave builder program does it take to make a slave. I couldn't find anywhere that allowed me to add the dickgirl versions of images.

  26. Actually, the only work I did was in Photoshop and a text editor. The XML method has some limitations, but it does make creating a slave pretty simplistic. Most of the work is in finding the right images and making sure you get the names right. The only real heavy image work, beyond decensoring and removing the watermarks and logos (which I suck at) is the dresses. They have to be extracted from their backgrounds and saved as transparent png's to show up properly in the game.

    If you use the Daisy, or Mai, Mihoshi, or Aeris image folders as a reference, the naming conventions used are what is needed for making the alternate images show up. Although I would recommend you also checkout the Daisy development thread where cmacleod points out a few places where I messed up the names, and some tips on other things.


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