Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Slave - Gardevoir

Thf772 has released a new slave, Gardevoir from Pokemon, developed using the XML system introduced in version 3.2

The is an early alpha that has had limited testing so far.

Also note it is a dual language release, with a french version as well as english.

To install just extract this file into your game installation

EDIT: link updated to include decenored and detexted versions of images
EDIT2: I messed up merging the english and french from Thf772, fixed, so a new link


  1. Can some one tell me the steps to make a permanent milk slave? I saw that you can make a permanent T-girl that's easy.

  2. is there a special reason why some slavenumbers (txt-files in slaves-directory) are left out?

  3. Hi cmacleod, there is a small mistake:

    When making your slavemaker, if you choose the "Slim" build, it decreases your height by 10 instead of your weight.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. I dont think sexbar is any fun at all having
    to keep track of when you want use herms,
    Also prefer to make lesbians and still use
    dickgirls for sex acts.(will result in complains
    and loss off hapiness/obedience(with the option
    dickgirls love lesbians enabled))

    Would be awesum if that option
    "dg loves lesbians"
    would make lesbians love dickgirls. =p

    Thanks for hard work + great game!

  5. love it but can you do a skuld(ah my godes) slave

  6. I love the game.

    I downloaded and installed the current version yesterday and ran with Naru from Love Hina. I noticed that several times her picture (Bar Maid and S&M Dresses specifically) shows as a herm even though she isn't. Also, even when she changes the 1st dress to Naked it still shows her as her default dress.

  7. I think he said he won't do Skuld because she looks very underage.

  8. adrea"OM"
    The milk slave ending is a bad ending in the game now. Once your slaves constitution is 30+ have her walk at the Farm a fwe times.

    Because they are reserved for slaves in development

    No I will not, she is underage, and she looks and acts underage

  9. glitch in current version. true catgirl tribe origin does not gain access to experienced trader as specified.

  10. just a quick question on free lancer

    when i was going to sale shampoo it said it would cuase problems with her orignal owner is that just a typo or does it still consider her free lance just sale to highest bidder

  11. ---Two questions:

    First, how do you go about finding a pony tail? I heard that it is given out at the palace after a certain number of ponygirl events, but I haven't had any luck with that.

    Second, will there ever be a method of keeping Rei Hino as your own slave?

  12. Albireo.
    You must also have Skill/Expert Trader 1
    to enable advantage/Experienced Trader.

  13. @jpl08c
    buy it (the ponytail) from the stables

  14. ---Not that simple. To do that, you have to have a ponygirl to get into the stables.

  15. I just updated my 3 part download with Cmac's updated files. You can get them here:

  16. Bug: Some Assistants pictures are much smaller on the choose assistant screen. Namely Daniella, Kimberly, Paine, Samus, Yoko, Urd. Reimus picture is blank completely. The chosen slave is Belldandy. Havnt noticed this with other slaves. Previous trained slave is Reimu. Version is 3.2.01. What is a good lightweight program to use to take screens of Flash for Windows XP? Fraps doesnt seem to work with Flash.

  17. jpl08c
    first get the git gag at the docks from the pony mistress, then you can be given the tail in the Palace

    Shift+Printscreen then open any image editor (Paint, Gimp etc) and paste from the clipboard

    Note that Reimu is incomplete and was developed for version 2 of the game, so probably is not campatible as an assistant fully.

  18. bug:

    start a planing with 2 hour resting.

    add anything after. exemple 'work onsen'.

    delete the entry, 'work onsen'

    add again anything that don't need hour ranges

    exemple 'work onsen' the hour on the right of the planing entry is now a "-"

    you can add as many things to do in the planing as you wan't.

    that work for night and day planings.

  19. beast
    Thanks, that has been reported and I have fixed the issue. Please wait for the next release

  20. typo when picking a new asstiant on a new slave on saved games it saids same things as on the frist page of asstiants for descriptions

    also i notice that salon skincare hair style do not give bounus to slave charisma

  21. cmacleod42 could you please add some more things that increase dominance ingame because while playing through the game i started with a very high dominance but after training maybe 8-9 girls and then trying to do the quest with the zombies i died then noticed my dominance was almost nonexistant and i cant regain any by doing guild work because i work as a freelancer

  22. if I remember correctly spanking increases dominance a bit

  23. ok sorry but can you tell me what new slaves are to be released if you know that is

    P.S. can you do more naruto (hinata,tsunade,tenten,temari,kurenai,and so on)

    P.P.S sorry if I botherd you

  24. krasniitavarish
    No bother.

    Rogue (from X-Men) is too (almost ready for alpha release)
    Krystal the Star Fox is close
    Morrigan is in development, then mention having completed image collection and expect a release inm forseeable future
    Chun-Li is in development, not sure of her status, but they mentioned having plenty of images

    There are others in various states of planning/development (CC from Code Geass for instance) but uncertain status

  25. That means Krystall are not launched in the game?
    Sniiiif Sniiiif one of my favorits carachters lost forever.

  26. if i have misunderstud and krystall are finished already, greath job.
    if is a death project, other big crying fron me.,

  27. thanks for suggesting spanking but unfortunately
    spanking wont help my situation much as i researched a bit before commenting and learned that it wont increase my dominance by very much and i need a steady way to get it because i started with 80 dominance and somehow ended up with 26 dominance or something around that and because i am a freelancer i cant do guild work to increase it either

  28. I found a bug with sakura

    when you send her to the onsen gold turns nan
    when you send her on one of the special jobs all her stats turn NaN

  29. just noticed my dom is currently 0 as a freelancer any tips how to increase

  30. can u make it so when u play as a freelancer you can add skillpoints onto your slavemaker like when you play as a guild member at the end of training period bu make it so when ever you end training of a slave u can upgrade ur slave maker

  31. krasniitavarish
    Sakura has several bugs with this sort of problems. If you save the game and reload the gold should revert to 0

    What backgrounds or Special Events did you pick for your Slave Maker. Some decrease Dominance quite a bit, while some increase it

    They can already. You must
    a) get a score 50+
    b) train the slave for at least 40 days
    otherwise you do not learn anything

  32. Cmac,
    I know you are not working on Daisy but if you could pass along a few bugs I would appreciate it. She is supposed to be an "Easy" training but here length of training is 53 days, not in the mid to high 60's like other easy characters. Also for some reason I cannot get the fairies to appear at the farm with her. Tried two training sessions with nothing. Just kept getting either the count or she study the building structure.

    Now to you. I notice that when you buy the whip in the armory store it used to allow you to whip your slave at night. I no longer have that ability in this new 3.2 version. Been a while since I bought the whip so I do not how long that has not been working.

    So far everything else seems fixed and thanks for fixing the shampoo endings.

  33. I'm having an odd error. I am Freelance training Minako with Ranma as an assistant and if I load in the middle of a game her bonus job becomes sport store and her bonus chore becomes Train martial arts. If I close the game and reload I have whips and chains as the bonus job and Train whips and chains for the bonus chore, but it reverts to Ranma's as soon as I load a save.

  34. Jon
    I'll pass it to the developer. Note you could do it yourself if you register at the FutanariPalace forum, they have a development thread there.

    The whipping is not based on owning a whip, but selecting the Dominatrix/Master advantages, so try playing one of those types.

    that is a known issue and I have fixed it, thanks

  35. @Jason:

    A work-around for the Skin, Hair, and Makeup issue at the Salon is to select another customer, perform at least one action (I do piercings and Nipple Rings), then select the Slave again. Now those actions will register on her Charisma

  36. I mostly ignore the wiki page (which I set up), but I see spam has become a problem there. I have given two new people admin access, and they can deputize anyone else they see fit with same. Sorry about that folks.

  37. erik, if you, or those you admin'd can pop into the futanari palace forum, there is a thread working to update the wiki. Perhaps y'all can leave contact information.


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