Sunday, July 3, 2011


General Status Update

  • I am working on another bug fix for the game 3.2.02 to address various bugs. 
  • It will also add features for slave developers, especially the XML case
  • A new slave was just released. Rogue from X-Men Evolution, but there are some issues with the initial release so I am not posting her here yet, give it a few days.

  • An update for Sakura and some of her issues is due soon
  • Cantinhgo de liberdade and nosredragon, I am still working on Krystal the Star Fox. CM Tyssen just gave me a group of naked image edits for her. Unfortunately I am not able to work on her a lot, I consider general bug fixes more important at the moment. but soon, soon.
  • An update of Aeris is due soon from mouseGURU, once I fix some bugs in the game
Otherwise, on a personal note, I hate having a cold, for the last week I have been rather under the weather. Mostly recovered now.

The game supports translating and we have sizable translations for French and Russian so far and more limited ones for German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish. Other languages can be done too.

At this time most of the user interface is translatable as are all the new events and most standard text. Most sex acts and walk events are not yet but will be. Some slaves text like introductions can now be translated.

If anyone is interested to contribute, there are 3 parts of the game that can be translated

In the Slaves folder there are files like
These contain the slaves name and text that appears on the slave market screen where you pick a slave to train.
You will also see versions like
This is the french translated version.

Maybe half of these are done for 4 languages, but many are only in English.

If you like, copy the base file to one for your language
and translate the bit
ie change Shampoo to the version for your language and
girldesc=A girl you met on the way to the capital. She is obsessed with you and has sold herself to be your assistant.
again translate. DO NOT change the girlname tag or girldesc tag, or any other part of the file.

Save the file using UTF-8 encoding and post for me to include in the game. Upload to a file service like MEdiaFire/RapidShare/MultiUpload and post here in a comment or in a forum

Complex 1
See the Language folder and Guide to Translating.rtf and translate the xml files there

Complex 2
Some girls like Mai, Mihoshi have files like
Like the txt file above you can create  a copy
and translate the text in the nodes. Do not translate tags.

All slaves will get these xml files in future.

Thanks in advance for any contributions here.


  1. Hey, is there any way we can help you out in development of the actual game?
    Would love to see if I could help with bugfixes or small features, it seems like a mammoth effort on your part!

    Or are you quite jaded to an offer like this? :)

    Just wondering.

  2. Hi!
    I'm an Italian fan of you wonderful and hard work. I feel very glad to 'repay' a little of your incredible work by providing some translations for Slaves. You can find them here:

    I'll give a try at translating XML soon, too.


  3. Hi, at the moment i try to make Nico Robin from One Piece, and encountert an error and some problems, when desining a slave via xml, and implement a maid dress, the game obens the bathingsuit picture if implemented else it shows nothing. Also i wanted to make her something like a diarycow, someway similar like aeris, and there fore tried to copy the xml data from her but it wont work i come as far that i met the girl in the cowshett being milkend but neither can take advantance of her nor get milk from her and don´t encounter the fairy merchands.
    is there generell a possibility to get a full xml with everythink implemented so i can modify to my hart contend?
    thanks in advance

  4. Cmac,
    Just a quick question about the special maid bar that is invitation only. I keep running into girls that work there but never seem to find someone that works there to get in invite. Is this section of the game not fully implemented yet? Is this the Red Lilly or Red Ruby place that has been talked about?

  5. The last two slaves I trained in Guild mode have been refered to as a male (him, his, etc.) when making decisions on sexual training, I could not visit the lesbian trainer Lena with either of them as she says she has no time for male clients. I bebieve the last two slaves were Yuruichi and Ranma. Also I get a lot of errors anytime I try to use the "Talk to slaves" option.

  6. j00b
    Thanks but I prefer to work on the core game myself. You are welcome to develop events or slaves for the game. For instance see the file
    it containts many of the new events. It is fairly easy to add new ones.

    Thank you very much!

    with xml be very careful you have not broken tags or formatting. Always try opening the xml file with a browser as it will tell you if you have any typos in tags or other issues.

    Documentation for the xml system in being written now.

    at the moment that is just a stand-alone event, no other parts. The Red-Lily bar is someething quite different.

    Something is seriously broken in your installation. I have had no similar reports of problems.
    What goes wrong with 'Talk To Slaves'? It works perfectly fine for me.

  7. I downloaded the new version 3.2 and extracted it into its own folder. I started from scratch and I'm not using previously saved games. The game works fine for the most part except for the wrong sex on those slaves I mentioned and the "talk to slaves" section. That section acts as if it is updating stats for the slave I'm talking to sometimes but then switches to the stats of the slave I'm training other times. I'm not really sure any stats are being updated.

  8. blevins29
    Did you use 3.2 or the more recent 3.2.01? There were quite a few issue fixed in that release

  9. Are you considering different variants of the same language? Like British and American English or Brazilian and Portugal Portuguese?

    By the way, which regions are you using for yours?

  10. TRK
    There is am American 'translation' already. I have no problems with variants, it is just someone has to develop them.

    I am based in Australia and use British/Australian english

  11. 3.2.01:
    The Talk to Slaves option does still flip back to the Slave In Training stats. But it only happens with the "Talk To Slaves" option in Slave Maker Training, but I can only make it happen with the original purchasable slaves, ie Ryah and Narry. Newer ones like Faerie Butterfly don't seem to be similarly afflicted.
    I haven't noticed anything that actually breaks the game yet, been rather busy.
    Also, the Male Trainer visiting Tena bug is indeed fixed, tried earlier this morning, didn't happen.
    Ye gods, I'm so hungry. Going to go eat now.
    Thanks again, Cmac ^^

  12. I'm using the 3.2.01 update. I did a couple of slaves with no problem but ran into the male pronouns on the two slaves I last trained. It would switch back and forth from the male to the correct female references and I did get to visit Lena later in the training.
    Since there are no male slaves to train, why are those statements about males even there?

  13. erza and lucy from fairy tail should be put in (when you get to character creations)

  14. @blevins29

    the statements about males are there in preparation to make male slaves work when they are done. cmacleod42 doesn't develop any male slaves (as far as i can tell), but he wanted to make their implementation possible for those who do. and there was at least one male slave in development. i don't know if he's still progressing though

  15. Is there an easy way to edit a file and artificially rank up my slave trainer's stats?

    I've played the game numerous times, but quite often lose my save data- many times purposely out of a desire to make sure the game starts at a clean slate and nothing is corrupted while upgrading... so I've never been capable of gaining any of the benefits of having higher reputation.
    I assume it effects story events with the nobles particularly, and I know it provides access to more slaves, but I keep finding myself stuck on the starter set.

  16. electronpool
    Sol editor is a program that enables you
    to change values in your save files.
    For example can max out your rep.^^

  17. 79of97
    I see. Thank you for the tip.
    I did not easily find any .sol editors for OS X, so c'est la vie I suppose.

    I have been capable of altering various information in files before with a simple text editor, but I knew what I was looking for in the code.

  18. electronpool
    Try .minerva, it is writen is Air/Flash so should run on any platform

  19. Re: Translations.

    Do your text / XML files use Unicode and would the game work with Japanese characters?

  20. cmacleod42
    Thank you! :) Got it all figured out now.

  21. Anon21
    All the text files, like the xml and SlaveGirlxx.txt files are unicode encoded. Mostly UTF-8 but UTF-16 is fine.

    Support for characters is based on what fonts I use in the game, mostly this is
    Times New Roman
    and in some cases
    which all have a fairly good coverage of unicode characters, so Japanese should be supported.

  22. I Was wondering if i could donate any pics to the cause, and if I can how?
    And how can you suggest a new slave or make one or an assistant?

  23. Xander
    To create your own assistant or slave, downlod the SDK linked at the top on this page. It gives examples and source code. XML slaves like Mai, Mihishi etc are not yet documented, but NarutoXD has already got an alpha version of a program to create them.

    For images it depends what for, I have a large collection already, but never refuse offers, so feel free to zip them up and then upload to a file shareing service like Rapidshare/Mediafire/MultiUpload and post a like.

    Similarly register with one of the forums and post there. There are threads for images.

  24. thanks for your quick response

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. 1. The "do nothing" option for slaver (when the assisstant is doing something with the slave) should be "rest" instead. Do nothing does not reduce slaver fatigue, fatigue either increases or remains the same for every single act EXCEPT for going to a normal bar / praying and it decreases very very little for those (sleazy bar for a blowjob? you get MORE fatigued)... As a result I am pretty much 100% fatigued at all time because I just can't rest. And if I give the slave the whole day off and spend the whole day in the normal bar it still only seems to reduce slaver fatigue by 1 point.

    2. Shampoo is stated to be owned by yourself, but some of her encounters don't properly represent it (her owner will be upset if you sell her to someone else) warning, etc.

    3. The separation of planning into meal and planner causes some odd mis interactions. For example, I owned 2 slaves (A and B) and was training one (slave C) in my last game. Why can't I spend the night talking to slave A while Slave B trains slave C in kissing?

    4. The seer kept on saying for shampoo "I see her in small room, sad, revise your training method"... This made no sense because:
    A. I had her maxed out on all stats, including singing and dancing (as far as the schools could go), except for conversation (was 20 something ish, I forgot I could talk to her myself and was burning a lot on singing lessons for increasing her conversaion). I also had her morality be low and her renown was 26. And I didn't train her in some sex acts. But everything else is maxed out, and I had her working a chef.
    B. She was owned by my slaver and not slated for resale.
    C. I had accepted her confession.

  27. 5. I kept on getting frequent "shampoo is mistreated" encounters.
    A. Almost all stats maxed (see previous post), and that INCLUDES her joy.
    B. I never did anything harsh to her.
    C. I allow her everything, from pocket money to freedom to go out unescorted, with the exception of sex with others.

  28. 6. If I disabled tentacle monsters, is there any point to fighting skills? I am nearly maxed out and I have never had a combat encounter.

    7. How the heck do I explore my house? the house description specifically mention unexplored areas and dangers and I have not found any way to explore them.

    8. Currently slaves are:
    A. Owned by someone else, trained by you.
    B. Purchased by you fully trained.

    Would be great if you could purchase untrained slaves for personal use. Freelancer suggests you could do that, and shampoo actually IS that, but it seems to be tacked on or a hack more then a basic mode of the game. I expected to alternate training personal slave to build a household (and assigning them to tasks... chef, maid, bodyguard, slave training assistant, etc...) and sale slaves. Although shampoo actually is owned by you and is your assistant slave trainer if you don't sell her.

    9. As far as I can tell you can't actually train combat (for bodyguard purposes) despite so many being canonically fighters.

  29. just to clarify though, the above issues don't mean this isn't an awesome game.

    The scope is breathtaking and the whole thing is very impressive.

  30. @MrTTAO
    i think i can help you with some of your questions:
    you can't talk to owned slaves at night because you are supposed to always supervise the training at night yourself (even if you have a slave do the work). i think this was because the sex training is considered particularly important.

    you only rarely need fighting skills even if tentacles are activated. you can start a quest at the docks (slave pens) that will lead you into a fight without tentacles. (you may consult the wiki for more details. should be found by searching for 'ruins')

    house exploration is not implemented, yet.

    i don't see your point on 8.
    you can keep every slave who's in love with you (if you spent enough points on 'leader') or buy back any slave for yourself (if her score was 100+).

  31. Re: Translations

    Hit a slight snag with this. I found someone who is likely to be interested in Japanese translation of Slave Maker, but he's very careful about getting artist permission for any images used. I'm guessing that the images used in Slave Maker are generally 'found' and won't have that?

    I'd be interested in doing it myself but don't know if I'll have the time (it's a lot of text). I'll keep a look-out for likely collaborators, though.

  32. Anon21
    Correct, the images are mostly used without permission, one reason I do not accept donations or charge for the game in any way.

    Some images (the Faustie zombie images, and some of the furry images like Lia) are used with permission, and some images like the Slave Market background were custom made for the game.

  33. I guess it's not going to happen any time soon, but it might be a good idea to start an 'image soliciting' effort for pictures (new or old) with permission from their artists. Possibly have a separate development branch for the game with all other images removed.

  34. I have lost all saved games twice now since using the new updated slavemaker. I'm very careful about saving these games between plays but twice now I have went to open the saved game and nothing is there to open which forces me to start over. Is anyone else having this problem?

  35. blevins29
    I have had other reports of this, but all seem to be more related to either running programs that delete cookies or having their browser set to delete cookies on exit (Flash respects these settings and will delete the save games on exit)
    The save games are basically cookies.

    I have once or twice seen people have issues with local storage used by Flash. Check by right clicking on the game when running, select settings. Go to tab Local Storage and see if flash is allowed to use 10Mb at least.

  36. Hi cmacleod42,

    my name is bruno but you can call me Vaizard, i'm interested in helping you EDIT, CLEAN, DECENCOR and LOOK FOR THEM. I usually edit manga etc (just click my name for my blog) i work must of my day but i'm always playing with Photoshop at home being that editing mangas or Photoshoping some ugly chick XD, i really don't care much about spreading my name and stuff, but i love anime&manga&hentai AND PHOTOSHOP lol

    by the way i have Photoshop CS5 and Flash Pro CS5 though i don't really use the second much.

    So please if you need help with pictures, being that searching for them or edit them. Please contact me on BRUFH@GMX.COM and leave a comment so i know i recived it XD.

    Sorry for the big text and keep it up.

  37. Does anybody have the latest walkthrough of all the characters? The wiki hasn't been update for a long time now. And I'm having trouble trying to get the some endings. Especially the custom ones sometime felt incomplete, and there is no telling whether the event or the ending was implemented. It confuses you to think, is this the end already or there's something more.

  38. Hi cmacleod42,

    I dont know if this is a bug or not, but when i started train Akane, she started with 0 in all stats while all the other girls that i have trained started with some stats at least

  39. Vaizard
    Thank you very much for the offer.

    My apologies I do not choose to communicate by email (except with personal friends) so any communicatio would be here or in one of the forums.

    I welcome any editing you are interested to do. There is quite a bit of decensoring needed for some slaves, for instance Nina Windia recently has a lot of mosaic censoring in her sex acts.

    There are some people working to update the Wiki, but otherwise post a query in the forums if you have a problem

    Yes, this is a known bug (fixed)
    This fix does fix it (a beta of version 3.2.02)

    be aware it does have some bugs (for the assistants Asuka and Arcueid)

  40. Could you send me a pack with all the images to uncen and take the background and a .txt with the description off what you want please. Also i can look for images since i kinda use 4chan, e-Hentai gallerys, google, for images and i have about 500Gb 0f hentai, part of it images lol XD

  41. I recently started the game, and while it was a tad frustrating at first, once I got the general hang of it I found it super addictive. I just love those bad ends so much, especially ones for the Slaver. Both cow girl ones were really hot, but that little day wait for the Slaver just caught me off guard in the best of ways, hope there will be more. I also really hope they do more with the Red-Lily(it said something about a Slave Maker training menu, which would be pretty epic) concerning bad ends, I know I'd love to have that bar maid or the bouncer be on top. Also, they really need lesbian start off slave, such a freaking pain to find the right way to train them to embrace the fairer sex, heh. Maybe someone like Kanu from Ikkitousen

    But yeah, just wanted to state my appreciation

  42. Valzard
    Initially, could you check the Nina Windia slave posted here
    A lt of here images have been edited for detexting and other small edits, but there are quite a few with various types of mosaic censoring (mainly in the sex acts (blowjob, anal for instance), brothel job and tentacle sex images.

    For Mai some of her images need improving, say Break (As Dickgirl 1)
    again decensoring.

    For image hunting, nothing leaps to mind for me. There is Rogue in development and the developer has requested images for
    (note X-Men Evolution version of her)

    Ok. I searched for the last couple days, here is a list of images still missing:
    Chore - Cooking
    Chore - Make up
    Contest - Housework
    Contest - Ponygirl
    Ending - Catgirl
    Ending - Cowgirl
    Event - Giga BE(I have an image but it is too tiny)
    Event - Milk Accident
    Event - Milk End
    Event - Milk - Milked
    Event - Mourning - Mouthful
    Sex Act - Ponygirl

    Not necessary, but the current variants are not very good:
    Sex Act - Gangbang

    And here is a list of images that still need a dickgirl variant / photoshop edit:
    Chore - Exercise
    Chore - Expose Themself
    Dickgirl (I have two variants now, but I'd like a third one)
    Sex Act - Dildo
    Sex Act - Naked
    Sex Act - Threesome

  43. Jun
    thanks for the compliment. A lesbian starting slave is planned, and also Rei Ayanami will be when I finish working on her

  44. On the lesbian subject, what about the maker itself. Being a straight, bi or lesbian (no male slaves yet so the male variant would require special considerations) would be a nice option to have and it is easy to see the many impacts and possibilities story-wise.

    Then an extreme variant as a disadvantage would be awesome, blocking the possibility to own males and futas as minor or assistants as well as blocking Astrid path. Well, to make it worth, it could be compensated by much easier lesbian trainings and effects, nice story twists, and the ability to do something otherwise impossible (like training and keeping lesbian Naru or Demon/Angel Beldandy, the latter only with also the demon ending/holy advantage for the combo of extreme awesome).

    The last parenthesis is extreme wishful thinking on my part, but you got the idea.

  45. Anybody notice there is this bug where if you do action 'Sleep' anytime during day or night, you can make the following actions infinite throughout? So long its not any action that require tracking of time.

    To exploit this bug
    1. Select action 'Sleep' anytime
    2. Select any other action one time will do(sleep again also can)
    3. Delete that following action, but not the first 'Sleep'
    4. Now select any other action again, you'll see the time of the action now changes to '-' you are currently in infinite for that period, and you can select as many action as you want.

    I don't know is this done intentionally. But say if there are events that tracked with the usage time, probably won't show.

    I hope Cmac don't fix this lolololololol! I kind of loving it, giving my slave do more work! haha! Maybe make it active in sandbox someday, if you looking to fix it? But please don't fix lol

  46. i'm having problems saving the game is i set the storage capacity to infinite but when i close it i still lose everything is this something on my end r the game itself really sucks cause i cant get very far because of this

  47. cmacleod42 please check the link, it says it was been deleted or something, when you have a new one please send it to me here.

  48. cmacleod42
    my by far biggest gripe is that my slave trainer's labor is so amazingly undervalued.
    I think the game would be far better balanced if you made the trainer get paid with the same formulas used for slaves, but increased the cost of slaves and assistants to compensate.
    It'd odd to think that my slave can make 800 gold in a day, but I'm going to sell her for that much.

    All you have to do is find the percentage difference between maximum wage a trainer can make at the brothel and what a slave can, and then increase the cost for purchasing big things by that percentage and suddenly your game is just as balanced and you have a more realistic monetary system.

  49. Hello, im a fan of SM
    I dont know if someone have done it already, but i've translated all the SlaveGirlxx.txt to portuguese and saved how u said.


    It's my thanks for all ur great work

  50. yo macleod nina windia's dl link isnt a working file anymore need to re-upload it ty :)

  51. This is the most recent version of Nina
    and a small fix for her xml file posted after
    copy this into your Slaves folder

    Kaiser Ryu, the develop suggest deleting your existing
    Images/Nina folder before installing.

    That is a known issue and has been fixes in the next release.

    The issue you have then is that either
    a) a 3rd party program is deleteing cookies
    b) your browser is set to delete cookies on exit or to not keep them at all. This is your default browser

    Check any internet security programs you have running, or other privacy related ones.

  52. cmacleod42
    Awesome! Thanks for that bit of news and I praise you as well as wish you success on all your work =)

  53. Hey, what's the maximum resolution for Trainer images? Like 800x1000 or so? And does it have to be jpeg?

    Just asking cause I've gotten some of my custom images to work, but not all

  54. Brian
    there is no limit as such. It you are using Slave Builder then there are some internal buffer limits but they are not clear.

    For xml you must use the extension .jpg NOT .jpeg or .JPG

    Always try re-saving the image as a jpg (non-progressive if you can) or png and try again. If that still fails try resizing down to the 1024x768 or 800x600 or 600x800 area.

  55. Nope, not using the builder - just adding images to the "appearances" folder to use for the actual slave trainer.

    But yeah, I'll play around with sizes, see if that helps

  56. Hello Madagundong.
    I am Portuguese and I am interested to know if these feature (slave girls xxx txt) serves only for the initial text, or the Portuguese language appears more in the game.
    Anyway thank you.^^ ^

  57. Cantinho da Liberdade:
    This files are only the translation of the description of the girls that appears when u have to choose a slave.
    But anyway the last version of SM3 already have a translation for the initial history, but i dont know what more is already translated.

  58. Madagundong thanks for the information.^^

  59. Cantinho da liberdade
    Some parts are translated, when starting the game go to Options, Appearance Tab and in the Language box type in

    A good percentage of the user interface is translated. A lot not could be as the Portuguese translation has not been updated for a while

  60. First of all: Amazing game, insanely addictive.

    A few updates back you mentioned that there were 4 new Breast Expansion events, but I can't figure out how to find them. Also, can you tell us what is in the works for milking? Will we ever be able to milk our own slaves or even ourselves?

    Also, just one request: more bad ends. They are amazing but you can get them all in a few hours of play.

  61. When the slave is naked for the day, if working at the Sleazy bar, is she given clothes to do the striptease?

    Is using the assistant at the textual description of the masturbation training, even with personal supervision selected, intentional?

    Is the Orgasm Denial training work planned, work in progress, implemented and I haven't noticed or dropped?

    By the way, if I am sounding somewhat intrusive, that was never the intention, your work is awesome. Actually, even better than some so called triple A titles as it does what a game is supposed to, entertain the player.

  62. bookreader231490
    1) an effect of the variant uninhibitory potion
    2) visit the Count
    3) after the visits, go for a walk in the forest
    4) in catgirl training walk on the beach and meet the bust catgirl

    that is not the intention for the Sleazy Bar, just an oversight.

    The assistant should not be in those descirptions at all, I'll check

    The Orgasm Denial stuff is long planned and will be done eventually

    No problems at all, always good to get feedback/

  63. i know, i asked this before, but is there any tipe of male slave on the forge? or is that to much to ask!

  64. i still can't figure out how to get the BE event in the forest. what do you mean by "after the visits"?

  65. Also Cmac. what is event-Milk Accident? Is it just a part of the farm series, or are there any more milking events? Once again, a big fan of the milking events and I'm curious if there is anything in the works for them? If not I might try tackling the .xml system to make some more.

  66. For some reason the second count event never shows up after I have done it with another slave.

  67. SctrlrX
    yes, but slow progress

    Visit the Count, you will be asked to let him experiment with her. Do it.

    He will ask you to loan her to you a few days later. Do so

    After these then go for a walk in the forest and you will be ambushed

    Milk Accident is when she has a dress slip because of her leaking breasts. All part of the farm events.
    THe event with the count is CURRENTLY the only other milking event

    deliberately, it is intended to be a one off event. More will follow on when developed

  68. bookreader
    I´m trying to make a milking based slave out of nico robin from one piece and later with her as assistance make milking somehow avaible with current slave, but at the moment im stuck with work and stuck at programming it, but look forwart to it

  69. As a freelancer you end up buying Ayane twice. Once when you start training her for 200 gp then again when her loyalty event triggers for 2000 gp. I don't really care about the money, I just find it hilarious that you are throwing money into a fire or something when you buy her from her owner.

  70. are the spiderlady & the lady on the rocks compleate?

  71. i m training minoko as a catslave but i've a problem...when i arrive at 20 points in catslave skill, i cannot gain points anymore, if i speak with catgirls stat change to 21 buth when day or night finish revert to 20

  72. Hi, I am a little confused why is the event with count meant to be as a one off. I dont really see any storyline aspect why it should be (yes, he said that he has only a few vials, but we can assume that he can create more, no?) and i think its a pity, as it is a very nice and entertaining event. Also, there is a slight bug with that - you can visit the count with a new slave (after you previously finished this event with some other slave) and the Count will still ask you to do the first part of the event, i.e. the unsuccesful attempt to milk the slave, then he say that he will consult it with the alchemist and tell you to return later. But when you come later, nothing happens.
    Also, i dont see much reason to why the forest BE event should be linked to the Count - it is relatively big and gameplay-rich event and i think it is a pity that you can do it only once.

    Another thing, when i find a buyer in the freelancer mode, he always say smthing like "prepare her to be delivered in XY days". However, nothing happens on that day (it isnt even shown in the calendar), so i have to use the "end training" button. BUT, when i do that, i get to hear all the "you delivered her too late/too soon" crap...not that i care about the money loss as a freelancer, but wtf anyway.

    @electronpool very good point, the monetary system is really weird, but i guess it will take a lot of work to create new prices for everything

    One last question out of curiosity - do the physical proportions of the slave (like breast size, waist size etc) actually matter at some point of the game?

    Anyway, great game, thanks for your work

  73. Oh, and one more bug i found - the "skin care" and "hair styling" in saloon does not seem to work - it only takes your money, but does not boost charisma. I am using the clean latest version, no updates.

  74. Some of the events which seem like they should increase the catgirl training progress don't increase it properly (Singing when you actually interact with Mina?). Also, the catgirl encounter during dinner at the High Class Prostitute's social function seems like it should increase more than just 1, just like the encounter during Miss N's party, is that intended?

    Once in a while, gender text is reversed after saving/loading a game, slave will be referred to as "he", even if she's still 100% female. Not a big deal, exiting and re-loading seems to fix it.

    Is seduction skill supposed to show up during courtesan training? It usually increases to 10/15 on girls who don't have it as part of their character features, doesn't seem to do anything.

    Can't seem to get Lord to fall in love with Akane, are there certain events, or just visit/lend to him multiple times?

  75. @hessi_james:
    At night was just an example, it happens during the day as well. And during the day its very explicit that you CAN do other things while the slave is being trained. But you can only talk to existing slaves during the breakfast portion and thus lose time of the day.

  76. everytime i download this game or any other version i end up stoping at the choose your girl moment, i may just be retarded, but can some go through and tell me step by step the requirements to make the game work


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