Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.02

This is mainly a bug fix release for the game that also adds some new features and a lot of developer support.

Fixes include

  • Planning fixes for rest and Talk to Slaves
  • several meeting related issues
  • multiple fixes for the xml event system
  • some reluctance/gender issues for sex acts
  • Fixes for Shampoo when your slave maker is a Freelancer
  • fixed for Menace, some undefined's in text
  • fixes for Ayanami Rei, custom job and some other issues
  • fixes for Naru and naked options
  • fixes for Ranma and Martial Arts contest
  • some events did not reset properly after training a slave
Actually there have been so many I forget them all, and I have been lax in keeping records of them all


Game Play Changes

  •  New house, the Galley
  • New events related to Slave Maker action 'Attend Court'. More planned
  • additional text and graphics for Lady Farun, more to come (or cum)
  • Lamia event expanded upon, several paths, depends on 'Non-Human sex' setting and slave statistics
  • A new bad-end

Other Changes

  • Slave Maker Avatars are now loaded differently to conserve memory, so you can add lots more if you like.
  • Sound effect moved, now the game supports playing any external mp3 file (for developers use _root.PlaySound(Sounds/Circus.mp3"); )
  • Pure XML assistants are now supported. There is one present now, Arcueid from Tsukihime.
  • More options, functions for XML events and slaves

I currently have a lot of code to support loading older save games from versions 3.2.0 etc. In the next version I will remove this code. Once you upgrade if you wish to be able to use an old save game for version 3.2.03 make sure to
a) load the save game
b) resave it


The full version and slaves inclusive versions include all recent new or upgraded versions of slaves and assistants, including
Aeris, Bulma, Sakura, Chun Li, Gardevoir, Nina Windia, Peach, Shampoo, Ranma, Akane, Ayanami Rei, Naru, Yurika, Menace, Brain Slug, Kirino Kousaka

Upgrade for version 3.2.x, excludes any slave specific fixes

Installation: extract this into your current game folder. DO NOT extract to a sub folder

Upgrade for slaves only
Requires the upgrade above

Installation: extract this into your current game folder. DO NOT extract to a sub folder

Full Version (a complete install, requires none of the above or any previous version)

Mirror (links interchangablewith the above)

Note: these links are not compatible with the other links above

Torrent by Zythen

Installation: create a folder and extract this into it.

A fix for some slave issues, a dress issue for Naru, issuees for Nina, Kirino Kousaka and Shampoo


To install this fix just extract into the Slaves folder of your game installation


  1. Torrent would be awesome download option for this. The full versions are getting a bit large for doing it in regular manner.

  2. You're missing the download links for:

    Upgrade for slaves only
    Full Version (a complete install, requires none of the above or any previous version)

    They're underlined but there's no link

  3. did you see that it said uploading? he spends a lot of time doin this stuff give him some time lol

  4. Dark King
    those were underlined headings, not links. I have changed them for clarity

  5. is there any custom/user developed events included? like BE in the forest etc.? there are too many user based slaves/addons now, i cant be sure at all :S

  6. lemartes
    Nothing new over 3.2.01, still has the Red Lily Bar for instance. The BE Forest bits are still there. Nothing else has been released and some are dependent on this release.

    Aeris has had a large upgrade.

  7. Are there any new features for the Red Lily in this release? I'll be honest, that's the number one thing that has me excited for updates. Unlocking it was really hot!

  8. tempestreturns
    The Red Lily is developed by a 3rd party, Rowandon. There has not been a new release since 3.2.01

  9. Thank you for answering my question. Sorry to bother. :)

  10. MultiUpload is hanging for some reason, so the full version will be delayed until I (or they) sort out the issue

  11. @ Cmacleod ; Thank you for your hard work... Well, i'm telling you the same thing each time but i like your work.
    I'm waiting for the full release! ^^

  12. Thanks Sevari, as I noted MultiUpload is not working for me at the moment.

    I am now uploading to Rapidshare as I have a premium account there, but it will be several hours to upload. Worst case I will upload there and to MediaFire

  13. upgrades for... Brain Slug, did I miss something

  14. Brain Slug is a recently released Assistant, released in the futanari palace forum

  15. wow game has grown big time

    think it was roughly around 500mb when i frist started

    keep up the good work

  16. @ Jason ; And i, i'm playing this game since the fist opus (1 & 1,5). From an old car to an interstellar spaceship!!! ^o^

    I salute thou Ô SlaveMaker! >o<

  17. so question
    i picked brain slime for my frist asstiant
    well that did not turn out well it fed on my brain and took over the world

    how do i feed it ??? lol

  18. ~blinks a few times~ so if we take the up dates an un pack them in the folders we got now will it mean we have v3.2.02? sorr y if you benn asked about this

  19. I didnt see but was Rouge included in this one?

  20. Hello, can someone tell me how to get the lamia event? I've tried several things but haven't had any luck

  21. @james
    just follow these instructions
    Upgrade for version 3.2.x, excludes any slave specific fixes

    dl link below it
    open it transfer all files in to your previous slave maker game file

    as for the new slave updates the links below that one that saids slave updates you will need to dl to for those new slaves

  22. so whats the new bad ending?

    and has the rei problem been fixed? even if i choose not to have sex with her and only train her morally, her purity (special stat, haven't played because of the problem) only drops and doing acolyte and her ritual don't do anything.

    so basically it only drops and doesn't go up.

  23. question how do you get areis use her powers after she your assistant

  24. Lamia event
    walk in the secur slave pens, it is one of the encounters

    New Bad end - is one outcome of the same event

    I am not aware of any current issue with Rei. Remember you must do a purification every day if you are persuing the pure story arc

  25. Thank you for the release... :)

    LOAD & PLAY!!! ^^

  26. In the middle of downloading all the updates so I
    thought I might trouble someone with one main question and a minor one.
    For a few of the slaves, it says certain events
    can be triggered by drinking nymph's tears three
    times. I can only get the potion one time and that
    is when I visit Lady Farun. The next times, the trader just wants to use the whip and there is no option to buy. I didn't want to say "no" for fear that she wouldn't sell me the first time.
    And I thought I read where you could have your assistant slaves go shopping. Can't figure that one out.
    Great game and I know that it takes a lot of hard work to program it. Haven't been addicted to a game like this since Sims2

  27. wayneout
    I think you have read something a little confused.

    There is no special effect drinking the Nymph's Tears 3 times.

    There are special effect drinking 3 time
    - uninhibitory potion and it's variant
    - the Priapus Draft from Astrid

  28. It was on Naru and now I see that it just says
    astrid's draft. They must mean Priapus Draft.
    I haven't run across it yet. I confused it with
    Nymph's tears. Thanks for the fast answer.

  29. How do I load a game from an older version of Slavemaker (3.2.01)?

  30. @erik
    you load it as you always did by selecting "load game" and then clicking the load icon of the savefile you want to continue with.
    if there are no savefiles listed, you probably changed the path of the game. make sure the game is installed to the exact same path your old version was. the name of your gamefolder has to remain the same as it has been before.

  31. new bad end is a new outcome of a same event? can i ask what event it is? trying to actually play this game as if it's something that has a 100% completion lol. guess ill retry rei and see if i missed a ritual or something on accident. i could only get failed exorcist since i can't seem to raise it.

  32. geez forgot to ask. will kirino ever be getting her own tentacle rape set of pics? i've tried looking online and dont seem to see any for me to add myself. i think this is the one time rule 34 got beat.

  33. ok well im dl the three full versions, do i extract them in to the folder that has 3.2.1? or what lol im sorry im a nub V,v

  34. ya, overwrite everything. usually best to back up everything first. just incase some freak accident happens. you don't want to start all over do you lol.

  35. returnofbeans
    outcome of the Lamia event

    delete all files from your current installation, then extract the first part of the full install into that folder, your archiving program will automatically extract all the other parts

  36. Good to see those improvements, nice job.

    Are the tentacle whore endings from converted by tentacles implemented? I am trying new combinations and cant seem to find anything related, even the wiki has no references.

    And what about the onsen house sword quest? By the way, if already living at the onsen/brothel why would the slave work for someone else there?

    Taking the chance, what about combining chores? I mean, working on the same place at the same time slot of the day should be a special occasion (combo event). Like both working at the sleazy bar or if personal supervising and can work there (to show off how it is done).

    Any chance for an always naked/plug on/off option so that it would not be necessary to remember picking the action every day? (not to mention that to keep manually repeating it is quite annoying)

  37. cmacleod
    I have played many free in-development games and you are by-far the best developer of all the developers I have encountered in terms of speed and dedication to updates, replies, and helpfulness toward the player community!

    I also have many suggestions for game additions, where would be the best place for me to post my ideas for the game?

  38. TRK
    those backgrounds/houses have not had any changes in this release. There is a 3rd party work on the 'Converted By Tentacles' background, and for the Milking events.

    I agree the combined job should work differently, and will do something, any suggestions?

    For Naked, this is do far a special for Naru, so the idea of it becoming available for all slaves is something that should arise out of training Naru, but not necessarily requiring her as an assistant.

    Plug I had not really considered, just a matter of considering how to implement.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Probably the best place for many suggestions is one of the forums. register and post in the suggestions thread there.

    But if there are only a few or simple, then you are welcome to post here

  39. Is farm event for cow girl ending was changed/removed? I tried do it through whole Akane training, but - nothing! I had almost all stats at 100 and go in farm 7 times every day, but dont get it...
    My bad luck?

  40. nights00
    No change and I just tried it and works fine with Akane. Which of the downloads are you using?
    Did you use the full version, the 100Mb update or 100Mb + slave 450Mb?

    Akane has some fixes, notably the Slave-Akame.xml file. Try copying this file into your Slaves folder for your game installation

  41. For anyone that wants it, I've setup a new torrent for the full version of 3.2.02.

    Torrent is available here:

    Swarm is seeded, I'm reg'ed on FP and on masterbloodfer forums if anyone who has any trouble with the swarm wants to get ahold of me.

  42. I've noticed an issue when training a new slave from an existing profile. If I select any owned slaves I had before I upgraded it defaults to shampoo (the first owned slave on my list), however any owned slaves I've had after upgrading still work fine. Also under assistant review it lists clit sizes for dickgirls

  43. Blahity
    I have had another report of this. It is a problem with some old save games. I was fairly sure I upgraded everything correctly but clearly not.

    Probably it would be best to just start a new game from scratch. If this is a huge impostion I can fix a bit. Please post the save game you are having issues with and I'll fix it.

  44. i have a possible suggestion, up to you to decide on it if you have/havent yet.. if you have a dick girl why not have an option to use her at court occasions such as orgies or other such events that your slave maker can attend, and possibly make money or find prospective buyers or slaves to buy from other lands (opening up for some unlockable slaves due to how highly regarded you are as a slave maker) and be able to train them such as furry characters, possible tenticle monster type hybrid girls or even monsters/demons that you can personally train supervise and have new options for other slaves should you decide to keep them for yourself

  45. OK, back to Aeris.

    I've had the nymph magic event. I went to the dance school until I got told to meet in the forest. Met in the forest, got told to go to the docks and the beach.

    The beach only has an event in the Private Area that doesn't progress anything regardless of the choice made. I can't fire the Docks event.

    Which of the 3 places at the Docks? Night or day?

  46. Because i only use the swf version of the game in Firefox i wound up selecting all the old 3.2.01 .sol fles in Macromedia/flashplayer/local hosts and copying them into an empty (except for a global settings file) 3.2.02 sol folder in local hosts.
    After that the new version of the swf game finally located my saved games.

    I now have both versions under Slavemaker on D and Macromedia files on C but will archive the old ones as soon as i'm sure the saved games were properly updated
    (i loaded and re-saved each of 4 save slots and even used a temp slot to test start a new training spotting the new girls in the game right away)

    Thanks for all the work and ingenuity that has gone into this fascinating game :)

  47. cmac. I got a bit of a strange problem. I turn off the sound effects and every time I come back to the game they have come back on. I delete the previous version before doing a full install.

  48. I have tried a different flash player and the same thing happens with that.

  49. i do have the same problem as DarkMeph. my sound reactivates, too.

  50. I unpacked the Fix rar directly into 3.2.02, got 6 or so xml, txt and swf files for various slaves.

    Do i need to put them into the slave folder or can the swf game access them as is?

    Never did a partial fix before, only installed full game updates.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. "I agree the combined job should work differently, and will do something, any suggestions?"

    Very well, breaking in parts first to make it manageable:
    1 - Maker can work there and go to work, slave cant (at least yet). Then: The maker shows how it should be done. Decreases the resistance to the act.
    2 - Maker cant work there and go to visit/watch, slave cant work there (yet). Then: Spend some time together. Increases trust, maybe love.
    3 - Doesn't matter if maker can work or not there but goes supervising, slave cant work there (yet). Then: Default behavior.
    4 - Maker can work there and goes supervising, slave can work there. Then: Coach work. Boost stats increase.
    5 - Both, maker and slave can work there and go to work. Then: Choose some night sex act to do in public as a special performance (if renowned enough even the extreme ones). Effect depend on how both are lustful and skilled, from a disappointing performance with a fine and some penalties up to a show with lots of renown and money (the skills should always increase as they will be training anyway). Could even trigger some story event like picking the attention of someone else.

    :) - Just imagining the bondage show at the onsen... after banning the use of covers (clothes included) there... aham...

    Banning the use of clothes at home my freshest idea. Could require the exhibitionist trait for the maker I have been imagining for a while (would block the refined trait of course, with related consequences for the slave).

    Obviously this is a draft, but is expresses what I have in mind, hope you find it useful/inspiring.

  53. cat
    forgot to say, extract the files into the Slaves folder of your game

    thanks, some interesting ideas, I would like to go to that onsen..

  54. is anybody else having troubles getting permission to go to the ruins now? I have gone to court for weeks, talking to everybody over and over again and it wont advance the ruin quest. am I doing it wrong or is this a bug now?

  55. I found a bug while training Peach, when I talk a walk and choose red lily or home it takes me to the cave instead.

  56. First, kick ass-work on all this. Much kudos.

    I'm seeing the same thing as nights00 in regards to the "Cow Girl" endings.

    In fact I'm seeing it for all slaves that were able to get milked, not a single one of them was able to get the Cow Girl ending.

    In addition, not a single time was I able to get the slavers to kidnap for the Cow Girl BadEnd. It's for all slaves that I was able to start getting them milked.

    I've tried with female, dickgirl, and even once with male SM, and with different background combinations, including Elf, True Catgirl, and vanilla.

    I'm using the 100MB update, and the 400MB slave update.

    I'm going to download the 1.2GB full-version and see if I can duplicate it with that one.

    Also, 2 quick questions:

    What effect does the female SM Ex Cowgirl background actually have?

    Is there a female SM -> dickgirl SM plot option, like how there's a male SM -> female/dickgirl SM plot option? How about making the Oberotica Potion usable by the SM?

  57. there are problems with sakura, don't know if other slaves are bugged this way too..
    if there is a question that requires a yes/no decision, like taking a sniff by the pre-events of red lily, i got a blank page after deciding and the decision doesn't count. But i only found this problem when doing this with sakura.

    haven't you said the lamia would be a BAD end? Got the events.. and shampoo got fucked in the forest by the lamia. But after that SM and shampoo go home.
    Doesn't bad end mean it ends the game? or is there more to come with shampoos changed eyes?

  58. I'm going to have to create a virtual machine since it was my defragmentation program that was cancelling the save game.

    And I need the defrag on.

    On another note.

    My firewall blocked something that was connecting to the internet inside the program files. It did not affect the running or saving of the game in older versions.

    On the pc that I did not have a firewall to detect it, I'm assuming it's running. And this version on that one, it froze up whenever a seer popped up to tell me something. And I had to reload the save file.

  59. On another note. When I click yes for any character when they tell about loving the character, it refuses to give attribute increases or have a beating heart.

    Then it asks again the next time. And still doesn't show anything

  60. I keep yapping.

    This is the full version that I'm using.

    The upgrade for version program, works alright in the older.

    However, while the new options for court etc are available, the new available story options including ninja are not. And the old Sakura story/version, for example is still in use even though the newer is in there (i think).

    Love option works if I only use the upgrade for an older.

  61. fc1a7036-b76c-11e0-966e-000bcdcb471e
    I am not aware of an issue, I'll check when I resume work on the game, currently on a short break

    that should not happen, I'll check with the developer of Peach

    to get the bad ending the slave much be milked multiple times (6+) and regularly to prevent them spontaneously being cured. Did you do this?

    At the moment the background has no effect, it will be implemented in a later release.

    it seems very unlikely a defragmenter causes save games to be lost, unless it also deletes some files. Which deframgenter do you use.

    The game has a version check in it where once a week it checks in a new version is available. That would be the test you are seeing.

    For love confessions you only get stat increases if the stats are not already maxed. Did you slave maker have the skill lesbian trainer, or leadership?

    What do you means
    "Then is asks again the next time"

    The bad end happend is bad ends are on and your slave has a constitution 70 or less, it if they are not tough enough. Probably your slave has a con> 70.

  62. I usually have the love aspect by day 11 or sooner depending. I work on joy first with kissing and rest. It hits around joy 25-30

    Usually that is.

    example which I just now went through:

    Character says she loves the character, on day 11. I click yes. Stats are too low for the stat increase not to appear. It does not.

    Day 12. Character admits loving the character, I choose yes. Stats still do not appear.

    Day 13. Character admits loving the character. I choose yes. Stats still do not appear

    Day 14
    Day 15


    defrag program is called smartdefrag. Which is highly recommended, in free form, as being better than what comes with the pc. Pro form works great on the server.

    After I turned off the defrag, I did not lose the saved game any more.

  63. Oh, and I have leadership and lesbian. Neither of which have ever affect the love aspect before.

  64. okay, got the ending where the slave becomes a lamia and escapes.
    can i meet her in the forest?

    and can i meet the lamia even if she escaped the slave pens before the event?

  65. @jan.graskamp1988, Can I ask how you triggered the events after your slave gets fucked in the forest? All that happened to mine is she developed a set of fangs and thats it. I've sent her to the forest several times but haven't had another event.

  66. hey I downloaded the whole file, and whenever I try to start a new game I cant see any pictures of the slave trainer avatars or the slaves when I choose who I want to use.

  67. I don't know if anyone else is having these problems...but I don't recieve any money after owner testing. I also don't meet Tena or the Bounty Hunter (Iria)or any encounters on the docks section of the docks other than tenticles and slaves being led around.

  68. Love the new release. The enhancements to visiting the court are great. In particular, the new embassador and conversations with Lady Farun are great additions to the game. Bravo!

  69. jan.graskamp1988
    no additional Lama events yet

    That is the same event, there are no additional events

    Probably you extracted the archive incorrectly. Did you try extracting each part? ONLY extract th efirst part.

    Are you using an old save game or starting a new one?

    C.M. Tyssen
    thanks, I rather liked the court bit too

  70. some of them self corrected... somehow.

    Sakura is the die hard though. 15 days of saying yes and 15 days of her giving the character the option of saying yes or no to her love.

  71. The ultimate "does not compute" question. ;)
    Started a new trainer in the new version (3.2.02)
    Got the buy back/love additional ending for Nina.

    Since she will now be living with me and i'm playing in sandbox mode... what happens if i both select her to retrain *and* as a free assistant? Or any other girl in the old version where i wound up with 3 out of 5 living with me.

  72. cat
    As you said you are playing in sandbox mode. It ignores all restrictions and limitations of training. If you want sense then do not use sandbox mode.

  73. @cmac.. yeah, i started this trainer in sandbox 'cause i wanted to explore diff endings, then the paradox idea kicked in.
    It gets worse.. if i get a diff ending but also the secondary love ending then i wind up with 2 maxed out Ninas... if i do it again and again i could wind up with a house full of Ninas (or any other girl) which would make night actions very strange;)

    btw-i took her magic training to 100 but there is no photo of her doing the training and no seeming result of her learning magic.

    And she refuses to wear cat gear tho the owner during the end told me i could make her a catgirl by getting stats which i went way past while training her to the current max's of 100 (shrug)

  74. Hi, thank you for the hard work. I've downloaded the items multiple times but each time I try to extract them, it gets stuck and tells me that 'Data error in slavemaker3.exe file is broken' (attached screenshot)

    It does this with both 7zip and The Extractor. :(

  75. @tenchan: download the full version, I had no problems with it.

  76. @Cat - the developer of Nina does not wish to make her either a Pony or Cat slave. (which I'm a proponent of both) So give up on trying (at this point in time) on those two training paths.

  77. I surrender. Going back to the previous version with the upgrades. Thankfully I kept it on the computer.

    All I have to do is say "Yes" once when it asks my character if he accepts Sakura's love.

    This current version, I'm on day 91. and answered yes again. Then it ended and she didn't stay because according to the game my character didn't accept her love.

  78. sorry.. forgot for a second what style game it was. Replaced the sakura files in the new with the ones from the old. and voila. I just don't have the revised story-line and game options for her

  79. @Love Robin, yes, she comes across as far too dignified to accept those paths and i have ponygirl/bdsm disabled anyway (not my thing) so i can simply go for a courtesan path which i've done before with several girls if i decide to retrain her.. still want to fully explore her magic path too and see what comes out of that.

    Thanks for the additional info on her refusal of becoming a catgirl.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Using the new version with no trace of the old files i ran into the same problem someone mentioned already.
    Picking a new girl to train, my 2nd under this trainer persona, i can't use a trained girl as an assistant, it defaults to Shampoo which never happened in the old version, even tho i never trained her. Had to go back to Hild as my assistant.

    and a minor bug, book of lady's guide book vanishes from inventory within a day.

  82. cat
    which trained slave did you try to use as an assistant?

  83. blogspot is messing up... i tried to use Nina as an assistant to train Mihoshi but had to use my usual Hild (tho i do most training personally)

    I got very high stats but had major problems encountering the people and actions to set her on a courtesan/catgirl/faerie path.

    Thinking of saving the 02 version w/its 1st set of sol save files and going back to 01 with all 5 sets of sol file saves and only downloading the updated slave file folder part of 02 till all the unexpected game play bugs are worked out.. i have 3 girls living w/me in the old one, one i want to use as an assistant and two i want to to retrain for diff special endings.

  84. Random note.

    I'm curious why Shampoo, who followed the character instead of being handed over to him by an owner, is handed over to the owner she never had at the end. Causing all the money made to disappear when she's returned by the owner she never had, leaving only a basic 500 and something.

  85. lonewolf
    because it is a bug. I thought it was fixed in this release, but clearly not.

  86. Ah. If I asked one that's already been asked, sorry. It's not an attempt at nitpicking I promise.

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Nice job! Thanks a lot! BTW, what means: "Slame Maker Ending 'Tentacle Impregnared' x4" I can't wait what this means ))) This appears if your slave go outside house ('Go walk' option on) and have disappeared, and you can go and find her in tentacle lair, then lose the battle and accept to open tour mounth. Ta-dam: You have sex with tentacle over and over... And the end of slave training you see this screen:

    I have option 'Bad Ends' off. (old pic, i have level x4 already)

    And in previous version. When I complete training slave (CatGirl(100%)) I see this:

    (Your training has been excellent, she is now a valuable and cute Catboy, quite remarkably so).

    She - Catboy??? OMG. I trained slaves in 90% Perfect Catgirls, but this screen saw first time! Any ideas?

  89. Maybe I'm missing something but with the new Attend Court options, I can't get to the ruins. Lady Farun says to visit her at court, but I can't find her in the 4 options, therefore I can't get the pass to the ruins. Am I don't something wrong?

  90. @ghesta.. alt paths
    1) go to the slave pens, meet the slave who lost her teddy bear, your girl gives hers to the slave, return and you go to ruins to rescue her from zombies at mines/ruins.

    2) keep going to secure slave pens and rescue Lady visits to her now tho i never needed her to get to ruins

    Unless.. you are on a totally diff quest that is ruins related, such as nymphs tears where you have to see Astrid as well as Lady Farun.

    Either way you have to be invited to her home.

    The game interactions are often very complicated including the ability to have highly detailed daytime affairs with half
    the female NPC's
    for both you and your trainee, together or separate :)

  91. Well, the issues I posted before seem to be in my imagination, but I do have two questions.

    First, I've been training Bulma, and I've been having a hell of a time trying to get her intelligence or the other two traits to go down. The most I've been able to get a reduction by is 0.5. That means that I would have to spend the majority of training just to reduce her intelligence. I saw that stat decreases were modified, but was this intended to be this extreme?

    Also, I was just wondering about the whole breast expansion thing. No matter how big I get a girl's breasts, I don't notice a change in their images. It's entirely possible that I imagined that the image was effected by this, but I thought that I had read that it would happen. In regards to the giga be event, that happens with that potion variant from the store, correct? Is there any way to get the event without the slave getting stolen by demons?

    Many Thanks!!!

  92. I've been following this game for a long time and i really love it. I have one problem though with this latest full install.

    Sakura is bugged.

    She has a white blank page at the end of every night before morning starts. And She will not fall in love. She asks you to accept her love but when you click yes nothing happens. This repeats over and over again.

    Hope you can fix it. Or that i missed a fix for this. Thanks!

  93. @Saionji11
    i just finished training bulma. you can get her temperament down by using bondage. and the best way i came up with to get her intelligence down is making her do make up a lot. make up only takes one hour to do and she doesn't get tired doing it. so you can get her to do it at least 14times a day. that's not that much of her training time then. i didn't care for sensibility but it should be no problem, if you just keep it low right from the start.

    also you can turn off bad ends in the options to be able to keep your slave, after the BE event with the uninhibitory potion. (if you like to play with bad endings you can turn it on again after doing the BE event.)

  94. Just finished my 2nd girl under the new revision, Bulma... did not like her owner and wasn't about to make her dumb for bigger boobs so i racked her intelligence up to 100, found all 7 balls, let her make the wish, since i had her love, she chose mistress and came to live with me as a bisexual futa (she likes "un-enhanced" women too) with a sex drive thru the roof and all her stats maxed...heh, love this game. oh, i'm playing a futa succubus but so far no girls for training yet for that...started another daytime affair with yet another female NPC :)

  95. @cat
    Thanks for the advice, but I'm well past that stage. Let me explain in greater detail.

    You visit the slave pens twice, the second time you find out that the girl was taken to the ruins. So then you go to the secure pens and rescue lady farun. She tells you to visit her. You visit her and ask her for a pass to the ruins.

    AT THIS POINT she says that your slavemaker should join her at court. Previous to this patch you would 'attend court' and get a dialogue with her where she would seduce another member of court.

    This dialogue is no longer available.

    This means that the quest chain to visit the ruins is now broken for someone who doesn't have the ruins unlocked with a different way (ie having the correct starting attributes). That's my point is the new 'attend court' option doesn't allow for the ruins to be unlocked anymore via the farun quest chain.

    I visited court like 40 or 50 times just to make sure it wasn't a random thing and I never was able to 'find lady farun' at court. Visiting her she would just repeat that she needed your help at court.

    See? Dead end, broken quest chain. No way to get to the ruins.


    Separate matter / question:

    With one slave, I meet lady Epona. I visit her often enough to get one rank in the ponymaker skill, but then with future slaves, I can not visit her or the stables any more. Epona won't talk to me because my slave isn't wearing a bit gag, the stables wont' sell to me because I'm not a 'pony trainer,' and I can't do sexual 'ponygirl training' because my slave doesn't have the correct items.

    I was told that you can get a bit for your slave via the ruins rescue quest... but that again hinges on the broken quest chain I spoke about above.


  96. @ghesta
    you always needed to make her a ponygirl before you were able to visit the stables with her. the easiest way to get the bit gag is to take a walk at the docks (port area), where you can meet a woman with a ponygirl who gives you a bitgag for your slave. you must have done this before in order to visit mistress epona. she doesn't even show up in the visit list before you do that. (mistress epona only gets unlocked if you supervise the walk personnally)

  97. Hmmmmm See, I found mistress Epona on the docks with slave 1, got the bit, visited Mistress Epona, learned how to be a ponygirl trainer. THEN when i moved onto the next slave, slave 2, I can still visit epona, but she won't see me because I don't have a bit. I'll try out the visiting the dock thing again.

  98. @ ghesta
    Yeah, i got the items for a ponygirl in a total random encounter in the new game and i had ponygirl *disabled*, i was all wtf?

    Lady Farun vanished for me too at court but i had another way to the ruins luckily. I went directly to the ruins from the pens the moment i found the girl was taken there.

    And part of my night time catgirl path was interrupted this last game...just vanished.

    The new game is a bit flaky, esp the court part,
    i'm trying to play around it and also get past the bug that ignores girls i train and buy back that i choose as my assistant with a default Shampoo as an assistant..i have to reload at that point, i can't get past Shampoo's jealousy of other girls till i get to a higher leadership..bleah

  99. Sakura is buggued ? I can't end training. When "yes" and "no" buttons appears, but when I click on "yes"...the descision doesn't count. I just tested with other new slaves, and it works. Is Sakura the only "can't end my training" slave ? ^^

    I don't know if it's a bug, but Sakura's catslave training still at 30. Only a few slaves can be 50+ ?

    PS : ty for including Gardevoir, i love this pokemon :P
    PS2 : sorry for my bad english :-(

  100. @sDox
    a lot of slaves can have catgirltraining at 100 (maybe all, but i don't know). when you reach the cap at 30, take a walk to the farm until you meet the tiger cat girl and choose yes. now you should have unlocked the cap at 50. when you reach that cap, make her attend a party with miss n. and choose to let your slave work as a maid. then choose "outside" (or was it called outdoors?). you should have unlocked the cap at 100 now. this can be checked by clicking on "slave stats2". there should be an "(accepted)" behind the number indicating her skill-level.
    for information on how to make your slave attend the party, pls check the wiki

  101. ghesta
    The encounter with the Mistress at the docks where you get the bitgag will always happen, it is not blocked by previous slave training.

    The event requires
    a) your slave is near to being willing to do bondage actions
    b) you do not have a bit-gag or you have no skill in ponygirl training

    The stables are opened when you visit them with a ponygirl. Once you get a slave to accept being a pony girl visit the stables and they will be opened for you for all later slaves.

    I think I have fixed the court issues. I am checking the assistant problem now

  102. i am just starting out with this. i played the first slavemaker online a long time ago and was looking for it again and found this one. ive tried downloading and have succeeded with that but i cant figure out how to decompress the .rar files. so i havnt seen any part of this game. is there another version that can be downloaded or a free program i can use to do the decompression? also i dont know if there is a current full download with all of the updates and fixes. if there is could someone please direct me to it and if there isnt can someone tell me where to start and what additional downloads i need? thx :)

  103. ninetailedsage
    there are multiple free programs that will decompress rar files. WinRar does have a free trial ( and it does not really expire

    If you download the full install (1.12Gb) version you do not need any additional downloads. There have not been any fixes released for this version yet.

  104. I don't know if it has been said but after training Chun-Li and getting the buy back, when I choose her has an assistant i get Shampoo for assistant.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. sDox
    Sakura has several issues where the Yes/No buttons do not work correctly. This is a bug with Sakura and has been reported to the developer

  108. hessi_james : Thanks, but I've already checked the wiki, and... when I talk to the "tiger girl" and click on button "yes", my skill still at level 30. The "+" is on the right of the skill... I don't understand... :'(

    Have you already trained Sakura as a "status accepted" Catgirl ?

    I'll retry with another slave tomorrow.

    (sorry for my english :p)

    *EDIT : I just retried with another slave. I've helped Marna (with the "Catburglar"), and when I go to the center-town at 22H, I can't encounter the Catgirl. WTF ?

    cmacleod42 : Okay, thanks for the info :p

  109. I have encounter a bug at the conntests, with ranma as assitant, an yurihi and gandevoir as slaves, there is martial arts contest shown and when i let my slave participate in in i get the pictures of housekeeping contest(maybe special housekkeping)
    and before the first pictures at any contest are shown i have a white screen where the pictures shlould be shown and have to push the next buton several times.

  110. Gluecksburger
    that is a bug, that contest should only appear if Ranma is the slave. not the assistant. I'll fix

  111. sDox
    "I've helped Marna (with the "Catburglar"), and when I go to the center-town at 22H, I can't encounter the Catgirl."

    Do you mean you have completed the Catburglar story with Natsu, and have caught the burglar (or she escaped)?
    Or do you mean you cannot find Natsu in the Town Center to find the catburglar?

  112. Well I've encountered the Catburglar and helped Marna. My Catslave skill is 25, so I have to meet Natsu at the Town Center for 5 times or something like that, isn't it ? But I can't find her any more... is the Catburglar story finished or have I to do something else ?

  113. sDox
    once the catburglar is caught that is the end of the nightly patrols and you will not meet Natsu in the town center.

    To advance more you need to meet more catgirls elsewhere. They are found in various jobs (about 30% of the time, the first time you work the job in a given day) and in assorted places, like walking at the beach, and so on.

  114. Oh, thanks, I'll try with a new slave.

    I hope it will work and that my skills will not stay at 30. :S

  115. @sDox
    i never tried to train sakura. i focus on training the more complete slaves. when i'm done with the more complete ones i will try sakura, too

  116. @hessi_james : Yeah, i'll try to make the best slaves too, but Sakura have to be debuggued... I've tested with Sakura, and her skill stay at 30. But with another slave, when I find Catgirls (and the "tiger" at the farm), it works. Thanks a lot Macleod :)

  117. I know it was asked before, but could you please make an option to change the savegame location? ><'

  118. I'm experiencing the same issue with the ruins quest. I started a new slavemaker (accidentally deleted my savefile due to clearing browser history =x) after doing the upgrade install from 3.201. On my first slave (Kasumi), the ruins quest worked just fine with the new attend court system, it added the option to talk to Lady Farun after I rescued her, and thus I could complete the quest as normal. However, anyone else doesn't seem to work properly, Lady Farun option doesn't show up, I can visit her, but after she says to help her convince the noble at court, it just gives me a broken line of text about helping her every time I visit her, and since her talk option didn't show up in court, I can't complete that part either.

  119. Slight change to the above, seem to have found the issue related to ruins quest/not being able to talk to Lady Farun at court. Started a new slavemaker, get the usual tutorial/introduction screens for first visits to all places, including the one of meeting Lady Farun at court. That event seems to be the one linked to opening up the option of talking to her at court, and since you don't receive the introduction screens again after your first slave, you can't open that option since it goes straight to picking the slavemaker options at court (without the #2 - talk to lady farun option). So until the issue is fixed, you can do the ruins quest fine on your first slave, then afterwards, lady farun disappears permanently from court. xD

  120. f780989e-713e-11e0-a098-000bcdcb5194
    In a recent comment I have noted I have fixed this issue, I am just working on assorted other issues and new features

  121. cmacleod42: Thanks. I noticed that you took my comment on the previous version regarding the catgirl training raises, the events are properly giving credit now. =D

    Also, how exactly does one "Pay off Yoruichi's fine"? When I had her as my slave, she made plenty of money, through working, fighting, winning, sex, etc. But in the ending, apparently her fine wasn't paid off, and I refused to pay it for her even though it would've barely made a dent in all the money I had. I'm quite sure I met the ending requirements for Divine Neko Warrior as well, had the dresses, the trainings, had the Ritual events up to her solving the riddles and acquiring the book after using the orb.

  122. @f780989e-713e-11e0-a098-000bcdcb5194

    i think you choose to pay yoruichis debt from her earned money, not yours. at least if she has earned enough money, but i'm not sure that is how it really works.

    i encountered a similar problem. i did everything according to the wiki and still got the neko devotee ending (i chose to pay her debt though). i thought about trying to change her dress to the commanders robe, but her catgirltraining prevented me from changing her outfit. so i wasn't able to check if that can changed anything. i think the most likely effect is getting the warrior ending instead

  123. I've tried BigJake86's suggestion to use makeup 14 times a day to reduce Bulma's intelligence, but at only a reduction of .2 per session that's only a reduction of 2.8 each day. Is there any way to fix this so that getting her stats low is more attainable?

    For the record, I'm using the full torrented game, version 3.2.02

    Many Thanks

  124. Okay, I tried downloading everything again, and only after I install the updates do I have an issue with reducing Bulma's stats, so I'll just have to do her prior to installing everything else.

  125. I'm seeing the same problem as DarkMeph, where I have to turn the sound effects off manually every time I run the game. Not a big deal, but it is kind of annoying.

    Also, making Minako go naked after she's agreed to wear the cat suit lowers her Catslave Training. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not.

  126. I train Musashi to be a dickgirl, after drinking the potion 3 times, my assistant mentions that Musashi can get the healing potion after 2 weeks....but the problem here is...the text keeps repeating and there's no next button. The game's stuck and keeps repeating the text like an infinite loop. Is there a fix for this?

  127. I cant pay off yourichi's fine, I made it so I had 50 gold at the start and made 11273 for the slave maker and made 17000 something with yoruichi and I still cant get the event to pay it off.
    And even if I did I'd have too little time to get the other special endings.

  128. I am still trying to get Slavemaker to start. Can someone tell me how? I cannot find instructions........ feel so stupid.

  129. does not exist

  130. can't be loaded

  131. Anyone gonna fix link for MediaFire?

  132. I've started a new slave (I'm actually on my 3rd) and I can't seem to find Lady Farun any more. Does she just stop talking to you or is this a bug? To clarify, I have seen her on the beach once, but the attack in the pens scenario doesn't seem to happen and I never see her at court.

  133. So, Multi-Upload links have all be removed, the last Mediafire link has been taken down and Rapidshare throttle their DL speeds to a useless 30kbps unless you have a premium account.


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