Monday, August 29, 2011

New Slave - Misako

New Slave - Misako

demercel has released a new slave, Misako, from the H-Game (and later anime) Gibo - Stepmother's Sin.

The slave is completely vanilla at this time, but demercel has mentioned plans to add events.

To install just extract this file into your game installation folder

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two new slaves

Two new slaves have been released, both early, vanilla releases


Released by CM Tyssen, Sakuya is from Touhou. She is vanalla at the moment. Also there are some image issues with her, some in the naming for her files, and some a bug in the core game.


vash99 has released Ran from Detective Conan, also a vanilla release.

For Sakuya
a) rename the included file
to the next free number (SlaveGirl40.txt for Sakuya, SlaveGirl41.txt for Ran)

b) copy the SlaveGirlxx.txt, Slave-xxxx.xml and the Slave-xxxx.png into the folder Slaves in your game installation

c) copy the folder (Sakuya or Slave-ran) into the folder Images

For Ran, just extract the new link above into your game installation folder

That should be it, they will work.

Note a new game release is needed for the image issues for Sakuya but I will not be able to release one for a while (a week a best)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Status pt 2

Please excuse, the worst has happened with my home issues, and I will be returning home to my family again, Please do not expect much for the next week or so.

I am still at home for the weekend so I will review posts/forum activity and try to get up to date there.

Otherwise I am doing some significant changes to Lady Farun and her events, basically expanding on her events. Her rape event in the docks is much expanded and your Slave Maker can get involved now. I need to edit/create so more images for the events involved, some intermediate images during for the differing options (ogre, tentacles, lizard man)

I have done quite a few changes to XML processing to try and optimise it and make things more generic. I am writing the updated SDK and as I do revising some functions to better consistency.

Otherwise a little work on
  • Krystal the Star Fox
  • Male Ranma transformation (optional)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Some real life issues have come up this week, so please do not expect many replies here or in the forums for the next week.

I will not have internet access on the weekend so no activity then, otherwise I will reply when I can

For note I have had people announcing work on the following slaves
  • Horo from, Spice and Wolf
  • Ran from Detective Conan
  • A Mithra/True Catgirl, an amalgam of images, so an original character
  • Marisa Karisame from Touhou
  • Motoko Aoyana from Love Hina. by Jaren who developed Yoruichi

TrekkieGal, the excellent 3D artist has started work on a 3D story/novel set in the world of SlaveMaker, and I look forward to it.

Still quite a few bugs to sort out in the game before a stable release of 3.2.03

Monday, August 15, 2011

More Updates

More slave updates


Update, from abisal's post

Fixed that issue and a few others I found like some messy dialogue here and there. EvilMine event should be turned off until either, you get the 7-Star DragonBall or you finish Bulma's training. Made a few things easier for playing. Videl now only appears in the beach and the slums if you are a female SM instead of everywhere.

From now on and for a few months, any updates I do for her will be even slower because I'll have less time.

Brain Slug assistant (also by abisal)
Also made a tiny update for the BrainSlug so it now also eats 1 Temperament to make things easier (but now obedience raises at a rate of 3).

from Darsel's post

BETA 2 Release

Haven't really got much to say that isn't noted in the Important!.txt file. I believe there is an issue with Genma interfering with Ino's obedience system though.. Haven't decided on a workaround yet.

Anyways, Enjoy! Beta2.1 will be in about 2~ weeks.

Note: Genma issue resolved.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Thf772 has released an updated version of Gardevior, adding futanari content, removing duplicate images and adding a spanish translation.

Extract the file into your game folder

Other Notes:
An update of the SMEncounter event by Rowadon was announced for release in the near future. This is the events associated with the 'Red Liliy' bar.

There are a couple of other 3rd party events in development
  • Succubus Training
  • Converted By Tentacles background
Both of these have an alpha release and rely on the 3.2.03 beta at this time. Once a stable release is available I will integrate them into the game.

Others in development but no release yet

  • More for the BE forest and cowgirl training
  • a Slave Maker dream world
  • a SM Bar Event

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 beta 2

Another beta release of the game. I have not had an opportunity to test this a lot and I have done quite a bit of tweaking

  • some changes to hopefully speed loading
  • some lowlevel changes for sounds
  • a number of bug fixes, notably one for external events
Some new features for developers

Added the following functions for assistants/events

  • ShowAttackChoicesAsAssistant(runmsg) : Boolean
  • ShowStatHintAsAssistant(stat: Boolean
  • HideItemsAsAssistant()
  • EquipItemAsAssistant(item): Boolean
  • WearItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • UnEquipItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • RemoveItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • ShowItemDescriptionAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • HideItemAsAssistant(tem:Number, align:Number)
  • ShowItemAsAssistant(item:Number, main:Boolean, align:Number, gframe:Number) : Boolean
  • function FadeSounds(time:Number) - fades all playing mp3 sounds, 10% per time in milliseconds. Does not effect internal sounds. Automatically called by core game when an event ends or HideImages() is called
  • some other requested changes also done, see development requests thread
  • new file Langauges/English/Acts.xml has nodes for all trainings both slave and slave maker. A few migrated to xml, the rest pending. ALL can be used in XML events/slaves

As noted I have not tested this as much as I hoped, so take care with the upgrade. You may wish to preserve your SlaveMaker3.exe and SlaveMaker3.swf temporarily in case of issues.

Just extract the file into your game folder

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Slave Hatsune Miku

Kiyoka (formerly know as Malarkay) has released an early alpha of Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.
Links and notes in their blog

NarutoXD has released the official update for Sakura

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beta 3.2.03

Beta Release
Here is a beta version of 3.2.03, mainly just to fix a few issues in the last release. This is not the final version just a preliminary version.

It fixes

  • XML slaves like Nina, Mihoshi did not work correctly as assistants (Shampoo appeared instead)
  • Lady Farun not appearing at times
  • a bug with external event loading

Changes (mostly for developers)

  • XML adds for/while loop
  • #participant1 etc macros for sex act participants, 0 based index
  • totalparticipants xml variable
  • loop variable (current iteration of a loop)
Not much else, I have been unwell this week.

Extract the archive into your game folder

NOTE: this is only compatible with save games made using 3.2.02
If you load save games from an earlier version it will work mostly, but some events may not work and some other things will be erratic.
To use such a save game, before upgrading just load and resave the save game

To address some recent comments in this blog

I was wondering, is there a simple way to just edit in a love confession for characters like assitants and Lady N? I'm doing Akane's story and I thought, if I copy pasted her love confession code and whatever the code is that transfers slaves to each slave story, I could get her to stay/ a cofenssion. I just don't know what code is what.I get Lady N to a large red heart, max joy, but no confession. If the heart exists, is there a way to copy paste code?

Also, I asked a long time ago, will we be able to save, perhaps keep some of the slaves in the story such as the girl whose tortured over her breasts and who you promise to save in the Slave Pen's? Or perhaps be able to save the mother whose daughter got sold into slavery, selling herself?

And finally, is there any plans to make a large degree of NPC's able to have relationships with you, even marriage or 'joining the part?'

My main question, I guess, is how can I add a love statistic, a confession event and keep the character in my group of slaves even when training a new one? I can use XML, I'm not sure of which code to use.

These are possible but are not currently possible using the XML system, or even the custom event system in the game. A lot of the interaction here I do not expose for developers at the time. I certainly could but it just has not been a request.

I do want to add more NPC interaction and possible love affairs (Lady Farun, Ambassador Tachiba both definitely)
Still this is planned and on the list of things to do. If you or others want to write the interaction and supply to me it would considerably help the development process, but you cannot modify the game to add it yourself at this time.

User Customisation or modding of the game
I will post some more details on what is possible now in a few days and more when I finally release an updated SDK


out of curiousity is there ganna be anything with lady of the rocks anytime soon or has that just been scraped?
 Yes, it is still planned, and I have done a little work on it recently.

For those having problems with Sakura, here is a temporary fix for her. I have just quickly edited her while waiting on a new release of NarutoXD
link removed as requested by NarutoXD
To nstall, just copy this file into your Slaves folder