Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.08

Hi, this is a quick update for Slave Maker 3, mainly to fix some bugs introduced in 3.1.07

Upgrade from 3.1.06 or 3.1.07

The full installation 3.1.08


Advanced Housework issues
Dress staying stuck when visiting the beach
End of courtesan training got stuck and repeated every visit
scrollbar could overlap the new tabs
some icon issues
some full/new moons were not shown in the diary
some slave/act selection issues
Leave button appearing when deleting actions

More alternate images for Slave Maker jobs, mainly dominatrix and brothel
Pagan gets a custom job
An update check, the latest and current version shown on the title screen. It only checks weekly, downloading a 12 byte file. If you do not like this then block the exe from accessing the web with your firewall.
more small optimisations
Morning/Evening screen slightly rearranged to make room for more content

New debugging tab when SlaveDebugging enabled
New dress attributes
New items, including cat ears, faerie wings
Methods for the slaves introduction screen
New SDK on the way

Note: the full version has some fixes not in the upgrade
a) some girls would not show their name as Cumslut xxxx on the assistant selection screen
b) if your slave refuses to be naked for the Advanced Housework contest then no Next button was shown
c) Also this version includes the latest version of Daisy_strikes assistant Mugi

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.07

Hi, a new version of the game. Mainly bugs fixes but with some new features, notably some UI changes and a new contest

Fixes almost all reported bugs,

Pony Training and other slave skills would disappear after loading a game
Daily events did not happen for some Slave Maker backgrounds
More speedups
Courtesan training was not listed for end game
Leadership skill was missing a description
Some skills listed incorrectly in the saved planning list
Some stats and contests scores were not rouned and got large number of decimal places
daytime blowjob did not work
sex skill trainings changed even if the training was refused
Master and Ponygirl could be queued multiple times
Prancing did not affect dancing
Discuss act referred to contest wins incorrectly
Visiting the Dealer got the equipment button incorrectly
Some image and act selection issues
debug display (-1/-1) removed

When going to the beach your slave will automaticcally wear any dress that is also swimwear
New tab structure for statistics. Note shortcut keys PgUp, PgDown
Many more alternate images for contests
New contest, Advanved Housework, only available once a housework contest is placed. Has other requirements too, partially explained
Includes the new assistant Paine
Expanded text for Slave Maker tentacle rapes
Leadership skill bonus to obedience decreased to 0.25 per level
Changes to Slave Maker stats
- initial values vary a lot more
- more have limits and are always noted with Limited. There is also an explanation in the stat hint
- Attack/Defence now limited to 75 for all except Warrior who is limited to 100. This is an ABSOLUTE limit
- Dominance limited to 85, except Dominatrix/Mistress Cock who can go to 100
- conversation limited to 85, except for trainers with Refined skill
- lust 80 for non dickgirls, 90 for dickgirls (not a new limit)
- rate of stat increase/decrease varies by background a bit (generally +/-10%)


Upgrade from the full version 3.1.06, does not include the Menace 1.2 update


Full Installation (includes Menace 1.2 previously announced)


or (parts are interchangable between the mirrors)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Menace 1.2

Daisy Strike has released an update for Menace. To quote her post from the futanaripalace

Changes for 1.2


Menace loses to Anarista event was not firing correctly.
BE ADVISED it is now, losing to Ana during the second battle will have MAJOR consequences.


There was a bug in the Arena. The slave's account didn't had enough gold to cover the 'watch' option and was denied access, despite the slave maker's account having plenty.

-- resolved

Raphe: long list of Edits

-- resolved


The "Ponygirl" action results in a yes/no query about the onsen.

-- resolved

Sphinx wasnt showing when you fought her.

-- resolved.

Nothing shown on sphinx bad end.

-- resolved

Mr. Tibbs

sphinx now matter how you lose it just rotates to another fight whether its SM or menace.


I cannot for the life of me get owners vengence bad end. I have had yammamato take her away but never had a bad end with her (bad ends always on). Just curious hope everything is going great with otherworld. Thanx

-- reworked how these fire. Unable to test can never get the sold event to happen

v1.04 in Sandbox mode with Ayane as assistant. Bad end where Menace loses the bossfight with Anistaria. The graphic with thumb, wrist and elbow cuffs appears but only in the lefthand pane, and there is no way to move forward. I am trying to reduplicate now.

-- resolved i think Text for first 2nd lost part 1 will now fire and losing the second battle is very bad.









Monday, June 7, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.06

a new version
, basically just bug fixes, 3.1.06, an upgrade from the full version 1.05.



Release Notes 3.1.06
Fixes almost all reported bugs, a couple of small issues remain. Some small code tweaks to optimise and hopefully speed some bits up.

Compatible with existing save games.

Assistants were shown on the slave selection screen
Slaves gender were all female
Cumslut Kasumi training other girls to be cumsluts fixed both naming and end-game issues
Ponygirl issue for Shampoo
Sex act touch could get no text, also some generic images would show the wrong gendered slave/assistant doing the touching
Sex act Dildo could get no text
Small text fixes for Rei and Kasumi
strip act is removed from the saved action list if your slave is naked
skill update issues where labels and values did not refresh properly
some undefined's fixed
Practise faith did not show the nun's image. Image also improved with an alternative
Meeting the pony mistress at the docks gave you a bitgag even if you already had one
All minor slaves in the slavemarket had some awkward selection areas, some very small. This is improved
Links in the credits screen are now clickable

2 new generic touch images
some images updated with transparent backgrounds
alternate old faith nun image
load/save screen altered a little to show the gender icons again
Slave Maker and assistant tentacle rapes are recorded in the diary
new markers in the diary, start of training, end of training and current day
tab key works in the options pages
Additional credits in the credits page
New option settings
Lesbians love Dickgirl
if this is enabled dickgirl slaves can enter lesbian training. Sex acts slightly changed and slightly renamed but similar to existing dickgirl cases
Statistics change icons
If this is enabled an icon is shown when a stat changes (as has been done for all versions before 3.1.06)
If this is not enabled a value of the change is shown, to 1 decimal place. This is not perfect as there are some acts that change a value twice, in that case you will see the last change only. I will update this, please no bug reports.