Monday, June 7, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.06

a new version
, basically just bug fixes, 3.1.06, an upgrade from the full version 1.05.


Release Notes 3.1.06
Fixes almost all reported bugs, a couple of small issues remain. Some small code tweaks to optimise and hopefully speed some bits up.

Compatible with existing save games.

Assistants were shown on the slave selection screen
Slaves gender were all female
Cumslut Kasumi training other girls to be cumsluts fixed both naming and end-game issues
Ponygirl issue for Shampoo
Sex act touch could get no text, also some generic images would show the wrong gendered slave/assistant doing the touching
Sex act Dildo could get no text
Small text fixes for Rei and Kasumi
strip act is removed from the saved action list if your slave is naked
skill update issues where labels and values did not refresh properly
some undefined's fixed
Practise faith did not show the nun's image. Image also improved with an alternative
Meeting the pony mistress at the docks gave you a bitgag even if you already had one
All minor slaves in the slavemarket had some awkward selection areas, some very small. This is improved
Links in the credits screen are now clickable

2 new generic touch images
some images updated with transparent backgrounds
alternate old faith nun image
load/save screen altered a little to show the gender icons again
Slave Maker and assistant tentacle rapes are recorded in the diary
new markers in the diary, start of training, end of training and current day
tab key works in the options pages
Additional credits in the credits page
New option settings
Lesbians love Dickgirl
if this is enabled dickgirl slaves can enter lesbian training. Sex acts slightly changed and slightly renamed but similar to existing dickgirl cases
Statistics change icons
If this is enabled an icon is shown when a stat changes (as has been done for all versions before 3.1.06)
If this is not enabled a value of the change is shown, to 1 decimal place. This is not perfect as there are some acts that change a value twice, in that case you will see the last change only. I will update this, please no bug reports.


  1. Nuts, a bug was found.

    Hild's image does not appear in the selection screen or initially. I did some changes for moose to add a new load function and type == not !=

    Fixed will do a 3.1.07 eventually, but if there is nothing significant then it will be a while as I add new content

  2. I just mirrored the patch on my 4shared site and you can get it here:

    I also uploaded the full version of the game with the patch already applied. You can get that from here:

    At any rate enjoy, :D

    The Windsong Bard

  3. Lesbians love Dickgirl
    Wee-peekikay! Jeronimo! At last, after so many battles...
    Just love this game!
    Cmac, great thanks to you!

  4. Cmac keep it up, but still use time to relax.

  5. tentacle is don't work for me!
    when i click tentacle options, it's unchanged 'X'
    i haven't seen any tentacle.
    this is major bug!

  6. You seen no tentacles ? I had tentacles put on rare and my slave and me were grabbed 5 times in a raw, which i call serious bad luck .

  7. Hi. This game is frickin' amazing. I just have a question about how the information is stored. I've played this game a lot, and I've gotten a lot of the endings, but now I thought that I was just going to have some fun with it. Therefore I tried to edit a game-in-progress with a memory reader (Cheat Engine)but I was unable to find the entries I'm looking for. Could someone give me some pointers on how to find the stats to edit? Any help is appreciated.

  8. It is impossible to me to make the apology of your version of slavemaker, otherwise, I would risk to fall in uncountable superlative degrees, because the contents move me excessively.

  9. I have an issue with the readme file. I've been using it as a bare guide when i get stuck or get an ending I don't totally understand. Or I use it so I have a general idea on what to aim for. But even then I don't get what I believe is correct. For example with Kasumi, according to the readme the is a winner ending. I boosted her constitution, combat skill, and fitness to 100 and got the normal+ ending. Since she's a slave because she wasn't a strong enough fighter I figured that would do it. Someone should make a guide on how to get certain events, endings...etc.

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  11. dydongs
    Tentacles are disabled if you have the difficulty set to easy, and you cannot turn them on

    Mina Tepes
    visit my webpage
    there is a link to the Wiki someone has created for the game

    Have you tried instead using the cheat button in the game?

  12. Found a critical bug: Ending with text
    "It looks like you've done a good job with tis girl. But there is still one little problem, She is really a sex maniac, I must always keep an eye on here so she doesn't launch herself on someone in the street..."

    When you click the next button you don't go any where.
    slave: Riesz

  13. josh
    I you are playing the first release or so, version 1.0, 1.01, this is a known a fixed bug. Please upgrade. Otherwise what version are you playing

  14. This might be a dumb question... But where are the save files? And do they have any particular name to them? Mostly, I'm curious of the file extension.

  15. LillianAmArauder
    The are Local Shared Objects, extension .sol and are stored in yout application data folder (for windows) under Macromedia. There are threads in each forum detailing their locations (varies a bit by the ecact os) also mac and linux explained

  16. Sorry, knew i forgot something. My versions is the most resent v3.1.06

  17. Bug Menace assistant picture does not appear

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  19. 1. "ranking in contest" - the game tends to forget the fact of winning after reload, so instead of win the Discuss Congratulation text says of mere ranking.

    2. Some sex actions count to more than one counter, so their Sex skill total count adds to other one. F.e. Titfuck adds +1 to Titfuck skill total count AND also to Blowjob total count. Anal Plug similarly adds to Anal.

  20. Why is my attack and defend stats limited to 50?

  21. Jason; Maybe this limitation depends on your level as a slavemaker... Or it's a bug. ^^

  22. Thats the maximum for attack and defense. If you have the warrior background you can raise it.

    In regards to the sex actions counting towards multiple things that is likely intended since when you do a tit fuck you also get a blowjob. Likewise shoving in an anal plug would help with the anal skill.

  23. I see. So what is the maximum if I take the warrior background? 100?

  24. josh
    Copy this into your Slaves subfolder and see if Riesz still hangs for you

    60 is the max for warrior

    Multiple counts - yes that is the intention

  25. cmacleod42,
    That fixed it thanks.

  26. I just selected Menace as my slave in 3.1.06 and was asked by the game whether I accept bestiality. I couldn't find anything about this in the SlaveMaker wiki or on the net.

    I'm not complaining -- quite the contrary, I find it hot. Sort of like tentacle monsters but with a bigger "ewww" factor for the girls :P

    Whatever your stance, whatever your plans, I want to thank your for an already fantastic game that has brought me many hours of enjoyment!

  27. I have been playing this game for sometime now and think that it is great! I do however have a problem. At the start of the game when you choose your slave I only have 7 options instead of the 13. The girls that I am able to play are Shampoo, Ranma, Yurika, Akane, Naru, Urd and Kasumi. All of the others simply state "This slave is not trainable yet". Has anyone else had this problem and if so how can I fix it?

  28. fishmanz
    That is how the game is played. In campaign mode girls are only available based on your Slave Makers reputation, as you train girls more will become trainable.
    You can change to sandbox mode and bypass the campaign play and train any girl

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