Wednesday, October 15, 2014


A quick update, sorry things a little delayed, health mostly, but actively speaking to my doctor and altering medications, diet, exercise. Not there yet, I felt poorly today.

Still the update for the game is almost there (sorry said that last time). The last beta had only small issues raised. Once I fix them I will post the update, via
- torrent for the full game, this can update your existing installation
- minimal update with fixes only
- maximal update will all new content for the game since 3.4 was released, including Kannu and an update for Aya
- revised slave packs via filehost

As you see to the right I am still tweaking images for Minor slaves and assistants, adding pregnancy edits like this one or just rearranging and adding images for the new intimacy acts.
Working on Elicina and Fuu currently.