Sunday, May 19, 2013

Slave Maker 3.3.04d Update Release

This is a new version of the game, primarily a bug fix release with some small new features.

My apologies for the delay and that the update is about 200Mb. The bulk of the update is the updated game and bug fixes for several slaves (100Mb is the slaves)

Note: this update can be used with any of the 3.3.04 releases you do not need the previous bugfix if you missed it

Bug Fixes
Actually there are a lot, a real lot, fixing issues from pregnancy, gay training, missing images and much much more.
Too much to really list meaningful and through the various betas I have lot track a bit. Almost all issues reported have been fixed so hopefully the game will play a bit cleaner now with less issues

  • Several bug fixes for Riesz, and her dress images and imtes have been updated. Also hadjob and footjob images added
  • bug fixes for Shampoo, Ayanami Rei, Snow White
  • issues where some endings were impossible now
  • pregnancy issues
  • no images in Talk To Slaves
New Features
  • Chaos-X has added a new minor slave Eimota, a plump girl.
  • Minor slave Ringo (also from Chaos-X) has been updated.
  • starting sexualities for various minor slaves have been tweaked
  • about 10 new small events when walking, mainly lake, forest, but a few others elsewhere
  • a number of new features for developers (new xml variables and functions and improvements for custom contests)
  • additional images and text when meeting Lady Farun, courtesy of Chaos-X some linked to Mariya.
 At this time this is just an update release. a full version via torrent and packs will follow later. Note this version does not include the release for Holo.

Note: some images have moved from the folder
so they may be duplicated after applying the update . If you want you can delete all image files from the Images folder EXCEPT
There is no need to do this as it will just save a few Mb of harddrive space.



or via Love Robin's filhost
if you are asked for a username and password, enter Guest and Slavemaker3 (case-important) Files/Update3304d.rar

Install: download and extract into your game installation

or via Love Robin's Filehost
if you are asked for a username and password, enter Guest and Slavemaker3 (case-important) Files/Update3304d.torrent

Install: after torrnent completes copy the contents of the folder Slave Maker 3.3 into your game installation, OR download torrent into your game installation

There are confirmed issues with pregnancy not working correctly still (nuts!) and with skills/stats showing incorrectly at tinmes. All fixed, I will post a fix later.
There was also a bug reported for slave Tohsaka that would mean certain images will not show, I wil include this in the fix. Note it is a trivial typo in the xml, you can fix by changing a line from /Lick> to </Lick>

TheNightWalker just posted an update for Slave Heather

Small update (.swf only) :

This update fixes some minor bugs and adds a handful of new images.

I'm currently working on a major update that will offer more alternative Paths and more Custom Endings. If everything goes well, it will be released within a couple of weeks. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness + Status

Short post and to the point:

Star Trek
I just saw the new Star Trek movie it was darned good! Lots of neat references to events from the series and movies, and good action scenes.
Better than the last one which was very good anyway.

A new bug fix 3.3.04d should be released tomorrow, just fixed a last couple of the outstanding serious bugs. Added some more small features.

EDIT: as you may notice I did not release the update. I have had a cold slowing things down, should be released on the weekend

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Status + new Slave

A bug fix to correct almost all reported bugs will be released in a few days. A short beta test currently running

New Slave Holo
SimounRules has released a new slave, Holo (aka Horo) from Spice and Wolf. Initially a vanilla release, but a full one with custom training, jobs, events will follow soon, I have been helping with the development a bit.

note: there is a missing file in the original dropbox link and a few image naming errors. These are corrected in the exoshare link