Sunday, May 12, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness + Status

Short post and to the point:

Star Trek
I just saw the new Star Trek movie it was darned good! Lots of neat references to events from the series and movies, and good action scenes.
Better than the last one which was very good anyway.

A new bug fix 3.3.04d should be released tomorrow, just fixed a last couple of the outstanding serious bugs. Added some more small features.

EDIT: as you may notice I did not release the update. I have had a cold slowing things down, should be released on the weekend


  1. Might have a look at it, not that im a big fan, but these days there is a lack of good movies.

    1. You would enjoy it more if you were a Star Trek fan as I am, but if you like sci-fi you will probably like it

    2. They got a good actor/actress team, with a good producer, and a good cg-er.
      Result is:
      The universe of Star Trek finally reborn...
      I hope they won't miss this path, and good ST movies will come every year.
      Roddenberry now could rest in peace.

    3. Damn, got to wait til June5.

      On a bright note, i see some others interesting SF movies too

    4. The scene where Kirk is just flailing away at an unphased psyop to make the public think its ok for the good guy to engage in mindless torture of a helpless prisoner, I was so disgusted by this scene I had to stop watching this POS movie.

  2. Man, I'll have to wait until june 14 to see Into Darkness in Brazil, because the first movie didn't make much money here. XC

  3. Yo. I've recently played this game. I gotta say. it's pretty damn good. It's a simple, yet addicting game. To the developer(s), if you're reading this...I've got a few ideas. If you want some extra man power with the development, then drop me an email at

    As of right now, I am a CS student. I'm still trying to figure out how this game work and will try to help add a few new features if possible, but man I'm still a bit confused about the SDK stuff.

    Do you simply find some pictures that fit the scenario and just copy the codes into a new XML file and add to the file that contain the slave or minor slave files and obviously make changes so that the images get loaded properly during the game? I've only learned about the C-language so far.

    Anyway, I can help write the stories. Plan out scenarios/events for you. I can dabble in codes if it's about C. The battle system looks simple enough. I can easily write this in C, but how do I implement the code and make stuff happen in this game...rock paper-scissor game can also work be implemented via c. If you're still working on this game, then I have the following ideas.

    1) Add a new location called Arena or something and allow the slave to access to it at anytime. Make it generic. I know Menace already got it. But we need a battle arena that can be accessed by all slaves or slaver. In the arena, you can battle to earn new costumes, gold or weapons for your slaver, slave/minor-slaves and obviously increase your stats(it's a kind of training also). You will encounter different nobles and lords, lady grey, lady farun, and etc. Lady Farun would certainly make use of her exotic slaves here.

    We can implement the battle like a sort of guessing game. If you ever played Suikoden V, the battle system for the arena has things like Defend, Attack and Special attack. Attack vs Attack = tie and when it's a tie who ever has a higher attack stats wins. Attack vs Defend, Attack wins. Attack vs. Special, Special wins. Defend vs. Special, Defend wins (Defend should be a counter attack in this case). The damage inflicted gets calculated from your defend/attack stats and the kind of weapon that you use. We can go as far as adding something like some special effect during the battle like poison, paralysis, blind and etc.

    2) Kingdom campaign. Why are you satisfied with mastering just one slave or a few? Become the lord yourself and rule an entire country (heck even the world!)

    3) More scenario battles, especially when it comes to tentacle raping monsters. I want to have the abilities to protect my valuable slaves(no monster going to impregnate my slave before I get a chance to do it). So if you're taking a walk (personal supervision), if a tentacle monster tries to rape your slave. You should have the option to battle the creature. If defeated, they can mate or else if you won increase your stats.

    4) Milking your slave(s) is/are fun. All slaves should be allowed to be milked by you for training and gold making. Thus, I propose you add a store to this game where you can either have your main slave/minor slave work and you can sell some "personal items" that you acquired on your adventures or that you won at the arena. At the store you should be able to sell cums, breast milk and other items or even services. Of course, you can add some more events regarding the store such as extortionists or robbers try to cashing in on you. You can have your slaves guard the store (maybe those slaves with combat/patrol abilities should be of help here).

    5) Own more properties around the country and allow your slaver to have more lovers (other than your minor slaves or main slave). Allow the slaver to marry any lover (slave/minor slave or non-slave). Heck, allow the slaver to marry and have kids with any lover(not just the slaves/minor slaves). Marriage with multiple characters (yay! polygamy). It's a game so go nuts!

    1. "Do you simply find some pictures that fit the scenario and just copy the codes into a new XML file and add to the file that contain the slave or minor slave files and obviously make changes so that the images get loaded properly during the game? I've only learned about the C-language so far. "

      An xml based slave uses several files. The xml is the key file to define the slaves' stats and images. The core game (actionscript code) parases the xml and handles the omage loading and other xml processing. This is documented to a degree in the SDK, but it needs more work.

      Thanks for the offer of help, you may wish to visit the Futanari Palace to see other people developing.

      Some of the ideas you suggest (marriage for instance) are in development.

      For the combat with tentacles, the reason I have not had in happen when walking is because I assume you are not armed and armoured by default. Mardukane is a relatively safe city so people do not need to be armed when going shopping etc

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    3. @%#$ Typos...


      Welcome aboard. :-) Pick a character you like, and dive in. If creating a full slave at the outset seems a bit daunting, create an Assistant or Minor slave to get your feet wet. If you need help, just ask. Someone will be sure to step up.
      And by all means, drop by FP. There are good people there, and you will find a lot of helpful information and banter.


      Tabrit og Birgit Ilsen,
      Ilsen Badehus,
      5 Kongevegen,
      Mardukane, Mioya

  4. Hmm. I really want to see that movie, but I haven't got the time or money. Glad you enjoyed it, cmac.

  5. RedRocket

    Posted at Futanari but no one had any suggestions so trying here.

    Bug in my mac versions both current beta and a older copy 3.3.04c I can't type anything in the comment area when saving. An old copy of 3.3.03b I can type in the comment area. Solution? Or no idea must I try new flash download?

    1. same thing with Linux in old version (3.3.04 ???). no problem with last one (3.3.04c), but it's completly new one (new OS and new copy)

    2. It's a bug, I have fixed it, please wait for the 3.3.04d official release

  6. I hate to ask, but are there any solid furry slaves in development? Any other exotic slaves?

    I'm new and just downloaded the game Monday.

    1. Krystal the Start Fox
      are both in development.

      Not sure if you cound Felicial as furry, she has been released. Holo is not really furry either but has also been released

    2. Anon,

      First of all, welcome aboard. :-)

      I think it was mentioned elsewhere that someone was working on Gina Diggers from Gold Digger. What fun that would be, training a were-cheeta. ;-) I'm toying with the idea of trying to make an Assistant out of Erma Felna, from Albedo.
      Like Holo and Narry, Felicia is an animalistic humanoid, not a furry. Melisandra is more towards the furry side, but she isn't a full cat either.


      Captain Arik Ilsen,
      VSS Vestfjord, commanding.
      Vestmark Export Company,
      1 Dockside West,
      East Mardukane, Mioya

    3. Whoops...

      That would be Britanny Diggers, not Gina. ;-) Furries and other ideas. :-D


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  8. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Hi people.
    Is Synchro Rate on Rei still off or works again?

  10. Thanks mate, glad you got over the cold

  11. I just got the game today but when i opened it and hit new game it has a veeerrry long wait time period is this meant to happen?

  12. Does anyone else have a problem with slaves disappearing?

    I've downloaded the latest full game release (3.3.04) and also the update (3.3.04e) and I am having problems with my slaves disappearing. It seems to happen repeatedly even when I start a new game. After buying a few slaves, the game will eventually get buggy with images messing up and my slaves disappear. I have to go back to the slave market and buy them again.

    I'm running on Windows 7 (if that makes any difference) and have the game open with Adobe Flash Player 9.

    Any suggestions?


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