Monday, September 28, 2015

Slave Maker 3.5 Beta 3

Slave Maker 3.5 Beta 3
This is an update of the beta for version 3.5, once again it corrects most reported bugs for the game, notably
  • Selling Akane to the Lord (and potentially other similar sales)
  • System button disappearing at times
  • Blank events in the Docks related to the Bounty Hunter Irinia
  • Excessive appearance for Marey in the Forest (some left over test code)
  • problems for stat max capping
  • resting issues
  • small issues for Shampoo

This also changes
  • altered introduction screens
  • widescreen map when selecting city
  • font tweaks
  • Areas for cities, alternate maps for large sections. Incomplete but as a proof of concept there is an island you can visit via the docks
  • graphic tweaks for Shampoo and Miss N

some bugs have been reported with a blank screen at the end of training. These are almost certainly a bug for a 3rd party event incorrectly implementing <EndingFinish>
Quite a few reports of crashes using the exe version of the game. I have tried building this version on a different system, in case it is an installation problem on my main system. Please let me know if the crashes persist


some issues with fonts/text have been reported for this beta. A fix is available if wanted, to use install the beta and then the fix

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Slave Maker 3.5 Beta 2

This is an updated version of the beta release for Slave Maker version 3.5. It corrects most reported bugs
  • White/blank screen after click "Review" button in "Talk To Slaves" and returning
  • some tab flickering in same area
  • slaves not highlighting on mouse over in talk to slaves and pick participants
  • text obscured by scrollbars
  • code typos (thanks cryosaur)
  • undefined sexuality in end game screens
  • old save compatibilty issue for the Docks fixed AGAIN
  • Hild's image appearing incorrectly
  • Some menus not being hidden when you retire
  • Issue capturing Marey (two bugs, one generic)
  • Catgirl items not appearing
  • Slaves not having a end of training date after training Shampoo
  • Slave Maker introductions incomplete
It also changes
  • some images and events altered to be widescreen
  • some revisions to screens for consistency/appearance (Options, Diary, Guild Selection)\


See the first beta release for notes and installation but
- upgrade only, not an independent game
- extract into your existing game folder after making a backup

Previous beta links are deleted and not needed, this beta is a complete version itself, a cumulative beta.

Game Crashes/Hangs
I have a number of reports from players having the game hanging or crashing. There seem to be a few possible workarounds/fixes here

1) The game can hang if
  • You are playing ONLY using the update/beta. It must be applied to a fully functioning game
  • If your game is broken, say the download failed partway or the torrent was not 100% complete
2) A number have reported crashes, but only if you play the game fullscreen, try playing it windowed

3) Some report crashes using the exe version of the game, but no issues when using the swf version, so try using the swf version in your browser of choice

I am investigating these but it is very odd, and might be a bad installation of Adobe Flash on my system after a recent harddrive crash and upgrade to Windows 10

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Version 3.5 Beta Release

This is a beta version of the new game release, version 3.5. This is a test version and not really meant for general gameplay. If you want to play the game and not help test the new release, please wait a few weeks for the full release of the game.

This version, since the last stable release 3.4.01 adds/changes the following
  • A completely revised user interface with a widescreen aspect ratio. Layout and colours are changed and many parts have altered. The colour and parts of the layout are configurable using a file Themes/Standard/layout.xml
  • A new city of available for play, Dunmyre. Please note it is not complete, some events are unavailable there and some things are currently impossible, for instance you cannot learn Lesbian training and a few other things. So please treat it as a work in progress
  • Assorted minor changes
  • bug fixes for Ranma and Shampoo 
  • some events change in priority, so for instance it is easier to find Lainath when you have met Arak
  • Map of Mardukane is altered, widescreen for instance. This may affect some slave, hopefully not.
For those who have tried the previous betas for 3.4.02 and 3.4.03 (versions since abandoned and converted to this 3.4 release) this fixes major bugs, including
  • Combat auto winning
  •  Nokoka and Ranma's mother getting confused and a range of possible similar issues
  • a range of events completely failing (finding the apron)
  • and many others

Once again please be aware this version can and probably does have bugs. There are some rare issues with tabs not appearing or appearing at times and you may need to re-load a save to resolve until I reproduce and fix. Other areas will be revised and updated before the final release, including a 'Classic' colour scheme

 Preferably make a backup of your existing game installation, and make sure to not overwrite any existing save games (ie load and save to a new slot)

Download the file and copy into your game installation and extract directly there (not into a subfolder)

This is not a standalone game, it must be applied to an existing game installation.
You can apply this to a previous beta like 3.4.03 or to the 3.4.01 version
This does not include any 3rd party content, but the full release will include all new slaves, events since the 3.4.01 release.

I have fixed almost all reported issues for the beta, I will post a new beta 2 tomorrow

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heads up

Ok, I think I have the beta for version 3.5 working fine. Aside from ui changes I have also fixed issues reported for the previous beta releases
- auto winning combats and several other problems for combats
- some events missing images
- missing Apron event and a range of other events missing for same cause
- some events for Marey broken

Warning, the beta is purely an update, it has to be applied to an existing game installation. No doubt there will be quirks, bugs etc with it, but it is better than the last betas and has the revised ui.

I am doing a couple of additional tests to check some events here and there (mine quest, Arak and Faeries) once complete I will post the beta.

I have been a little unwell today and yesterday, so it may be posted either tonight or tomorrow night.

Too late for a release tonight, I found a couple of issues that took a bit to fix. One was where you have Ranma's mother Nodoka in the game and also the minor slave Nodoka, they conflicted nastily. I have that fixed after a complex change.
So release tomorrow night then, goodnight all.
ready enough for the beta release, packaging/uploading now

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Slight Delay for the Beta

I did not have as much free time this week as hoped and the beta is close but not ready yet. A few more days so either late this weekend or early next week at this stage.

My apologies I did lose some time playing a game release one evening, SuperPowered at the Hypnopics site
(forum registration needed)
The game is a bit grindy but fun, and by all means not complete but in continual development.

Pretty much working fine now, except some minor issues around what tabs appear where, but that is just really fine tuning
tab issues resolved, a couple of small issues remain around houses and the new widescreen map for Mardukane. I thought I had fixed this before, but I seem to have lost the changes, I guess at the time I had a hardrive failure recently, not sure how otherwise I lost the changes. Most of these fixes are cosmetic not functional.
All working fine so far. I just need to run through a few test trainings to confirm things are generally working otherwis
Found some issues for icons and stat images, all fixed, but another test train needed. So I will release the beta tomorrow

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Plans for 3.5 Release and Beta

Hi all,
just to note, based on my current workload and progress of changes, I am aming now to start a round of beta tests for the new version next weekend.

At this time I am going to call it version 3.5, mainly due to extensive user interface changes, not due to significant other functional changes.

I am still finishing some of the changes, the largest remaining change it is rearrange the display of stats for slaves and smalvematers but that is a common block of code/ui stuff so one change more or less does both.