Monday, April 26, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.02 Bug Fix

a bugfix for the bugfix, version 1.02

This fixes
a) book reading broken when 1 book available
b) Slave Maker Job Militia earned too much money. All tweaked a little, also note they intentionally do not earn much money. Also a button label wrong for Slut Maker's job. A dickgirl dominatrix graphic added for Mistress Cock
c) some changes to shortcuts
- Do the Planning is now Ctrl+D or [ or ] as a German player could not access []
- Dance is Ctrl+N or ,
d) Library no longer decreases cooking
e) first day of the new year is day 1 not day 0


Upgrade of version 1.01 for those who have installed 1.01 already

Upgrade 1.00 to 1.02

Additional Mirrors and an upgrade for the original Slave Maker 3 will follow

Slave Maker 3 version 1.01 Bug Fix

Hi, this is the first bug fix the Slave Maker 3. It is still a work in progress as there are some unresolved bugs

For reference the first release should of been noted as version 1.0, and this one is 1.01.

Rapidshare Mirror

MediaFire Mirror

MegaUpload mirror

4Shared Mirror

This does not include all fixes, as some girls are not in this release to keep it under 200Mb. Notably a small issue for Belldandy. All major fixes are in this release

To install extract the archive over your existing installation.

There are numerous fixes, too many to note but all game breaking conditions like no next buttons or endgames hanging are fixed

Some people have issues where the game acts very oddly or save games get corrupt. I am still researching this but one possible cause can be the local storage limits for Flash. So if you get odd issues

Check your Flash settings. Ensure that you're allowing the game to store data on your hard drive, otherwise everything you save will just be cached for a while before getting flushed.

(When SM is open, right click >Settings > Icon of a folder. Set the slider to at least 1 MB (I've got 3 savegames, and local is storing ~500kb), or 'unlimited' if you're feeling liberal about things.)

This does not fix issues for all users but may help.

Changes in this fix

1. There were issues with deleting actions breaking certain time restrictions. I have had to, for now, limit deleting actions to the last action only. Sorry, I will fix this later

2. There is now a job available for all Slave Makers to earn a little personal money. The job varies from background to background. Please note cock milking earns a lot less money

3. Slaves, Weapons, Armour have increased in price

4. Slave Maker can get a minimum to their lust stat, generally from tentacle events

5. Onsen job and Library tweaked for balance. Sexual washing now has an obedience limit.

Note: factors to stat increases from 'Slave Trainer' skill no longer apply to increases in Fatigue

In the next release
a) Nothing action at night will be removed
b) Yes/No confirmations for planning will be removed

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Menace - Slave Girl Open Beta

Daisy_strike has release her slave girl Menace from Queen's Blade

see here for the full details

To quote
"A day late, but still close enough to be released with v3. Menace took me six months because she is huge 200 pages of script, 13280 lines of code compare that to Orihime's 3261. I know, I haven't found all the bugs, so I need help. That's why she is a beta.

I want to thank everyone who has been helping me with Menace, especially #slavemaker, who alpha tested her, Cmacleod42 who built the current SlaveMaker. Finally I want to thank xhaloblade for the editing.

Know issues – Not with Menace

Cat Slave Progression only works in sandbox mode, until Slave Makers learn how to train Cat Slaves.
If the text is long, the choice text may float over the other text.

A couple hints.

The map.
To seduce nobles perhaps you should be trained by a master at it.
Some events only spawn if Setra is equipped.

Enjoy oh and I tossed in Mugi."

Media Fire


A few things about the game and the such

Donations or Payment
I will not and cannot accept any form of donation or payment for this game. There are a lot of grahics being used without their artists permission. I hope they do not mind, but if asked by an artist I will remove their works.

Bug Reports and Help
I do not want post of bug reports or general requests for help here in the Blog. I actively visit the Masterbloodfer and FutanariPalace forums and would ask you to post any bugs there or general requests for help

Current Bugs and the Such
I have fixed most of the reported issues with the game and will post an update on the weekend sometime

Do's and Do nots for the game
I have certain tastes and dislikes for content I will put into the core game and for any slave girl I develop. I do not restrict any person developing their own slave girls of course but I will not put any of the following into the core game or girls I develop

- sex involving children - Note I do know some of the characters the girls are based on are underage (I think 14 is the youngest) but the characters in the game are all 18+
- bestiality, except tentacle and furry (to come) - I just find it unappealing
- torture, mutiliation, gore etc - I find it repulsive, especially in a sexual context
- watersports - I find it unappealing

Girls in Planning and Development
I have some girls in development and so do others
Mai Shiranui
Astaroth (Shinra Banshou)
Rider (Fate/Stay Night)
Krystal the Star Fox

Rei Ayanami (Evangelion)
Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War)

Menace (Queen's Blade)
Ino (Naruto)
Bulma (Dragonball)
Aeris (Final Fantasy VII)
Asuka (Evangelion)
Reimu (Touhou)

There are others but I am unsure of the exact person. There is talk of Poison and a person was developing Mia Fey but I have not heard from them for a while.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slave Maker 3 Release

Finally here is the new version, Slave Maker 3 Version 0

This version considerably changes gameplay and adds a lot more potential for developers, like twins, males and more. The main changes are

1) Totally revised campaign system where
a) girls are trained once
b) may only be trained when you have a sufficient reputation
c) girls that are bought back/get love ending may be retained and used as assistants. They have some effects in training too, more to come
d) there is a 'Sandbox' mode that ignored all these restrictions. You cannot change modes without starting a new slave maker

2) Actions and planning are time based. All actions take x hours (1 or 2 mainly)
a) actions can be queued in any of 3 lists that are remembered from day to day
b) 2 new jobs and some others altered
c) all actions like shopping, visiting, take a walk must be planned and take time
d) lend action works differently

3) 2 new houses and 11 new backgrounds.
Please note Houses cannot be explored in this version. A lot of aspects of the new backgrounds (eg tentacle hybrid bits, many negative aspects) are not implemented yet.

4) New location to walk in, the Beach,
Where your slave can take swimming lessons with a swimming instructor who seems interested in your slave maker. Mermaids frequent the beach and other odd beings

5) Some revised stories and 2 new Bad-Ends

6) Encounter with Furries
(can be disabled in options)

7) Slaves and Slave Makers have skills
They can help or hinder training. Note singing will not advance, yet. Also beaware your first slave is unlikely to get advanced trainings or endings due to your low skills, but you can learn

8) Assistants can do more than look pretty
Hild has special events that happen when she is your assistant, more will follow

9) Most girls are unchanged except
Some graphics changes, more dickgirl dresses, breast expansion versions, but
a) Akane has a new milking story. Also slightly expanded end and reward if you sell her to the Lord
b) Ranma has her Shampoo love story fleshed out a bit, but only when she is trained with Shampoo as the assistant

To install and play
- extract the files below (a spanned archive) into a folder of your choice. Note there are subfolders now
- to play run SlaveMaker3.exe or SlaveMaker3.swf

Links (note typo in name this is version 1)

part 1
part 2
part 3

Wingsondbard's mirror

Note: anyone may upload these files anywhere, but you may not charge for it in any way

Please, no requests for support or help here - please visit one of the linked forums

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Beta Testing

Sorry, still beta testing.
It has been a bit rough for me due to a bad cold.

Fairly small issues remain. I expect a release tomorrow or the following at the latest.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beta Iteration 6

I just released the 6th version of the beta last night. So far only minor error reports so things look hopeful for a release in the near future.

Basically it depends on feedback from the testers.

Also the SDK has been updated for fixes and additional documentation

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beta Iteration 5

Just uploading the 5th iteration of the beta test. Finally found some of the more awkward errors to do with purchased slave availability and some sex selection issues.

I had one painful bug with showing slave images that took hours to sort out. A normal function (removeMovieClip) just did not work. After a lot of trial and error I eventually found that while a Button is very similar to a MovieClip and you can load it using AttachMovie, it is not quite the same and cannot be removed with removeMovieClip after attaching. I am unsure what would remove it. I had to duplicate a group of buttons and create movieclip versions, but it eventually worked. A huge pain.

Hopefully this version of the beta resolves most of the outstanding issues.

Still aiming for a weekend release, but depends of the testers feedback.

A few other teasers of changes in the game
a) I have upgraded some of Tifa's images, and yes she can be a ponygirl now, for an advanced slave maker. Also more images like lingerie, swimsuit that defaulted before.
b) Akane has a new milking/doctor fetish story

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Beta

Still more bugs are being found so the beta continues.

I am aiming for a release this coming weekend

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updated SDK and Beta Report

I have updated the SDK to fix some errors and add more documentation on time and the diary

Beta testing is continuing, bugs are still being found, lessening a bit but a few awkward ones remain.

I am going away for the weekend for a family function, so I'll review the issues when I return, depending on how many bugs remain I'll either continue the beta for another week or do a release. Not sure at the moment, I suspect I will continue, if so I will release the following weekend

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beta Report

Beta testing is going well.

More bugs than my pride is comfortable with but they are all fixed. Doing the next iteration of the beta test now.

Some changes also made based on testers suggestions, always nice to get them and I am happy to do the changes.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beta Continued

Finally everything has uploaded and I have PM'd various people, mainly those who have volunteered to test and also those developing slave girl's for the game.

I will continue working on the bits not quite complete and they should be done by the end of Easter and then I will update the beta.

But, the uploads were so slow. I think my internet connection is slower than usual recently. Or is it just that the MasterBlooder and FutanariPalace forums are slow. It is not that entirely as my uploads to Rapidshare and MediaFire were like half the speed they did one.