Monday, April 26, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.01 Bug Fix

Hi, this is the first bug fix the Slave Maker 3. It is still a work in progress as there are some unresolved bugs

For reference the first release should of been noted as version 1.0, and this one is 1.01.

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This does not include all fixes, as some girls are not in this release to keep it under 200Mb. Notably a small issue for Belldandy. All major fixes are in this release

To install extract the archive over your existing installation.

There are numerous fixes, too many to note but all game breaking conditions like no next buttons or endgames hanging are fixed

Some people have issues where the game acts very oddly or save games get corrupt. I am still researching this but one possible cause can be the local storage limits for Flash. So if you get odd issues

Check your Flash settings. Ensure that you're allowing the game to store data on your hard drive, otherwise everything you save will just be cached for a while before getting flushed.

(When SM is open, right click >Settings > Icon of a folder. Set the slider to at least 1 MB (I've got 3 savegames, and local is storing ~500kb), or 'unlimited' if you're feeling liberal about things.)

This does not fix issues for all users but may help.

Changes in this fix

1. There were issues with deleting actions breaking certain time restrictions. I have had to, for now, limit deleting actions to the last action only. Sorry, I will fix this later

2. There is now a job available for all Slave Makers to earn a little personal money. The job varies from background to background. Please note cock milking earns a lot less money

3. Slaves, Weapons, Armour have increased in price

4. Slave Maker can get a minimum to their lust stat, generally from tentacle events

5. Onsen job and Library tweaked for balance. Sexual washing now has an obedience limit.

Note: factors to stat increases from 'Slave Trainer' skill no longer apply to increases in Fatigue

In the next release
a) Nothing action at night will be removed
b) Yes/No confirmations for planning will be removed


  1. has any one else had an issue where you cant talk to other slaves?when i try it just loads back to the screen where you do planning and select morning or evening


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