Monday, April 26, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.02 Bug Fix

a bugfix for the bugfix, version 1.02

This fixes
a) book reading broken when 1 book available
b) Slave Maker Job Militia earned too much money. All tweaked a little, also note they intentionally do not earn much money. Also a button label wrong for Slut Maker's job. A dickgirl dominatrix graphic added for Mistress Cock
c) some changes to shortcuts
- Do the Planning is now Ctrl+D or [ or ] as a German player could not access []
- Dance is Ctrl+N or ,
d) Library no longer decreases cooking
e) first day of the new year is day 1 not day 0


Upgrade of version 1.01 for those who have installed 1.01 already

Upgrade 1.00 to 1.02

Additional Mirrors and an upgrade for the original Slave Maker 3 will follow


  1. Thanks for the bugfixes, Cmac. Really enjoying your game, one of the best Hgames I have played!
    Still some problems with incorrect text during Night Actions, those when your char ahd slave are both dickgirls (69).
    Good luck and good health, Thanks once again!

  2. Thank you for the hard work but...don't you think you deserve a vacation?

  3. Maybe he's on vacation and still working on SM :O
    XD <3

  4. Thanks for the quick updates cmacleod42. And I agree, you deserve some rest.

    Hotfile mirror added for v1.00 to v1.02. A v1.02 full file will finish in the hour in the same folder.

  5. Thanks cmac, take it easy good man, but if you don't want to i won't complain.

    loving the game.

    just wondering if you are gonna fix the bug for sandbox mode where the girls you trained over again appears as a duplicate? yes i know the training the girl over and over in sandbox mode is fun but if you do you'll notice that you get more assistants of that same character and you only need one.

  6. petrasanta
    I did fix that issue in these bugfixes. Are you still getting it?

  7. This might be a little nitpicky, but could you remove all of the "are you sure you want blank to do x?" dialogue? Or better yet, set it so that it only shows up when the tutorial box is checked... though adding the boolean check for that might be a bit more work. Anyway, it gets really annoying to have to say yes to all of it, since the decisions don't finalize until you click Do the Planning anyway.

  8. steamhare
    I direct you to me post for the 1.01 release and the notes for the next release

  9. Is it intentional that Tiredness also rises faster as your slave trainer skill goes up? It's not much at first, but at 2x and higher, I begin to regret leveling it because breaks no longer keep up with fatigue gain.

  10. Dl'ing 1.02 patch.

    Was able (didn't have to time) not to play 1.00.

    Get some rest man.

  11. Hey cmac installing the 1.01->1.02 upgrade made my slave have the nothing action at night back and the x3 factor of slave trainer skill active again. Double checked and on the first screen it says v1.02, but it feels like a downgrade, jobs are still availeble to the slave maker.

  12. The file won't update the game when I download it. Can someone help me I'm new to this and I all ready love the game. Oh does anyone have problem play Riesz. When I finish playing her I can't click next to get the result. I only ask because she my favorite character to play.

  13. Bartek and knight
    I prefer ant questions be addressed to the forums, more peope are likely to help and also it helps me keep things clearer

    I do not understand your issue. I have not removed the Nothing act. In the 1.01 release about removing it I meant the next significant release, not just a bugfix release. 1.01, 1.02 only fix bugs and added Slave Maker jobs

    To update just extract the files in your install folder. Do not extract to a subfolder, and overwrite any existing files. There is no installer as such.
    Riesz is fixed in release 1.02 so if you install it properly then she will be fine.

  14. Oh, thanks. Glad to see its on the menu already, haha. Good job, by the way. Seems like a lot of work, both so far and planned. Don't overwork yourself.

  15. well this is from this blog

    "Note: factors to stat increases from 'Slave Trainer' skill no longer apply to increases in Fatigue" however in 1.02 it is still active when doing for example the onsen job by your slave. And after applying the 1.01 i couldn't do nothing on the night planing screen.

  16. i just realized i didn't apply the patches D= i did and it worked fine thanks cmac

  17. Bartek
    Found the issue with fatigue and fixed it

  18. a) Tiredness. Recently I saw Swim lesson led to +4, then Dance one to +5 points! Anal plug added +10. This way the gameplay will be Breaks every day, and not once it seems. Also, the house is Onsen, so Breaks took off 16 tirepoints - at the beginning. Now I see only -13.

    b) Confirmations - you mentoned them already. With new Planning and easy Delete they are not needed.

    c) Schools pre-paid. I'd prefer them paid on action, not at the Planning.

    d) Latala doesn't work correctly. With her it takes 50 to put the Dance school on the list. Though you still get back 25 when you remove it, so she does something in the end.

    e) SM Attack, Defense & Constitution seem to stuck. Martial Training doesn't increase them, only green pluses are drawn there.

  19. rostopovich
    To repeat
    I prefer any questions be addressed to the forums, more people are likely to help and also it helps me keep things clearer

    For the fatigue issue see my last post. All the other issue have previously been fixed (and noted in the forums)

    Note that there are maximum values for some Slave Maker stats, including Attack and Defence

    Sorry, schools will stay pre-paid

  20. ...continuing. I tried registering on the forum, but did not succeed. I rejected the idea then.

    f) Temperament goes down but not up. First, I notice every night something steals 1-2 pts of it. The Rules for her are all liberal, night actions are out of question. Second, I've got Spiked Ring, it promises +2 Temp but it doesn't add them.

    Next, I must tell my thoughts on game.

    1) Let the more fit she gets, the less tired her actions make her. This way f.e. she can't do extreme things too early. At least not easily.

    2) Also, the more Refined she becomes, the more refined she acts in any actions.

    3) Time for walks can depend on the location of Home.

  21. Futanari Plalace is easy to register for. Masterbloodfer requires a Spanish character but is still easy

    Rules:Touch Herself can decrease Temperament when aroused, and so does any Bondage action.
    Spiked Bracelet does increase temperament, if worn, not just purchased. Check it is worn in the equipment screen

    Your other points have been discussed in the forums. I suggested there the Fitness action decreases fatigue a bit.

    The current design of Planning makes different times for walk difficult as you choose the location on walking, not planning. It is possible, I have been thinking on it for the Apartment House

  22. thx for this great game. i only have problem to load saved games. after restart pc all saved games gone. any idea ? same in flash player and browser. tried with explorer and firefox

  23. Both of the following questions have been addressed in the forums

    save games are Local Shared Objects, which are like cookies. Many cleanup programs like CCleaner delete them by default. Check your settings or programs running that do this sort of cleanup. One of the higher security settings in FireFox (higher than default) also purges them.

    Check the forums, Daisy_strike has released version 1.

    Otherwise wait for my next release, this weekend and she will be included

  24. As for the apartment house your thinking on, would it be possible to make the first town visit its own button in the planning menu and set it to taking up no time. Don't know how hard it would be to make it only selectable once a day.

  25. I wanted to let you know how much I love your game. Stayed up all night playing it yesterday and we won't go into how many times I fapped. Didn't see an email or would have emailed you. Couple suggestions when you have tutorial fixed if you go to practice the martial training without a weapon it should tell you that you are I did that all through my first game...

    Second, having the stats go down if I refuse to let her walk alone is harsh...she is a slave she shouldn't expect to be out walking alone. The ones for talking I can see but that one makes no sense to me.

    If I am walking with her on tentacle rape events having the option to try and fight the tentacles off (should be difficult but possible) would be nice, as would some music and specific pictures for endings (low priority I know)

    The apartment house description says it means you can have one extra walk in the town center but I can't see an effect on this one am I missing something?

    I'd also like some japanese bondage that doesn't seem to go to far into the area you have said you don't want to go into. Anyway thanks for the great work! Now back to training akuma


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