Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.05

Hi, a new version and also new hosting for downloads and a website.

Thanks to Shenandoah and the Futanari Palace I now have hosting for the downloads of the game and for a website for it.

The website is

So far the page is very basic with a basic description of the game, the links and these release notes. I will see if anyone is interested in helping to develop the site with me

As I have this generous hosting I no longer need to upload to Rapidshare or MediaFire as I have a generous offer of bandwidth for the game. I will probably upload later to provide alternatives, and to lessen the load for the Futanari Palace.

Download Links
Full version containing all fixes and new features

Upgrade from the previous version 1.04. Only fixes issues in the core game, not any slave specific problems. Only download if you are very limited with bandwidth

Release Notes 1.05
Fixes almost all reported bugs, a couple of small issues remain. Some small code tweaks to optimise and hopefully speed some bits up. You will see the Slave Market screen where you select your slaves girls is a bit faster to load.

Compatible with existing save games, except some changes to events will mean some events may repeat that were intended to be one-off. This will not happen once you start a new game, just for existing games in progress. For example in the Slave Pens you may meet the large breasted slave again.

New features
Kiss action is now always available for your Slave Maker
Order of sex participants altered for consistency (you, servant, slaves)
New creature in the Secure Slave Pens, more story will follow
New minor slave, Cora the nurse
Wealthy background now gets the Maid referred to in their background, Maid Tara, who can assist with some sex acts
Pony Master gets his ponygirl who can help in all sex acts
confirmation prompt when deleting save games
load/save screen altered a little to fix problems with the exact place it is called from
Credits screen updated with links and more credits (sorry Faustie and thanks)
This website, thanks to Shenandoah and the Futanari Palace
Note version number slightly rearranged now referred to as 3.1.05 where previously it was Slave Maker 3 version 1.04
Options screen rearranged into 3 tabs
Courtesan training has a skill showing the progress of the training
Cumslut Kasumi as an assistant allows the slave girl to become a cumslut too

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Minor problems with version 1.04 and Plans

Minor problems
There is a bug in version 1.04 when changing in options between Sandbox mode and Campaign mode. The new default 'Slave Trainer' skill levels do not change correctly. Well they do but for the next game you start.
To get the right values
a) start the game, enter options, select sandbox/not sandbox
b) exit game
c) run again and it will default properly

I have fixed this and also an issue where the load button appears on the faith screen.

Lastly I forgot to include Ayane who has a fix for end game payment and some text issues

I'll include all these fixes in the full upload I do later, but will not actually do a new version.

So far these are the only reported issues so hopefully this means most of the bugs are done.

I will now be working on

a) Ayanami Rei
b) Krystal the Star Fox
c) Cat Slave training (almost done)
d) more story content for the core game, additional meetings, events and finalise the beach and 'Dark Lady of the Rocks'
e) Slave Maker equipment screen
f) house exploration
g) house upgrades

No particular order or estimated time, but Ayanami Rei will have a vanilla version ready very soon (a few days)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.04 Bug Fix

a new bugfix release for Slave Maker 3. This contains mainly fixes for many bugs and some small new features

Bugs are numerous and include
a) slave selection and listing issues, including undefined references in sex acts, and slaves listed and used you do not own
b) cock milking slave action
c) fixes for Belldandy and lesbian training (some missing _root's)
d) Belldandy handles better the cases of assistants, Hild, Peorth, and others, and transitions between them. Slightly different intro screen if Hild/Peorth training or anyone else
e) Belldandy's Angel/Demon endings have expanded text and you get paid for them
f) graphic fixes for Naru when naked
g) Lady Farun, Mine fixes where she forgot about it

New features (just gameplay changes)
a) many more save game slots, now 7 pages for a total of 85
b) autosaves at the start of each day. Note this may be imperfect as it is complex in some paths where the save can happen
b) ALL girls are shown in campaign mode, just disabled and noting they are unavailable. This will change in a later release with an option to be added
c) Yes/No confirmations are removed from the planning actions
d) Nothing action has been removed and merged with Break. Break has 1 and 2 hour options, also has the sexual requests at night
e) delete game option to remove save games
f) Gemna increases maximum obedience, so for a first slave allows a max obedience 88
g) In Sandbox mode you start with 'Slave Trainer 2' skill
h) in the end game screen you can choose to change to Sandbox mode. This is NOT REVERSIBLE
i) Slave skills have hints with exact levels, also scrollable now
j) Dildo mastery skill is listed and skills in alphabetical order
k) slave makers skills scrollable for advanced and future use
l) You can attend the high-class party multiple times
m) you can save in-between slaves on the end game screen
n) assistants have a gender icon, and should retain there gender proper if a bought back slave

There are some low level lesbian changes (separate stats for lick and cunnilingus, fuck and strapon fuck) and various flags.
These should be transparent and this upgrade is compatible with existing saves

Upgrade for version 1.03 installations



More mirrors will follow

Sometime I will upload a full install. There are some trivial fixes for other girls and events not in this but they are just text issues

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lesbians and Dickgirls

I have had repeated questions about dickgirls and lesbian actions and training for the game.

In the Masterbloodfer forum there was a long discussion on these questions
So can a dickgirl be a lesbian or would a lesbian want a dickgirl as her lover.

There are two sides to this discussion

a) Dickgirl is the perfect lesbian
A woman who can also fuck her lover, it is just like using a strap-on after all.

b) She has a cock so she is not quite a woman
It is the psychological aspect here, the dickgirl has a cock, so it mixes things up and it is no longer a woman loving a woman but becomes something almost heterosexual

After long discussions I was convinced the psychological aspects mattered the most. A dickgirl can love and have sex with a woman of course but this is sex with a cock involved and is not quite lesbian. Yes is is a gray area, but eventually we decided lesbian mean love and sex between two women, purely women, no actual cocks. For the strap-on analogue it was argued that in real lesbian relationships, not porn movies, strap-ons are uncommon.


Lesbian Training
This means in the game a dickgirl cannot enter Lesbian Training and if a girl becomes a dickgirl then Lesbian Training is stopped.

Lessbian Sex Act
The sex training 'Lesbian' is a little gray, but if you consider this act is most likely to entertain and arouse their owner, in this case most likely male owner. So this is not lesbian love and sex it is a play of lesbianism.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.03

another bugfix for Slave Maker 3. This resolves most reported bugs and adds a couple of small features.

Notable fixes
a) Fatigue increases are no longer multiplied by Slave Trainer skill effects
b) Multiple issues for Rei
c) loading and saving could cause stat capping
d) corrupt save games for some players
e) fixed a number of sex acts and their text

Please note the saves games are now split in 3 parts to reduce possible corruptions some players were getting. This change is completely transparent and also completely compatible with existing save games. After saving the game will create files
I leave it as an exercise to the hackers but this makes it easier to create pre-trained slaves.

Some small changes
a) There is now a Singing tutor
b) There are now Constitution and Fitness statistics, closely related. See the hint for constitution and the small orange bar. Fitness is limited to constitution. Fitness reduces fatigue increases by a maximum of 50%
c) Weapons & Armour only need to be bought once. Until a Slave Maker equipment screen is done visit the armourer and buy the items again and you will be told you already own it and have now equipped it
d) there is a count of type of slaves like ponygirls etc

There are two links below, an upgrade that fixes the major issues, only use it if you are limited by bandwidth. It does not include all the fixes just a majority. Many girl specific fixes are not included

The other is a full install with all fixes, including Menace v1, the updated Orihime, updated Rydia assistant and the new assistant Tsunade. It also removes the Lite versions of Bridget and Mariya. You can restore these by editing
Note assistant Mugi is not included, pending Daisy_strike telling me she is ready.

Full Install - No other version required, the complete game


Upgrade for version 1.02

As always this mirror has all the files, full and upgrade (being uploaded)

More mirrors will follow