Monday, May 17, 2010

Slave Maker 3 version 1.04 Bug Fix

a new bugfix release for Slave Maker 3. This contains mainly fixes for many bugs and some small new features

Bugs are numerous and include
a) slave selection and listing issues, including undefined references in sex acts, and slaves listed and used you do not own
b) cock milking slave action
c) fixes for Belldandy and lesbian training (some missing _root's)
d) Belldandy handles better the cases of assistants, Hild, Peorth, and others, and transitions between them. Slightly different intro screen if Hild/Peorth training or anyone else
e) Belldandy's Angel/Demon endings have expanded text and you get paid for them
f) graphic fixes for Naru when naked
g) Lady Farun, Mine fixes where she forgot about it

New features (just gameplay changes)
a) many more save game slots, now 7 pages for a total of 85
b) autosaves at the start of each day. Note this may be imperfect as it is complex in some paths where the save can happen
b) ALL girls are shown in campaign mode, just disabled and noting they are unavailable. This will change in a later release with an option to be added
c) Yes/No confirmations are removed from the planning actions
d) Nothing action has been removed and merged with Break. Break has 1 and 2 hour options, also has the sexual requests at night
e) delete game option to remove save games
f) Gemna increases maximum obedience, so for a first slave allows a max obedience 88
g) In Sandbox mode you start with 'Slave Trainer 2' skill
h) in the end game screen you can choose to change to Sandbox mode. This is NOT REVERSIBLE
i) Slave skills have hints with exact levels, also scrollable now
j) Dildo mastery skill is listed and skills in alphabetical order
k) slave makers skills scrollable for advanced and future use
l) You can attend the high-class party multiple times
m) you can save in-between slaves on the end game screen
n) assistants have a gender icon, and should retain there gender proper if a bought back slave

There are some low level lesbian changes (separate stats for lick and cunnilingus, fuck and strapon fuck) and various flags.
These should be transparent and this upgrade is compatible with existing saves

Upgrade for version 1.03 installations



More mirrors will follow

Sometime I will upload a full install. There are some trivial fixes for other girls and events not in this but they are just text issues


  1. There's a bug on Slavemaker 3.

    Click New at the main screen.

    Press Next until you get to the dialog where you choose your character ie Leader, wealthy etc

    Click on the faith button, and now press the Load button.

    Press the Leave button and now you are training without a slave or anything.

    Major bug!

  2. Nikesh
    Not really a major bug, it does not prevent you playing the game. Just do not do the sequence you describe. You will find the load button/leave work fine everywhere else

  3. Oh and I'll fix it in the next release.

    For note the load button should not be visible in the faith screen

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  5. Reading the future plans file in version 1.03 that in version 1.04 you can learn to train cat slaves.

  6. cmac, when I play, I receive a message after a few days saying they spoted anthropomorphic female creatures (furries). So out of curiousity, I made the slave take a walk many times to try and find one, but out of 12 days of doing nothing but taking a walk, I found nothing. Are you sure they are added? And yes, I checked the boxe in the option to enable furries.

  7. 2 bugs:
    1) with a trader background the items trader is not getting a permanent listing after he shows up the first time. I have to wait for him to randomly show up again, despite the text telling me he invites me to his house.

    2) If I close out of flash completely, I'm losing all of my saved games. I'm on win7 with the latest Flash updates installed.

  8. parahacker
    Save games are a type of cookie (Local Shared Objects) and some high security settings will delete them when you exit your browser. There are also some programs like CCleaner that delete them.

  9. That`s something I`d like to know. I did get some orgy scene with the furry girl but is that all you can do to a furry? Also, I`ve saved the mermaid during the night and seen her during the day (selected no for training). Is that all or should I give it some attention?

  10. Found a bug (or it might just be my computer, who knows?). While training Ayane, I get up to the point where she wants to fight. So I fight fairly and beat the crap out of her. She goes down and starts talking about how much she hates my assistant. I can't proceed from that spot and it's freaking annoying. There's no 'Next' button or anything.


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