Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Close to 3.4.01

I am close to releasing 3.4.01, I am uploading a beta version now and I will release once complete. The test will be semi-private, posted at the Futanari Palace only.

Mileena is also close in this edit I did. I have done quite a few edits so far, for
Angewomon, Cammy, CecileCroomy, Cyan, Fuuka, Jade, Jura, Kitana, Kurenai, Mai Tokiha, Mami, Miku Hinasaki, Ragyo, Rei Kurosawa, Ruka Minazuki, Samui, Taki

Minor Slaves
Ada, Anethesia, April, Arak, Beatrix, Carrera, Christie, Cora, Dixie, Ella, Faerie Butterfly,  Garnet, Grimro, Kumoko, Latala, Lian & Dian, Maid Tara, Marey, Mercedes, Mileena, Nephenee, Pfil, Rukia, Ryah, Supergirl, Tia, Ulala, Wonder Woman, Yukiko, Zoey

Note: 3 of the minor slaves are new!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Small update,
version 3.4.01 is still pending, but I have fixed amonst other things the end game issue, that was a little complex to get right!

Note on end games for 3.4.01
  • Freelancers can now get custom endings if you keep the slave, they were explicitly excluded before they can get them now BUT only custom endings for the slave, for instance Shampoo's Dickgirl-Mother, Ayane's Loyal etc.
  • You can get multiple 'Meta' endings now like Dickgirl, Cumslut, and maybe more as time allows.
  • Some text formatting issues were fixed

A few more days until I release the version, I just need to review the bug reports and check all issues are fixed that I can reproduce.

I have also been
- updating some assistants and minor slaves to fix and improve images, or add for new sex acts
- fix a bug for Assistant Taki, mind you she has a nice (brief) story idea that can easily have events added, I must add a few as time allows

The image is one of the edits I have done, to try to make sure we have a pregnant image where possible, so I took an existing naked image for Kitana and added a pregnant belly. Have done the same for Jade as well, and will probably do one for Samui.