Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter break (where appropriate).

Devlopment was a bir slower this weekend that I hoped, mainly health issues. I hoped to do another alpha release but it is not quite ready. Mostly ready but more testing needed before I will be happy to release even the alpha version.

  • I have the participant system fully working, and a related slave review system in the morning/evening.
  • anyone, slave, slavemaker, owned slaves can now take potions
  • everyone has a tiredness stat and gain it. Most slaves regain a fair bit every night, except your current slave (as currently)
Some new events, are Centaurs furries and should be disabled by the furry option?

Note: above event was wholly done using the new xml event system. No real coding involved.

Otherwise fine tuning and testing some low level changes in the event system and statistics changes for other slaves and the such.

Hopefully a release in a day or so.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A small preview

Partially to answer a question/request about using bought back/.\minor slaves here is what I justfinished. Note this was deceptively hard to do. There are still minor issues remaining (some scrollbars are wrong sized, not sure why) and assistants have minor issues)

Selecting who participates in an act
You can pick the person, or ask for a random one. This is
  • optional, you can just use the default where it will pick comeone randomly
  • you can pick and then set as the default. Later acts of the same type will noy prompt but you can change
  • unrestricted in gender 
 All bought back and minor slaves can be reviewed

If they participate in an act they get a fraction of the effect of your slave (they are not the focus of training)

This also applies to minor slaves

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I am still working on developing the game, I have just been working a little slowly recently. I am working on
  • some refactoring and lowlevel changes, making some parts of the event system much more flexible and better support the xml event system I have been adding
  • to allow for review and inprovement of your owned slaves. A review sceen and the ability to select sex act participants
  • adding some events into the game
Otherwise things are progressing. I have hoped to release another alpha at least for the last couple of weeks but some of the above changes have limited this. Probably next weekend.

Also please excuse if I have not personally answered peoples comments here and suggestions in the forums. I read everything but I have been both busy and had some minor issues at home (health issues recently). I will endevour to respond to most posts in future, except ones like 'when will the new version be released'

Note there was a new update of Bulma recently with many improvements and fixes