Sunday, April 10, 2011


I am still working on developing the game, I have just been working a little slowly recently. I am working on
  • some refactoring and lowlevel changes, making some parts of the event system much more flexible and better support the xml event system I have been adding
  • to allow for review and inprovement of your owned slaves. A review sceen and the ability to select sex act participants
  • adding some events into the game
Otherwise things are progressing. I have hoped to release another alpha at least for the last couple of weeks but some of the above changes have limited this. Probably next weekend.

Also please excuse if I have not personally answered peoples comments here and suggestions in the forums. I read everything but I have been both busy and had some minor issues at home (health issues recently). I will endevour to respond to most posts in future, except ones like 'when will the new version be released'

Note there was a new update of Bulma recently with many improvements and fixes


  1. Hope everything is better (health-wise)... I know the game will be better (pr0n-wise)... ;)

    Take care,

  2. great game, sad as it is to say i can honestly claim its helped keep me sane. (boredom on a US naval ship is murder) so many thanks from me. keep up the awesome work. and get well soon (if it still applies)

  3. Good to know you are still at it, both the game and in life :)

    Just a question about the farm. In the previous post you said you are working on some alterations. Wanna give some hints?

    While on the subject of the Farm. A cool idea would be if the slavemaker could join their business, making the milk events happen not only as random. Pretty much like astrid's cottage. Maybe even lend them your slave as a lending option both during the day and night. Perhaps even a special background that makes the slavemaker able to work there.

  4. Cmac is nice to know you feel better of the health dont push you too mutch, the update of the game soon its a nice information.
    can you tell someting about the developement of the slave kristal fox.
    wishes of full healling ^^.

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  7. I hope your health improves but I am happy to hear you are still pressing on with updates.

    I wanted to ask however where you get the artwork from. I would like to offer up the idea of putting up a posting of artwork you are looking for. I am sure you will get some pretty good entries. I know I would like to help out with any artwork needed if you need anything specific.

  8. Thanks all

    There is a complex series of events written over at the futanari palace that I am implementing, basically a lot more BE and a lead-in for cowgirl training

    Cantinho da liberdade
    A vanilla release for Krystal is a week or so away

    Images are awkward, I have a large collection now, so it is only for certain specific cases I need images or if starting a new slave.

    For instance recently I hunted around for images for clitoral expansion (small, medium, large, enormous clits) but I found and edited them all.

    If I come up with requests for images, I'll make a post, like I have for decensored images in the past.

    Thanks for the offer

  9. Hi, want to thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable game, a few things I'd like to note though...

    1. Running Alpha 5, having three jobs, the "Work for Guild" button is misnamed.

    2. How difficult would it be to implement a manequin of sorts for the SM? If you intend to expand on the Bling segment for SM you'll need a better interface than what is currently there. Nothing fancy is needed, maybe just a paper doll with scrolldown menus for rings weapons armor/clothing etc. with a sidebar showing stat modifications

    3. Weapons and armor are far too easily aquired. Need some unlock options perhaps? Like you'd need Constitution 80 to buy Plate Armor, after all running around with 25 - 30 kilos of heavy metal on your back is not easy. I know, I've done it.. and the pricing is way off. A good sword would set you back at least a month salary, Full plate, at least a year.

    Just a few thoughts

  10. Hi, great game, im so addicted to it! got one suggestion: Tentacle pet-monster

    you could get it from tentacle attack (in sewers and then submit like 4 times..) you could use it to punish girls or use it as night action. would be some use to tentacles at least.

  11. Am I missing something? I extracted the files to the right folder but Bulma didn't show up as an option on starting a new game...

  12. @Kai v4.0

    You need to make sure to rename the "slavegirlXX.txt" file to the next highest slave girl number (for me it was 23.) It should work after that.

  13. Ah, thanks. It was probably in the forums, but I never use those. Ask Lumii :P

  14. Where are the alpha releases posted at. All I got is the newest version 3.1.10c?

    Are there ever going to be upgrades for housing? Read it somewhere in the game that after each training you would be able to buy upgrades.

    Know I have given you a lot of questions and suggestions as of late, but only trying to help make it better. Been playing since I originally found the first, and then upgraded to your SM 3 long ago. Great job and much better than the original.

  15. Also noticed that since adding the 3.1.10c version files into my SM 3 folder the latest version at the starting menu has gone back to saying 3.10c and this version still says 3.10c. May want to look into that Cmac.

  16. Jon
    the alpha versions are posted here in this blog, check earlier posts

  17. Also noted in alpha 5, when making a purchase in any shop, buttons and text disappear if mouse marker touches other items in the shop (pre-owned or not)

  18. Sorry to bug you fine people but if anyone could answer me this I would appreciate it. I Cmac's post

    "Otherwise things are progressing. I have hoped to release another alpha at least for the last couple of weeks but some of the above changes have limited this. Probably next weekend."

    Now if I switch to that version will that mess up my current saved game in an old version What I basically want to know is if I should wait for a newer version before I continue playing.

  19. Sorry to hear about the issue's man. Hope your doing better. Hope you get better soon bro.

    Also I have an idea for another character if not already in development; Tali from mass effect or maybe one like Laira. Just a thought of course.

  20. Cmac,
    Started a new game the other day and while training Akane I bought her her best dress and after I equipped it the faerie wings did not quite line up and there was an extra cat tail in the background.

    Also I have purchased several of the servants at the slave market, notably the nurse and the female maid, but I have noticed no change. The amount of tiredness increases and decreases as normal, and the maid has not allowed any of the slaves to go beyond their limit of cooking and cleaning.

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  22. Hello!
    I'm a player who did this game and even now enjoy.

    A few months ago, I heard u'r announcement that Eri is updated! I was so surprised.
    Thanks to my friend, I asked him to seperate Eri's script from the game.

    But he said Eri seems to have no her own special events! So, he couldn't find Eri's script. As I heard him, I was a little sad.

    Do you have any plans about Eri's own events?
    In personally, I wish Eri's own events would be added ASAP. (And also wish keep your health)

  23. I don't see any place to donate as a lot of other developers do. I was just wondering because I was wondering if donations help at all with the progression of updates? Also I wanted to know if the new girls that you have been listing as updates on your blog will be included in the new version you may or may not release this weekend. Or will I need to go and download those files individually after I download the new version/alpha release

  24. Hello again..

    Sorry for yelling, but you're so busy it's hard to get your attention :)

    A few consistent bugs I've found in Release A5:

    1. SM no longer profits from working during the day. (Still gets the stat mods though, so it's not all bad)

    2. The "Work For Guild" button is randomly misnamed.. Sometimes comes up as "Trade Goods", sometimes as "Work For Militia", but usually it just says "Undefined"

    3. During trade, if the mouse marker moves over an item you've already bought, the Yes/No buttons vanish.

    These errors are consistent regardless of SM setup

    Thank you for your time, and best wishes for the future

  25. Shawn
    I try to make all versions backward compaitible with earlier versions, so any new alpha should be compatible with any save games you hame.

    Donations: I do not accept them. There is a lot of content in this (artwork mainly) that I do not have permission to use. So legally and morally I cannor charge for this. Besides, I just make this for fun.

    For the income question, do you have a debt? Remember almost all income first pays off your debt. Some assistants are quite expensive.

    The button labeling issue was fixed since the last alpha. I have not seen the mouse over issue, I'll check

    To add a slave takes at least 100 images, preferably 200. Are there enough for the character?

    I'll check those assistant issues

    Arvent의 블로그
    Eri is being worked of to add new events, she has a development thread in the FutanariPalace. We await the developer to post a new release

  26. CMAC

    Running 3.2.5 which is the latest release I've found

    Income makes no difference if you run freelance with 20K + GP or a fresh Guild member

  27. You are doing really great job and thank you for it. I am just interested, whether it is possible to add some more plot-line for slave-maker himself?
    And also whether it's possible to make already trained slaves more active? Allow them to influence the further game in other ways, than just being the assistants?

  28. Cmac, thanks for your great work on the game. I can only imagine how many people you're inspiring. Keep it up!

  29. is the freelance slave trainer still not up there are alot of problems like after a conversation in the day at night the sex act will have the conversation as the name of the person instead of sheena or shampoo

  30. AndreZachJohnny
    That is not related to freelance, but just to general acts. and it totlally altered and should be fixed


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