Monday, November 28, 2011

Issues in 3.2.05

there have been a few notable issues in the 3.2.05 release. I recomments people hold off applying/installing it.

I'll fix the issues and release a 3.2.06 in the near future.

running a test release for 3.2.06, if no significant issue will release tomorrow/on the weekend

For the test release, if people want to test the fix.
Please note it is a pure upgrade for version 3.2.05. This does not include some slave specific fixes (a couple of issues for Urd for instance). Also the version is still 3.2.05

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.05 Release

This is the new release, the final version of version 3.2.05, anything new will be done to the next version. This is primarily a bug fix release trying to address significant issues in the 3.2.04 release. There are limited new features in this release.

This fixes since 3.2.04
  • load/save/initialisation issues for events like the SMEncounter, Tentacle Raid etc. The saves were being mixed up.
  • Change participants option got the wrong at at times
  • a lot of text tweaks for male and twins slaves
  • Fixes for Yurika and her always losing some contests (dance)
  • Fixes for Shampoo endings. Dickgirl Mother ending has been increased in priority and will always happen if possible. Dickgirl mother ending will also have the started effect for the bargain you enter into.
  • Also adds a renaming feature and some tweaks to game loading and starting. The load/start are associated with some issues with Panty & Stocking, but they do simplify some code and make it more generic. 
  • Fixes a hotkey issue in the armoury.
  • a shortcut key issue for Cora.
  • Aeris tentacle pregnancy issues
  • Leaving the seer issues
  • Peorth not being intimate anymore
  • small text issues for twins/males
  • tweaks to refused sex act messages, all now in xml
  • fixed usage of #slavepronoun
Not much new, but it does add
  • 2 sets of items images for dresses, to allow twins slaves to have separate halo etc images. Included is an edit of Panty & Stocking's xml to position halo and leash images for the plain dress
  • sex acts for male slaves altered. Fuck is now 'Fuck another woman/dickgirl' and Lesbian is now 'Fuck another man'/Gay sex
  • you can now change assistants during training, once per day in the morning. Due to some game design issues if you change from a hired assistant (say Hild) you are assumed to fire them, and you cannot swap back to them. If the assistant has declared their love and are a member of your household then you can swap back. You cannot hire new assistants when swapping here. Minor slaves cannot be assistants. Lastly an assistant you swap to does not give any start of training bonuses, just their on-going bonus effects
  • Also so xml tweaks were requested and will be in the full release, notably
  • all recent slave upgrades, Gardevoir, Bulma, Kallen Stadtfeld, Ran, Lamia, Unohana Retsu, Samus Aran, Shampoo, Urd, Yurika, Sakuya
  • removes a furry avatar by request
  • I was seeing many people using .jpeg extension files for xml based slaves. I had added this to the list of extensions the game tries to use (last extension tried, so preferably rename to .jpg)
  • xml images can interchangeably use Futanari and Dickgirl (ie Sex Act - Fuck (As Futanari 1).jpeg)
  • catboy can be used instead of catgirl for xml image names, eg Job - Bar (Catboy 1).jpg
  • more variables can be used for minor slaves in xml, notably sex act levels, eg like levelfuck-maran for Maran's fuck skill level. Note in expressions use levelfuck_maran, due to a limitation of my expression parser.
  • added additional variables for xml use minlust, minnymphomania, slavename, slavepronoun, donetentacleharem, dating, oldlover, noblelove, noblelover
Note sex acts and some other trainings still need quite a lot of work for male slaves and twins. This version should me much better then previous versions for both, and especially male, but be aware the actions for Masturbation, Dildo, Touch will still be essentially female for any males slaves, and singular for twins.
Most other acts should be close to working, but still some plurality issues for twins.

The slave fixes have all been posted in their development threads in the forums previously.

New Slaves
This release also adds 2 new slaves,

Ryo Akizuki

developed by abisal, from 'The Idolm@ster'. He is a 'trap' that the slave maker is not initiallly aware is a male. Mostly vanilla in this release, development is continuing for him.

Dark Magician Girl
developed by Regigias, from 'Yugi Oh'. Currently vanilla with no special events.

two forms initially, if there are no siginificant issues I'll upload a full version of the game

Upgrade including all new and upgrade slaves

Upgrade, only the core game, excluding the slave upgrades. Fully included in the above link, no need for this and the above.

For either, just download and extract into your game installation folder.

I just accidentally deleted the 3.2.04 upgrade, so I will definitely make a full game version assuming no siginificant bugs.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More Slave Updates

Kallen Stadfeld
This is an update for vechno's release of Kallen.

There were multiple issues with images not hiding and many events/acts/chores that had no images for them. I have updated her so

  • dresses have transparent backgrounds
  • all acts/chores/schools/contests have at least 1 image
  • image hiding issues should be fixed
  • new image for the Slave Market
  • some images were detexted
  • some images had better alternates selected
Her images were recompressed to fit within the limitations of FashDevelop. She is based on SlaveBuilder and unfortunately the FlashDevelop tool has a limitiation of about 16Mb of total resources, images in this case. I do not see any visible effect of this recompression and it was essential to add the missing images.

No other changes, she is still a vanilla slave.

Installation: just extract to the Slaves folder in your game


Here is an update for Shampoo, it includes many new images and alters image sleection to better pick some images..

Majorly it includes CM Tyssen's BE, and piercings edits for the Naked images. Depending on piercing level you will see different piercings. There are now multiple BE versions of the images.

So multiple image changes but no other real change. While doing this I had a few ideas for additional plots for her training. But I have plenty to do for now with other slaves and parts of the game.

Installation: just extract to the Slaves folder in your game


The slave has been updated

a) any images converted the jpg, now about 35Mb is size
b) introduction expanded and aspect ratio fixed
c) dresses rearranged
d) small image edits
e) she is only available for high renown 60+ slave makers

1) if you had installed her previously delete the folder
2) extract the archive into the game installation

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another New Slave + update

New Slave

The developer who goes by the handle Lamia, has made a new xml based slave

She is a Lamia, a composite of images from various sources. So far she is vanilla, but work will continue.
I am discussing integrating this with the Lamia encounter in the docks.

Please note the images come from many sources, and are somewhat inconsistent. We welcome anyone who would like to help edit the images to make them more internally consistent, say recolouring hair to be either purple or green, and other edits.

Currently all her images are png so she is quite large (85Mb). I have requested the non-transparent images be converted to jpg

just extract to your game installation folder

thf772 has released an update for Gardevoir

Added a few images and fixed a minor mistake.

MegaUpload (7z)
MegaUpload (rar)
MegaUpload (zip)

For those who reposted comments in my last post I did see the posts.

Otherwise I am working on
- Krystal the Star Fox - a preliminarly release is a few days away
- updates for all other slaves to integrate edits by C.M. Tyssen for Dickgirl, BE, Piercings for their Naked images. Also some additional images here and there
- Ranma will gain a male transformation and probably as well a male/female twin transformation (ie male and female Ranma as separate beings)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slave Updates and New Slave

New Slave: Panty and Stocking
A new slave has been released by Dokenphalin, Panty and Stocking. These are the first slave that is a set of twins. Developed using the xml system

There are some minor image naming issues and other small reported bugs. A new version for them is being developed.

Extract to your game folder, and rename

Update for Yurika
A bug was reported for Yurika and contests. This is a small fix correcting the issue

Installation: just copy the file into the Slaves folder for your installation

Update for Bulma
abisal released a new version of Bulma
Sound files modified to the new method.

Combat with the Giant fixed so he doesn't deal lust damage anymore (Since he won't be sharing monster classes with Videl).

New way to get the 4-star DragonBall. Goku can be met at the lake even without Chichi regardless of Gender of the SlaveMaker ( Though, in the future, you'll be able to "befriend" him if you are a female SlaveMaker. For occasional free bodyguarding and gifts). If you choose to offer him food, you'll get your 4 star DB.

Raising exhibitionism and doing the Expose HErself chore, will get you the masturbate in Public Chore. And Masturbate in Public can eventually become sex in public. There will be a third stage to this training, but I haven't decided what it'll be yet.

Oolong's appearance will change from human/anthro depending on furry options. Working in the Sleazy Bar can trigger his invitation to his "Bunny School" (text will appear ocassionally to show it has been triggered), but he'll show up as a pre-event in the early morning to make the invitation. You can accept or decline. He'll get mad if you decline.

Oolong's Bunny School is more or less a normal school with 5 stages of training (training that gets more effective at each stage), but it'll probably go through major overhauls in the future. I just haven't decided how bunnygirls will work exactly. Some images, like Anal, that were apparently messed up have been fixed.

Installation: unzip and copy the files into the Slaves folder for your game installation