Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another New Slave + update

New Slave

The developer who goes by the handle Lamia, has made a new xml based slave

She is a Lamia, a composite of images from various sources. So far she is vanilla, but work will continue.
I am discussing integrating this with the Lamia encounter in the docks.

Please note the images come from many sources, and are somewhat inconsistent. We welcome anyone who would like to help edit the images to make them more internally consistent, say recolouring hair to be either purple or green, and other edits.

Currently all her images are png so she is quite large (85Mb). I have requested the non-transparent images be converted to jpg

just extract to your game installation folder

thf772 has released an update for Gardevoir

Added a few images and fixed a minor mistake.

MegaUpload (7z)
MegaUpload (rar)
MegaUpload (zip)

For those who reposted comments in my last post I did see the posts.

Otherwise I am working on
- Krystal the Star Fox - a preliminarly release is a few days away
- updates for all other slaves to integrate edits by C.M. Tyssen for Dickgirl, BE, Piercings for their Naked images. Also some additional images here and there
- Ranma will gain a male transformation and probably as well a male/female twin transformation (ie male and female Ranma as separate beings)


  1. I looooooove this game,i just love it(and ima a girl) but to Lamia says "this slave is not trainable yet" soo what i am supposed to do?trying to train all the slaves and then lamia,or what?and gardevoir has no link for download.
    Thank you for all your work

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  3. And some more things to say...
    When i chose MUGI to help me with the training the advice/recommendations she gave me looks like this : "CustomFlag: -1,CustomFlag1: -1,CustomFlag2:-1,CustomFlag3:-1,CustomFlag4:-1."
    "Not sure if that helped lets take a look at the Paths,Path1: -,Path2: 0,Path3: 0 ,Current Path:undefined"
    "0:false 1: false 2:false 3 : false 4 false 5: false 6:false 7 : false 8 false 9: false 10:false 11 : false 12: false 13:false 14 : false 15 false 16: false 17:false 18 : false 19 false 20: false 21:false 22 : false 23 false 24: false 25:false 26 : false 27 false 28: false 29:false 30 : false 31 false 32: false 33:false 34 : false 35 false 36: false 37 :false 38 : false 39 false 40: false 41 :false 42 : false 43 false 44: false 45 :false 46 : false 47 false 48: false 49:false 50 : false 51 false 52: false 53:false 54 : false 55 : false 56:false 57 : false 58 : false 59:false 60 : false 61:false"
    So,clearly it`s something wrong with that.
    And one more little thing...could you give me some tips about how could i get a higher score right at the begining (when the slave maker is not very known ) ?for example i trained shampoo and she had 80 at anything (charisma,rafinament,joy,cooking,obedience etc.) and 0 at tiredness...and she was an enchanting singer,sensual dancer and a athletic swimmer,and she has won to all the competitions i put her through,and i made her became a motherdickgirl...but the final score was only "37"..why that ? Please gimme so tips if u have time.
    P.S: i love and appreciate your work.

  4. I guess there's no way to gain slut trainer skill besides by creating a slut maker at character creation?

  5. Julay
    She required tentacles to be enabled in options to be able to play. The message should say that, it is a bug I'll fix in the game.

    Those numbers from Mugi are more diagnostic information for developers. I'll check they should be removed as I now have a special debugging tab for the same data.

    The score is the average of all stats, excepts tiredness. You get bonuses for special trainings and significant penalies for selling a slave who is already owned. This penalty should not happen for Shampoo as you already own her.

    I am not quite sure how you got such a low score for her if her stats were maxed.

    I am currently updating her, I'll check the end game for her and see if there are any issue there.

    No there is no method at this time. It is not essential just makes cumslut training possible without Kasumi as your assistant, and slaves more easily accept the naked dress.

  6. Jluay
    Gardevoirs links work fine for me

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  8. Thank you for your answers,sweety you do an awesome job!

  9. I cant seem to get Limia to pop up on my slave list how do I fix this?

  10. Is there a fix coming on Kallen Stadtfeld?
    During training her images will persist for the rest of the time that you train her, particularly her fitness picture.

  11. Gurumash
    Try this fix
    just copy the file inthe the
    folder of your game installatio

  12. Megaupload link for Gardevoir is down... and it was the only Zip version :(

  13. A slight glitch.

    If I use any trainer, then access urd in the drink potion option to have her make potions.. all the potions disappear once I exit the potion screen completely.

    Basically I'm wasting money by doing it.

  14. I have downloaded the new slaves, but I have not seen eye nor ear of Gardevoir, Panty & Stocking, or the Lamia.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I made sure to change the slavegirl-xx, but I can't see them in the 'choose your slave' listings, no matter how high my renown or game experience.

  15. Looking forward to slave #28 Krystal release.
    I'm also missing slave numbers 43, 45, 47, and 48. Are they just in developement or has a stable vanilla release been posted?

  16. Musica
    Did they files extract to the correct places? Were the SlaveGirlxx.txt file in the Slaves subfolder with all the other slave files?
    Similarly their image files?
    Are you running the most recent version of the game 3.2.04?

    those were recent released slaves, mostly vanilla, but not entirely. They are in the full release
    Motoko Aoyana

    If needed I could upload those only for you?

  17. CMac - Please do. I would like all 4.

  18. Oh, I see, I did not update it from .3 to .4, I will do this post-haste.

  19. Concerning that news on Ranma: I take it, then, that the gender options are going to be expanded from six to nine in order to allow for twins of differing genders (m/f, m/h, f/h)? There's at least one brother/sister pair that I'd like to try out.

    Also, I encountered an interesting glitch concerning Rhia: when you first go to do night actions, she's a valid participant; as far as I can tell, this persists until you do at least one night action involving her or you edit a list of participants; but even then, any actions that you already had lined up persist until they get deleted. I've used this glitch to train her up all the way in Obedience, Nymphomania, Fucking, and Blowjob by inviting her to a full night of Orgy and repeating as necessary.


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