Monday, November 28, 2011

Issues in 3.2.05

there have been a few notable issues in the 3.2.05 release. I recomments people hold off applying/installing it.

I'll fix the issues and release a 3.2.06 in the near future.

running a test release for 3.2.06, if no significant issue will release tomorrow/on the weekend

For the test release, if people want to test the fix.
Please note it is a pure upgrade for version 3.2.05. This does not include some slave specific fixes (a couple of issues for Urd for instance). Also the version is still 3.2.05


  1. Ok, I am new to all this so I will try to keep it simple. It is a nice game. Keep up all the good work. With that said I dont know if this is the right place or not. I am looking to develop a slave and post it up and see if I am decent at it or not. Would I need to be registered with the other sites to post a slave? Or do I just develop it and put it on multiupload and let ppl know? Thanks for any help.

  2. I forgot to ask ealier, did 3.2.05 make applying pregnancy chance easier?

  3. Mystikdragon
    It would be best to register in one of the forums and create a thread for your release. The futanari palace is the most active forum at this time.

    edit configuration.xml and change the line
    to another value, say

  4. Orin
    I meant
    change the line
    DefaultFertility and change 0 to 20

  5. Much appreciated helping out someone totally new to all this. I will see what i can come up with in the near future and see how bad my programming skills really are. Keep up the good work on the game and fare thee well.

  6. Thanks, that makes sense, any chane it will ever apply to already owned/trained slaves?

  7. Newb question: do I need to download a full client, and apply each version thereafter separately? Or is there a winrar with the full client updated or a winrar with the original client and just download the latest update?

  8. Hi there :)
    I have a good idea:

    I love inverted nipples and want to see that as a characterristic for the slaves and slavemaker.
    What is then you can choose that in the character creation with something like -20% milk produktion or somtihng?

    can you implement that?

    That would be great^^

  9. Uhhh. I kinda already applied the upgrade, and I'm low on disk space so I didn't make a backup of the folder. Anyway, I'm training Matsumoto right now. Her "Seduction" Job is now "undefined". Also her trainer has changed from Aeris (I think) to Matsumoto herself. Weird. Also a lot of text is missing from all sorts of odd events.
    Is this the result of the upgrade? Is there anyway I can back off the upgrade if I overwrote the files? I still have the 3.2.04 full version. Or should I stop playing until the next patch?

  10. OK. Installed 3.2.03 FULL. Then applied the 3.2.04 "Fix". Special action is properly named again. Text seems restored. *PHEW*
    Just in case anyone did what I did, you can back off to the last FULL version if you're having terrible problems.

  11. Meijin Ryuu
    If you were previously running version 3.2.04 then all you needed to do was apply the 3.2.05 update, but at this time I do not recommend that until I fix and release a correction

    I could and will add to my todo list, but at the moment it would have such a minor effect to not be worth implementing. Ideally you need variant images for at least when naked. The milk production change matters little now, until Cow girl training is implemented.

    I have a couple of reports of old saves having odd issues, but it really sould like you have upgraded wrong in some way. For lots of text to be missing implies heavily to me you did not extrac the upgrade correctly or it wen wrong in some way.

    Initially try to redownload the small version of 3.2.05 and extract the upgrade into your game folder. Try and play again.

    Otherwise can you try and start a new game (ie a new slave maker from the start) and do you get the same issues?

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  13. @cmacleod42
    OK. I did what you suggested.

    I re-installed 3.2.05 as an upgrade. I reloaded my save games. The same thing happened. Matsumoto's special job is "undefined". Text from said event is empty.
    When I restarted the game as a new Trainer, I picked Matsumoto to train. A quick check and "Seduce" is back where it should be.
    It is an old savefile. I've been running this camapaign off and on for several months now. Should I start a new trainer? (Hate to lose all those skill points)

  14. I can confirm that slaves (Eri in my case) do not get Training points... everything is on level 0.

    Looking forward to the fix. Thanks a lot!

  15. Oh, and a question. What is pregnancy for? Doc says slave is pregnant... but what can I do now? Or what effects will the pregnancy have?

  16. @cmac I noticed a few blog posts back you mentioned that you were almost done with Krystal and you were going to release it with the next update. Just curious if you have any information your willing to share at this point in time glad to see a furry slave being introduced. Is she just vanilla or will she have her own story and events? Can't wait to see what you do with her.

  17. aztechrome
    most likely this is an issue for Matsumoto, so if you complete her training and start a new slave. Otherwise wait for 3.2.06

    That is a known and fixed issu in 3.2.05

    Pregnancy has little effects, efect they will give birth eventually, 9 months if by yourself

    She has special events, 2 primary training paths, and is pre-owned (with paths to buy her)
    She is not complete thought, and waiting on me to find more time to work one her

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  20. I understand now why you said to hold off on installing it :(

  21. I`ll try this version and let u know how it was

  22. Well all the slaves have the same problem :
    their skills won`t increase (swim,dance,sing,courtesan ,catgirl etc. )
    They remain just the same .

    Beside that, the game works fine.Not perfect,but fine ...

  23. You solved the problem with Mugi,i just saw!
    Thank you a lot.

    P.S:Felicia is a great slave.It was your idea ?
    Because she`s lovely and I`d love to see more slaves like her (furry girls )...Just sayin`

  24. Hey! Great game! Very creative, thank you for your hard work. However, I appear to have a problem: the "take for walk" function seems to have a problem, which wasn't corrected by the update. Whenever I, upon seeing the map, select a destination, the screen zooms in on that area of the map, and the display screen goes entirely white. The only way to get rid of the white screen is to close and reopen the game. Any ideas?

  25. Alexander Wade
    Most likely you upgraded incorrectly. In the folder you run the game exe/swf in is there a subfolder
    with files like
    (multiple versions)
    If not you did not apply the patch over an existing installtion correctly.

    Felicia was developed by MailMallX3, who developed Princess Peach

  26. Is there any news regarding the Red Lily events? I really like where the writer(s) are going with that.

  27. Interesting... I only have GenericActions.swf and People.swf

    Also, I think I might be missing several folders worth of images. Might they be found on the forum?

  28. Skills are leveling up fine now for me (v*.06). :)
    Regarding the Red Lily events, there is a button "Show map" or something... but it only shows a black box. But I can't tell if it is due to v06.

  29. When i click on New Game then Advanced option (not pack)

    If I try Caravanier (in french) or Tribu de Catgirl I cannot have Marchand Experimenté as an advantage.

  30. Sorry It works when I add Marchand expert, sorry.

    But I've found an Exploit
    I click first on Mardukane, I add refinement level 1, then I click another otion and refinement level 1 is still there

  31. The entire set of Advanced packs don't work for me. I select one attribute (Pagan Stronghold as background, say), and the game gets stuck, refusing to let me deselect the choice, change category, or go back or forward. Only cure is the restart.

  32. yamon
    it is under development by Rowadon, it's developer

    click on the black box, this will make you enter the room, check for a door/annex room at the bottom.

    Alexander Wade
    Your installation is faulty, you porbabvly just extracted the 3.2.05 upgrade only, it has to be extracted over an existing installation.

    For now just download and play the full game version 3.2.03 until I release a full version of 3.2.06

  33. One question: What does the option "Dickgirls can have testicles" actually do? I was hoping I would only get pictures of hermaphrodites without testicles by switching it off, but nothing changed at all.

    And another thing I noticed: How come working in a sleazy bar or as a dominatrix increases the slavers tiredness, but practicing martial arts doesnt? ;-)

  34. heyijustwanttopostwtf
    The option does change images, it is just there are a lot of images to edit. I have altered most of the images in the core game, but most of the slave specific images still need a lot of work.

    Because the practise martial arts option predated the slave maker having a tiredness stat and I must of missed adding it

  35. Good work Btw i <3 this game havnt gotten round to dl'ing the latest version yet though Any idea How much longer will be :P
    I am realy looking forward to it.

    You ever thought of adding some of the more hardcore bondage acts like pegging/wooden horse or enema's ?
    Just curios

  36. Really am enjoying this game, enough that it's kept me up far later then I had planned for the last few nights.

    Thanks for all of the hard work you have put into it.

  37. Following on Shadowpaw: U could add nipple fucking once milk slave training is implemented.

    And another question: Will it ever be possible to buy non-human slaves from the secure slave pens or even hunt for rare creatures that u can enslave? These hard to get minor slaves could have special stats that help with ur main slave training. I'm thinking about stuff like capturing a tentacle monster during a nest cleansing that u can use for nightactions to maximise lust and nymphomania quickly (might even add more to blowjob and fuck than usual because of the creatures tiredlessness).

  38. A question from a French fan in trouble : is anyone actively involved in the French translation?
    Some daily actions are complicated to understand, because of the English expressions...


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