Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Computers can be annoying

My boot harddrive just failed, a great pain. No data was lost, I backup regularly and keep most important data on a different drive anyway. Note: I recommend the tool MozBackup, greatly simplifies copying browser details over for FireFox and Thunderbird.

Still, had the expense of a new drive that I could barely afford, and then the time to reinstall Windows, apply updates and re-install everything.

I did though pay the bit extra for a SSD drive, and have tried to configure to maximise drive life. There are a lot of sometimes contradictory suggestions for that, I have done the common ones.

Only just got Flash working again for the game though.

Monday, July 6, 2015

More Status

Just to let people know I am still alive and working on the game.

I have had a bad cold for the last couple of weeks, really annoying and persistent, but I am diabetic and all illnesses just last longer commonly for diabetics.

I am working and supporting the game via the forums, but I admit I have been somewhat low profile recently, answering questions where I can, but not very active in discussions.

I am working on the game but not a huge amount recently, a combination of things. Motivation can be an issue at times, and also I have a couple of other games I have been working on at the Hypnopics Collective and at the TFGame Site. I am trying to not let any particular thing dominate but it takes up my free time (games linked to the right but note registration is required for the forums).

I am seeding the current Slave Maker game release and a beta was posted a while ago for 3.4.03. It is an update only and has bugs

At this stage I am aiming to release an update/new release of SlaveMaker by the end of July (or near to there, health allowing)

for the other linked games
Tales of the Drunken Cowboy
have both had new versions released in the recent past.