Sunday, January 11, 2015


Small note,
sorry had a lot of migranes the last few weeks, been a real pain, so sorry I have not spent much time working on the game this week. I hope to resume work and get a version 3.4.03 released in a reasonable amount of time, at the latest end of february, hopefully before then,

I did a little work on the game over the holidays, and also some work on a small Javascript/HTML5 game at the TFGamesSite
That was just a little recreation, learning bits of HTML5 and Javascript and the such. I am a programmer so learning these sorts of things is fun for me.

the game Overwhored got a new release 0.5, according to posts the end is near for the game, the developer can see a final release and is looking at his next projects. If you have not tried it give it a go, it is humourous and enjoyable to play. A link to the developers site it to the lower right on this page.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year if slightly late.

I am only partially back from holidays, I will be reviewing posts and replying to people early in the new week.

A strange holiday due to family things, and not great from a health point of view but ok. I was loaned a car too for the time I was away, I am a motorbike rider, so this was probably more car driving than I had done in the entire previous year!

I saw a few movies when away, the last Hobbit movie (fine not great), Night at the Museum 3 (ok but a bit weak) and The Water Diviner (a good movie)