Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a pleasant and safe holiday.

Some Christmas cheer from some of my favourites from the game, Lady Farun/Ivy and Arcueid with her catgirl succubus familiar.

I am leaving on holidays to visit my family and I will have limited internet access for a while, so please do not expect many replies here or in the forums until I return.

I hope to have a new release of the game early in the new year, but will depend on how much fun or not my holiday is. If the holiday is fun then the release might be delayed!

Note: I updated the last post with a bug fix for the new slave Nao.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

3rd Party Content

New Slave Nao

Rare Hunter has released a new slave, Nao from Mabinogi. This is a vanilla release (no custom content)

Note: to install just extract into your game installation

EDIT: updated to 1.1a to fix an incorrectly named SlaveGirl101.txt file

Update for Quistis
axmili released an update for Quistis just before the Futanari Palace weny down.

here a new version of Quistis.

What's new :
Add a little thing in "working as teacher", now you can win a Triple Triad card
When Quistis lead, at night, the SM will fight in the coliseum instead of her
Add the cards you've found into equipment, other item
Add 2 custom ending and 1 bad end
Add a dance pic

Here the links, one on mega, the other on rapideshare.!8JFUkK6C!V5WZEDp5iind4jrxPlRauQXhM_YIihLItolZiAzgu78

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Forum Update

Fenoxo is the developer of the excellent game Corruption of Champions and the new game in development Trials in Tainted Space
and the original developer of the slave Aeris for SlaveMaker.

He has offered me some forum space for Slave Maker given the issues with the Futanari Palace. The MasterBloodfer forum I have not visited in a long time and people often reported signup problems for that forum.

So I have a new subforum now at Fenoxo's forum.
You will have to signup to his forum, it is quick an easy, but please note the forum for Slave Maker is very bare-bones at this time.

Please note that even when the Futanari Palace returns, hopefully soon, I will maintain the subforum in Fenoxo's forum as an alternate. I have had some people wary about the overt futanari aspects for the Futanari Palace and been reluctant to sign up there. So it will be an alternate location for the game for posting information, bug reports, works you have made, or discussing the game.

Thanks once again to Fenoxo.

The Futanari Palace is back up again!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Info + Harem

Futanari Palace still down, but I got a partial connection a little whle ago, so hopefully this means it is coming back up.

EDIT: checked the IRC channel for the palace earlier today and no information, just that it is down and no clue when it may be up again.

Side Task
In a little spare time I am working on an event for the game Flexible Survival. An odd language it is written in, and it will take quite a while for me to find time to sort it out. Still it is always nice to learn a new language, one of the fun things of being a programmer.

Interesting note: their forum just died too!

The game Harem, written by ker has has a new release 0.6b, a beta so expect some bugs. Still it is a fun game, if you have not tried it, well try it!

A link to the blog for the game is on the right side on my blog here.

Game Map

Here is a map of most of the walkable locations in the game, excluding slave specific places.

This was requested by NarutoXD for their XMLSlaveCreator program.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Futanari Palace is back

as the title says, the Futanari Palace is back up

It notes the site may be slow for a while as parts rebuild/reload

It's back down again!