Wednesday, December 18, 2013

3rd Party Content

New Slave Nao

Rare Hunter has released a new slave, Nao from Mabinogi. This is a vanilla release (no custom content)

Note: to install just extract into your game installation

EDIT: updated to 1.1a to fix an incorrectly named SlaveGirl101.txt file

Update for Quistis
axmili released an update for Quistis just before the Futanari Palace weny down.

here a new version of Quistis.

What's new :
Add a little thing in "working as teacher", now you can win a Triple Triad card
When Quistis lead, at night, the SM will fight in the coliseum instead of her
Add the cards you've found into equipment, other item
Add 2 custom ending and 1 bad end
Add a dance pic

Here the links, one on mega, the other on rapideshare.!8JFUkK6C!V5WZEDp5iind4jrxPlRauQXhM_YIihLItolZiAzgu78


  1. How do you enter the coliseum with Quistis?I only get the dude telling me strangers not allowed

    1. when you take a walk at town center, slums or docks port, you have 10% chance to have an event against a random warrior. Win 5 times and the coliseum will be open for her.

    2. Alraight, thanks.

  2. when are you goin to relece the next vergion of the game

  3. Bug with nao :
    Rename Nao Beta 1.1/Slaves/SlaveGir101.txt by Nao Beta 1.1/Slaves/SlaveGirl101.txt

  4. Updated link for Nao:

  5. I have a problem with Nao, she dont show up in the slave market at all, anyone care to tell me how to fix it? I unzipped the new files into the slave maker folder like I usually do and then entered the game to try her out, but couldn't find her.. Am I doin something wrong?

    1. Nao (folder) in :
      Slave-Nao.png, Slave-Nao.xml and SlaveGirl101.txt in :

      Avoid to have big hole in N° of SlaveGirlN°.txt
      ex : SlaveGirl1.txt to SlaveGirl42.txt and SlaveGirl101.txt don't work
      rename your 101 in 43, 45, 48 but not 55, 72 or 153 (too far from 42)

    2. Thanks for the tip, it worked when I changed it from 101 to 100, I tryed 43, 45, 48 but it didnt work, maybe cuz it automatically added (2) But 100 worked, found her in the slave market now, thanks, you've been most helpfull :)

  6. in the folder "SlaveMaker3.3/slaves" i don't find slave n°28-71-78-79-85-86-90-93-94-96.Do they exist?

  7. I can't seem to get past the waiting thing where the girl is lashing her whip. and I fave the latest flash player

  8. What is Quistis bad end or how should i go about getting it?

  9. nao file expired

  10. Nao download link expired. Reup please!!

  11. Nao link doesn't work. Rapidshare tells me there is no file to download.


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