Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Slave + Updates

New Slave - Tayuya

Chartreuse-Gale has release d version 0,.92a of Tayuya from Naruto, a mostly vanilla release. Please note this is a swf based slave, so there is NO image folder


Small Updates
A number of slaves have had small updates, fixes or small image updates

Otokawa Saori unofficial update 4a
As there has not been an update addressing the issues for Saori, as TheNightWalker just reminded me, I have just done a quick update for Saori, pending lordjason1231 releasing a fix.

This should be a completely functional version of Saori, with all the fixes I noted earlier, plus a couple of additional images to fill in the recommended events and one or two additional images from the game. Additionally I edited the images for Saori to remove logos that were present in many images. All png images were also optimised (ie losslessly compressed), Lastly it includes TheNightWalkers suggested Slave Market image. Also her age was increased to 18!19AXVSra!o3AFRz8uYipxW_O0EcRwq7J7ed8k_Ucp-hiEfryirp0

Lois Griffin
AncientMariner released an edit of the release for Lois Griffin to remove inappropriate content and other image edits. including a new image for the Slave Market!lkUV2Bpb!zEdUHlTctwGffua-KC_2qAtMG1dAOKV7u33qGhEB-Pk

Temari Version 1.1
Thanks to DarkSonic1337 I have made an update for Temari. This fixes
  • xml errors
  • image naming errors
  • some images included originally had xml errors had were never shown. these are fixed
  • SlaveGirl94.txt error
  • Image folder error 
It also adds
  • missing images for Plug, Cooking, Milking, Dildo, Read, Kissing, Sleazy Bar, Assistant
  • a few more images alternatives for a number of image/acts including Dickgirl, Orgy
  • Naked images now have transparent backgrounds (one more added)
  • png images optimised
  • logos/text edited and removed!UwxVEIrR!vqv7blwfcitIZfwCrxxGM_PcVQetTl8Pxh0NuPU9GJo

EDIT: another update

Yuna Unofficial update version 0.21
The alpha release for Yuna had a number of image errors and missing images. As falcon_11 has not been active since July, here is a simple update to correct the reported issues and add the missing images. No other functional changes were done to Yuna


Edit: updated link to fix some xml issues and to add more image edits

Sunday, January 26, 2014

SlaveMaker Online and Recent Updates

Slave Maker Online
 eldi is a long time contributor to the game and has been working on an online version of Slave Maker, called "The Masters Way"

The current version is available now for people to try
Public test server: 

Updates for the Game

Update for Kim Possible
 I did a small update for Kim Possible to update introductions and to rearrange images as suggested. Actually quite a lot of image rearranges to reduce duplicates and add variants and implement events missing

Version 1.2!NkgngSwB!ESulbSUyBdhY30_fRxncjUF474KZZoQVh2f36_SPUeE

New Slave Erza Scarlet
 Zaix has released a new slave, Erza Scarlet from the manga/anime "Fairy Tale"
, currently a vanilla release.

Slave Link and The Arena
Genesys12 has been developing a number of things for the game recently and posted an alpha version of Link for the game.

This release is linked to an event "The Arena" he is also developing"

Other Updates

An alpha version of Tayuya from Naruto was released, it has a few bugs and I will post an update once a fixed release is posted. If you want before then, check the development thread at the Futanari Palace

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year

 Happy New Year
(a bit late)
from Arcueid and Mami, both in the game!

PS. I did a trivial edit for the Arcueid image to alter the date.

I am back from holidays now, a bit delayed, a bit of rough health at the end but better now.

I got a fair bit done over the holidays but not as much as I hoped

- a lot more of the game is translatable and converted to class based code. This makes the code less error prone and found quite a few bugs in the process. Also allows tweaks to text much more easily.

- small new features like some events and some some improvements but mainly bug fixing and tweaks.

- Arcueid is close to becoming a slave as well as an assistant. First off she will be an assistant and an event will happen and she will become enslaved. Event somewhat related to the True ending for the game and one of the Melty Blood options. Ren/Len will appear too, please note, she looks young and flat chested but not loli as she is not a child. She is an immortal succubus, shy and taciturn. Not sure if I will add any sex scenes (I only have a couple of images and she does look too young for my taste), but one of the few threesome images for Arcueid features her.