Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas and a small fix

Hi all, on the weekend I am going away on holidays for 2 weeks and will have limited internet access during that time. So in advance Merry Christmas to you all.

Until I return, here is a small fix for the game

To install just extract into your game installation folder, replacing any files.
If fixes small issues, so is just version 3.2.06a
  • addresses some problems with pregnancy of minor/bought back slaves. Where editing configuration.xml did not retroactively apply
  • small text issues for Ranma and Urd
  • a sexuality bar issue for male slaves
  • text being lost after visiting options
  • some homosexual images shown for some default images, for non-gay acts
  • A small change to the way contests calculate scores as per a developer request

Some people have had issues with events being blank in some areas, or getting the same event repeated over and over. In some cases these might be an interaction with the Tentacle Raid event and an un yet resolved bug in the game. If you have seen these issues,

a) copy
to a backup folder
b) replace it with this file

Monday, December 12, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.06 Release

Finally 3.2.06 is ready for release. This version has many fixes and changes over the last 3.2.04 release and the unstable 3.2.05 release.
  • There are many fixes for male slaves to improve text, sexuality, images and similar. Male specific sex acts are now present and multiple events have been customised for male cases.
  • multiple fixes and additions for xml based slaves
  • improvements for the images shown in the 'Talk To Slaves' screen
  • a help button has been added to the load/save screen to help limit lost save games support questions
Other than the above 3.2.06 is essentially a bug fix release.

There are several versions of this release provided.
Since 3.2.03 multiple slaves have been upgrades and several new slaves have been released.

Upgrade for 3.2.03 or later (Non Slaves)
This will upgrade an existing 3.2.03 or later version of SlaveMaker to 3.2.06. It will only upgrade the core game. No slaves are changed by this release.

Just extract this archive into the folder of your game installation

if you try to train Ayanami Rei with this update it will not work correctly as Assistant Asuka was renamed to Sora. If you get this issue, copy this file into your Slaves folder
This is not needed for any of the other upgrades/installs below.

Upgrade for 3.2.03 or later (All Slave Changes)
This will upgrade an existing 3.2.03 or later version of SlaveMaker to 3.2.06 and all slave and assistant upgrades will be done. Please note this upgrade renames the assistant Asuka to Sora.
Note this is very large

Just extract part 1 of this archive into the folder of your game installation

Full Version
This is the full installation for the game.

Mirror from WidsongBard
Just extract part 1 of this archive into a new folder of your choice. If you wish to preserve existing save games, delete your previous installation and then extract into the same folder as your previous installation.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

small delay + fun game

I should be releasing 3.2.06 this weekend. I was a little unwell this week and found a couple of interesting last minute bugs. Doing some final testing and tweaking.

Recently I played and really enjoyed the game 'Pretty Warrior May Cry' a quite good H battle/rpg, somewhat related to Dragon Quest. You are the Demon Lord and warriors attack your lair. Your monsters can kill them or capture (ie rape into submission). Later you can corrupt them to become your servants. A wide range of monsters are available but only 3 types of heroes.

The game is in english (slightly fractured but perfectly understandable). For sale via DLSite, creators website (Singapore based)
Free demo on the website. Please do not discuss illegal warez versions here in this blog (of course they are out there)

Note: trivial to cheat in the game using flash save game editor

EDIT: note visit the developers website they have posted several updates for the game

Sunday, December 4, 2011

3.2.06 Delay and some slave upgrades

Last night I think I found the cause of a number of peoples issues for version 3.2.04+
I was loading multiple files (xml notably) simultaneously, and Flash can be limitied by your browser connection limit. As in how many files can be downloaded/uploaded at once. This can be as few as 2 or currently 6 on my system. If you exceed these limits Flash will produce an error loading the files, and this can break certain events and text.

I have re-arranged some of the loading code to cater for this better. I have also fixed a few other bugs, a shortcut issue and some Talk To Slaves issues (images not appearing and a NaN time)

Due to the significant xml issue I did not release today as I planned, spending more time testing and fixing some other issues.

I'll do another quick fix and if no-one sees any issues with this I'll release tomorrow, will a full install, including all new and upgraded slaves

Note: this is purely an upgrade for version 3.2.05 (or the above 3.2.06ish upgrade)

Slave Upgrades and New Slave

New Slave: Ami (Sailor Mercury)
Currently she is a vanilla slave, but the developer is a fan of hers and has plenty of plans to expand on her.

- extract to a folder
- copy the subfolder Ami to the Images subfolder of your game
- copy remaining files to Slaves folder

Uppgrade: Ryo Akizuki

An upgraded version is avilable with more events

- extract to a folder
- copy the subfolder Ryo to the Images subfolder of your game
- copy remaining files to Slaves folder

Upgrade: Bulma
A few bug fixes

Installation: copy contents into the Slaves subfolder of your game

Upgrade: Sheena Fujibayashi
version 0.3

Monday, November 28, 2011

Issues in 3.2.05

there have been a few notable issues in the 3.2.05 release. I recomments people hold off applying/installing it.

I'll fix the issues and release a 3.2.06 in the near future.

running a test release for 3.2.06, if no significant issue will release tomorrow/on the weekend

For the test release, if people want to test the fix.
Please note it is a pure upgrade for version 3.2.05. This does not include some slave specific fixes (a couple of issues for Urd for instance). Also the version is still 3.2.05

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.05 Release

This is the new release, the final version of version 3.2.05, anything new will be done to the next version. This is primarily a bug fix release trying to address significant issues in the 3.2.04 release. There are limited new features in this release.

This fixes since 3.2.04
  • load/save/initialisation issues for events like the SMEncounter, Tentacle Raid etc. The saves were being mixed up.
  • Change participants option got the wrong at at times
  • a lot of text tweaks for male and twins slaves
  • Fixes for Yurika and her always losing some contests (dance)
  • Fixes for Shampoo endings. Dickgirl Mother ending has been increased in priority and will always happen if possible. Dickgirl mother ending will also have the started effect for the bargain you enter into.
  • Also adds a renaming feature and some tweaks to game loading and starting. The load/start are associated with some issues with Panty & Stocking, but they do simplify some code and make it more generic. 
  • Fixes a hotkey issue in the armoury.
  • a shortcut key issue for Cora.
  • Aeris tentacle pregnancy issues
  • Leaving the seer issues
  • Peorth not being intimate anymore
  • small text issues for twins/males
  • tweaks to refused sex act messages, all now in xml
  • fixed usage of #slavepronoun
Not much new, but it does add
  • 2 sets of items images for dresses, to allow twins slaves to have separate halo etc images. Included is an edit of Panty & Stocking's xml to position halo and leash images for the plain dress
  • sex acts for male slaves altered. Fuck is now 'Fuck another woman/dickgirl' and Lesbian is now 'Fuck another man'/Gay sex
  • you can now change assistants during training, once per day in the morning. Due to some game design issues if you change from a hired assistant (say Hild) you are assumed to fire them, and you cannot swap back to them. If the assistant has declared their love and are a member of your household then you can swap back. You cannot hire new assistants when swapping here. Minor slaves cannot be assistants. Lastly an assistant you swap to does not give any start of training bonuses, just their on-going bonus effects
  • Also so xml tweaks were requested and will be in the full release, notably
  • all recent slave upgrades, Gardevoir, Bulma, Kallen Stadtfeld, Ran, Lamia, Unohana Retsu, Samus Aran, Shampoo, Urd, Yurika, Sakuya
  • removes a furry avatar by request
  • I was seeing many people using .jpeg extension files for xml based slaves. I had added this to the list of extensions the game tries to use (last extension tried, so preferably rename to .jpg)
  • xml images can interchangeably use Futanari and Dickgirl (ie Sex Act - Fuck (As Futanari 1).jpeg)
  • catboy can be used instead of catgirl for xml image names, eg Job - Bar (Catboy 1).jpg
  • more variables can be used for minor slaves in xml, notably sex act levels, eg like levelfuck-maran for Maran's fuck skill level. Note in expressions use levelfuck_maran, due to a limitation of my expression parser.
  • added additional variables for xml use minlust, minnymphomania, slavename, slavepronoun, donetentacleharem, dating, oldlover, noblelove, noblelover
Note sex acts and some other trainings still need quite a lot of work for male slaves and twins. This version should me much better then previous versions for both, and especially male, but be aware the actions for Masturbation, Dildo, Touch will still be essentially female for any males slaves, and singular for twins.
Most other acts should be close to working, but still some plurality issues for twins.

The slave fixes have all been posted in their development threads in the forums previously.

New Slaves
This release also adds 2 new slaves,

Ryo Akizuki

developed by abisal, from 'The Idolm@ster'. He is a 'trap' that the slave maker is not initiallly aware is a male. Mostly vanilla in this release, development is continuing for him.

Dark Magician Girl
developed by Regigias, from 'Yugi Oh'. Currently vanilla with no special events.

two forms initially, if there are no siginificant issues I'll upload a full version of the game

Upgrade including all new and upgrade slaves

Upgrade, only the core game, excluding the slave upgrades. Fully included in the above link, no need for this and the above.

For either, just download and extract into your game installation folder.

I just accidentally deleted the 3.2.04 upgrade, so I will definitely make a full game version assuming no siginificant bugs.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More Slave Updates

Kallen Stadfeld
This is an update for vechno's release of Kallen.

There were multiple issues with images not hiding and many events/acts/chores that had no images for them. I have updated her so

  • dresses have transparent backgrounds
  • all acts/chores/schools/contests have at least 1 image
  • image hiding issues should be fixed
  • new image for the Slave Market
  • some images were detexted
  • some images had better alternates selected
Her images were recompressed to fit within the limitations of FashDevelop. She is based on SlaveBuilder and unfortunately the FlashDevelop tool has a limitiation of about 16Mb of total resources, images in this case. I do not see any visible effect of this recompression and it was essential to add the missing images.

No other changes, she is still a vanilla slave.

Installation: just extract to the Slaves folder in your game


Here is an update for Shampoo, it includes many new images and alters image sleection to better pick some images..

Majorly it includes CM Tyssen's BE, and piercings edits for the Naked images. Depending on piercing level you will see different piercings. There are now multiple BE versions of the images.

So multiple image changes but no other real change. While doing this I had a few ideas for additional plots for her training. But I have plenty to do for now with other slaves and parts of the game.

Installation: just extract to the Slaves folder in your game


The slave has been updated

a) any images converted the jpg, now about 35Mb is size
b) introduction expanded and aspect ratio fixed
c) dresses rearranged
d) small image edits
e) she is only available for high renown 60+ slave makers

1) if you had installed her previously delete the folder
2) extract the archive into the game installation

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another New Slave + update

New Slave

The developer who goes by the handle Lamia, has made a new xml based slave

She is a Lamia, a composite of images from various sources. So far she is vanilla, but work will continue.
I am discussing integrating this with the Lamia encounter in the docks.

Please note the images come from many sources, and are somewhat inconsistent. We welcome anyone who would like to help edit the images to make them more internally consistent, say recolouring hair to be either purple or green, and other edits.

Currently all her images are png so she is quite large (85Mb). I have requested the non-transparent images be converted to jpg

just extract to your game installation folder

thf772 has released an update for Gardevoir

Added a few images and fixed a minor mistake.

MegaUpload (7z)
MegaUpload (rar)
MegaUpload (zip)

For those who reposted comments in my last post I did see the posts.

Otherwise I am working on
- Krystal the Star Fox - a preliminarly release is a few days away
- updates for all other slaves to integrate edits by C.M. Tyssen for Dickgirl, BE, Piercings for their Naked images. Also some additional images here and there
- Ranma will gain a male transformation and probably as well a male/female twin transformation (ie male and female Ranma as separate beings)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slave Updates and New Slave

New Slave: Panty and Stocking
A new slave has been released by Dokenphalin, Panty and Stocking. These are the first slave that is a set of twins. Developed using the xml system

There are some minor image naming issues and other small reported bugs. A new version for them is being developed.

Extract to your game folder, and rename

Update for Yurika
A bug was reported for Yurika and contests. This is a small fix correcting the issue

Installation: just copy the file into the Slaves folder for your installation

Update for Bulma
abisal released a new version of Bulma
Sound files modified to the new method.

Combat with the Giant fixed so he doesn't deal lust damage anymore (Since he won't be sharing monster classes with Videl).

New way to get the 4-star DragonBall. Goku can be met at the lake even without Chichi regardless of Gender of the SlaveMaker ( Though, in the future, you'll be able to "befriend" him if you are a female SlaveMaker. For occasional free bodyguarding and gifts). If you choose to offer him food, you'll get your 4 star DB.

Raising exhibitionism and doing the Expose HErself chore, will get you the masturbate in Public Chore. And Masturbate in Public can eventually become sex in public. There will be a third stage to this training, but I haven't decided what it'll be yet.

Oolong's appearance will change from human/anthro depending on furry options. Working in the Sleazy Bar can trigger his invitation to his "Bunny School" (text will appear ocassionally to show it has been triggered), but he'll show up as a pre-event in the early morning to make the invitation. You can accept or decline. He'll get mad if you decline.

Oolong's Bunny School is more or less a normal school with 5 stages of training (training that gets more effective at each stage), but it'll probably go through major overhauls in the future. I just haven't decided how bunnygirls will work exactly. Some images, like Anal, that were apparently messed up have been fixed.

Installation: unzip and copy the files into the Slaves folder for your game installation

Monday, October 31, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.04

A sort of new release, version 3.2.04. This is just a bug fix release for version 3.2.03. It does a few low level changes and alters some options but otherwise no real content changes. Otherwise a rollup of the previously posted fixes (posted in the forums as a beta)

Ideally this should of just been 3.2.03a release, but I release some betas in the forums as 3.2.04beta so I am staying with that version numbering.

  • Zoom and Colours options are removed from Options.
  • There is now a configuration.xml file that allows this and some other settings to be changed. The idea is these settings will almost never be altered by anyone, so they are removed from Options but you can alter them. You can also customise the background colour if you really want.
  • Low level class changes, but should be mostly transparent
  • New slave Samus Aran from Metriod games by Mad_Jackal 

  • Love confessions from minor slaves for slave makers with Lesbian Trainer skill
  • male servant using a strap-on for anal sex
  • change participants button appearing incorrectly
  • issues with Urd and the uninhibitory potion
  • answering no to take the uninhibitory potion variant was the same as answering yes
  • some small text issues with sex act descriptions and Cora's introduction
  • Miku had a large image appear when used as an assistant
  • Issues with Peach as an assistant and her Bought Back image cycling/flickering
  • corrects a few text problems with tentacle pregnancies
  • fixes a bug in xml with conversation incorrectly using charisma
  • incorrectly showing assistantpronoun/slavepronoun for some text

just extract the archive into your existing game folder

To fully install a new installation
a) download 3.2.03 and extract to a folder
b) extract this update into the same folder

No immediate plan for a full installtion for this release. I may make and update one later.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 Release

New Release
Slave Maker 3.2.03
Here is the full release for Slave Maker 3.2.03

It has some additional fixes above the last version of the beta that was released, notably for Minako, and also an upgraded version of Unohana Retsu.



Download all parts and extract into a folder of your choice. To preserve save sames from a previous release, extract into the exact same folder. Only extract the first part, your archiving program will automatically extract the other parts.

Upgrade (for Beta version only)

This is only for people who used the beta version of the game, it is not an upgrade for version 3.2.02. To install just extract into your game installation folder.
I will not support any bug reports from this upgrade. I will require a reinstall from the full version first.

For those who did not try the beta release this version includes quite a number of feature changes. Nothing major, mostly incremental improvements. There are quite a few new slaves, developed using the xml system

  • minor slaves have some more personality, having special events and extra graphics
  • Lady Farun meetings and encouters have been expanded
  • additional new events in the game
  • upgrades for multiple slaves (including bug fixes for Menace, Urd, Minako)
  • latest upgrade of the SM Enounter event (ie Red Lily Bar events)
  • new house, the Galleon
  • illness events work a bit differently
  • minor slaves and assistants can confess love to your slave maker
  • some minor slaves and assistants can become pregant. Actually almost all have graphics and the capability, but it is disabled by default
  • Naru's Naked dress is now learnable by your Slave Maker for use by your slaves
  • Cumslut training can be learned by Slave Makers with 'Slut Trainer' skill, but Kasumi is still needed as the initial cumslut
Otherwisea lot of other changes, explore the changes!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 Uploading

Hi All,
uploading the full version 3.2.03 now (ie the non beta version). It has some fixes over the last patch and some slave updates and the new slave Hinata from Naruto

The update should take 4 more hours, so it maybe tomorrow before I can post the release.

On the question of a slaves only release, please note the non-slaves part of the game is about 200Mb, the slave part is 1.4Gb so it seems a bit pointless to split on those lines.

Please note there are some known issues in the release, bugs I have not found yet and other sall issues. One notable is there are some issues training Minako and an update for her will follow.

I will not be posting an update for those who used the beta, sorry. It causes too much confusion on my part, are you running the full version, a partial upgrade, the beta etc.

For those who want, here is the latest release of Hinata, who is a new slave released after the beta started. She is developed by raiga, she will be in the new release

For note raiga prefers the older Hinata from Naruto Shippuden. This version has some custom events and such and raiga is working on more.

 Release 3.2.03
Also note in the new release (over the beta, with the posted fixes applied)
  • updated version of Gardevoir
  • updated version of Bulma
  • additional bug fixes, notably for Urd and her potion making
  • Galley house renamed to Galleon house
  • Updated Unohana Retsu

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 Beta

Hi, here is the final beta for the 3.2.03 release of the game. I will run this beta test for the next week and then do a full release once any issues raised are fixed.

New features
  • Lady Farun rescue and meeting have been re-written, with more text and options. The 'rescue' event has additional options if your slave maker is present at the time. The rescue will only happen once
  • There is the start of an event during the Lady Farun meetings, but it is only the first part. It is no complete yet
  • Sareth/Evil Mine event has been fixed and updated along with the Lady Farun meetings. A 'new' reward can be received from the quest now. Importantly the event will only happen once
  • the minor slave Deala is removed from general  sale but is available in another way
  • All minor slaves and assistants can now declare their love for you, and count toward you limit of lovers given by the Leadership skill
  • All minor slaves and assistants can become cumsluts, but it will take quite a long time
  • All minor slaves and assistants can become impregnated, but by default only one will actually become pregnant, but this is a trivial xml edit to enable for other slaves
  • All minor slaves and assistants can be affected by the 'Unnatural Cum' advantage. Again will take quite a long time to occur
  • Several minor slaves now have custom events, notably the nurse Cora (try talking to her), the fox-girl Narry, and Maran the mother
  • All minor slaves can have custom events, including any custom ones added by players.
  • Kasumi's Cumslut training can now be learned by Slave Makers who have the skill 'Slut Trainer'. Initially you will need to train Kasumi and then use her for a few slaves, but after a few you will learn the skill 'Slut Trainer 2' and can do it yourself
  • Once Naru decides to become a nudist and gains the 'Naked' dress you will be able to convince other slaves to do it as well. It is easier for slave makers with the skill 'Slut Trainer' and otherwise relies on your slaves level in the Naked act
  • New event in the Forest
  • Tiredness and illness affect all slaves and your slavemaker. On a day a slave becomes ill they cannot be used for training. This means for your main slave they cannot do any trainings at all. Your slaves maker will be unable to do any personal trainings. Minor slaves or assistants will be unable to participate in acts.
  • Simple method added to change from one house to another. Currently a flat fee of 10000GP to change. This will change in future
Developer support Changes
  • a lot of changes to the xml parsing system, adding new statements, variables, new nodes. See Acts.xml for the new act support
  • actually there is quite a lot and I will document more in an updated SDK
This release includes all current slavereleases. This includes the following
Ayanami Rei
Chun Li
Princess Daisy
Sawachika Eri
Kallen Stadfeld
Kirino Kousaka
Aoyama Motoko
Nina Windia
Princess Peach
Unohana Retsu

Most of the newer slaves are vanilla with little or no specia events, but notably Misako and Unohana Retsu have events.

Here are two installers for the game

Partial installation
This is an upgrade for an existing game installation. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE game and does not include any of the slaves list

Just extract this into your existing game installation.

Note: this version will have problems if you try testing the changes for Naru and Kasumi and their cumslut path. You will need the following update to test this

If you do not plan to tes them then this in not needed

Full Installation
This is a complete installation of the game with all slaves included. Extract to a new folder, or delete all files from your existing game folder and extract into that folder.

Preserve save games
To ensure you can use save games from the previous versions, just make sure you install the game into the exact same folder. Do not rename the folder, or install into a sub-folder.

Backup save games
As this is a beta version I recommend backing up any important save games before installing this beta
a) run the game
b) load the save game
c) save to a new slot, say like slot 80

Bug Reports
This blog is an awkward place for bug reports. I would prefer any bug reports to be post in either the futanaripalace forum or the masterbloodfer forum. For the duration of the this beta test I will create a dedicated thread for bug reports in each forum

Known Issues
 There are a couple if issues I have not been able to fix yet
  • the first time you go to the Talk to your Slaves screen it can be blank, with not slaves listed. This only seems to happen if you are not playing the game full screen. I have not got a fix for this, but if you exit and re-enter the screen it works fine
  • The game does not upgrade Kasumi quite correctly to teach Cumslut training. Will work fine in a new game just not with existing save games. Will be fixed in the full release.
  • Some odd text issues with some Lady Farun meetings, with text layout and structure. Only in an unusual case and is reasonably clear, just awkward.
Reported Bugs
Please excuse, there have been a group of reported bugs so far
  • slaves are not always available (maybe never) for use as assistants
  • a couple of xml issues, a buf with some custom events
  • visiting the barmaid has a broken questions
  • a few typos in a new event
Some of these have trivial fixes, will post a fix once I sort out the issues, primarily the first assistant issue

Fixes to date
Working on some other fixes, but here is a fix for the worst of the issues reported
To install just extract to your game folder

  • slaves not appearing as assistants
  • Lady Farun not selling cat items
  • Shampoo not getting her custom items. This will only affect new games not existing ones
  • Sora broken options
  • Lady Farun pregnant event always happening
  • Discuss stat gains
  • big xml parsing error 
  • assistant naming and genders
  • theology stat gains
  • xml error for sora's introduction
  • salon issues
  • Competitive not appearing on stat2 screen
  • house effects for Galley
  • Unnatural cum queuing 2 acts sometimes
  • missing shortcuts from slavemarket
  • event selection issues for the Slums  
  • BE event issues
  • rape event again
  • lady farun availability
  • assistant listed twice in assistant selection screen
  • dickgirl conversion not working
  • default talk/discuss images for assistants not always working
  • lady farun birth event not stopping correctly
  • minor/bought back slaves stat maximums could be locked at a low level (below that given by Slave Trainer Skill)
  • Cora's reports, note she now only gives the report the first discuss each day
  • changed some shortcuts in the Shop
  • prevented corrupt purchase quantities in the shop
  • prevent repurchasing ladies guild+historical book using shortcuts
  • shortcuts not working correctly in the salon and take potions screen when selecting drinker/customer
  • Advanced Housework for xml slaves image, Retrieved Slave image for xml slaves
  • dress statistics shown wrong for xml slaves
  • Irina showed some text from Sumi
  • owner testing happened for Shampoo as a freelancer
  • fixed a couple of save errors and added some code to correct these and some other corruption
  • Fix issues with Melisandra with nested image selections (ie naked dickgirl etc)
  • Fixes Talk/Sex act image selection issues for assistants
  • Remove anal requirement from Naked Training, added Expose acts needed, may add strip tease too in the future
  • Any day Naked Dress is worn counts as a Naked act, and can thus level up the Naked skill. Counted at the start of a new day
  • Mistress Cock/Dickgirl Dominatrix blowjobs could be reassigned to another. This is now blocked, it is personal!
  • Fixed hopefully issues with varx variables resetting as reported by QMag
  • Maran impregnation problems (note normal human gestation, can be edited in Acts.xml)
  • Another fix for the beta, hopefully the last. Includes all previous fixes.
  • some issues in the salon, notably when changing back to your current slave
  • fixes for using an assistant as 'love assistant' images now appear correctly, and the assistant now appears correctly for use in acts/talk
  • stat decreases where not scaled correctly for high levels of slave trainer
  • slave maker rest action did not scale by time, also increased a little in effect. Personally supervising a Break action is still more effective
  • sold (and not owned slaves) were confessing love and giving birth
  • gender problems for male assistants
  • incons and text for some dickgirl slaves/assistants were shown wrong when talking/reviewing
  • the time that passes between slaves did not affect any slaves stats or pregnancy etc
  • incorrect text for several latex encounters
  • Ranma's Tea Ceremony 
  • major issue where each time you loaded a game a new copy of Kirino Kousaka was added to the internal slaves array. This bloated save games hugely. This fix will correct any corrupted saves.
  • fixed an issue for some assistants not showing images when used as a 'love assistant'. Bridget had this issue due to a bug in his coding (a trivial bug)
  • fixed a load issue with an xml slave used as an assistant, loaded Shampoo instead
  • changesd so slave maker equipment button is shown in the armoury, not the slave equipment button
  • fixed Deala's bondage report
  • Another Salon issue with makeup/skincare/hair
  • using an xml slave as an assistant
  • fixes more save corruptions, this time with Ran/Cumslut Ran, should of had the same cause as the previous Kirino Kousaksa issues
  • use non-default image for Intimacy for more 'love assistants'
  • Nodoka/Faeerie Butterfly purchasing/showing not working
  • Image issues for 'love assistants', and some better defaults in some cases
  • rest action for slave maker is now more effective
  • minor slave events, like Cora's reports, got lost when you start a new slave
  • shortcuts did not work on rules screen
  • custom slave maker action shortcut changed to V
  • seer screen could fail to vanish
  • Narry's event was a bit too frequent
  • Alena's intimacy image becoming the default, actually a generic fix, but it was caused by a very minor bug in Alena (I think)
  • Some assistants becoming permanently listed in the Talk to slaves/Pick participants screen, notably after a slave's training ends
  • Shampoo not being retained as an assistant
  • joy not increasing for catgirl slave makers
  • no initial stat changes for elves and true catgirls
  • competitive advantage only applied to xxx contests
  • slave maker received succubus ending but did not become one
  • Ella's image did not fade in the Auction when purchased
  • Rules did not toggle via shortcut keys
  • Threesomes did not show the right questions, especially for male assistants
  • Custom chores/jobs/schools got blank descriptions/labels
  • Aeris blank buttons for custom acts (slightly different cause)
  • default participants were not saved
  • lesbian buttons did not reset/restore correctly
Some additional images added for some minor slaves, Ella for instance, multiple more pregnant images (Sana, Latala, Maid Tara, Cora)

As Rydia is an assistant I have changed the images for the minor slave Ryah so she has had a total face lift, and now has some additional images as a result.
  • another futanari variant image
  • all assistants that confess love will now become 'love assistant' and become a permanent person for talk/acts. They will hire themselves as an assistant for 2/3 cost
  • removed Asuka/Sora from Court Contest as she is now a slave
  • more images for Peorth, including modeling lingerie, swimsuits, maid uniform. Added futanari version of main assistant image.
  • assistants can get involved in purchasing uniforms (as Peorth above)
  • Quite a few low level class changes, notably SlaveModule, should be backward compatible
  • some more futanari images (ponygirl ploughing and kamasutra imags
  • Peorth now has special love events and later impregnation event. (note normal human gestation)
  • More images for Peorth
  • Assistants can now become permanent. Peorth will become a permanent member of your household once she confesses her love. This can exceed Leadership limits
  • slight changes to debugging menu so that items/dresses are not give to the slave until you choose to modify an item position. To allow usage of the menu for flag viewing a little better
  • added actionscript function IsNakedDressAvailable()
  • revised system where assistants can add xml events for consistency with minor slave xml system and to generaly make things easier for me

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Tomorrow I will release a final beta version of 3.2.03, I will run it for 1 week and then do a full release.

I think I have fixed all issues I am aware of and added a fair bit of new features.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Updated Slaves

Some updates


Additional images and item positioning fixed. the author, demercel, says this should be the last vanilla release, so hopefull that means more custom content in the next release.

Thf772 has released an update for Gardevoir, with additional images again and small fixes
"Very very small minor update to add a blowjob image and fix a mistake in the xml thaht prevented the blowjob images from showing."


Note these are all 7z archives.

Rar/Zip Mirror (zip) (rar)

Installation for both
Jst extract the archive into your game folder

General Status
A general note, I am still working on the core game, but a little slowly recently due to personal problems with my family. Difficult for me to cope with so far, but I'll manage eventually.

additional Nymph's Tear images

Simple edit I did
I have got Lady Farun mostly upgraded and her rescue event and linkage to the mine quest revamped. New images edited for the events and text a lot longer, and a new combat.

Otherwise small tweaks and updates.

To answer some concerns here, these slave updates are being done by other developers and take little time on my part to assist. Sometimes I do image edits and playtests but only a small amount of time spent on that side of things.

Most of my slow progress recently has been my family issues.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Slave Melisandra

Melisandra, The True Catgirl (Final Fantasy XI)

Release V1.0:

To my delight, SamK has released a new XML based slave, Melisandra, a Mithra from Final Fantasy XI. In the game this means she is one of the True Catgirls you encounter when training Minako.

She is an original character, not any specific Mithra you will have seen in the game, but a composite of images and edits.

She is currently a vanilla release but SamK has stories plotted and events in development.

To install just extract the archive into your game folder.

There is a slight chance mac and Linux users may have issues with her. If you do, try renaming the file

Mirror for Gardevoir Update
Some people had issues with the 7zip archive for Gardevoir, here is a rar mirror file

Early Alpha for Motoko Aoyama
An early development version of Motoko from Love hina has been posted by Jaren, developer of Yoruichi. I am just notifying people here as he has basically only posted her for beta testing so far.
If you really want to check her out, visit the FutanariPalace forum

PS. that makes 43 slaves released for the game. 2 others in significant development, and several others in various stages of development

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update for Gardevoir

Thf772 has posted an update of Gardevoir, with some new images added


Monday, August 29, 2011

New Slave - Misako

New Slave - Misako

demercel has released a new slave, Misako, from the H-Game (and later anime) Gibo - Stepmother's Sin.

The slave is completely vanilla at this time, but demercel has mentioned plans to add events.

To install just extract this file into your game installation folder

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two new slaves

Two new slaves have been released, both early, vanilla releases


Released by CM Tyssen, Sakuya is from Touhou. She is vanalla at the moment. Also there are some image issues with her, some in the naming for her files, and some a bug in the core game.


vash99 has released Ran from Detective Conan, also a vanilla release.

For Sakuya
a) rename the included file
to the next free number (SlaveGirl40.txt for Sakuya, SlaveGirl41.txt for Ran)

b) copy the SlaveGirlxx.txt, Slave-xxxx.xml and the Slave-xxxx.png into the folder Slaves in your game installation

c) copy the folder (Sakuya or Slave-ran) into the folder Images

For Ran, just extract the new link above into your game installation folder

That should be it, they will work.

Note a new game release is needed for the image issues for Sakuya but I will not be able to release one for a while (a week a best)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Status pt 2

Please excuse, the worst has happened with my home issues, and I will be returning home to my family again, Please do not expect much for the next week or so.

I am still at home for the weekend so I will review posts/forum activity and try to get up to date there.

Otherwise I am doing some significant changes to Lady Farun and her events, basically expanding on her events. Her rape event in the docks is much expanded and your Slave Maker can get involved now. I need to edit/create so more images for the events involved, some intermediate images during for the differing options (ogre, tentacles, lizard man)

I have done quite a few changes to XML processing to try and optimise it and make things more generic. I am writing the updated SDK and as I do revising some functions to better consistency.

Otherwise a little work on
  • Krystal the Star Fox
  • Male Ranma transformation (optional)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Some real life issues have come up this week, so please do not expect many replies here or in the forums for the next week.

I will not have internet access on the weekend so no activity then, otherwise I will reply when I can

For note I have had people announcing work on the following slaves
  • Horo from, Spice and Wolf
  • Ran from Detective Conan
  • A Mithra/True Catgirl, an amalgam of images, so an original character
  • Marisa Karisame from Touhou
  • Motoko Aoyana from Love Hina. by Jaren who developed Yoruichi

TrekkieGal, the excellent 3D artist has started work on a 3D story/novel set in the world of SlaveMaker, and I look forward to it.

Still quite a few bugs to sort out in the game before a stable release of 3.2.03

Monday, August 15, 2011

More Updates

More slave updates


Update, from abisal's post

Fixed that issue and a few others I found like some messy dialogue here and there. EvilMine event should be turned off until either, you get the 7-Star DragonBall or you finish Bulma's training. Made a few things easier for playing. Videl now only appears in the beach and the slums if you are a female SM instead of everywhere.

From now on and for a few months, any updates I do for her will be even slower because I'll have less time.

Brain Slug assistant (also by abisal)
Also made a tiny update for the BrainSlug so it now also eats 1 Temperament to make things easier (but now obedience raises at a rate of 3).

from Darsel's post

BETA 2 Release

Haven't really got much to say that isn't noted in the Important!.txt file. I believe there is an issue with Genma interfering with Ino's obedience system though.. Haven't decided on a workaround yet.

Anyways, Enjoy! Beta2.1 will be in about 2~ weeks.

Note: Genma issue resolved.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Thf772 has released an updated version of Gardevior, adding futanari content, removing duplicate images and adding a spanish translation.

Extract the file into your game folder

Other Notes:
An update of the SMEncounter event by Rowadon was announced for release in the near future. This is the events associated with the 'Red Liliy' bar.

There are a couple of other 3rd party events in development
  • Succubus Training
  • Converted By Tentacles background
Both of these have an alpha release and rely on the 3.2.03 beta at this time. Once a stable release is available I will integrate them into the game.

Others in development but no release yet

  • More for the BE forest and cowgirl training
  • a Slave Maker dream world
  • a SM Bar Event

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.03 beta 2

Another beta release of the game. I have not had an opportunity to test this a lot and I have done quite a bit of tweaking

  • some changes to hopefully speed loading
  • some lowlevel changes for sounds
  • a number of bug fixes, notably one for external events
Some new features for developers

Added the following functions for assistants/events

  • ShowAttackChoicesAsAssistant(runmsg) : Boolean
  • ShowStatHintAsAssistant(stat: Boolean
  • HideItemsAsAssistant()
  • EquipItemAsAssistant(item): Boolean
  • WearItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • UnEquipItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • RemoveItemAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • ShowItemDescriptionAsAssistant(item) : Boolean
  • HideItemAsAssistant(tem:Number, align:Number)
  • ShowItemAsAssistant(item:Number, main:Boolean, align:Number, gframe:Number) : Boolean
  • function FadeSounds(time:Number) - fades all playing mp3 sounds, 10% per time in milliseconds. Does not effect internal sounds. Automatically called by core game when an event ends or HideImages() is called
  • some other requested changes also done, see development requests thread
  • new file Langauges/English/Acts.xml has nodes for all trainings both slave and slave maker. A few migrated to xml, the rest pending. ALL can be used in XML events/slaves

As noted I have not tested this as much as I hoped, so take care with the upgrade. You may wish to preserve your SlaveMaker3.exe and SlaveMaker3.swf temporarily in case of issues.

Just extract the file into your game folder

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Slave Hatsune Miku

Kiyoka (formerly know as Malarkay) has released an early alpha of Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.
Links and notes in their blog

NarutoXD has released the official update for Sakura

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beta 3.2.03

Beta Release
Here is a beta version of 3.2.03, mainly just to fix a few issues in the last release. This is not the final version just a preliminary version.

It fixes

  • XML slaves like Nina, Mihoshi did not work correctly as assistants (Shampoo appeared instead)
  • Lady Farun not appearing at times
  • a bug with external event loading

Changes (mostly for developers)

  • XML adds for/while loop
  • #participant1 etc macros for sex act participants, 0 based index
  • totalparticipants xml variable
  • loop variable (current iteration of a loop)
Not much else, I have been unwell this week.

Extract the archive into your game folder

NOTE: this is only compatible with save games made using 3.2.02
If you load save games from an earlier version it will work mostly, but some events may not work and some other things will be erratic.
To use such a save game, before upgrading just load and resave the save game

To address some recent comments in this blog

I was wondering, is there a simple way to just edit in a love confession for characters like assitants and Lady N? I'm doing Akane's story and I thought, if I copy pasted her love confession code and whatever the code is that transfers slaves to each slave story, I could get her to stay/ a cofenssion. I just don't know what code is what.I get Lady N to a large red heart, max joy, but no confession. If the heart exists, is there a way to copy paste code?

Also, I asked a long time ago, will we be able to save, perhaps keep some of the slaves in the story such as the girl whose tortured over her breasts and who you promise to save in the Slave Pen's? Or perhaps be able to save the mother whose daughter got sold into slavery, selling herself?

And finally, is there any plans to make a large degree of NPC's able to have relationships with you, even marriage or 'joining the part?'

My main question, I guess, is how can I add a love statistic, a confession event and keep the character in my group of slaves even when training a new one? I can use XML, I'm not sure of which code to use.

These are possible but are not currently possible using the XML system, or even the custom event system in the game. A lot of the interaction here I do not expose for developers at the time. I certainly could but it just has not been a request.

I do want to add more NPC interaction and possible love affairs (Lady Farun, Ambassador Tachiba both definitely)
Still this is planned and on the list of things to do. If you or others want to write the interaction and supply to me it would considerably help the development process, but you cannot modify the game to add it yourself at this time.

User Customisation or modding of the game
I will post some more details on what is possible now in a few days and more when I finally release an updated SDK


out of curiousity is there ganna be anything with lady of the rocks anytime soon or has that just been scraped?
 Yes, it is still planned, and I have done a little work on it recently.

For those having problems with Sakura, here is a temporary fix for her. I have just quickly edited her while waiting on a new release of NarutoXD
link removed as requested by NarutoXD
To nstall, just copy this file into your Slaves folder

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slave Updates

A few releases of updated slaves
All by abisal (thanks!). Quoted from their posts

Mushashi/Jessie fron Pokemon

New update. Fixed most of the important bugs. Tried moving a few of her misplaced images to the right place, but it'll be a long job, since it looks like many have a Register Point problem-.. A couple things like the mmisplaced items are still there, though. Mostly because I'll probably have to use the SlaveBuilder to get their positions (since all her dresses are not what I I was going to use when she was built for the first time).

Ok. A small fix that hopefully will solve the conflicts with the EvilMine quest

Most images are now there Only a few dickgirl images and chores are missing.
Art Model Job
Meditation School
Tried to add but couldn't: "draining" touch event. It'll be in the next update, I am just too unfamiliar with the way events work in XML.

I am thinking that the Art model and the Meditation school will need events to unlock them in the future, but haven't thought up the events

They vary a little, in all cases
a) extract to a sub folder
b) check the enclosed instructions if present
c) if there are no instructions copy files into your 

For Rogue, 
1) copy/move the folder Rogue into the folder 
2) rename SlaveGirl31.txt to SlaveGirl38.txt
3) delete Slave-Generic.swf
4) copy the rest into Slaves.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.02

This is mainly a bug fix release for the game that also adds some new features and a lot of developer support.

Fixes include

  • Planning fixes for rest and Talk to Slaves
  • several meeting related issues
  • multiple fixes for the xml event system
  • some reluctance/gender issues for sex acts
  • Fixes for Shampoo when your slave maker is a Freelancer
  • fixed for Menace, some undefined's in text
  • fixes for Ayanami Rei, custom job and some other issues
  • fixes for Naru and naked options
  • fixes for Ranma and Martial Arts contest
  • some events did not reset properly after training a slave
Actually there have been so many I forget them all, and I have been lax in keeping records of them all


Game Play Changes

  •  New house, the Galley
  • New events related to Slave Maker action 'Attend Court'. More planned
  • additional text and graphics for Lady Farun, more to come (or cum)
  • Lamia event expanded upon, several paths, depends on 'Non-Human sex' setting and slave statistics
  • A new bad-end

Other Changes

  • Slave Maker Avatars are now loaded differently to conserve memory, so you can add lots more if you like.
  • Sound effect moved, now the game supports playing any external mp3 file (for developers use _root.PlaySound(Sounds/Circus.mp3"); )
  • Pure XML assistants are now supported. There is one present now, Arcueid from Tsukihime.
  • More options, functions for XML events and slaves

I currently have a lot of code to support loading older save games from versions 3.2.0 etc. In the next version I will remove this code. Once you upgrade if you wish to be able to use an old save game for version 3.2.03 make sure to
a) load the save game
b) resave it


The full version and slaves inclusive versions include all recent new or upgraded versions of slaves and assistants, including
Aeris, Bulma, Sakura, Chun Li, Gardevoir, Nina Windia, Peach, Shampoo, Ranma, Akane, Ayanami Rei, Naru, Yurika, Menace, Brain Slug, Kirino Kousaka

Upgrade for version 3.2.x, excludes any slave specific fixes

Installation: extract this into your current game folder. DO NOT extract to a sub folder

Upgrade for slaves only
Requires the upgrade above

Installation: extract this into your current game folder. DO NOT extract to a sub folder

Full Version (a complete install, requires none of the above or any previous version)

Mirror (links interchangablewith the above)

Note: these links are not compatible with the other links above

Torrent by Zythen

Installation: create a folder and extract this into it.

A fix for some slave issues, a dress issue for Naru, issuees for Nina, Kirino Kousaka and Shampoo


To install this fix just extract into the Slaves folder of your game installation

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Slaves and Updated one

New Slave - Chun Li
venom256 has released a new slave Chun-Li from Street Fighter. She is an xml based slave and is completely vanilla at this time

Newish Slave - Kirino Kousaka 

 NarutoXD has released a new slave (sort of). He has previously released her but many had troubles using her. This is a new xml based version of her.

Please note there are some image naming issues for her and a new version will be released in the forthcoming version 3.2.02

Updated Slaves
The following slaves have been updated

Princess Peach

Nina Windia
you also need this updated file due to a bug in this update



A major update is ready, but it is dependent on code in the 3.2.02 release so I will only initialliy include it in the full 3.2.02 release. A, upgrade for her will probably follow.

Version 3.2.02 has a couple of issue to fix and then I will release. The full version will include all the above slaves. The upgrade will not have these included.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


General Status Update

  • I am working on another bug fix for the game 3.2.02 to address various bugs. 
  • It will also add features for slave developers, especially the XML case
  • A new slave was just released. Rogue from X-Men Evolution, but there are some issues with the initial release so I am not posting her here yet, give it a few days.

  • An update for Sakura and some of her issues is due soon
  • Cantinhgo de liberdade and nosredragon, I am still working on Krystal the Star Fox. CM Tyssen just gave me a group of naked image edits for her. Unfortunately I am not able to work on her a lot, I consider general bug fixes more important at the moment. but soon, soon.
  • An update of Aeris is due soon from mouseGURU, once I fix some bugs in the game
Otherwise, on a personal note, I hate having a cold, for the last week I have been rather under the weather. Mostly recovered now.

The game supports translating and we have sizable translations for French and Russian so far and more limited ones for German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish. Other languages can be done too.

At this time most of the user interface is translatable as are all the new events and most standard text. Most sex acts and walk events are not yet but will be. Some slaves text like introductions can now be translated.

If anyone is interested to contribute, there are 3 parts of the game that can be translated

In the Slaves folder there are files like
These contain the slaves name and text that appears on the slave market screen where you pick a slave to train.
You will also see versions like
This is the french translated version.

Maybe half of these are done for 4 languages, but many are only in English.

If you like, copy the base file to one for your language
and translate the bit
ie change Shampoo to the version for your language and
girldesc=A girl you met on the way to the capital. She is obsessed with you and has sold herself to be your assistant.
again translate. DO NOT change the girlname tag or girldesc tag, or any other part of the file.

Save the file using UTF-8 encoding and post for me to include in the game. Upload to a file service like MEdiaFire/RapidShare/MultiUpload and post here in a comment or in a forum

Complex 1
See the Language folder and Guide to Translating.rtf and translate the xml files there

Complex 2
Some girls like Mai, Mihoshi have files like
Like the txt file above you can create  a copy
and translate the text in the nodes. Do not translate tags.

All slaves will get these xml files in future.

Thanks in advance for any contributions here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Slave - Gardevoir

Thf772 has released a new slave, Gardevoir from Pokemon, developed using the XML system introduced in version 3.2

The is an early alpha that has had limited testing so far.

Also note it is a dual language release, with a french version as well as english.

To install just extract this file into your game installation

EDIT: link updated to include decenored and detexted versions of images
EDIT2: I messed up merging the english and french from Thf772, fixed, so a new link

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.01

This is a bug fix release to correct bugs introduced in the version 3.2 release. There are no new features in this, just bug fixes. It addresses almost all known issues, but there were some I could not quite reproduce

  • Rest problems, particularly for 2 hrs
  • Selecting people for sex acts had several issues, especially for threesome
  • some typos and instances of #slave appearing in text
  • purchasing minor slaves could have a price of 0 or huge
  • assistant Rhia included again, also edited to enforce that she does not participate in sex acts as described
  • other minor issues
The full version also has some additional slave specific fixes, all trivial. For instance some hint issues, and start of training messages. It also includes the new slave Nina Windia, see below


Upgrade for existing 3.2.0 installation



Full Install


or for those with limited monthly bandwidth

Just extract over your existing installation. DO NOT extract into a subfolder in your game installation. Some archivers do this by default

same as the 3.2.0 release

Slave Nina Windia
Kaiser Ryu has releasd a new slave as an early alpha release. Quite vanilla, and using the xml system implemented in version 3.2. She is from the Breath of Fire games


Extract to a folder of your choice.
1) copy/move the folder Nina to your game and into the folder Images. After you should have

2) rename the file

3) copy 
to your game and into the folder Slaves

Note the above image in this post is a slightly improved version of Slave-Nina.png, you may like to use it instead.

Also note, a release of Gardevoir from Pokemon is expected soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slave Maker version 3.2

This is the new version for the game, it adds a lot of new features over the previous 3.1.10c version and there are a number of new slaves (mostly work in progress/alpha versions)

The major new feature is the ability to customise your Slave Maker, using a points system to buy race, background, advantages and statistics

One other significant change is the addition of Freelancer Slave Makers. These buy a slave personally, train them and then sell to a buyer. A different training mode but similar.

Before anyone asks, there are still a lot of story and events not yet in the game for a number of the backgrounds and advantages, but all basic game mechanics are in place. More will be added in later releases.

The last major feature for the release is XML based slaves. There are 3 such slaves (all new for this release)
  • Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo
  • Mai Shiranui (adapted from the last release)
  • Princess Daisy (developed by Gadansk)
There is no Flash based coding for these slaves, just editing images and creating an xml file. The are fairly vanilla but Mihoshi has some special events.

There is also a related XML based event system to allow quick and easy addition of new events into the game. There are many new events added with the system (including some new from the alpha releases)

There are some additional slaves, most publicly released previously
  •  Kallen Stadtfeldt from Code Geass - note there is a known issue with her dresses
  • Musashi/Jessie from Pokemon
  • Heather from Silent Hill
  • Felicia from Darkstalkers
  • Princess Daisy
  • Mihoshi
  • Ayanami Rei
  • Sakura from Naruto
  • Reimu from Touhou - note an old release, quite basic
Updated versions of
  • Ino from Naruto
  • Yoruichi from Bleach
  • Bulma from Dragonball
  • Aeris from Final Fantasy - extensive new events and story paths
 Other Changes
  • Ability to pick participants for sex acts, and set default people
  • Talk to Slaves, where you can review your slaves, talk to them and be intimate
  • Additional Minor slaves Nodoka, Fairy Butterfly
  • Ability to add your own Minor Slaves
  • Slaves can have special people to assist with training. See Kiyone for Mihoshi, Miss N for Akane
  • Any owned slave may take potions and buy items from the Salon (more areas to follow)
  • Multiple more events, some time of day and time of month dependent
  • some changes to the Take A Walk map
  • Exhbit and Auction when walking to the Slave Market
  • Note: buying minor slaves is done when your slave maker visits the Slave Market (via walk or Slave Maker actions)
  • More Slave Maker jobs available
  • Multiple low level changes to event system in the game
  • Any shortcut with Ctrl+ is now Shift+, eg Ctrl+U is now Shift+U
  • The S and L shortcuts for loading and saving save slot 1 are now Shift+S and Shift+L

Download Links
Links 3 of 3
 1Gb total



zythen has provided a torrent for this version as well. Only limited seeding initially

This is a FULL install of the game, at this time I will not be providing an upgrade from the previous 3.1.10c or the alpha releases. This way I ensure everyone is running a correctly installed version of the game with everything in the correct place.

If this install is too much I could provide an upgrade, BUT I will not support such installations and would not answer any bug reports for them. I would prefer not to do this, which is why I would prefer to only go with the full install.

This version is compatible with save games from previous versions of the game. Download the links and to install

a) delete the content on your current game installation
b) extract the first part ONLY of the above links into the same folder. DO NOT extract into a sub folder of the game folder. Make sure the folder contains files like
and folders like Slaves, Assistants etc
c) this will preserve your existing save games. To preserve you must keep the folder exactly the same

New Installation
a) extract the first part ONLY of the links into a folder of your choice

Other Notes:
1) there have been problems is development of this version with upgrading save games. If you have a save you have spent a lot of time an effort in creating I suggest
a) before upgrading , load it and save to a new slot. Do not load/save it with the new version
b) use the original save with the new version but if there are problems you still have the original backed up, and can use it once any issues are fixed

2)  An update for the SDK, detailing the new XML system and other features will follow soon.

3) From the alpha version there have also been changes to the events system. In the alpha the game tried to show all events once randomly then all events randomly. This caused some issues for people 'save scumming' and other confusions so I have removed this change