Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Slaves and Updated one

New Slave - Chun Li
venom256 has released a new slave Chun-Li from Street Fighter. She is an xml based slave and is completely vanilla at this time

Newish Slave - Kirino Kousaka 

 NarutoXD has released a new slave (sort of). He has previously released her but many had troubles using her. This is a new xml based version of her.

Please note there are some image naming issues for her and a new version will be released in the forthcoming version 3.2.02

Updated Slaves
The following slaves have been updated

Princess Peach

Nina Windia
you also need this updated file due to a bug in this update



A major update is ready, but it is dependent on code in the 3.2.02 release so I will only initialliy include it in the full 3.2.02 release. A, upgrade for her will probably follow.

Version 3.2.02 has a couple of issue to fix and then I will release. The full version will include all the above slaves. The upgrade will not have these included.


  1. hay how do i inject new load of them
    Kirino Kousaka

  2. For the new slaves just extract the archive into your game installation

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  4. I was playing with Sakura when I found a big bug, if you are in planning (with the slave maker doing the actions not the assitant), rest (1 or 2 hours) it does not matter i think, then leavem, morning, planning again, and the daytime is limitless the next hours are -, and the time displayed on the left corner screen its like: -20388:00, when a big number of actions are settled, all the stats goes to NaN, and your money restarts in 0.

    Thanks for your hard work.

    Eddit: After that when you finish the slave, you dont get slave master's points.

  5. Sounds good Cmac.

    If you just extract the new version into the folder of the old version the saves should still be there correct?

  6. Question regarding Ayanami Rei - what the heck does the Synchro stat do? The wiki says that some actions decrease it, but there's nothing on screen and no explanation of what it is.

  7. Dark King
    Ayanami Rei is not complete, she is mostly just vanilla at this time

  8. Hi,
    updated this post, an updated version of Sakura was released, so added the link

  9. Several major bugs found for the Sakura update, do not use it.

  10. Cmac, you say Aeris's update will be in the full update, but not in the upgrade?

  11. Aeris's update is quite large. What I will do is
    a) an update of the core game and to fix important bugs in a slave or two
    b) a full version with all fixes and slave changes
    c) an upgraded/fixed slaves update

    The idea is provide fixes for those not having slaves issues, an update for new/updated slaves, and a full update containing everything.

  12. Cmac (or anyone else, for that matter), can you try to make Rei Miyamoto, Saya Takagi, Saeko Busujima, or Shizuka Marikawa from the anime Highschool of the Dead?

  13. Kirino Kousaka in anime is 14-years old girl... Did you bring Skuld again? :D

  14. EDIT: Fail, she is in game... >_<

  15. @paula2z
    highschool of the dead is a pretty new anime and a rather short one. for both of these reasons you won't find many pictures of the characters in this series. since it's an ecchi you will probably find a lot of sex pictures but not that many for non-sex activities.
    maybe if you can find the images needed, someone will develop one of them. at least it's more likely

  16. @hessi james

    I guess your right. I did find a lot of pics that could work for rei and saeko, but i think that someone a lot better than me (for i am horrible at this XP) could make good use of them.
    I still think that someone should try, if not now, then later on.

  17. havin a issue with kousaka not showing up in the slave gallery when you decide to train a new slave. did this from fresh and from save game

  18. paula2z
    it is the issue for many characters, generally you can get the sex images (with an exception or 2 like 69 for instance). Other images like the jobs are difficult to find.

    Saeko has multiple naked apron images but none of the others do for instance.

    Check the readme included with her. You have to copy the png, xml, slavegirlxx.txt file into the Slaves folder and the other into the Images Folder, You then have to rename the SlaveGirlxx file to next sequential number.

    Otherwise please wait for the 3.2.02 release

  19. cmacleod42, The bug is not just for Sakura, but for any other slave, so its a big in the game, not the slave. The exp from the master issue its correct, i was doing it wrong, but the other bug its important, thanks for your concern.

  20. Angrod
    thanks, the bug is fixed

  21. Update for Bulma added + fixed update for Sakura

  22. thanks cmac for the reply i had actually figured it out by dumb luck actually lol was like wtf is this xx thing the others were numbered and changed it myself. if i find any other glitches i'll be sure to send info to this blog for ya

  23. On the Ayanami Rei Synchro stat... it may have something to do with having her forever in training unless you trigger some event.

    I've had her for not 60 days but 3 times that (by diary and also the seer giving her remaining days in negative numbers) Her finish date came and went without incident.

    I now have her stats ranging from 100 to 300, she is now a futa, a perfect catgirl and a full faerie...

    Problem is i want to keep her as an assistant and i accepted her love confession around day 20
    or so and that decreases score by 20 points.

    I may yet have to save her to another slot and end training early since she is kinda perfect :)

  24. It needs a (I'm not any good at creating this stuff)

    Catwoman/Selina- costume has to be earned

    Harley Quinn

    Bat-girl/without costume, needs to earn it.

    April O'Neil from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles cartoon

    Lady Jaye
    Cover Girl
    Baroness/with a female cobra. from the G.I. Joe cartoon

  25. Hi um how do you do the Fairy Transformation??

  26. ok so i was just reading the post i have a question, i was wondering i havent yet downloaded the game yet, i seen you have added some links to new girls, are they in the 3.2.01verson? if what do i need to do with the links you posted, im lost and if anyone could help me, i would much appreciate it, i dont want to screw with the programming fiels and mess up the game, and have to redownloaded it v.v please help!!

  27. Lokry
    rescue all the faeries at the farm
    get the faeries ring
    walk in the forest

    It is probably best for you to wait for the 3.2.02 release as all those updates will be inculded and installed properly. The new ones are not in 3.2.01 (they are new).

  28. wilder: I'm actually working on a April O'Neil slave, among others.

  29. they are so many potential slaves and assistants. The main problem is finding all the pictures to do with the action. It is better if you can find at least two images for each action.

    Sex acts are easier to find than find someone wearing an apron and doing house work as well as naked version of that said action.

  30. Regarding Aeris:
    I have been told I need to seek the faeries at "the docks". My question is: where at the docks?! There are three possible locations at "the docks". Plus, do I need to go at night or day?

    I've been trying to trigger this event for ages and it hasn't fired once.

  31. Update on the Ayanami Rei 3X normal training time situation.
    Forced an ending after 150 days, got catgirl, futa and fairie with love ending. As an assistant her graphics are funky, some sorta text background right out of H P Lovecraft.
    She lost her faerie butterfly wings too.

    Finally read the sol files and it seems to point to her having a desire for ponygirl but i had that and bdsm disabled..that may contain the synchro trigger event. Just a guess.

  32. Dark King
    I strongly suggest you wait for the update of Aeris, it considerably expands her events and changes things too.

    there are no events related to her Synchro Rate, she is not complete.

    I assume you were not playing a freelance slavemaker? They have no ending to training at all, you must end the training.

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  34. Cmac... i was a guild member, yeah, finally decided to force the ending though i could have made her a courtesan too with all that time, i stopped having her work or do schools long ago except the thing with Snow ;)

  35. i ran across something when i was lining in the temple, thies lades came over an said they they were going to take my slave away an you know who you can usuakky brib them, well my game froze an i had my slave maker just the way i wanted him, an my games are not saving so now i have to restart, dont know if i didnt extract them the right way or what please need some help v.v i love this game but this has happend a few times now

  36. james_1st
    I do not think it is your installation, as such. I suspect it is the allowedstorage for Flash.

    Whenb playing the game, right click on the window, choose settings. Locate the 'Local Storage' Tab and make sure flash is allowed 10Mb+ of data

  37. thanks, are you by chance working on Sim brothel 2? cant wait for the next version to come out i think you said 3.2.02? any way thanks for the info

  38. james_1st
    No, I do not work on Sim Brothel 2.

    Did you fix you save issue, was it the flash storage?

  39. Some of the events which seem like they should increase the catgirl training progress don't increase it properly (Singing when you actually interact with Mina?). Also, the catgirl encounter during dinner at the High Class Prostitute's social function seems like it should increase more than just 1, just like the encounter during Miss N's party, is that intended?

    Once in a while, gender text is reversed after saving/loading a game, slave will be referred to as "he", even if she's still 100% female. Not a big deal, exiting and re-loading seems to fix it.

    Is seduction skill supposed to show up during courtesan training? It usually increases to 10/15 on girls who don't have it as part of their character features, doesn't seem to do anything.

    Can't seem to get Lord to fall in love with Akane, are there certain events, or just visit/lend to him multiple times?

  40. Currently having an issue where the save game does not stay after I reboot the computer. Unless I keep it on the desktop.

    Which I don't want to do. I don't keep any full game file folders on it.

  41. also, sometimes it doesn't wait for a reboot to disappear. Unless on the desktop

  42. lonewolf
    Are you running any sort of program that deletes cookies (Especially that runs periodically or on booting?) The save games are cookies (local shared objects) and you should exclude flash/macromedia from being cleaned

  43. ya i changed it to what you said, an it worked right thanks for the info,

  44. I tried playing vampire slave maker and i find this constant loss of constitution difficult, when i feed on my slave they get +30 tired, and i don't regain more than 20 con. Being a vampire makes your fights demanding because you are more vulnerable when your con is low, there are no specific in game advantages to being vampire.

  45. Checking this site and the forums about twice a day just waiting for the new version! Looking forward to it. Thanks for making a great game.

  46. Cmac will the new update have Rogue included?

  47. DarkMeph
    No, an updated version with a reasonable set of images has not been released.

  48. Looking forward to the next update. Finally was able to log in to blogger to comment. Anyway I was wondering if you have had time to document the xml slave system. Also Kasumi doesn't seem to be able to give the cumslut ending to others yet. Great game, keep up the good work. Oh, and is there a way to get more than one level of noble in the game if you don't start with it?

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  50. I think I might of found a little error with Peach's special harvesting area and the Red-Lily. When you unlock the Red-Lily and go to it it takes you to the harvesting area instead.(Also, looking forward to more Red-Lily stuff =) )

    Also, even when I sale my slave to a female the ending talks about the owner being a guy.

  51. I was reading where you have to have the
    Slave Maker go with the slave to the docks for a
    certain event. I haven't found a way to change
    this. The assistant goes every time. Is there a
    way for the Slave Maker to go "On the Walk"?
    Thanks for a great game. Very addictive.

  52. @wayneont... little rectangular button on top when you click to start planning day's activities, click it to change to "personal supervision"

  53. It seems like you're unable to get the "cowgirl" event with Yurika at all, visited the farm numerous times (all day, all night), no prior tentacle events, had proper amount of constitution. Also, though she was able to use the gem after freeing 3 fairies, the Fairy Transform stat never increases, and even stranger, I seem to be unable to acquire the Fairy Ring at all on her (visited the lake/forest numerous times as well).

  54. Nevermind, finally acquired it after some saving and reloading. Caused the fairy transform stat to finally jump up as well instead of being locked at 1. Still seems like she can't get kidnapped as a cowgirl though.

  55. f780989e-713e-11e0-a098-000bcdcb5194
    Yurika has two versions
    a) if dickgirl are enabled then the standard cowgirl event is disabled and you get the Astrid story
    b) if diskgirl are off then the standard milking story is enabled

  56. I have an old version of SM/SB 3 without any of the new updates. What do I need to do to get all the new updates?


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