Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slave Updates

A few releases of updated slaves
All by abisal (thanks!). Quoted from their posts

Mushashi/Jessie fron Pokemon

New update. Fixed most of the important bugs. Tried moving a few of her misplaced images to the right place, but it'll be a long job, since it looks like many have a Register Point problem-.. A couple things like the mmisplaced items are still there, though. Mostly because I'll probably have to use the SlaveBuilder to get their positions (since all her dresses are not what I I was going to use when she was built for the first time).

Ok. A small fix that hopefully will solve the conflicts with the EvilMine quest

Most images are now there Only a few dickgirl images and chores are missing.
Art Model Job
Meditation School
Tried to add but couldn't: "draining" touch event. It'll be in the next update, I am just too unfamiliar with the way events work in XML.

I am thinking that the Art model and the Meditation school will need events to unlock them in the future, but haven't thought up the events

They vary a little, in all cases
a) extract to a sub folder
b) check the enclosed instructions if present
c) if there are no instructions copy files into your 

For Rogue, 
1) copy/move the folder Rogue into the folder 
2) rename SlaveGirl31.txt to SlaveGirl38.txt
3) delete Slave-Generic.swf
4) copy the rest into Slaves.


  1. By conflicts with the EvilMine quest, do you mean for finding the 7th Dragonball at the Ruins in Bulma's scenario only?

    Otherwise, Lady Farun is still missing from court permanently after your first slave, and I guess we'll have to wait for the next release. xD

  2. f780989e-713e-11e0-a098-000bcdcb5194
    Well, for Lady Farun, I have not posted a fix for the game here, these are just posts by abisal for fixes and releases of those slaves.

  3. cmac. I guess you missed it but a couple of people are having problems disabling the sound effect. You turn them off play the game. Come back to play again at a later date and time and the sound effects are back on.

  4. does anyone have a mirror to download the updated musashi?
    Somehow mediafire is not starting the download process for that specific file :s

  5. when will you finish heather's plot, i didnt see the hospital, an didnt know how to raise her nursing beside her nurse outfit.i was really interested by what was going on, but after the girl said "come find me" in her dream that was the last event that took place. other than that, yay love the 3.2.2 update keep up the hard work

  6. The new Bulma fix comes with a file named "". What is the .as file for and where to put it ?

  7. .as are action script files which flash uses. I think it been left in by accident but it better to wait for cmac to confirm this.

  8. Dark Meph
    strange about the sound issue, I cannot reproduce it. I'll reseach more.

    Heather is not complete yet, and we are waiting on a new release from her developer.

    The .as file with Bulma was supplied by the developer so people could possibly help sort out some remaining bugs.
    Just delete it.

  9. this doesn't have anything to do with the post, but every time i save and close the game, all my saves are deleted somehow, where is the data for the save located? i figure if i make a copy of the data and store it somewhere safe, i can just move it back whenever i wish to play again.

  10. @killies
    i don't remember where to find them exactly, but it should be easier to prevent losing your savegames anyway. do you use CCleaner or a similar program? then select not to delete cookies and you will be fine.
    if you are running slavemaker in your browser make sure it doesn't delete cookies when closing it

  11. On W-XP anyways..

    C\Documents and Settings\Owner\
    Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#Shared Objects\(a collection of numbers and and cap letters, varies)\localhost\SlaveMaker\Slavemaker3.swf\(a collection of 4-5 .sol files for each saved game plus a group of unnumbered sol files from autosaving, etc)

    note.. deleting a file in the game does not delete the sol files, get the right numbered files for the saved slots.

    also, i have slavemaker3.swf 'cause i run the swf in firefox, not the .exe and my slavemaker folder on D is named SlaveMaker.

    Anyway, back them up somewhere safe.
    Hope this helps :)

  12. finally managed to download musashi.

    @cmac: I did a simple test, disabled the sound, closed the game, opened it again and the sound was enabled.

  13. Rogue text is

    girlname=Rogue&girldesc=NORMAL : An unusual girl, sold into slavery by those she once trusted.&image=Slave-Rogue.png&gamefile=Slave-GenericSlave.swf&mode=easy&Folder=./Images/Rogue

    Shouldn't GenericSlave.swf be changed to Rogue.swf?

  14. bf3b027c-bc06-11e0-af4e-000bcdcb5194
    No, all pure xml slaves use Slave-GenericSlave.swf, see Mihishi, Mai etc

  15. help! When i'm at the screen to choose my pupil in the slave market, at the very start, I click my choice then the game freezes on that screen and I cant click anything else!

  16. Hey Clmacleod42

    Great work on the update. I just wanted to remind you of my last post with Sakura, she's still bugged. All (yes) options when playing her have no effect, so you cant do love or many other things as well. Bribing is "free" because it doesn't notice the bribe confirmation.

    Anyway I just wanted to let you know, keep up the great work.

  17. @cmac. I think I might know what the cause is. I am using Apple new OS which 10.7 Lion. I have moved all the sol files from locahost. I open the application that I use to play SM3. It came up asking the request of 10mb. I cannot change the selection to make to 10mb in size. It is a known issue with Adobe flash and OS X 10.7.

    I guess I am waiting for an update for flash. I am wondering if the orignal sol files dont have enough space and that why the sound effect come back on.

  18. Is the blue goo girl in the secure pens going to be incorporated into the game in a much more active role?

    Oh, girls guide book still vanishes the next day or morphs into an extra science or poetry book.

  19. For some reason, I can't sell Sakura. She has been trained as a pony slave. Is this incomplete or some kind of bug?

  20. cmac
    whenever i choose shampoo her name does not appear. it just shows "'s" as her name for everything (after the background info, that is)

  21. @DarkMeph
    the sound problem is very likely located somewhere else. i'm using windows vista and flashplayer is allowed to use at least 100mb and still i have the same problem with the sound activating again automatically

  22. @whisky158
    the "yes" buttons on sakura are not working, try a diferent slave.

  23. vin123
    I suspect you have installed/extracted wrong. Try downloading the full version on the game and extract again, ONLY part 1 as the rest are extracted automatically.

    I had not planned anything, but she certainly could

    how do you mean select shampoo, as a slave or an assistant?

  24. I would love to help but I need a little help with Slave Builder.

    Can some one tell me how to open an existing slave girl in slave builder so I can fix it?

    I know how to create one from scratch but can's seem to open an existing one to help you fix the bugs.

  25. @andrea"OM"
    i think 90% of the issues can't be fixed by using slave builder. well, it can be used to correct item placements. but otherwise it's functionality is limited to creating vanilla slaves (at least that's what i remember).
    furthermore i don't think it is possible to open gamefiles with it. it's using different files to save the data you give it and simply "distributes" the data to the right places in the program used to create the slave file (flash cs/flashcreator)

    feel free to correct me if it doesn't work like this ;)

  26. adrea"OM"
    Slave Builder is a source code generator, it does not decompile slaves. Onlu if you have the project files for a slave can you then rebuild a slave to fix issues.
    You can use an actual flash decompiler for many slaves, but in most cases you should just report the issue and let the developer of the slave fix the bug in question.

    Any particular issues you want fixed?

    Also it is possible to change some of the initiali numbers (stats, measurements) using the xml files. For instance see Slaves/Slave-Ranma.xml her initial values are in the xml file. This file applies for ALL slaves and it's values override anything set in the slaves code.

    For instance if you want to make Ranma shorted, edit the xml. If you want to alter Urd, edit her xml, it only has a few values yet, but you can add more to override the values for her.

    You can even add your own events this way, but you cannot fix bugs, say the issue for Sakura and yes/no buttons.

  27. Game Killing Bug

    I cannot seem to sell Sakura or end her training. So I can't start on another slave :(

    how can I get rid of her but keep my slaver with all my stats and skills that I have built?

  28. @Hogithogit

    I think we just have to start over :(
    Oh well, just keep the save, maybe it'll get fixed later, and then we can continue with the Sakura-save :)

  29. @hessijames. I thought it was a long shot but since their was issue with flash and latest version of OS X I could not test it. I restore my original sol files back and I still don't have enough space. I normally set flash to use unlimited if it a game I am playing locally. Hoping for a fix soon for flash so I can at least give SM the required space.

  30. Okay, I think I have this worked out now...I've been having difficulty with reducing Bulma's intelligence. I think I've narrowed the problem down to selecting the "Slave Trainer 2" custom background.

    This background increases positive bonuses from training, and I'm guessing, reduces stat losses. So unless I'm mistaken, If I want this background I should give up on making Bulma a bimbo.

    Though if this is a glitch please let me know.


  31. @Saionji11
    i reduced bulma to 0 intelligence while having slavemaker skill at level 4. and it didn't take that much time, as i already told someone on this blog (i think it was you). just let her do make up a lot ;)

  32. Yea, I tried that, but each use of makeup only reduces her intelligence by .2 that means each day reduces her iq by 2.8 a day if that's all I do. Making it take about 35 days to drop her iq from 100. I don't know if it's a glitch or if it's just an issue of selecting "Slave Trainer 2" from the custom start choices. Or if the gods of mechanical devices and perversion simply don't like the way I'm playing the game.

  33. @Saionji11
    they probably dont lol

  34. I don't know if it's been mentioned yet but I have a Male Slave Maker from the True Catgirl Tribe (complete with appropriate pic) and I'll go to get piercings on my character and and I'm able to get Vag piercings when my SM clearly doesn't have one. Probably just an oversight but though you should know.

  35. Gurumash
    thanks, I had forgot that particular issue

  36. Yo. I wrote here a long while ago.

    I was wondering, is there a simple way to just edit in a love confession for characters like assitants and Lady N? I'm doing Akane's story and I thought, if I copy pasted her love confession code and whatever the code is that transfers slaves to each slave story, I could get her to stay/ a cofenssion. I just don't know what code is what.I get Lady N to a large red heart, max joy, but no confession. If the heart exists, is there a way to copy paste code?

    Also, I asked a long time ago, will we be able to save, perhaps keep some of the slaves in the story such as the girl whose tortured over her breasts and who you promise to save in the Slave Pen's? Or perhaps be able to save the mother whose daughter got sold into slavery, selling herself?

    And finally, is there any plans to make a large degree of NPC's able to have relationships with you, even marriage or 'joining the part?'

  37. My main question, I guess, is how can I add a love statistic, a confession event and keep the character in my group of slaves even when training a new one? I can use XML, I'm not sure of which code to use.

  38. out of curiousity is there ganna be anything with lady of the rocks anytime soon or has that just been scraped?

  39. So ever since this latest bug patch my sound has become disabled and no matter what I do I can't get it to come back, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, most people seem to want to get rid of the sound.


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