Saturday, February 18, 2012

Torrent + some updates

Things have been moving a little slowly recently for me, some issues have meant I have had only a little free time for work on the game. Some progress but not huge amounts, I hope for a new release later this month, or early next.
GjustG has posts an updated torrent as of February

3.2.06 Slave Maker torrent:

Slave Maker February 12 2012 update torrent:

Assistant Updates

M.I.A posted some more upgrades for their assistants
My Assistants Pack Upgraded^^:

(I wanted to upload it with Flashmirrors but it would take me 4 HOURS! No way I was going to wait 4 hours for a 68-70Mb file.)

The Pack got an Image/XML Upgrade, plus two new Assistants from Fire Emblem (Eirika and Rebecca). Some Assistants got 1-2 new images, while others got plenty (like Colette, Luka, Jem and AndrAIa). The XML have received the Vanilla tag/node and the Assistants that do not have tentacle images have the Tentacle Rape event disabled. Also Luka and Ninian have different effects (two stats +10 instead of three stats +5). Like always, enjoy^^ And if any artist want their image(s) to be removed, they will be, no questions asked.

French Translations
M.I.A posted some French translations

I was bored so I made a quick French translation for my Assistants:

Mirror (links not ready, even though the file is REALLY small):

I've just made more French translations for the remaining SlaveGirl.txt They are not perfect in every way, but it's not gibberish either.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Consolidated Slave, Assistant and Minor Slaves Update

There have been a few requests for a consolidated update of all the slave, assistant and minor slave updates.

This is a full set of all assistants for the game, including all recent new assistants by Campeon Kid and M.I.A.

  • Installation - just unpack into your game folder
  • Folders - there have been some folder changes, all assistant images are now stored in Images/Assistant folder. M.I.A and any other developers, I have edited the xml to change this, a quite trivial change.
  • experimenting with a different file mirror, this one allow files > 200 Mb

Minor Slaves
All current minor slaves in the game

Installation - just unpack into your game folder

Note: this is a fix of the version posted yesterday. It fixes a misplaced folder issue, also removes the slave Agrias by request. Her base character is used for Kaewe in the Tentacle Raid event.

The following are a set of pack of the slaves in the game. Divided alphabetically, and including the updates I also note below. Each pack is independent and does not require the others. They contain a complete set of slaves for the letter range noted.


Slaves F-Me



Slaves Sk-Z

Total: 2.2Gb
(rest to follow when uploaded)

Installation - just unpack into your game folder

Recent Slave Updates
Some more slave updates have just been posted, they are included in the above links

(mainly an xml update for a minor slave, but some image changes)

Dark Magician Girl

DropBox 7z
DropBox RAR
DropBox ZIP
(mainly an xml update for custom trainings)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Small Progress Notes

Hi, I am informed the wiki is back up again.

Recent Changes
I have been revising some of the shops to allow unrestricted contents. The first I have done is the armoury to allow more weapons and armour. I have developed the code using generic classes, to make other shops easier to convert and to allow for conversion to AS3 eventually.

Some general screen shots, Still some fine tuning left
  • buttons need appearance tweaking
  • ideally items need to be adjusted in size. The sword for instance is a bit small

 Updated Slave, Nina Windia

Kaiser Ryu has updated his slave Nina Windia, with significantly rearranged images and now with events and custom content. v3.rar

From Kaiser Ryu's post

IMPORTANT: I changed a lot of pics around, got rid of a bunch of look alikes, and some other edits. Please delete the old Nina image folder prior to unpacking this.

Assuming I did it right, here's an updated Nina. Three all new events and the other two events with Rinpuu have been edited to suck less. There are now a total of 3 events with Rinpuu and one each with Deis and Momo. I wanted to do more before new release, but apparently I screwed up my neck which in turn is making my hand slightly numb. 

Now that I'm starting to give a bit more of a story, I'm getting more interested in feedback. As always, if something doesn't make sense or fires weirdly, let me know.

Any feedback about Nina should be posted in her development thread in the Futanari Palace

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 I am doing some changes to assistants, one requested feature for them (and slaves) is an indicator if they are 'vanilla'

 I have added an icon for the selection screen.

I have also been doing some extensive changes to weapons and armour. I was going to post some example xml but I cannot quite figure out how to make this editor for blog posting post xml  correctly

M.I.A's Assistants
M.I.A released some additional assistants in a comment in my last post, along with some fixes and image upgrades of her previous assistants

More Assistants by me and the last ones I’ll made in a long time. Not because it isn’t fun but its time consuming and I’m starting to run out of ideas for characters, effects etc. I could take requests, tough.

Inside this link, there is:
The dancer Ninian, from Fire Emblem. (Nothing to comment here.)
The Vocaloid Megurine Luka (Same here, except the fact that she have so many cool artworks out there, that I was difficult for me to make a choice of pics.)
Marta Lualdi, from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. (I was out of ideas for her description and effects, so I toss something basic. I hope it isn’t too bad.)
The Digimon Angewomon. (At first, I thought it was a weird idea. A digimon in Slave Maker… but then again, we have a Pokemon.)
And the over-powered Otome Lena Slayers, from My-Otome S.ifr (Her effects have been made in mind to represent the over-powerness she exhibit in the OAVs. Oh, and I was unable to find some good tentacle pic for her, so No Tentacles.)
Plus a tiny fix (proper height/weight) for Colette.
Additionally there are image fixes for other assistants.

The following link is a complete set of her assistants, all her previous ones, the new ones and the upgrades + fixes.