Friday, November 27, 2015

Stay Tuned

I am fairly happy with the last results from the beta testing. I have been building the packs and installers for the new release tonight.

So, my plan is to release the new version in 1 week, giving myself this coming week to do some initial testing and do some initial uploads.

a sketch by Haihovothan, a 'censored' (clothed) version, a nude (nude-er) is available, please check their sites (see links in my last post)

Monday, November 16, 2015


Version 3.5 is progessing well, I am still aiming to have a release by the end of the month. I am doing another brief beta just via the Futanari Palace, as I have done a couple of major changes to fix some bugs that I want independent testing to check out.

edit: still working on a few fixes, but almost done.
I have also done an update for the slave Haruka (Pokemon) where her introduction and dresses where blank. Also fixed and tweaked a lot of images for her.

edit: I have posted the beta I mentioned for independent testing

The artist haihovothan has offered to develop artwork for the game for free, with the idea eventually to re-do the images for slaves. They will start once their Pareon reaches a particular level, which is perfectly reasonable to me.

 I understand there is no way in a reasonably time frame the game would become fully re-imaged given there are approximately 31,000 images in the game!

 Please check out their works and support if you like their works.




Just to clarify, I do not accept any donations for the game, and this is not intended to be an alternate way of funding the game or myself. I receive nothing from your support of haihovothan aside from the free artwork on offer.

Haivothan has posted on their Patreon page an artwork of Lady Farun for the game! Nicely done!