Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas and a New Slave - Hitagi Senjougahara

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays as you prefer.

As I have mentioned I am going to visit my family soon and I will have limited internet access while away. So do not expect many replies from me before the new years day.

Still I hope everyone has a good break, and it is not too hot or cold depending where you are (hot for me)

New Slave

WeirdBeard has releaed a new vanilla slave Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari.


Monday, December 15, 2014

New Slave - Boa Hancock (Beta)

TheNightWalker has just released a version of Boa Hancock
Slave-Boa Hancock (Beta - VANILLA)!bFlgSR5J!mssntSExnffCK7HINqVqbiadJIe2CcJ0ShTyBSIFG8s

It includes:
- Every Sex Act, with Lesbian variations
- Some rare hentai images from the site OnePiecePixxx
- An Introduction, an Assistant image and some Tired images (there weren't any in the Alpha)
- Pics for every standard Ending and Event
- Stat modifications for Dresses

It does NOT include (yet):
- The 6th Dress
- Futanari images - Sorry, but futa pics for Boa are someway scarce. I'm planning to add them for the next release though.
- Pics for "Sex with Snake" (custom sex act). Those are Bestiality pics, so a warning and a "Yes/No" choice is mandatory. Planning to add it for the next release.

Hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: the bestiaility content cannot be disabled in this release so this is strictly a alpha/beta release

Saturday, December 13, 2014


I had discussed a final release of 3.4.02 before I go on holidays, say this weekend.

At this stage is it unlikely due to both time commitments on my part (I need to go to work so as to earn more money) and some health issues and lastly just a few remaining stubborn bugs.

So, this means I think what I will do it skip 3.4.02 as a proper release, work on issues and new content over the break and release 3.4.03 after I return.

In content
a) there is a partial version of Boa Hancock that I will flesh out and release as a vanilla slave
b) similarly Kida from Atlantis the Lost Continent
c) also Mihili from Dog Days (an alhpa was posted but the developer had a computer crash and has not recovered)
c) minor slave Kumoko the spider girl
d) a working alternate city

Meanwhile for those try ingthe betaish version of 3.4.02 another fix!885BHbJZ!2NH9QH4iGfiqshLIWK0lGneHKRJk97YHy5ZmESOVtTk
remember this is a version in development so may have bugs, there is definitely a save game issue for saves from 3.4.01

Other 3rd Party Updates

 Bulma Update!k1MkCRpL!k4kez6fl5SeZRIsZ0vyztXhzmxmby-2rLd9Bda0aJbM

Twilight Sparkle Update!cVgDwSoS!2XzTE8a1_hW_ca8J34m_htjP0TJor5tR5rTuZvs5Nxw

Aya Shameimaru Update 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

On Twilight Sparkle

Just as an aside here, there were quite a few people complaining about the release for Twilight Sparkle, mainly saying she is an animal and should not be in the game.

She is not an animal, she can talk, and is a person, she is not a beast. This puts her in the 'Furry' category, she may not be anthropomorphic but still a furry.

I will be including her is the full game releases. If for some reason you dislike her, but like the other furry slaves, then she can be disabled by deleting the file
She will never appear in the game.

If you dislike furries in general then disable the choice on Options and she will not appear, along with the other furry slaves. Note: this does not actually happen for the current release for Twilight Sparkle but is a trivial edit I will request of her developer

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Doing Stuff

As you will have seen from my last post I have been working on the documentation of the game for people who want to develop content for the game.

I have been working more on the SDK, it is been a bit of a break from bug hunting and other work on the game. I also find it useful to help me think on the design and structure of parts of the game as I document it. I have been doing some small changes when I find something just works oddly or is awkward to use and document. I have also fixed a few trivial bugs in the game while doing this, for instance when checking the document on houses I found a shortcut was not working in that area.

On a personal note, I will be going on holidays in about 2 weeks until new years and will have limited internet connectivity while away.

Other updates
The functional version of Twilight Sparkle is available

This is a vanilla release so far (no custom content)!4cJTEDgK!i8vqzUu0JgGhY028MI9IDtJkX6zTxkkAgiumP6Lw1TE

abisal has posted an update for Bulma, but it is pending some additional testing

Darsel is working on an update for Ino, I look forward to it.

A new save game management tool was recently posted at the Futanari Palace