Monday, December 15, 2014

New Slave - Boa Hancock (Beta)

TheNightWalker has just released a version of Boa Hancock
Slave-Boa Hancock (Beta - VANILLA)!bFlgSR5J!mssntSExnffCK7HINqVqbiadJIe2CcJ0ShTyBSIFG8s

It includes:
- Every Sex Act, with Lesbian variations
- Some rare hentai images from the site OnePiecePixxx
- An Introduction, an Assistant image and some Tired images (there weren't any in the Alpha)
- Pics for every standard Ending and Event
- Stat modifications for Dresses

It does NOT include (yet):
- The 6th Dress
- Futanari images - Sorry, but futa pics for Boa are someway scarce. I'm planning to add them for the next release though.
- Pics for "Sex with Snake" (custom sex act). Those are Bestiality pics, so a warning and a "Yes/No" choice is mandatory. Planning to add it for the next release.

Hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: the bestiaility content cannot be disabled in this release so this is strictly a alpha/beta release


  1. Bestiality seems like the same category as tentacle or furry. If a bear attacks my slave I want to fight if off!!!

  2. can someone point me to a link to download nami's character?
    i cant seem to find it anywhere. i would really like to play with her.

  3. What is the decrypt key?

  4. Cant get this one to work, I have downloaded it and everything but images and text doesnt work in 3.5.

  5. can you put a new link up for this please


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