Monday, February 25, 2013


Sorry for not posting or replying in a bit. I have been a bit ill for the last week and a bit depressed.

For those after a working download for the game, I am aiming for a new release in the next week or so, once I complete testing. Mainly this version will have bug fixes and some small new features, nothing too signifiant.

I'll try to repost the 3rd party release I have not reposted over the next few days, notably
  • Slave Usagi (Sailor Moon)
  • Slave Flannery from Pokemon (somewhat incomplete)
  • update for Sophitia
  • Slave Youmou from Touhou
  • multiple updates by M.I.A
 A beta version of Holo/Horo from Spice and Wolf is available in the Futanari Palace forums, but only available on request.

Note: the futanari palace forum has been a bit flakey recently, been slow and getting 503 errors. The issues come and go, hopefully will be fixed soon.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Strange Bugs

I have just spent a day trying to sort out a bug for the game. I was developing fixes and some new code and suddenly the house system broke, and quite a few other areas too.

I use a series of classes with inheritance for common functionality. I found the constructor system was failing
class Housing inherits from class Place, inherits from SlaveModule, inherits from BaseModule
each of these constructirs explicitly calls the parent or super constructor, BUT it did not happen. only the constructor Housing was called, traces for the constructors for Place etc showed they were never called.

It took ages and I am still not quite clear but I had added a variable to BaseModule, a reference to the core SlaveMaker object. For some reason this completely broke the inheritance structure! I am still checking WHY but I have fixed the issue (made it a Object instead of the explicit class).

This was a hugely frustrating issue to sort out, there seemed no logic to what was going wrong (and there still seems no logic). I hate these sort of bugs.

I also found a lot of problems trying to debug this. If people are familiar with the concept for C/C++ of precompiled headers, Flash has a similar concept where it precompiles classes. I kept getting a lot of weird errors, due to trying to copy older versions of the classes to try to sort this out.
For any other developers reference, the precompiled objects are .aso files and are stored in a path like
C:\Users\youusername\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS3\en\Configuration\Classes\aso
You can manually delete the files to force a recompile. The path will vary depending on your Flash version, possibly radically for the current version.

my home phone is still not really working. It is intermittent. For some reason when I receive a call, I get a lot of static on the line and for a little while I can make outgoing calls, but then after a bit the phone loses it's dial tone.
A service technician is due out on Monday, but their scheduled time is 8am to midday. Not a very convenient time range.

At least my Internet access, while a bit erratic, is mostly working.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Personal Outtage

when I got home on friday, my phone was dead and my internet modem was fried. Likely there was a lightning strike on the phone lines somewhere.

I still have not got my phone back working and I have no internet access at home. I will be purchasing a new modem today, but still need the phone line for my ADSL2+ connection.

Until it is restored (hopefully today) I will have limited access to post here or in the forums.

EDIT: Phone company says it could be up to a week before my home phone is restored! I'll try to keep up to date in the forums using friends or my work computer, out of business hours.

EDIT: Finally they fixed the phone! I have a working internet and phone again! I am glad it was quicker than their week estimate.